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Thursday, 10/18/2012, 11:35 am

Jones Disses Sonnen’s Ground Game: Not Worried About His Weak Ground & Pound

“I’ve faced plenty of wrestlers like Vladimir Matyushenko, Jake O’Brien and Matt Hamill and had no problems. Chael is a decent wrestler. He was an Olympic alternate but he wasn’t on the team. No disrespect to other alternates but he’s not at that level. Who cares if he takes me down, he gets submitted all the time from top position anyways. I’ve wrestled since I was a 14 year old boy and I still love wrestling. I’m definitely prepared. If he does take me down, so what? His ground and pound is weak and he gets submitted all the time. If I do get him down, his face will open up. I feel I have nothing to worry about in wrestling. I have a slight edge in jiu-jitsu and I have a huge edge in kickboxing. I’m not intimidated by his power. I don’t see any way Chael can win this fight but I’ll still train like a madman. I’m ready to lay the smackdown for the things he said not only for the things he said not just about me but about other people and send him back to the movies.”

“Chael’s an interesting guy. I respect some things about him. He goes and gets what he wants except for world championships or any championships. He’s a good talker and good for the sport in some ways. He’s extremely disrespectful and not much of a championship level athlete at all. He’ll be able to do his TV shows and commentating and all that. I’m doing Chael a favor by showing Chael what his true calling which is his gift of gab and not athletic talent.”

During yesterday’s UFC tele-conference, UFC light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, talked about Sonnen’s threats and downplayed his credentials.

Check out the full audio from yesterday’s call below:


24 Responses to “Jones Disses Sonnen’s Ground Game: Not Worried About His Weak Ground & Pound”

  1. YoungLove says:

    Jones please fight worthy contenders, these non deserving all talking idiots will only give you a bad name with your fans.

    • Trolligans says:

      Jones doesn’t get to choose opponents. Joe Silva and Dana White do that. Dana chose Sonnen to save TUF ratings, and as soon as Sonnen gets pounded out Jones will be fighting the Hendo/Machida winner.

      • YoungLove says:

        Wrong Dana has actually said in the past that Jones is not taking certain fights because they are high risk. Also just look at GSP and Diaz it is GSP not Dana that requested Diaz hence the champions do have a big say in who they fight and when.

  2. ThaGreenBandit says:

    100% Truth.

  3. Ninja87 says:

    Come on man when Jones refuses to fight Chael all the haters come out and call him a pussy now that he’s fighting Chael you guys say he needs to fight worthy contenders?

  4. 123 says:

    chael sonnen is NOT a worthy contender & im sure people ONLY wanted this fight to SAVE a ufc event.

  5. BruceLeeRoy says:

    Jones is gonna destroy this fool!! It should of been Hendo vs Jones!!

  6. Not You says:

    I hope Sonnen squeezes the life out of him with an arm triangle.

  7. Seth says:

    I wish Jones would just say “I am going to train harder than ever so I can brutalize this fool worse than any opponent I’ve ever had.” “I don’t want to just beat him, I want to close his mouth for ever” That’s really all he needs to say because him winning is pretty much a given barring a crazy miracle.

    Does anyone else get the feeling that Jones could ‘GSP’ any opponent? I mean jab and move to a decision vs any fighter. Even heavyweight I feel his style could beat anyone as long as he stays on the feet. Cain and JDS aren’t quick enough to win a technical boxing match. He’s taller or as tall and only 20 lbs lighter but lengthier and doesn’t get hit. IDK we will see JDS and Cain are animals.

    • Shatta says:

      Yea i doubt jones will finish him in a more outstanding fashion than Silva did… silva KO’d vitor …vitor nearly submit jones n pushed him 4 rounds…. Silva TKO’d bonnar…. bonnar won a round against bones after going 3 roudns…. jones might finish him if possible in the 3rd or 4th if he can..

  8. Really**people says:

    Give me a break do you really think hendo has a shot? Really? he needs to fight people in their prime like gutsaf, or davis, or even chael, yeah i said it. chael is better then the rest of the washed up talent. He is a fighter not a mixed martial artist and will put up a fight against any one.

  9. Levi says:

    Any thing can happen. But Jones win, ‘handsdown’ – literally.

  10. AmericanGangster says:

    Chael is going to fuck Jones’ world up…. And I can’t wait for it…. Keep riding no stones Jones guys… When Sonnen takes his rightful title, I don’t want to hear you guys jumping bandwagons.

    • Ninja87 says:

      “When Sonnen takes his rightful title” LOL. He wins a CONTROVERSIAL decision over Bisping then gets TKO’d in the 2nd round by Silva after falling on his butt throwing the ugliest spinning backfist ever! Jones is going to wreck Sonnen like nothing! Sonnen’s 28-12 n has a UFC record of 6-5 n he’s been submitted 8 times! Don’t fool yourself

  11. Kurius Boy says:

    Some of yall Sonnnen suppports sound real dumb or just nieve thinking Sonnen can beat Jon Jones. He couldn’t even take down a smaller Silva when they got in the clinch, so how do you expect him to take down Jon Jones who’s a wrestler too? Rashad Evans and Ryan Bader are bigger, stronger, and better wrestlers then Sonnen, and they couldn’t take him down. How do you expect Sonnen to do it? It makes no sense to me. And if he can’t get him down, there’s NO way he can stand with Jon Jones, with his reach and strike attack. Jon Jones will beat Sonnen any where he feels like it at the time. It’s gonna be like the rest of the fights, but he might keep the fight going longer just to punish Sonnen for all the sh-t talking he know Chael is bout to do. Can’t wait!!!

  12. Really**people says:

    to say rashad and bader are better wrestlers is retarded. they are no where near sonnens level of wrestling. but to say chael will win is crazy talk! i think he goes the distance with him at best.

  13. Jimmy Lumpkin says:

    So when Jones wouldn’t fight Chael for 151 he thought Chael’s skill should be respected and not taken lightly on such short notice. Now he thinks Chael has no skill and will be crushed.

    “I’m definitely prepared. If he does take me down, so what?”
    Unlike after a full training camp preparing for a better wrestler?

    Yep makes sense.

  14. Josiah says:

    most of you are missing the big picture, there is no way that chael is gonna stand a chance against jones, and everybody knows it. the chael, jones fight is just for publicity for TUF17. coz jones might defeat chael in the octagon but not in TUF.

    ‘chael will make a better coach than jones and that’s for sure.’

    chael vs jones might even not happen, chael would probably fake an injury at the end of the show which would make jones fight another contender. and everything goes back to normal. i think dana and chael has this all planned out making chael look like he wanna fight jones.

  15. CombatRusse says:

    This is Jones chance to have some fans
    If he destroys Sonnen by a brutal manner, he’ll redeem himself.
    I’ll watch the fight only to see how much domage will be inflected to Sonnen.
    But no way I’m gonna watch TUF nor the interviews, conferences, etc…

  16. Fuck off says:

    Honestly Chael is in trouble this fight.
    As he is in all the fights he has lost ( and should have lost ) recently.

    Comparing Chael’s wrestling to Bader’s is pointless. Jones will not stay down if taken down… It’s not a nut hugging thing, the dimensions of that guy would be impossible to deal with. The fact he knows how to use them is why he’s the champion.

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