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Tuesday, 09/18/2012, 12:51 pm

Jones Jones Believes His Youth Is A Huge Advantage Over Belfort | UFC NEWS

His hand speed is definitely something that he has, but I believe I’m really fast, too. A lot of people discredit me for a lot of things. A lot of people who are unfamiliar with MMA just blame it on me being long. But, there’s a lot more than being long that has contributed to my success, and speed is one of my advantages, as well. Where Vitor is fast, I believe I’m really fast, as well. We can’t forget that he has a Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu black belt, which is a very legitimate black belt. So, that ground game, definitely. I’ve gotta be on my ‘p’s and q’s.’ But, speed, I think I match up really well. Power, he might have an edge on me there. It’s gonna be a great fight to watch, for sure.”

“That doesn’t really mean a whole lot to me. I don’t have any plans of losing any time soon. I always work really hard to stay on top of the game and be innovative in my own, personal game. I believe the guy that will beat me is probably in high school, right now, working his butt off to be where I’m at, today. That will probably be the guy that surpasses me. A lot of quote-unquote: ‘experienced fighters’ are just older men. I believe that with my youth and lack of experience comes a certain amount of ambition and drive. I’m excited about being the younger fighter, and I think it plays to my advantage, tremendously.”

“I’m really excited for Anderson Silva versus ‘GSP.’ I think ‘GSP’ has a tall order in front of him with Silva and Carlos Condit. Anderson Silva’s also facing Stephan Bonnar, right now. In this crazy sport of MMA, anything’s possible. It’s kinda hard to predict the future and see everything going perfectly for both of these fighters. But, as far as entertaining a fight with Anderson Silva, I have a hard time looking past Vitor Belfort. He’s a great legend and a great fighter. I would never want to look past him into my future like that. I know it’s a cliche answer, but Vitor’s a very respectable guy. Maybe that’s a topic we can go back to after this fight.”

In a recent interview with AXS TV, UFC light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones discussed a few topics, one of which was how his youth will play a factor in this weekend’s UFC 152 main event.

Some favor experience over youth, but Jones is not subscribing to that philosophy… Is he right?


14 Responses to “Jones Jones Believes His Youth Is A Huge Advantage Over Belfort | UFC NEWS”

  1. boyheadkick says:

    i still remember a 29yr old tito ortiz getting his a$$ handed to him by a 41yr old randy couture

  2. boyheadkick says:

    i still remember a 29yr old tito ortiz getting schooled by a 41yr old randy couture

  3. boyheadkick says:

    i still remember a 29yr old tito ortiz getting schooled by a 41 yr old randy couture

  4. Nunya says:

    Tito ain’t no Jones….Vitor ain’t no Randy Couture

  5. makaveli says:

    Vitor has heart! Jones has none!

  6. B-rad says:

    Jones by 1st round standing guilitione is whats probably gonna happen, but a big KO from Vitor would defintly make my night!

  7. 757 says:

    Don’t want to argue but that sliced eye lid came from a vitor punch it didn’t slice itself. Vitor did lose to a prime chuck…close fight though. He has fought some of the best and biggest that were around so I give him props. JBJ has fought allot too so I can’t take it from him. People talk like Votor is a midget or something. JBJ is allot taller but Vitor is a friggen beast if you see him up close. The problem with Vitor is what guy shows up. He had some emotional ups and downs that definitely hurt his fighting from time to time, but he does have all the tools. Stamina is an issue in a 5 rounder. I do think that he will knock JBJ out though. Bones is going to be afraid when after he feels that first punch wizz by his head. Betting with my heart I want Vitor to win, and I think it’s upset time.

  8. OakcliffTopdog says:

    He’s already entertaining a fight with Anderson…That’s the fight I want to see.

  9. Kender says:

    If your going to be young and dumb then you got to be tough.

  10. sublime elbow says:

    Jones is over hyped fighting old men in a talent pool thats slim…he’ll run away from vitor for 3 rounds and then pull a takedown and submit him. just like rampage fight..he realisticly has no knockout power but his length and speed help him pick and play tip tap to win..hes very fourtunate theres not many athletic guys left in that divison heck the way he fights he could just take the heavy weight title too…rashad is the one to beat him but got broke mentaly if jones fought silva he’d just hug him too maybe a few elbows…..

    UFC has gotten less entertaining due to the favouritism to wrestlers who lay an prey or stick an move to then lay an prey..i wish the brought pride style ring back and kicks on the ground..we’d se how good he is then..

    plus ufc really needs to get some seriously good wrestlers who can box to make it even entertaining to fight jbj…a inside fighter like vitor is jones weakness but who can wrestle which vitor cant or have insane jitsue and again is not old..i think davis and gustafson are like the only guys they have now..bit sad compared to the other div

    HAHA JONES VS A PRIME TYSON who has suffecient tk defense and knows to block leg kicks ..or rampage blocking leg kicks and insted of chasing a scared jones just counter punching and rushing him.

    JONES vs FORREST would jones be able to finish him as fast as Silva did…HELL NO..

    hes overhyped.. cain should drop down and bust him up or jds or give him rashad again gustafson will just get hugged then elbowed to death too so i hope he starts learning some judo or wrestling soon
    ..and to not chase him judge the distance like lyoto

  11. DewYouKnow8 says:

    *Jones Jones.. First name and last name eh? Edit that shiiiiiiiittttt, it looks dumb

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