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Monday, 04/09/2012, 02:01 pm

VIDEO | Jon Jones Trains "Matrix Style" For UFC 145

Jon Jones UFC 145 Easter Training Day! Art Jones pushing the pace!


11 Responses to “VIDEO | Jon Jones Trains "Matrix Style" For UFC 145”

  1. Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

    really kinda gay

  2. Carl says:

    really that is gay. next thing you know he is going to be training like Dragon Ball Z and just kamahama Rashad in the middle of the octagon.

  3. Rick says:

    I figure people are going to say that he’s gay or cocky for having a good time with friends. Oooooooh, they already have. He has a life people.

  4. danielrchargers says:

    just bought season tickets for the Chargers and i cant wait to talk shit on Jones and the Ravens when we smash them… the only problem is i want us to draft his little brother Chandler Jones..

  5. JD-SE7EN says:

    the little kid with the gun in the end pointing it at the dude sitting down. yep. just another day in america. even tho it is fake, this is where the kids pick up that violence is okay.

  6. Keith R. says:

    How is it gay he’s just having fun with his friends on Easter, Don’t you guys do that? No, maybe cause you haters are real gay people. Jones is a great champ who worships Jesus. And who do you haters worship maybe no one. Don’t be hating on someone who’s a better person than you. The only gay thing I see here is those white pants and your stupid responses.

  7. Calabama says:

    Nice pants…

  8. Dano the clown says:

    I love Bones, he’s a great champion.

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