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Wednesday, 10/05/2011, 01:32 pm

RUMOR: Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans On Tap For UFC 140 Main Event (UPDATED)

The rivalry between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans was rumored to finally get settled as broke news that the two were likely to headline UFC 140 in Toronto, Canada.  However, UFC president Dana White says the fight isn’t happening, as he explained via his Twitter account:

“Just did a 2 hour press conf at 11 this am and told ALL the media that jones vs Evans would NOT happen @140. Then HACKS say it is. For the media guys who live on some other planet and didn’t know Rashad Evans has pins in his thumb and is out for a while!!!!”

Jon Jones is coming off a big submission win over Quinton Jackson at UFC 135. The win was the first title defense for Jones since winning the title from Mauricio “Shogun” Rua earlier this year.  Jones had stepped in for Evans as a late injury replacement, and the feud has been brewing at an all time high since then.

Rashad Evans was last seen at UFC 133 where he stopped Tito Ortiz in the second round via TKO.  The win was his third straight since losing the title to Lyoto Machida in May of 2009.  All didn’t go as planned coming out of the Ortiz fight, as Evans suffered a hand injury that still needs to heal.  Still, Rashad’s coach, Mike VanArsdale seems unconcerned as he explained to,

“I think if they give us any date, I can get him ready to beat Jon,” he said. “I’m not overly concerned about Jon like everyone else is. My fighter has the ability, tools and the determination to beat him. As long as he’s healthy, and I have eight or nine weeks with him — and it’s right around that right now, that’s all I need.”

UFC 140 is scheduled to take place December 10th at the Air Canada Center in Toronto, Canada. Stay tuned to as news becomes available and the card is finalized.



17 Responses to “RUMOR: Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans On Tap For UFC 140 Main Event (UPDATED)”

  1. Bob says:

    “Mike VanArsdale seems unconcerned”

    Then he’s already lost the fight. He should be very concerned…. Rashad’s going to have his ass handed to him – I hope in a devastating fashion.

  2. Eric says:

    Woo Woo Swizzy. Ridin with my top down hey im just getting my hood on Im just im just doing my thing heeey yeap ehhhh heeey ehhh yeap, I said I ridin with my top down!! Rashad wins!! heeey yeap ehhh yeap heeyy yeap ehhh I said Rashad wins by knockout!! between 1 n 2nd round.

  3. matt says:

    Just because Rashad toppled Tito and got a couple of lackluster decision wins over Rampage and Thiago Silva doesn’t make him any better off against Jones. Be ready for Rashad to come out swingin and get KOd with his jaw hangin to his neck and his wife screamin loudest in the arena again.

  4. Brave Reply says:

    apparently this is all BS according to Dana. Someone hacked his acct or put out a BS Twitter message stating they would meet at 140. After Jones’ mandatory suspension it would only leave him 5 weeks or so to get ready for this fight in December.

  5. Mike Diaz says:

    The only one with the tools to crack Jones bones is ‘ the Dragon.’ That is the only threat to Jon Jones reign, other than that, it is his time for many title defenses. This kid impressed me last UFC, real deal. PENN NATION!!!!!!!

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      jon bones beat the last two guys who beat machida i dont think machida would beat him.

      • Edd says:

        Styles make fights. Idk who would win between Machida and Jones but you certainly cant make any conclusions by using MMA math, I thought we all knew that by now.

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        Well, we’re about to see! It’s on at UFC 140! Jones n Machida! Think this is gonna be a good test for Jones. Machida has sick counter strikes, awkward offensive strikes, and good tdd. I think Jones pulls it off though

  6. HawaiiRN808 says:

    Noone cares.

  7. Brandon says:

    Why put a title fight when the Nogueira brother can sell the whole arena?

  8. jacob lee says:

    Rashad can’t out strike or wrestle jones. I think the only way to settle this is to do some MMA Math.
    Machida beat Rashad
    Machida beat Shogun
    Shougun beat Machida
    Rashad beat Rampage
    Rampage beat Machida
    Jones beat Shogun
    Jones beat Rampage
    Jones and Rashad have trained together, jones has never been knocked out but Rashad has. I see Jon Jones winning this fight.

  9. Jon Jones says:

    Only thing Rashad can do is try and hold me down.

  10. @Tan520Az says:

    His thumb wasnt a concern when he hopped into the ring after Bones stopped Rampage, wondering if this was the case why they didnt give the fight to Hendo weeks ago?

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