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Wednesday, 05/29/2013, 04:15 pm

Jon Jones Tweets He Has “Decisions” to Contemplate Regarding His Return


| UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones went to visit his doctor today and the outcome was quite pleasing for all those fans that are tired of seeing champions sidelined for long periods of time due to injuries. That probably won’t be the case with Jones.

Coming off of his UFC 159 demolition of Chael Sonnen we found out that Jones broke/dislocated his big toe and would likely have to undergo surgery and rehab to heal the very important limb. That brought up several questions about another stagnant title and I even started hearing talks of an interim title arise.

However, those talks can be left to rest as Jones tweeted a positive message to his fans today.

Following his doctors visit Jones tweeted:

Just finished with the foot doctor, got a lot to contemplate today..Decisions decisions.

 The decisions ‘Bones’ is talking about is his timetable to return to training and fighting. Apparently Jones was given the option to get right back into his training in three weeks or continue to rehab and strengthen the toe and ligaments.

Regardless of what Jones decides to do the timetable for either option is comforting. Even if Jones decides to continue to rehab after the next three weeks have passed we will likely see him defend his title at least one more time this year. Plus, with extended rehab Jones will be able to sit back and await the outcome of Weidman vs. Silva on July 6th. If Silva wins that fight we could possibly see the super-fight between the two champions happen next for Jones. Dana White is confident that the fight will happen this year and the extended rehab for Jones’ toe could make the timetable perfect for both Silva and Jon. Alexander Gustafsson is also eagerly waiting in the wings for Jones to step up and challenge him. But all of these options depend on what Jones decides to do with the rehab of his toe.

I’ve always said that this sport is all about timing and in this case Jones has the time on his side. What do you all here think he should do? Is the extended rehab a smarter choice or should Jones come back and defend his belt as soon as possible? Let’s hear it, fight fans! Sound off!

-Jake Chastain



79 Responses to “Jon Jones Tweets He Has “Decisions” to Contemplate Regarding His Return”

  1. The Way Of The Dutchman says:


    He is what? 24 years old? Why take any risks? he has time enough. What if he gets back into training and it doesn’t heal perfectly? Definitely rehab in my opinion.

    • Donovan says:

      Jeez christ you phukin pusssy. He’s 24 he will heal in no time….its damn toe. Knowing what a lil baby he is he will prolly rehab cuz that’s what fighters in their mid thirties and lil crying bitches do. Oh, and that super fiGht will never happen

      • FuktardsRU says:

        Your ignorance is astonishing. Go ahead and snap your toe almost completely off then tell us how it feels, douchebag.

        Bones and ligaments take time to heal. Especially when you are an elite, world class athlete. Ever hear of “turf toe?” It puts 350 pound, tough as nails NFL linemen on the bench for weeks at a time. Put down the beer and open a book.
        I’m not a big Jones fan but idiots like you and your uninformed comments are just…. damn my head hurts now. Go learn biology Mr. MD and get a freaking clue! Moron.

  2. Jujitsu player says:

    Ditto, he should it heal properly, he doesn’t want this to become a recurring problem. The big toe joint is tricky to treat because its so small. I dislocated mine when I was 13 years old doing martial arts and at 35 years old it still bothers me now!

  3. Scotty says:

    The decision to either take a title fight soon get paid or let the toe heal and wait to see if the superfight will happen which his pay might double.. Thats what he is deciding on..

  4. jay808 says:

    I really want to see texiera fight jones. That guy is a problem for anyone in the lhw division.

  5. Jones12 says:

    @donovan Do you know how important the big toe is in fighting? And you want him to rush a recovery to prove his toughness and keep you entertained…fall back broseph. Silva and Jones would be the biggest fight in UFC history and its more likely to happen than you think. Keep in mind your opinions are just that, opinions, not fact.

  6. fight smart says:

    the super fight is really something to look forward to! I want both fighters to be at their 100% best when they meet at the octagon! I wouldn’t want it any other way!

    for the fool suggesting jones to rush he’s rehab, you dont know what your talking about!

    jones is smart, he’ll take his sweet time recovering from this injury, his not going to rush this!!!

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