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Wednesday, 02/08/2012, 08:00 am

Jones On Evans | We Were Never Really That Close

“We were never really that close. We had moments when we would talk about our families and relationships and being a pro athlete and how to stay away from certain things, how to go about certain things, we had those talks. We never got to the point where we were like real brothers. We both kind of knew that we would compete against each other one day. It was what it was and we just tried to handle it the best we could.”

In a recent sit down with Ultimate Insider host, Jon Anik, UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones gave his input on the strained relationship between himself and Rashad Evans.

The Jones vs. Evans feud is one of the biggest rivalries in Mixed Martial Arts today. The former training partners and teammates parted ways when Jones revealed to the media that he would fight Rashad in the cage.

From Evans standpoint this was a clear breach of trust, for him he thought the two were close friends and teammates that would not cross the line into opponents. But as Jon explains he never really valued the relationship in that manner.

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20 Responses to “Jones On Evans | We Were Never Really That Close”

  1. Mr.Rusk says:

    Lol Evans can go dry his pussy, the Fuck did he think would happen when Jones got the belt? Hoe bout this ” otay me and n Evans are totally BFFs now, and I can’t fight my BFF sooooo…. Sorry Evans no title shots in this weight class for years.” Feel better stanky leg

  2. Brandon Wheaton says:

    Sounds to me like Jones decieved Evans, and he was genuinely hurt by the betrayal?

    What a pussy.

  3. Jb says:

    Jones is gonna smash Evans. I’m no bones nut hugger but jones skills are to much. He is also coming into his prime. Jones will try and make an example of Evans

  4. Xaninho says:

    Training with Tyrone Spong definitely did alot of good for Evans’ stand-up game. He needs to adapt parts of machida’s gameplan too. The out of reach-quickly inside movement of Machida got Jones in trouble for a bit.

    I think Jones is still too much though. The guy is a freak of nature with those XL limbs he got. Those give him so much advantage…

    • 2toy says:

      I’m more of a fan of Evans than Jones. Jones and his camp are probably anticipating Evans to use Machida’s strategy. Evans needs more of a Mike Tyson style. Bobbing and Weaving. Knock him out like he did Chuck.

  5. David says:

    I dunno rashads pretty fast and has decent power jones is really good too tho, if jones takea him down and starts some of that crazy gnp tho….

  6. A.James says:

    After the Phil Davis fight I lost faith in Evans. He’s not even top 5 in his division in my opinion.

    • BG says:

      You lost faith in a guy who controlled 99% of a 25 min fight? I’m not upset by your comment, but I’m curious where its coming from. Do you believe Davis to be sub par? Or do you feel Rashad’s performance was?

      Personally, I don’t feel Rashad has had a good performance since Thiago, (arguably Griffin but I feel that was more poor strategy on Griffin’s end,) until Davis. I thought he dictated the entire fight, Davis looked like a paid sparring partner, not an opponent. He didn’t finish the fight in devestating fashion, but he looked like a 205lb GSP.

  7. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I don’t know if I believe Jones and if he is telling the truth he certainly backstabbed Evan’s. Because when Evan’s handed off the title shot to fight Shogun, I was under the impression they were best buds. Jones should quit acting like they were just associates.

    Btw Evans would have been obliterated by Shogun.

    • Michael says:

      I don’t think Evans had much too do with stepping down from that title shot. An event a few weeks away…no main event…Rashad steps downs(injury), of course they need someone to step in. Jones was just in the right time in the right place, no injuries after fight etc.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        I think remember Dana specifically saying that Evan’s referred Jones for the title shot. If someone can confirm that then Jones really is a big ungrateful speck of a dog’s turd.

  8. Ruben says:

    Jones is a snake, Rashad let him into his camp knowing that they were in the same weight class, and went on to say many times that he never wanted to fight Jones….then Jon saw an opening when Rashad got injured and backstabbed him. I lost all respect for homo jones when that happened, he screwed Rashad over and ruined his relationship with his camp and trainers.

  9. CCW.Gun control=Government control. says:

    Jones beat HOW many former champs? Well he took the belt from Rua, he beat Jackson, and Machida too. We cannot forget what he did to Vera either, he messed Vera up pretty good with that GnP.

    Now I am not down with MMAth so I wont go there and say that He will beat Rashad because Machida beat him and he beat Machida yadda yadda that old story. But I will say that he beat the BEST in the division, and I do not believe that Rashad has much to offer but a punchers chance and a swarming flurry if he catches Jones. Or possibly a punchers chance with a submission. But really ANYBODY in the UFC has that chance.

    I go with Jones based on the fact that he has proven himself beyond a reasonable doubt that he not only has the skills to beat everybody in LHW division, but he also is able to adapt to situations (Machida, yes I think Machida can be considered a “situation” that needs to be handled on the fly as nobody can match his style as far as training partners go; or so his opponents seem to always say) on the fly.

    I still question the toughness of his jaw in a sense that we have not seen it really tested, but like I said–Rashad has fast hands with KO power.

    But I still give this to Jones. With all that being said, I would love to see Rashad win this one.

    Just my two usless sense.

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