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Wednesday, 10/12/2011, 12:42 pm

Jon Jones: The Rashad Evans Fight “is a fight I absolutely cannot lose”

“I realize what I could lose, and what I could lose in the fight that’s in front of me now. So when it comes to the question of ‘getting up for a fight’ that’s definitely not an issue. As far as getting up for the Rashad Evans fight, after all the drama that’s gone on over the last year or so, it’s a fight that I absolutely cannot lose. I’m actually taught to think of a fight as ‘no fight’s a big fight, it’s just another fight.’ Don’t fight the legend, just fight his body and see what happens. But with Rashad I’m really trying to teach myself like this is not a big fight. Jon it’s not a big fight, but it’s a huge fight to me right now.”

Not looking past Lyoto Machida, but Jon Jones comments on the inevitable matchup between him and former teammate, Rashad Evans.

With all the trash talk and falling out the two elite 205 pounders have gone through recently, is it any surprise it’s a must win for the champ? It’s probably also a must win for Evans as well…


21 Responses to “Jon Jones: The Rashad Evans Fight “is a fight I absolutely cannot lose””

  1. tim says:

    How would Jones do in the heavyweight division? To me this is interesting. Light heavyweight seems like anderson in Middleweight. They both cut weight to have an advantage because of their size.

    • Lambo says:

      Everyone cuts weight! Im in the process of cutting 25 lbs to fight at 145… bottom line, EVERYONE cuts weight. with the exception of a select few elites…

    • CJ says:

      I agree. Jones has such a huge reach, I wonder how he would do against heavyweights who can take a bigger beating. Brock Lesnar?

    • Tre says:

      difference is Anderson only goes up 20 lbs to lhw, is comfortable and has beaten guys in that division with ease. My opinion if Jones moves up to heavyweight he will struggle very badly. Too many big strong wrestlers and strikers with a great deal of power. He’d be a better version of stefan struve, talented and successful at times but wouldn’t have what it takes to dominate let alone win a belt. He may fair decently against smaller guys, oddly enough dos santos and valesquaz but again the big strong wrestlers like brock, carwin, guys of that stature i believe he’ll have nightmares against

      • Mike says:

        I read somewhere Anderson Silva walked around at 210lb so the transition to LWH wouldn’t be an issue but he would loose his size advantage. I think he would do very well against most LHW but have no chance against Jones. As for Jones at HW, its got to be on the cards as he develops. To be honest if he wants a challenge he’ll have to move up because I don’t see anyone at LHW challenging him anytime soon.

  2. Jon Jones says:

    that nigga Rashad is ducking me. that nigga knows he would lose to me. i’ve beaten that nigga in practice and i’ll beat him again, but this time for good. and yes i’m looking past “pee drinking karate kid Machida”. nigga ain’t got what it takes to beat me. just another tune up fight for me.

  3. Joe says:

    the black man will always have a size advantage on us

  4. Devilock says:

    I know this was part of the press conference and that there is hyped up drama between them, but it’s really not fair to start making these statements before the fight is even set. He’s fighting Lyoto and he shouldn’t look past him.

  5. Mike Diaz says:

    Jones will run through Rashad easier than Rampage imo. Machida is the only threat at 205 lbs, after Machida Dana should consider giving Jones a break to move up to HW. There really isn’t any other competitors at LHW for him to dismantle, no more big draws. PENN NATION!!!!!!!

  6. SaberTooth says:

    Jones is a little bitch. Did you see him actually turn his back and RUN from Rampage. That is NOT fighting. Have you ever seen BJ run from an opponent? Never because he knows what a fight is. Jones is trying to be a AS clone. It will be soooo great when Chael beats Silva senseless and gets that clown out of the UFC. The 205ers will see that Jones needs to be Sonnened.

  7. GaTDamn says:

    BJ will beat everyone in the UFC, Strikeforce and any other organization they put up…Bwahahaha

  8. Brent says:

    I like the way Jones fights, I just dont like him as a person acts though he is all humble and that. He thinks he is poes good. He hasnt fought anyone who can take them down when they feel like it. Thats what Rashad is going to do to him, I hope he gets owned so he can get off his high horse..

  9. Ninjaman says:

    What is wrong with you people hating Jone’s and saying you dont like him as a person? You all need to pay attention to how jones speaks! He’s a positive influence to the sport and is well spoken and humble. True humility is knowing how good you really are and not saying what you know to be true. He could have said to Rampage “I am going to make you look like a fighter with no talent who has no business being in the same Octagon with me” but he did not say that, he proved it but did not say it.

    Jone’s is a great person and Iove Machida and I dont think he’s not humble just because he says he will beat Jone’s and knows what to do to get his belt back. These guys believe in themselves.

    • SaberTooth says:

      Dude you could be sold ANYTHING. Grow up, Jones is scripted on what he says in public. The real Jones is an egotistical little bitch who turned and RAN from Rampage. He’s gonna be just another Silva clown that needs to be Chaeled!! I’m sure Evan’s will put this guy where he belongs, on his back eating elbows.

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