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Tuesday, 05/07/2013, 08:37 pm

Jon Jones Toe Almost Good to Go

UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones ripped his skin, exposing the bone while pushing off the octagon canvas – pressure which caused the big toe in his left foot to break during UFC 159.  Joe Rogan brought it to his attention during the post fight interview.  Jones was treated in the cage and back stage immediately.  Eventually, he went to the hospital and is currently healing.  The light heavyweight kingpin gives us an update about his recovery via twitter:



9 Responses to “Jon Jones Toe Almost Good to Go”

  1. Hulk smash says:

    Do his arms really hang all the way down to his knees like that or is that some odd camera angle?

  2. Mr Anderson says:

    How is this news? You’re reporting almost as if injuries never happen in fights or training. He’s out for 6 weeks, so what?

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