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Thursday, 08/23/2012, 11:41 pm

Jon Jones vs. Vitor Belfort Confirmed For UFC 152 After Machida Turns Down UFC 152 Bout | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
After UFC President Dana White announced that UFC 151 was off due to an injury to the challenger Dan Henderson. He then went on to reveal that the UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones turned down a bout with Chael Sonnen. In the media call White confirmed the facts slamming the young champion and his coach in the process.

It was also confirmed that Lyoto Machida would face Jones at UFC 152 however ‘The Dragon’  turned down the bout. The man who has agreed to step up and face the champion at UFC 152 is former UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Vitor Belfort.

The news was confirmed by MMAFighting as well as ‘The Phenom’ himself via his Official Twitter Account. Belfort Tweeted the following messages after he received the news.

“I just finish the call with my boss @lorenzofertitta and @danawhite I want to thank booth for put me in where a lot of guys are acting like divas I think this is a big challenge for any fighter that is alive on the game I thank God to provide me with this Blessing 2 fight the youngest champion we will face each other I have all the respect for jones thats why u can`t miss this competition a vintage and hy-tech fight Glory to Jesus also happy for all the fans I will not let no one down I come from the times of #carlsongracie He live inside of me I learn so much thing with him and #alstankie”

“I will fight jones I want to thank he`s camping and him to accept this big challenge for me I am so happy to deliver a big show for the whole world.”

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84 Responses to “Jon Jones vs. Vitor Belfort Confirmed For UFC 152 After Machida Turns Down UFC 152 Bout | UFC News”

  1. Matt says:

    Can enough shit change in a day?

    • nakano says:

      maaaan! i was looking forward to machida jones2. machidas got his number…….

      • spirit says:

        Apparently Machida doesn’t think he does.

        • magoo says:

          Sooo is Machida the pussy coward,asshole,selfless selfish self centered douche bag of a human being for not taking this fight On short notice????? Or does that only apply to Jon Jones???

        • Mc says:

          Nope only jones. Machida isn’t fn up an entire card by not fighting. He thought he’d have a couple months off the train n fight hendo or jones. That’s totally diff. Also Sonnen would make more sense than Vitor. Wtf is up w/ this fight??? I bet jones said no to fighting Sonnen in sept also. When’s the last time Vitor fought? I can’t even remember and he’s been at mw along w/ chael. Chael did better against Anderson though.

        • Power says:

          He’s not the champ jones is!

        • Mc says:

          **off, then train For a fight w/ hendo or jones.** So basically he thought He’d have months to do what ever. Jones had already done a training camp and just straight up dodged Chael for whatever reason. Now he looks even more douchey, no matter what his excuse is.

        • Calvin says:

          He would be if he had the belt but seeing as hes not the champ its not as big of a deal as jones denying challengers when being a champion is to prove your better than all hes only screwing himself out of a title shot

        • Dopey says:

          Y the fuck should cheal get a chance at the belt ? Jus cuz he can run his mouth doesn’t mean he deserves a title shot… He had a chance at a belt n he blew it.. Back at the end of the line buddy

        • Dopey says:


        • Doesntmatter says:

          @MC in what universe does sonnen makes more sense then belfort. Sonnen had a controversial win over bisping (wich alot of ppl still think bisping won) and after that lost against Anderson. Belfort had a big win over Akiyama and impressive win over anthony johnson.

        • Yo says:

          Pretty much just Jones and ya boy GSP.

  2. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Wtf… put Chael back in there Chael is a better fight Jones then Belfort.

    • What? says:

      Would have loved to see Chael fight. Was excited to see machida fight. Not a vitor fan as much cuz he’s an arrogant prick but hopes he knocks the biggest arrogant fuck piece of shit in UFC history out. Fuck you jones!!!

    • magoo says:

      Lets all blame Dan Henderson for fukcn up the card, after all he’s the one that pulled out of a title fight one week before the fight! It was Dana douche bag and the UFC cancelled the card, not any single fighter,although without Jones the ppv would have bombed!

      • Zk says:

        I hope your not seriously bashing the guy who tore his mcl for ruining the card. Jones ruined the card, not the UFC not Henderson, jones did. Yea the UFC didn’t have any other fights to support the fights without jones but they run so many fight a year that would be impossible for then to always have 5 awesome fights on a card. The fact of the matter is that jones could have saved the card and Chose not too even tho cheal only had enough time to cut wieght and not even train. It doesn’t matter that Chael doesn’t deserve a title shot, he was stepping up to save the card, something any real fighter or man should do. Jones is not a real fighter he said he only fights for money too, i hope someone comes and takes that belt soon

        • BiggoTrav says:

          Come on now, he’s clearly just trolling. Anyone who were really that stupid would have been euthanized long ago.

  3. KIDD433 says:

    WOW!This was outa left field.Jon”Pussy Bitch”Jones covers get pulled,and Vitor gets a opportunity of a lifetime to end this punks fluke title reign.I’m glad he’s getting the opportunity,take it to him VITOR!!!

    • magoo says:

      “fluke title reign” I’ve read some retarded shiat on this forum, that comments gotta be one of the dumbest!

      • ASDF says:

        No more than your previous post questioning whether Machida is the equivalent of JBJ? Fuck ppl, this world is seriously f’d up.

        • Magoo says:

          Really fukc knuckle Machida came outta the Bader fight unscathed,plus he’s had several months to think about what he should do differently after Bones choked his ass unconscious! So one would think he would jump at the chance to redeem himself and avenge the loss,instead he declines the fight and gives Vitor the shot instead, so yes sucker of the penis this world is fukced up!!

      • KIDD433 says:

        @Magoo…FLUKE TITLE REIGN…Jones is a Heavyweight.He walks around 240 lbs,that’s more than Dos Santos the HeavyWeight Champ.And he’s 6′-4″ with an 84″reach.He’s been fighting 5′-11″ and 6’foot lil guys with around a 74″ reach.He cuts about 35 lbs,and still walks in the cage as a HW the next day.He has a ridiculous strength and reach advantage against all his opponents.Hence his fights are all mismatched.Hence his reign has been a fluke!does that sum it up dumb ass?

        • magoo says:

          If that’s the case shit for brains, Aldo cuts 25lbs Henderson cuts20lbs GSP cuts 20lbs Anderson Silva cuts 20 lbs so I guess all the ufc belt holders are flukie!!!! GTFO tard…..smh!

  4. Brazilian says:

    I think Belfort is a bogger challenge for Jones than Hendo I hope he knockes Jones out !

  5. Sting says:

    I’ve been supporting jon jones since he effed up the truth brandon vera. Been supporting him for his upcoming fight with hendo until now. Everything that happened this past 12 hours has changed my mind about you bones. Vitor, knock this arrogant kid back to earth!

  6. cloud says:

    wtf are happening..its better if machida vs jones..belfort and sonnen had no fucking chance against jbj..

  7. Gouldx87 says:

    Already day dreaming of Vitor just going nuts like he did to Wandy back in the day and just finishing jones

  8. Weekz 8zero8 says:

    Feed jones to JDS already jbj is a damn coward good fighter with skils but a
    Coward personality of course he would sign a fight with vitor instead of chael

  9. Yo says:

    Vitor please knock this guys block off and please dont get your head kicked off your shoulders, that was disturbing.You guys both believe in Jesus so the supernatural power advantages have been neutralized.

  10. Rob says:

    Lol that was funny “yo”!
    Supernatural power advantage neutralized… LMFAO !

  11. Sting says:

    Can we have dos santos cut down to 205 to remove the belf off of bones’ waist?..i don’t think jones can talk his way out of a jds fight. The entire mma world would definitey want to see that fight.

  12. fist says:

    and sonnen vs machida

  13. Man wtf is up with this random matchup?!?!?! its like anderson silva facing Nate diaz. maybe even more random and can enough shit change for a day? first hendo is out, then its jones VS sonnen THEN it becomes Jones vs Machida now its Jones vs belfort, also jon jones might be so embarrassed that his image is ruined and that the ufc president hates him so he might become distracted enough in the fight for vitor to knock him out

  14. Real_deal1047 says:

    Go vitor !

  15. jbj killed my friend while driving drunk says:

    Now I understand better what Rashad meant when he said jbj was fake.

    • Nike says:

      Jones killed your friend? omg…Jones let me slap your hand,now heres the pen, sign right here,we’re glad to have you on the team…Now pass the pen to Mayhem Miller.

  16. SHANKED says:

    Why is he thanking jon jones camp. Dana white said if Jones doesnt accept his next fight something bad is gonna happen. I bet Jones is shitting his pants right now. C’mon Vitor, knock the shit outta Jones!

  17. CombatRusse says:

    I’m disappointed by Matchida turning down the fight.
    I know he needs time to work on his wrestling but he is definitively acting like Diva. Belfort is the man!!!
    But I’m happy that Dana White took another slap, when Matchida turned down the fight. Shogun would have never done that. Fuck Dana White who acts like god

  18. Mike b says:

    Jones is going to use his wrestling in this one for sure to try to break vitor’s will like randy and Tito did.imma big fan of vitor I’m hoping vitor can knock this pussy out.i never liked jones and now I really dislike the kid he’s a coward and he is not a true champion.respect to Anderson and chael for trying to step up,true warriors…..I got the ump most respect for chael man he truly is a gangster,HA HA….let’s go vitor knock this F—-ing P—Y out.

  19. KIDD433 says:

    Jon Jones pulls his own covers…He really Fd up royally by ducking Sonnen.Now he gets VITOR,Nighty Night there Jonesy!!!

  20. stephen riddle says:

    I want to here ” jones looks really hurt here, vitor keeps landing those jabs, oh my god folks its all over “!

  21. KingKamehameha says:

    The fuckin MIDDLEWEIGHT division has more balls then the Light Heavyweight. You had Sonnen AND Chris Weidman throwing their names in to fight the number 2 P4P fighter in the world, and now The Phenom gets a shot. Light Heavyweight Division…..GROW SOME FUCKING BALLS…….PERIOD!!!

  22. Damnu says:

    Silva volunteered to step in an fight a different lhw. It just keeps getting worse…don’t even think I’ll tune in to this fight! I knew it was a sad day in the mma world when he became champion…The rise an fall of mma: the Jon Jones story…a Greg Jackson production

  23. shane says:


  24. The Dude says:

    I don’t think Jones is a coward, I think he just did it to screw Sonnen. Dana didn’t have to cancel the entire freakin card, he just got pissed because his on-the-down-low boy toy didn’t get another main event.

    • Mc says:

      Um no. He’s a coward and Dana didn’t have much choice, it was sold w/ jones headlining and the rest was not that great cuz of injury and it just wasnt that great. They need to sell it to make money ya know and it wouldn’t have sold. On top of that everyone who had a ticket woulda wanted their money back

  25. vvbfdfgds says:

    Shut up, ” got his number” you people have such stupid slogans.

  26. John M says:

    Never really been that huge on Vitor but now….LETS GO BABYYYY!!!!

  27. Brazilian says:

    Do you guys think Jon Bones has burned his bridge for good or mayb just till he fights again ?!

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      That’s a good question, Brazilian. I think he may have burned the bridge for good this time. I’ve never liked Jones, but he seems to have alienated many of a few fans he has left. I think it’d take a miracle to get the MMA community back on his side.

  28. Ted says:

    An awful lot of hate for jones from people that have no idea what really happened. I talked to Jon last night and here’s what really went down:

    A: they never said anything to him about cancelling the event. They simply told him that hendo pulled out and that Chael sonnen volunteered to step in. Jon told him that isn’t a fight he’s interested in. He trained really hard for a challenge and Chael doesn’t deserve that opportunity. He asked if there was anyone else they could get and Dana told him he could fight machida a couple weeks later. On the next card. He agreed to that fight.

    B: Dana has a hissy fit and cancels the entire card, putting the blame squarely on jones. Jon is shocked. He would have gladly fought on that card, if they could have given him an actual competitor. Media and so-called fans go ape-shit and condemn Jon for killing the card, forgetting that Henderson is really the one that killed it.

    C: it is later revealed that Dana never actually asked Lyoto if he would take the fight and just announced it anyway. Lyoto declines what he perceives as his last shot at the title, and would prefer an actual camp. Now he’s called a prima Donna too.

    D: Anderson silva offers to fight a different LHW on 8 days notice, to save the card…but it’s deemed too late. Even though I’m sure someone would have taken that fight against an out-of-shape Silva.

    E: Vitor is asked to take the fight against jones at 152 and accepts. Jon happily accepts the fight as well. Yet he’s still the bad guy and Vitor is the hero. Along with Chael, who had zero chance of actually fighting Jon.

    So basically, Jon gets all the blame, even though he was never told anything about the event being cancelled and actually agreed to fight both machida and belfort on short notice.

    This is why mma fans get such a bad rap.

    • andy says:

      Right. I’m sure you and Jon Jones are the best of friends.

      You don’t have to lie here. We accept you for who you are! Kind of…

      • Ted says:

        I run his website, along with a dozen other fighters. We aren’t close friends, but we talk once or twice a week, same as all my clients. I’m in and out of camps with these guys all the time…I don’t need your acceptance. Like the person below said, it’s your right to hate on whomever you want. Don’t let a little thing like the facts, or common sense get in the way of your opinion.

        • flazy says:

          ill take your word even though it cant be comfirmed. im sure jones is being completely straight with you…you dont have to know a guy directly to get a sense of his character. but i think jones could ve saved the event. who cares if chael don’t deserve it. at the end of the day its about entertaining the fans right if you look at it that way chael does deserve it.

        • flazy says:

          ill take your word even though it can’t be confirmed. I’m sure jones was being completely straight with you too, you don’t need to know someone directly to get a sense of their character. Jones could’ve saved the event in my opinion. maybe chael doesnt deserve it, but at the end of the day its about entertaining the fans and in if you look at it that way chael more then deserves a fight with jones.

        • flazy says:

          ill take your word even though it can’t be confirmed. I’m sure Jones was being completely straight with you too, you don’t need to know someone directly to get a sense of their character. Jones could’ve saved the event in my opinion. maybe chael doesn’t deserve it, but at the end of the day its about entertaining the fans and in if you look at it that way chael more then deserves a fight with Jones.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Jones and greg Jackson RUINED UFC 151 and they will forever be remembered as COWARDS

  29. Damnu says:

    Your statement changes absolutely nothing! Who are you? Along with who cares!?! Stfu last I checked we live in country where we make up our own minds, like an dislike who we want to like! That’s what any sport is all about, people you love an people you don’t! It’s simple been that way forever! So because Jon says its the truth uh? Ok then I talked to Dana last night an he said this is exactly how it happened, your boy f**ked it up an fans deserve to feel however they choose! Gtfoh

  30. Stronda says:

    Keep believing in everything Fat Bald Dana says kids! Cause he would never lie to the fans to make money, for sure! Dan Henderson has no responsability on this! And Loser Sonnen SUPER DESERVES a shot!

    Damn reading is so funny! Hahaha idiots

  31. Zack says:

    Jds vs jbj? I think everyone would buy that to see jones get his jaw broken

  32. slacker says:

    Hopefully Belfort knocks this clown out. Dana gave him that title shot against Shogun when he could have still easily given it to others. Who was Jones biggest win at the time? Bader – big deal. He could have shown the organization some loyalty and appreciation by stepping up to the plate here. So ungrateful.

  33. Brett says:

    Belfort is a dangerous fighter! He connects just once and jones is sleeping! Belfort has a youth’s skill and an elders expierience! Dangerous fight for jones!

  34. michael says:

    another 1st round ko for belfort

  35. Bear Gills says:

    There are a lot of differences in what Machida did compared to what jones did. The first being, Machida had no plans at all to be fighting Sept. 22, and is probably pretty out of shape, and been taking it kinda easy at least until he saw who he was going to fight, Henderson or Jones.

    Jones had planned for months to be fighting on Sept. 1st, and had a full training camp. He was even offered a fight with somebody who had no training cmp “that we know of” 8 days out.

    Machida isn’t the champ, he’s the challenger. If he chooses not to challenge, why get mad. He doesn’t have to challenge the champ, the champ has to accept challenges from his challengers.

    Jones, who IS the champ turned down a challenger, which has never happened in UFC and is unacceptable.

    The entire 152 card obviously would not have been canceled if Machida turned down the fight, and noody else was really hurt by this decision. Being that it was almost a month away, the UFC was able to scrap together a match people find interesting, even if it doesn’t make the most sense…

    Jones for his own selfish reasons destroyed an entire card. Of course, the UFC is partly at blame for the weak card, but Jones was given the option to save the card, to save the fans who have non refundable hotel reservations and plane tickets, and to save the fighters who are losing a ton of money. Jones said he would not fight Sonnen, and as a result everybody got screwed.

    That’s what is wrong with Jones, and why we who are mad at him are not being hypocritical.

  36. Cj says:

    When did this thing with Vitor happen?because its all over the internet that Machida is still fighting on the 22nd of Sept. Would like something reliable so I can make travel arrangements………

  37. DJ says:

    Vitor speaks “Branglish.”

  38. Thesire says:

    To all you douchers defending jbj just ask yourself this, with this years injury plague how many fights have had short notice replacements?? How many of these warriors who don’t make that kind of money turned down the fights?? Wasn’t jbj a short notice fighter for shogun?? Yup.. Jones has no class

  39. danny says:

    i hope vitor knock this dip shit out

  40. why so serious? says:

    so much hatred on the comments. people theses days dont have any life of there own. always on someone elses. live your own damn life and stop talking shit acting like you guys would do better in the ufc. who gives a fuck! theyre REAL fighters that fight to entertain us and you people bitch about everything thing thats goes wrong. i would pay to watch jbj knock the fuck outta u little bitchy ass whiners

  41. mike says:

    Where’s Dana flipping shit about machida
    turning down the fight??

  42. learntoread says:

    What a freaken circus the LHW division has become over the past 48 hrs.

  43. KIDD433 says:

    @Mike…Machida isn’t coming off a full training camp,PU55Y Bones Jones is.Machida wasn’t already expected to fight in 8 days or any time soon,PU55Y Bones Jones was.Machida isn’t champ and expected to defend the belt,PU55Y Bones Jones is.Machida didn’t ruin a PPV event for bitching out of a fight when he was already expected to fight,PU55Y Bones Jones did.

  44. F.S says:

    We all know who needs to come in and destroy JBJ…..Tank Abbott.Tank would destroy JBJ!!!!!

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