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Saturday, 10/05/2013, 12:39 pm

Jon Jones The GOAT at Light Heavyweight? Dana White Says ‘YES’

For over a decade the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s light-heavyweight division has been the promotions marquee weight class.

Having cultivated stars the likes of Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture, Rampage Jackson and Chuck Liddell, the 205 pound king is often considered the sports biggest star.

The man who currently wears the crown is a young phenom who, as the UFC boss says, has ‘gone through a murderers row’ to get where he is at and beat the divisions title defense record.

“Jones has had the toughest run of guys in the UFC,” said White at a Brazilian media event. “I mean, to get to the belt and to defend the belt, Jones has had to go through hell. Yeah, and he’s the most accomplished. Nevermind Tito Ortiz, let’s talk about Chuck Liddell, somebody who could actually really fight. Even Chuck Liddell, the things he accomplished and the things that he did, what Jon Jones has accomplished is greater than any light heavyweight, ever.”


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0 Responses to “Jon Jones The GOAT at Light Heavyweight? Dana White Says ‘YES’”

  1. mean170 says:

    I just finished re-watching the Jones/Gustofsson fight. Jones wants no parts of Alex. He got his ass beat. You can say Jones won if you want, but he got mangled. 70% of the strikes Jones landed were those weak kicks to the knee/thigh. Of course he wants Glover next. Jones doesn’t want to fight someone that can hit him back. He wants to stand out of range, throw those kicks to the knee/thigh and then stick his 4 foot long arm out so he’s out of range. He’s praying that someone else beats Gus so he can avoid fighting him again.

    • jsmith says:

      Jones didn’t win and anyone who watched the actual fight knows this. Gus beat him down then gassed out on 2 rounds. Jones couldn’t land a single useful takedown and did no damage until those later rounds. Gus definitely won that 3/2

  2. KIDD433 says:

    I disagree with Dana on this. Yes Jones has beat top competition at LHW but, The men he’s been facing have been much smaller guys.5′-11, 6′-0″, 6′-1″ers, and he’s had at least a good 10″ reach on all of them. He cuts from 235-240,he makes weight come weigh ins, and still walks in the octagon a Heavyweight. People don’t realize the massive size advantage he’s had on everyone. For his frame and size he should be fighting at HW, against guys like Cain,Dos Santos, not lil 5-11″ and 6-0″ ers like Hendo, Evans, Vitor. Think about it,if he was say 6-0 with a 74″ reach, would he have been as successful? Or if the elbows from the top position was ilegal like in Strikeforce, he wouldn’t have that to fall back on. Look at his fight with Gus, for the first time he didn’t have such a huge size advantage, he didn’t do as well. Obvious now his size and reach is why he’s been winning… People that are in denial about this still won’t comprehend what I’m saying.So for this this is what I suggest you do. Go to a local gym and throw the gloves with someone that has a 10″ reach on you.

    • Nuitari X says:

      I’ve got a 10 inch reach advantage over my wife. I throw it in her glove every night….

    • David says:

      Actually, the only person under 6′ that Jones has fought, has been Rashad Evans at 5’11. Everyone else that Jones has fought with the exception of Gustafsson, has been 6’1 – 6’4. Jones doesn’t cut down from 235-240. His walk around weight is 225-230, as is the vast majority of the LHW division. The ONLY light heavyweight that walks around at a lighter non-training weight, is Lyoto Machida at 210lbs, which is why he consistently fights between 200 – 204lbs. So by your logic, EVERYONE in the lhw division should be fighting at HW. Hell, even Tito Ortiz, and Chuck Liddell walked around at 230 or better[Tito sometimes got as high as 250]. It’s called a “Weight Class” for a reason. It’s not a “Height Class” or a “Reach class”, because if all it took was height and reach, Cyrill Diabate would be dominating the UFC LHW division right now, as he is 6’6 with an 81.5 inch reach.

    • jdog says:


      Do you even read that garbage that comes from your keyboard? You brother are a true keyboard warrior, maybe the “GOAT” of keyboard warriors.

      Yes he is taller than all of his opponents, yes he has a huge reach advantage, but NO HE IS NOT HEAVIER THAN ALL OF HIS OPPONENTS!!! Rampage, Shogun, Machida, Evans, Bader and MANY other light heavyweights walk around and enter the cage after a weigh in as heavy as Jones does

      • KIDD433 says:

        @ David, by my logic that’s not what I mean. Your misinformed pal. His walk around weight averages 235 regularly, he gradually cuts to to 225 around 2 wks before the fight,then the remaining weight a few days before the fight. And all those guys you mentioned, don’t have a 10 reach on everyone in the division…As for Jdogs’ dumb ass,my message above about hard headed jack asses that couldn’t comprehend the significance of a 10″ reach advantage, was for idiots like you. Try it,try to spar with someone that much longer than you, if not, just take Jones cock out of your mouth it sickening. We get it, Jones is black and so are you, so your being a biase douchebag, and remain in denial

      • 757 says:

        Your comment is purely made for one reason. Jones could do or not do whatever but you will always take the stance that you do because he is black and you are racially motivated

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      KIDD433, your argument is completely redundant. I think Chuck Liddell is the only LHW that even comes close to Jones claim as best LHW of all time. And when I say close I still have a rampant in his prime Liddell a distant second to Jones. Jones has destroyed the who’s who list of some of the best LHW fighters of all time. Anyone who doesn’t have him as the best LHW of all time probably shouldn’t call themselves a MMA fan.

  3. KIDD433 says:

    I agree with you Mean170, he wants to continue beating guys half his size.

  4. 123 says:

    Jon Jones is a monster but the Gustafsson fight shows he wont be as effective at HW.

  5. john202 says:

    not his biggest fan, but if he can make 205, well then hes a LHW, and the best one theres ever been

  6. Gary Gomez says:

    Jones is a beast n took all those punches!! N he used his kick to set up his elbow from the feet n almost finished Gus! Jones won close but he won.

  7. Night-Wind says:

    So many at LHW cuts from about the weight as Jon does. It’s not that, like Anderson Silva walks around 220, think about it before talking about Jones.

    And i believe that Gus won, so.

  8. Thesire says:

    As a person JBJ is a douchebag, but he has defeated ex lhw champs and top comp by finish(except chael) and put on one hell of a fight with gus(which I think exposed him). He’s a phenom but no one will ever give him his due praise because his a fake tool. I do think it’s funny he said he wanted one of the klitschko bros before this fight…ha! I hope gus basic boxing skills prove he is unworthy

  9. Sasquatch says:

    This site’s turned to sh!t in a hand bag!… freezes up all the time.. even f**ks up my IPad!!

  10. Dddddddddd says:

    In my opinion Jones is the goat. Every fighter knows the possibilities of opinion. When Jones stepped up to fight Shogun he finished him. No question about that. Gustafson is absolutely a monster and I’ve become a definite fan of his style and personality but this was not a clear cut decision.
    I’m not interested in penis envy. The talk of size and reach is only relevant to someone that needs an excuse. A real fighter or fight fan would be inspired by Jones’ genetics and would search for a way not an excuse. Jones has a niche because he’s smart enough to find it not lucky enough. Go Jones

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