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Thursday, 09/20/2012, 09:55 am

Jones Jones Respects The Legend Of Belfort, But Focused On His Own Legacy | UFC NEWS

“Vitor Belfort is a UFC original, a real, true legend. He has so much experience at so many different weight classes and I cannot underestimate him. He’s a very powerful striker, but in this situation, I feel I am the more versatile striker in the fight,” said the champ. “I won’t shy away from a striking battle just because he has a punch. He’s got a unique style and I enjoy matching up against guys like that. In no way have I ‘cleared out’ the division,” remarked the champ. “Everyone’s style is a puzzle for me, and who knows which style I will have the most trouble with. I’m about to fight my fifth straight UFC champion – which I was told is a UFC record – and I’m very proud of fighting the best guy available in each of my fights. That’s how you build a legacy in a sport.”

During yesterday’s UFC 152 media workouts Jon Jones discussed fighting Vitor Belfort and emphasized his respect for the legend that he is, but he noted that the building of his legacy is most important.


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