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Friday, 09/07/2012, 07:39 am

Jones Criticizes UFC For Not Giving Fans "Full" Cards I MMA News


With the UFC 151 debacle still unfolding before our eyes, we can’t help but to acknowledge the UFC’s failure to put big name fighters in any time slot other than the main event. Now with Jon Jones catching the brunt of the blame for the cancellation of the UFC 151 event, Jones replies with to the fans and the UFC by stating that they learned a lesson by not giving fans a ‘full’ fight card.

With the UFC putting on so many events over four channels, it is easy to throw blame on the UFC for having lackluster cards in terms of big names, not individual fighter talent. Although it is always great to watch to game competitors fight in the largest MMA organization in the world, fans (novice and hardcore alike), still want to see those big names at the top of each division in fights that clear up their respective title pictures.

In a recent interview with the Montreal Gazette, Jones explains that he had no regrets on not taking a fight on September 1st against Chael Sonnen and that he isn’t solely to blame for the cancellation of the event:

“I had to do what’s right for myself by turning down that fight, Dana had to do what was right for himself by putting the blame on everyone else except for himself. The lesson to be learned is, at the end of the day, you have to protect yourself and your family.”

Jones seemed frank with his words in stating where to lay blame and how Dana White was wrong to attack Jones for the cancellation in a move that it seems Jones feels was out of his complete control.

“I think in the future, this can make me and Dana even better off. For him to get out how he felt about me in that situation, it will help me look at things more business-oriented. A lot of good can come out of it. Fighters can learn the lesson of doing what’s best for themselves and not feeling like puppets. I think the UFC has learned a lesson of making sure they stay loyal to the fans and give them full cards.”

Jones will of course fight Vitor Belfort in an odd and seemingly desperate attempt to get the light-heavyweight champion a title defense by the end of September. Either way, Belfort is still a dangerous fighter in an unpredictable sport.

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64 Responses to “Jones Criticizes UFC For Not Giving Fans "Full" Cards I MMA News”

  1. KILL GREG JACKSON!!! says:

    Man, as good as this kid is, he needs to learn to shut his mouth coz he’s only making himself look like a total idiot. Why would a champ like yourself let all the mma fans know that to you this is only a business?.to others this is their passion, this is what they love to do, financial stuff comes after. But to bonehead jones, it’s all about the money. Great fighter but a f*cking A$$HOLE!

    • What? says:

      Yeah plus it doesn’t help when fighters get hurt training all the damn time so how can they put together full cards when even big name fighters get hurt. With so many UFC events now there are some cards that can become thin, it’s gotta be up to fighters to help out the UFC not just the UFC doing everything for the fighters

      • Zack says:

        Jones could be the hero right now. He would of just gained more fans for stepping up and a easy paycheck for whooping chaels ass. Now he has to deal with sonnen and everyone else talkin shit. He needs to stop making excuses and admit he made a dumbass decision.

    • Jader says:

      Jones is such a RETARD. this could have all been over with if he just said, “you know what, I was wrong I should have taken the fight.” People would stop talking so much shit.

    • Steve Norris says:

      What the hell are you talking about it is a business, just because they’re fighters don’t mean they’re not businessmen. If he gets hurt nobody is going to pay his bills so finances should come first he has a family to take care of. He would be more stupid to not do it for the money you try being a professional fighter at the end of their career they have injuries that they live with until they die. I think you’re the asshole…

      • ravi says:

        well here’s the one glitch in his businessman argument. as a businessman he would’ve sold more ppv’s fighting chael sonnen. fightin vitor belfort when belfort is the underdog at -1500? i don’t think anyone will tune in to watch that b/c it’s going to be very one sided.

        jones is losing money by taking belfort over sonnen = bad business.

        • Tom says:

          Maybe he thought he wasn’t prepared enough for the fight and wasn’t underestimating Chael? Maybe getting the cut of PPV money for fights to come, sponsorships for being a champ, and everything he weighed in order to make his decision lead him and many others to believe he was making the right decision?

          The glitch is in your argument, not his.

        • ravi says:

          doubt that. he would still have his sponsorships and fights to come. case in point, bj penn who has lost some fights still has a strong base and is featured in gillette ads. he’s also making money off his clothing line. jones has much more exposure in the mainstream media than other ufc fighter. i don’t see how all that will come crashing down simply b/c he loses one fight (which i seriously don’t see how he could lose to chael sonnen)

      • What? says:

        His “business” is fighting. Plus he has a Nike contract…I’m sure he wouldn’t have money trouble.

    • joey says:

      because it has become a business. do the fighters fight for free? No, they don’t. The UFC is a sport, there has to be structure, where do u see the structure in giving a guy who barely jumped weight class and hasn’t yet proven himself in that division a title shot? C’MON MAN, what about the next 3 deserving light heavy weight fighters??? it’s all business, it’s not the UFC of old where guys knew they weren’t getting paid big bucks but the ZUFFA BROS have transitioned the sport to what it is now, Dana White does not own the UFC and is only a puppet. if dana was right, don’t u think JONES would have gotten stripped of the belt or suspended. the fighters fight for themselves, not the UFC. yes SONNEN might be qualified to fight JONES but he has not proven it in the light heavy weight division and tht’s what really matters…

  2. Big J says:

    This young pup has a lesson to learn about being a “corporate man”….He is so full of himself, it is ridiculous!

    • Too Many Pussy MMA fans in the world says:

      “Don’t piss off the boss.” “Jones should be thankful he’s fighting in the UFC and making money.” You guys all sound like faggots. What Jones said here is totally correct. If you heard that half an hour bullsh*** interview with Ariel Helwani, White said HE had no regrets and DID place blame on everyone else except for himself and the UFC! Dana even said with one of his points that HE WASN’T SPEAKING FOR THE UFC, HE WAS SPEAKING FOR HIMSELF! EH??? HASN’T DANA BEEN SPEAKING FOR THE UFC SINCE HE AND THE FERTITAS BOUGHT THE SH**?? If you still respect Dana after that, you are too far up his ass. That “interview” wasn’t a fact-revealing piece of journalism-it was UFC propaganda.

      And that 3rd to the last paragraph hits everything right on the money. It IS all business, it’s not about the fans. If it was, a: the UFC wouldn’t have made 151 so weak, 2) the UFC would’ve kept the card on even after Jones said “No” to fight Sonnen. Jones didn’t want to risk losing and everything he has worked for on 8 days notice. The UFC didn’t want to risk losing MORE MONEY by holding 151 and not getting the PPVs they needed to make the event profitable.



      Logical thinking. Smart thinking. Fans do not make the fighter, as much as you guys want to believe that. Sonnen is a good example of that. He is a puppeteer with fans of his, and he is great at it. His fans just don’t realize it.

      • an says:


        This is totally true. I don’t blame Jones for the loss of 151; it was entirely the UFC’s decision. Part of me wishes he’d have taken the fight because yeah, you should be ready to fight anybody, and I think he would have won, but I totally get why he didn’t take it.

      • NO says:

        no. just no. stop talking like you know business. cause you dont. and stop blindly defending bones and his girlish behavior.

        • Weak says:

          dude, just………..weak….damn…

        • Business Owner says:

          Coming from a business owner, I agree with your statement, business owners are responsible for the failure of business; however, if I ask an employee to put a presentation for a client that brings in a revenue of 40 million, but the employee decides not too for selfish reasons, I guarantee you I would be pissed!

          Jones has to remember he is NOT bigger than the organization; if he keeps this same crap up, over and over, he will be released. At the end of the day a true business owner is looking at profit. If an employee keeps on messing with the profitability of my company I will fire him, no matter how talented.

          I’m sure this raised some red flags for Dana and company. If jones keeps this stuff up, it won’t end up good for him.

        • Much Respect says:

          to all business owners like yourself.

          To address you hypothetical situation: If I was a business owner, I wouldn’t leave a decision that could cost my company $40 mil on the shoulders of one “employee.” Dana White gambled and lost. He didn’t think of the obvious possibilities of what might have happened, and it cost the UFC and, apparently, the city of Las Vegas.

          Judging by Jones’ comments above, I don’t think he’ll be making the same choice if the same thing happens again in the future. The thing that sucks is that Hendo and White should’ve stepped up to take responsibility for their part in this mess. Neither did and neither will. Jones got smashed for being the fighter who just wanted to maintain his Championship belt while the other two made choices which led to this crap.

  3. Bob says:

    this guys headed towards the wrong path.. He has a dark future ahead of him win or lose.. He is only attracting negative energy. Sit back and watch him unfold.

  4. Jim says:

    There comes a certain point when a person just has to keep his mouth shut.

    One thing to have people think you’re and (insert your own opinion), don’t open your mouth and confirm it for them.

    Why isn’t Greg Jackson telling Jon not to “take this fight” with fans, Dana White, and the UFC?

    • DELA says:

      Jones is falling from grace in major way. I’m not a fan of his either. However; I’ve been saying this for a minute now, the product is getting watered down. The quality of matchups on cards is just weak. With all the network obligations, and pressures to make events/cards, the product has suffered. I do agree with what Jones is saying, Its the main event, the rest is filler. I used to buy mad PPV’s, not anymore. my interest has definately waivered.

      • Jim says:

        Mine too, I used to love watching all the fights, but either it’s too much, I have too much to do, or it’s just not good enough for me to say that I am going to spend my cash on it. It would have to be something big (like BJ fighting) for me to buy it.

        Oh well life goes on.

  5. Seth says:

    At the end of the day jones still needs the UFC more than they need him. He should be careful, there is always going to be another star coming up that could take his place. Not smart getting on your boss’s bad side. The UFC would still be a success with or without him however he would not if he’s not in the UFC. Maybe a case of too much too soon , not smart Johnny

  6. A.James says:

    The UFC has given this man everything and has totally kissed his ass. Now he’s acting like a spoiled brat. He basically shitted on everyone to prove a point? C’mon son. Dana has every right to be pissed off because with the cancelation came a lot of let down and explaining to do plus the money lost. He’s single handily ruining the organization. First he takes out every top 205 fighter which is cool. That’s what he’s supposed to do. But now he’s having events canceled? Especially after the backlash from his DUI? What is this guy thinking?

  7. Carlos says:

    Whatever Jon Jones is doing is working. I really think he’s working up his new persona (a.k.a. “Apollo Creed”, Floyd Mayweather, Muhammad Ali). Would a lot of people buy his PPVs to watch him get knocked off his high horse? I would say yes based on the comments of his UFC 151 drop.

  8. SinCe 2004 says:

    Rule #1 – dont shit where u eat.

  9. kill greg kackson!!!!! says:

    regardless whether that card was stacked or not, Jones should’ve just taken the fight. Jones is blaming Dana White right now for not putting together a card that could survive with the main event scrapped, but nobody cares when this is only the organization putting together more than a dozen events in 1 calendar year, so you won’t be able to put together stacked cards everytime. And this is the one time that the card was in danger of being scrapped because of unforseen events and Jones thought that his best interest is still more important even though he was 100 percent sure that Chael Sonnen was not ven close to being a threat to his throne considering how he claims to be the best in the world. Well we’ve all seen him fight and we know he’s really good but would you want a champ like Jon “Bonehead” Jones?

  10. CanILive says:

    What a joke! this article doesn’t even include the full interview, where Jon stated the card didn’t have to be canceled! he would’ve enjoyed watching the other fights, and as a FAN i would’ve watched the card regardless. sooner or later im sure all you haters will be bitching whether or not Jon brushes his teeth on a daily basis

    • Truth says:

      I’m sorry. Where is Jon suddenly ‘business’ savvy, exactly? Where are his prerequisites for being considered a “business man.” He has no degree in business. He has no experience running a business. And he sure as fuck hasn’t worked a mentally taxing job (I’ve heard from former teammates of his he’s dumber than rocks). Has he really diluted himself into believing he isn’t a puppet? Whether its for the UFC or Greg Jackson, you’re still a puppet, Jon Jones. You didn’t make the decision on your own like a man. Greg did. And he’s still a simpleton.
      Oh Jon stated it didn’t have to be cancelled? Really? So Jon suddenly has access to the UFC’s logistics department, advertising, and customer service to make that decision? He has the CEO prerequisites and knowledge of promoting a fight to make the executive decision that the card “didn’t have to be cancelled?” If the UFC could have turned a pretty profit on the event and not made fans angry, I promise they would have let the show go on.
      Jon’s only legitimate argument here is that the UFC isn’t stacking some of its cards as heavily. Ones featuring him, Silva, or GSP, for example, are often carried by the main event. And even then, the UFC depends on that for those cards because its the fastest way to grab attention and get people familiar with a larger number of unknown fighters on the card often bought for the main event.
      Jon was one of those fighters at one time, but he seems to have forgotten that. Jon Jones is selfish. No matter how you look at it, Jon Jones is selfish, and he is a coward.

    • Bbbbbbb says:

      It has the link there. And It’s a bitch to write up new tv deals for a PPV to broadcast on a different channel in two weeks. No one would have paid for UFC 151: Ellenberger vs. Heiron. Fan or not.

  11. kill greg kackson!!!!! says:

    Rule # 2 – Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

  12. Johan says:

    Some of you guys are absolutely hilarious. The rediculous, ignorant, biased and sometimes racist comments you leave about Jones are so entertaining. A man has the whole world on his back and he cannot defend himself. Hilarious indeed.

  13. punchkick says:

    maybe jones is just shedding his “good boy” image to be a bad dude. like the comment above from Carlos. the ufc needs another bad guy beside from chael and nate diaz.

  14. Xaninho says:

    Jones wasn’t as ‘business-orientated’ when he needed the UFC to stand behind him after driving around drunk and wrapping his Bentley around a telephone pole…..Biting the hand that feeds him…For a guy who claims to be smart, not so smart.

  15. David RT says:

    ROFL he is too funny. “The lesson to be learned is, at the end of the day, you have to protect yourself and your family” Lol his mom was going to fight for him, so he said “naw mum, You can’t take a fight on eight days notice and its Chael Sonnen…he is too much for me and you” His moms reply ” Jon stop being a B*&^&, plus I like having a strong man wrestle me down plus i get paid as well for it”

  16. Brend0magic says:

    Damn Jones, don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

  17. Michael says:

    is he retarded? obviously the UFC can’t make a properly full card due to the amount of injuries that have been plaguing the company for the last year and a bit so there is no way he can blame the UFC on this because of the had the fighters they would have used them.

    • Dana himself said says:

      that Anderson Silva asked to be on the card to save it but Dana said “No. I cannot ask the pound for pound best fighter in the world to do that. Yes, he could’ve, if keeping the card was that important to you than cancelling it! Silva-Sonnen III with NO BELT ON THE LINE (Open Weight). Jones said no? We got the P4P best fighting! It would’ve been a circus with Jones-Sonnen, mind as well make it a 3 ring circus with Silva-Sonnen! Throw rational thinking out the window.

  18. the original steve says:

    now jones is right. the card was relying on him. but then he did fuck it up. jon really needs to apologize and shut up. first he blames hendo now this.

  19. Dddddd says:

    No matter how big of a fan you are it’s hard
    not to realize Johns overwhelmed. A guy that
    basically started to fight to pay for a baby?
    Reminds of some musicians back in the day.
    It’s all fun and games until your famous.
    It wouldnt bother me as bad if I could see
    what I feel is a real person. Johns that guy
    that has a manufactured confidence and acts
    like he is wise. People can say what they want
    but when you actually love to star in some
    preflight show that is selling your character
    as much as your talent your askin for people
    to get all up in your business. Who were the
    chicks in his car when he wrecked and almost
    killed them? Does his wife even truly know him?

  20. Ritcher says:

    Jones jones is the hero the UFC deserves,but not the one it needs right now. So we will blame him, because he can take it. Because’s he’s not our hero, he’s the LHW champ.

  21. snoman310 says:

    the only part i agree with is dana white trashing and putting full blame on jones. dana is scum. just because a fighter chooses to pull out of a fight that wasnt written in stone yet. dosent give u the right as the boss to sit there and publicly talk trash. asided from 151 hes still fighting for your company hes still bringing in fans and money for you. and because he made a choice that u didnt agree with u go and talk shit about him in front of the whole world destroying his rep. you couldnt even back him up alil and support ur fighter alil bit. dickhead. im working on becoming a fighter for myself but if it ever gets to that point where im offered a contract i will never fight in the ufc as long as dana runs it.

  22. mean170 says:

    Jon Jones is a more arrogant, less media savvy version of LeBron James. But while LeBron’s only major mistake was “The Decision” on national television, everything Jon Jones says reeks of pompous arrogance. Comparing yourself to Jesus, DUI arrests, everything that comes out of his mouth shows he is one of the most narcissistic athletes in sports today. Great fighter? Yes, of course Jon is. Now if he would let his skills in the cage talk for him, he might actually gain some respect as a man.

  23. JustRollBJJ says:

    I am over the UFC 151 debacle its a much needed break from ufc and being in a crowded bar setting its too overly saturated market i am back strictly to watching competitive bjj nothing against mma but too many keyboard warriors have started acting like they know the troubles alot of those fighters go through be it Jon Bones Jones or any other main card or any other fighter in a promotion. I train and watch for the heck of it but all the drama over injuries and fights not happening lately starting to hinder growth in the sport.

  24. Chuck says:

    At first i was against Jones’ decision to not take the fight, but the more I think about it the more it makes sense. Chael shouldnt have ever been offered the fight. They want this to become a legitimate sport and they give a MW who just got demolished a shot at the LHW title??? Would the NBA put another team in the title game just because of an injury? Hell no. And yea thats a team sport but its the same concept, you earn your spot. They cant jus give anybody a title shot. And did the UFC really need to cancel the entire card because the main event was off? No…plain and simple. They could have just went thru with it and done something with the next card to make up for the lack of a main event. The fact of the matter is, injuries happen and if you want to blame anybody you can blame Dan Henderson for not telling them he was injured 2 weeks earlier.

  25. TylerRyan says:

    Here’s all I have about this. Dana White is a business man, cause he OWNS a business. He and the the Fert. Bros are business men because they are the ones who hand out pay checks. I can see this sort of attitude from a guy like Couture or someone like that who has contributed to the sport for more than a decade. But Jon Jones, while he is a champion, is an employee. Employee’s don’t pick their paychecks. He is a fighter, his business is fighting, if he wants to pick fights he can take Joe Silva’s job when he retires. A guy in an office doesn’t get the chance to tell his boss, “I’m not helping Simon put together that report cause I don’t think he’s earned it.” That’s like the NY Giants saying “We’re not playing the Bengals cause we don’t think they’ve earned it.” You’ve been training, you should be in shape. You should be able to fight. If you don’t think a guy has EARNED a fight, beat the snot out of him and SHOW him he doesn’t deserve to fight you, and get paid to beat up a guy who isn’t nearly prepared to fight you. I don’t blame him for a dropped card, but I do fault him for being a fighter and refusing to do what his job is. Fight. Your a business man if you refuse to fight every 2 weeks cause that IS bad for you. You’re a slimeball if you refuse a fight cause you won’t get paid what you think you should. I AM looking forward to his fight with Vitor though. Look out for them front kicks and elbows, Vit.

    • Can't Compare Apples and Oranges says:

      When a line employee accepts a job with a company/corporation/business, that employee agrees to perform the job duties outlined in a job description or instructed by those above the employee. Professional athletes sign a contract that is binding for a period of time. They have a duty to perform as outlined in the contract. They throw in bonuses if certain statistical goals are met. Fighters also sign contract, but their contract is more specific: who they are fighting, at what weight, where it will be held, under what rules, etc etc. The UFC cannot change any part of the contract unless the fighter agrees to the change, or they have no contract. If the UFC can’t accept the terms of a contract, they shouldn’t go into contract with the fighter. Or they should put into the contract that they are allowed to change your opponent 8 days out!

      Shogun turned down the fight with Jones. Machida turned down the fight with Jones. Jones turned down the fight with Sonnen. All three are still fighters for the UFC. That hasn’t changed.

  26. JUST A FAN says:

    He is a talented fighter , no doubt. But he is also also a Fucken idiot! He should just fight and keep his mouth shut. Everytime he opens his mouth more people hate him

  27. DMAC says:

    Keyboard warriors and wannabe fighters come out and play! Here’s another chance to make yourself feel better about your current state in life..

    JBJ Isn’t going anywhere so get over that old shit put up that $55, and leave comments in everyone of his article like a fan does! Idiots are fans of his and don’t even know it Lmfao!!!!!!! Go bones!

  28. Javier says:

    i hope the crown boo him big time at ufc 152 , he is a jerk

  29. JBJ says that he is a businessman, Dana White says that the UFC is a business. Well JBJ is both a fighter and a businessman. He is also a company man for the UFC. Dana is correct, the UFC is a business, and a big one at that. I don’t know how many people would get away with telling their boss that they are not going to do their job, without the result being given the pink slip. I also am a business man, I run a multi-million dollar business, if one of my employees did not perform their job, or step up to a task that was requested of them by their boss, whether or not it was part of their mandate, may be a career limiting maneuver. Think about it, in any business, shite happens, you adopt to the change, and keep busy doing some other thing that keeps the business going. You don’t close your door and say “well, this happenned, so I guess we must close our doors, sorry rest of the team, primadonna here doesn’t want to do this task, so you all must go home without pay, and you, our loyal customers, sorry we cannot provide our service, as little princess poopy pants does not like the new task she has been given”. BTW, I am also a fighter. I understand that you plan a strategy for every fight, we all do, but as we all know, injuries do happen, and when they do you fight an alternate fighter, if one is available. They may be a different style, but hey, JBJ is a pro, he should be ready to go and be skilled enough to adjust to the alternate fighter, who usually is a lower quality opponent than the injured fighter. In this case JBJ would most likely have handed Sonnen a whopping, but hey, this is MMA, and in any combat sports every opponent has a fighters chance to win.

  30. mike b says:

    Everybody’s playing the blame game here.all parties are responsible for the fallout of 151.dana and joe silva for just relying on one big fight,I mean I know they didn’t have much options with all the injuries that’s been occurring and they got fox and fx cards to put together as well but they should’ve took one fight at least from another card that’s pretty stacked and put it as a co main event for far as jones and Jackson I mean yeah…they should’ve accepted the fight with sonnen,if ur a real fighter and love the sport with a passion u should accept any fight that comes ur way no matter if u have a lot to lose or not.i mean that’s what makes a legend in my eyes sometimes it’s not all about that strap sometimes being adored by fans and having the ump most respect by fans and ur peers is more valuable than that gold around ur waist.example:people love wanderlei,chuck,randy,bj cause even when they didnt have that strap the fans still loved them cause they would fight for the fans and never turned down a fight in any weight class.even if they lost the people loved them cause they accepted the challenge.obviously jones only cares about himself and his family which is cool but the fans is what makes u and without the fans supporting u u won’t go far in this sport.jones is talking about his legacy and all that bullshit well without us u selfish piece of shit u have a lot of work to do before u become even close to being legendary.with jones attitude he will not last long in this sport.and with him not keeping the big boss happy….ooooohhhhh u definitely have a long way to go.good luck asshole.

  31. I’ll say it again. How can it be a “full” card if you didn’t fight?
    #Jon “Chicken Bones” Jones

  32. Sean says:

    Theres no way to get back at him..all we could do is not buy his fights but then the rest of the ppl get screwed again too

  33. Dana is Greedy says:

    Well I agree with some of the stuff JBJ said but my common sense tells me don’t shit on your boss….I think its safe to say JBJ won’t have a immediate rematch when he loses his title…Weak cards are the main cause of UFC 151 getting cancelled..

  34. GRT 3000 says:

    Jones needs to spend some of those big bucks on a PR guy, cuz he is losing fans left and right…whats next? sponsorship deals. I agree that throwing in Sonnen last minute was a dick move by the UFC. Sonnen is a turd that isn’t even remotely close to deserving a title shot at light heavy; I could name 10 guys in that division he couldn’t even touch, nevermind JBJ. I also think it was gay for the UFC to put the entire card on him and have absolutely zero backup. I think it was wrong of Hendo to give notice of his injury 8 frickin’ days before the fight instead of allowing the UFC and JBJ to find a SUITABLE opponent. so, by no means is this all JBJs fault…but at the end of the day, he’s the one that “the big stupid” is blaming. “The Big Stupid” being the majority of retards out there that don’t think anything through and believe that Sonnen is a fuckin hero. so that being said, it’s better for him to just keep his mouth shut, get ready for Vitor…& move on.

    as far as Dana goes…I can usually appreciate his point of view…but not this time. To me it’s plain and simple – he fucked up! & it’s a disservice to the UFC, its fans, and his UFC sponsored fighter to not be shouldering some of the responsibility.

  35. BucWheat says:

    He’s beginning to sound like Mike Tyson. Sonnen offered his purse for the 1st, I’m sure he’d do the same for the 22nd, not sure what “business of it” means? He was losing against Machida until he got the take down and lucky elbow — that fight should have been stopped based on the location of the cut which obscured Machida’s vision right before Machida ate the left hook that did him in. Bold prediction, Jones will lose one or his next two fights, and be forgotten as quickly as he ascended.

  36. jon smith says:

    Yeah recently the cards have been less than stacked but the fact is Jones you just need to shut up. Everything you’re doing is losing you fans and you keep saying things to deflect the fact that because you chose to avoid Sonnen UFC 151 was cancelled. That is your choice to decline (though not popular and doesn’t show the heart of a fighter, just the mindset of business man) but stop talking about it. Show up to your next fight, KO Belfort in decisive fashion and go from there

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