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Thursday, 10/18/2012, 11:47 am

Jon Jones Took Sonnen Fight To Quickly Put Sonnen Into Irrelevance | UFC NEWS

“Money had nothing to do with it. It really just had to do with just getting over this chapter in my career. I’m trying to move forward and do a lot of amazing things and the UFC 151 cancellation, it was a tough moment in my career. I think beating Chael Sonnen, and after that beating Dan Henderson, would help me have closure to that whole situation. I think that’s what this is really about for me, putting closure to the Chael Sonnen invasion of my career and the whole 151 situation. I’m a championship fighter and I don’t think Chael’s really a guy that knows how to win championships. I believe in every way, shape and form that I will beat Chael.”

During yesterday’s UFC tele-conference, the champion, Jon Jones explained his reason for taking the Sonnen fight after previously stating he had no interest.

Listen to the full audio from the call below:


15 Responses to “Jon Jones Took Sonnen Fight To Quickly Put Sonnen Into Irrelevance | UFC NEWS”

  1. JON "BONED" JONES says:

    This guys is looking past these 2 top competitors… good luck!!! I hate everything that comes out of his mouth, he is so cocky, i really hope someone puts him in his place soon.

    • Ninja87 says:

      How is he doing that? He’s injured and can’t fight til April and fans called him a pussy for not wanting to fight Chael and now that he’s fighting him you are still complaining? It’s Dana “DON KING” White’s fault not his. Jones has said from the beginning that Chael didn’t deserve a shot

  2. YoungLove says:

    What a sad fight.

  3. JON "BONED" JONES says:

    Chael doesnt deserve the fight, but he is looking past these two competitors because he even said “I think beating Chael Sonnen, and after that beating Dan Henderson, would help me have closure to that whole situation.” No matter what the circumstances are… never look past a competitor… it will not turn out good.

    • Ninja87 says:

      How is he looking past them. He even said in the media conference call that he’s going to train like a madman for Chael. U don’t think he’s going to give Hendo the same respect when he actually has wrestling and KO power?

  4. KIDD433 says:

    I think he needs to stop bullying smaller fighters and move up to HW where belongs.Him calling out more lil 6’footers just shows that he wants easy fights in these much smaller men.Especially since he said he was gonna move up after his last fight.He needs to fight someone his size,Not Anderson either,im talking Dos Santos,or The Reem.Makes sense since he walks around weighing more than the HW champ Dos Santos

    • Clay says:

      Why don’t you cite your sources? Oh that’s right, you just made all that stuff up. You’re dumb. If it was so easy to cut 50+ pounds then every HW would do it. And beat jones. But they don’t because they can’t. Stop crying like a
      Little girl cuz you’re jealous of jones. Machida is the only one who has a chance. Ur an idiot

    • Ninja87 says:

      He walks around more than the HW Dos Santos does? Do you actually know what you’re talking about? JDS weighed in at 245 when he fougth Mir and that was AFTER a weight cut. Jones walks around at 230. Jones wanted to go to HW but Dana didn’t want him to. Not to mention that Jones has ZERO problems cutting to 205. Shogun already knocked Reem out and look what Jones did to Shogun

    • David says:

      You do realize that Jon Jones is only 6’4, and has only fought ONE opponent that was less than 6′ tall in Rashad Evans. Let’s break down who Jones has fought in his UFC tenure to date.

      André Gusmão – 6’1
      Stephan Bonnar- 6’4
      Jake O’Brien – 6’3
      Matt Hamill – 6’1
      Brandon Vera – 6’3
      Vladimir Matyushenko – 6’1
      Ryan Bader – 6’2
      Maurício Rua – 6’1
      Quinton Jackson – 6’1
      Lyoto Machida – 6’1
      Rashad Evans – 5’11
      Vitor Belfort – 6’1

      So it’s not like Jones is having this HUGE height advantage over everyone he’s fighting. The hugest was 5 inches over Rashad. It’s called a WEIGHT DIVISION, not a HEIGHT DIVISION. He walks around at 230 before training camp and dieting, and weighs roughly 215 after a full camp before cutting the final 10lbs. If Jones were to fight at Heavyweight right now, he’d be the smallest heavyweight in terms of body size, and weight. Jones needs to gain about 15lbs of muscle to his walk around weight to adequately compete at HW.

      • Will says:

        All of the men you mentioned were shorter than him. They also have a much shorter reach than him as Jones has the longest reach in the entire UFC. Even greater than the HW’s. Height is not the issue. Reach is. His frame is also wider than Alistar Overeem’s if you look at the shoulder to shoulder width. Look at old 205 Overeem and look at 205 Jones. The only person that can match Jones in length and possibly skill is Alexander Guf’

  5. Drew says:

    U can’t survive in this sport without living breathing the idea that u will be the best and can best the best. Could he definitely choose his words better, yes of course but u can’t hate on his mentality it’d survival of the fittest in mma and in life

  6. Gonzo137 says:

    It’s not Jones’ place to decide who deserves a shot. He fights who he’s told and as champion, his only concern is to beat whoever goes against him, not judge them. Sonnen doesn’t know who to win championships?? Neither does anyone who has ever faced Silva, and he already pansies out of that option too. For a man who claims he’s aware, he better checks himself before he wrecks himself. Sonnen handed Silva two best downs before he lost so he better get a reality check or suffer a loss.

  7. Steve O says:

    Jones has never faced a wrestler like Sonnen and I don’t mean college pedigree. I mean Sonnen doesn’t care what your reach is or how tall you are or how unpredictable you might be. He is fearless with his takedowns and generally gets them and he’s definitely good enough to hold Jones down and pound out a victory! Why do you think hr doesn’t want to fight Cromier? It’s not because he’s not popular enough like he claims, thats BS

  8. Guss says:

    First he says it was because it was too short a notice, then he said Sonnen didn’t deserve a shot, then he said it was because he wasn’t prepared. Needed more time, cuz he didn’t want to lose to someone like Sonnen. Now he’s saying it because he wants to end a chapter in his life. This kid may be one of the best, but he’s so full of crap. He doesn’t know his head from his ass, unless Jackson tells him. Dance monkey, dance!

  9. Josiah says:

    i like sonnen coz he’s a character, but i just don’t see how he can pull an upset against jones. bottom line is, size will be the tie breaker which jones posses.. to all sonnen fans, we should just savor these moments before the fight..

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