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Tuesday, 09/04/2012, 07:09 am

Jon Jones Talks About UFC 151 in His First Interview Since the Card was Cancelled


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43 Responses to “Jon Jones Talks About UFC 151 in His First Interview Since the Card was Cancelled”

    • What? says:

      So he turns down a fight everybody knew he would win and that’s arrogance? The point was not the fight the point is that he turned down an opportunity to save the card and fight an exciting fighter who, yeah didn’t deserve a title shot, but was willing to step in when literally no one else would. If jones would have taken the fight (and by the way Chael and Hendo don’t have that different of style) then it would have made fans,fighters, businesses putting their money in this very happy. The arrogance is that he thinks he doesn’t have to do anything other than what he wants to do. Fuck jones

      • jdog says:

        lefty and righty, not much different? Are you serious???? Have you EVER fought a day in your life????? There are TONS of differences between a South paw and a righty. Everything about them is different, how they stand what food they lead from.

        • What? says:

          Yeah yeah southpaw blah blah blah. Its sad to see all these people stick up for a guy who was ready to fight but said he wasn’t prepared to fight an out of shape guy on 8 days notice. Really? How can you be a fighter if you aren’t ready for any fight? Besides machida fights southpaw also and if you’re saying Chael is a better southpaw striker than machida then you’re an idiot

        • David RT says:

          LMAO jdog can’t fight your way out a paper bag bro. I have had many fights amateur and street fights. People make soutpaw and traditional sound so much different when its not…a punch is a punch labeling the style of postures is sports way of giving you the fans an excuse for your fighter in anyway you can dish it out. Real fighters don’t have prep time or have time to worry about Righty or Lefty…because when that punch comes in to full swing you have to guard or counter no matter what side….Excuses for Jones..he is a lam. I hope Vitor knocks him out

  1. KILL GREG JACKSON!!! says:

    Jones is a really talented fighter, but people will always remember him turning down a fight.

  2. maurice says:

    “but people will always remember him turning down a fight.” um ill remember jones for destroying 3 of the best lhw of all times. really. turning down sorry ass chael sonnen fight on short notice is not going to effect jones future. after he beats vitor ppl will forgett about that trt bum chael and think of another excuse to hate bones.

    wat a dumbass statement. the fact ppl think ANDERSON SILVA AND JON JONES FEAR CHAEL IS A FUCKIN JOKE. chael would have looked even worse against jones then he had against anderson and bisping.

    • Guss says:

      Jones isn’t afraid to fight Sonnen. He’s afraid to lose to him. At least I think that’s what Jackson has gotten into his young impressionable and naive mind. He’s also afraid of losing face, and prestige. Well, I’m sure that last one is for Jackson. For a supposed dominant champion, why do you need a full training camp for a guy who hasn’t trained. All it required from Jones is a few minor adjustments to face Sonnen, which he could have easily done in 8 days. Not a full training camp. But him and his camp didn’t want to take the chance that they’ll get shamed by a decent fighter. To me that’s a chump move, not a champ. He was so full of contradictions in that interview. Its hard to believe anything that comes out of that kid’s mouth now.

  3. .. says:

    Anderson wasn’t the one calling Dana to ask for Chael to stop harassing him that was Jon Jones.

  4. Ronnin says:

    I think Jones made the right decision turning down that cockmunch… That doesn´t mean Jones is a cocky bastard and that nobody likes him. So f¨$%ck him

  5. Four Fights in 10 months says:

    I didn’t realize it was that short a period. Good point, Jones. Who fights that often at his level against the meanest dudes in MMA history? No one.

  6. Real Dude says:

    Jon Jones = Fake Fighter

    • Jon Jones=17 Pro Fights including 11 UFC fights says:

      “Real Dude” = keyboard warrior, no pro fights, low self-esteem, gay, sexually abused growing up, in need of psychological help, high school drop out, works for minimum wage, lives with Mommy & Daddy, walks around town muttering to himself,…no need to go on.

      • People here... says:

        …are so gullible. They hear one thing, then believe it, and everybody is like he’s great. Fucking IQ of a 15 century mob. He said the same shit, that’s always been said by Greg. He just said it differently. The world is a sad place.

        • Mickey Mouse says:

          Then come to my house, brother! It’s the happiest place on earth! Minnie’s coming later!

          damn, it’s so hard to type in these big ass white gloves…

  7. Wally says:

    “Jones stated that they were all in agreement that he could of have won the fight, but because Sonen & Henderson have completely opposite styles”

    — really? COULD OF?? could of.. could of.. could of… the hell. Fire your editor BJ.

  8. Wolverine says:

    could of could of could of.. Fire your editor

  9. FACT says:

    Jon Jones might have an arogance about him but he really said some very true things. The UFC threw him under a bus. Machida turned down a fight 6 weeks away because he said he was not ready and Jone’s gets nailed huge because he decided not to fight on 8 days notice. Dana White is an awful President and he should be cut because he’s an idiot. I love Machida more than I love Jone’s but even I was more frustrated that Machida turned down the fight for Seprember 22nd.

    • Not You says:

      Lol, Jones gets an extra three weeks to train EVEN more and Machida fights on 6 weeks. I would’ve wanted a fair prep time if I were Machida too.

    • The fuck says:

      So your frustrated that Machida, a man who hasn’t been training for an upcomming fight, turned down a fight with short notice, but Jones who has been training non stop to fight a WRESTLER turned down a fight with a lesser WRESTLER?

      • Pancho says:

        Everyone knows Hendo is faraway from a wrestler nowadays.

      • Not You says:

        No, where did I make that point? I will defend Machida and Shogun and who ever else Dana is going to bring back into it now. Machida has to “work his way back up from the bottom” after not stepping in to fight Jones. But now it’s Vitor fighting? Another thing I don’t understand.

  10. maurice says:

    and no anderson didnt call dana to make chael shut up. but he made dana pay him LOADS of money to even entertain the idea of rematching that cheatin ass clown phael sonnen. anderson and jones both tried to avoid the chael fight, simply because he’s a cheat and criminal that they dont believe should ever be givin a shot at gold. havin chael in advertised on tv, let alone title contention is just a step backwards for the ufc. this is literally the first guy in sports that can literally harass and spew out racist comments for years and instead of being looked down upon, gets every thing he ask. says a lot about the dumbass fans that follow this sport. chael was held down and pounded out by anderson in his last fight. wtf do u guys think bones would/could to him?? the fact ufc even had the nerve to throw chael into a title fight agasint jones is a joke. i much rather watch a real fighter in vitor fight jones. cause god knows only way to beat jones is to knock him the fuck out, something chael has no chance in hell in doing.

    • Mourice says:

      Jones is a criminal himself tho and has UFC gold and will be the face of Nike’s MMA line. Several UFC fighters have criminal records, Uncle Creepy, Chad Mendes, and Rampage are some to mention. Might want to rethink your argument there about having someone be the face of something.

  11. jbroce says:

    stfu Jones A lot of fighters won’t be able to pay rent because of you! It aint all about you Jones. Eat a fat one.

  12. brian gee says:

    Man this issue is so complicated but I this is what I learned:
    1) Dana is not Jon’s friend

    2) Jon’s didn’t take the Sonnen fight because Sonnen would prob drag Jon’s to the floor and pound em

    3) People shouldn’t be mad at Jon’s for not taking the fight, it isn’t really his fault for the cancellation. It was a bunch of things but lets be fair, it isn’t entirely his fault.

    4)Last but not least, Jon’s is very arrogant and talented. Vitor will knock him out back to humility. <3

  13. dastuka says:

    Now Brazilians are a race? They come in more colors than the rainbow flag Jones should be rocking. Anyone who plays the race card when its obviously not needed is the true racist.

  14. DMAC says:

    Great to finally hear him speak about the bullshit Dana drug him into. Hate him or love him he’s the greatest you’ll ever see so sit back and watch him do work! All the hate comes with being successful and I’m glad he understands that. I respect JBJ and the decision he made for him and his future, anyone that can’t respect that doesn’t have shit to lose in life period!

  15. I really enjoyed watching that interview……..oh wait a minute.

  16. 223 says:

    Excuses excuses!!!

  17. Yeahrightman says:

    Haha. All of a sudden Jones is worrried about being arrogant? Bit late now bud..

  18. DANA WHTE says:


  19. jesse tyler says:

    this doesnt change any thing, he is still the same guy that got charged for DUI, same guy that admits he is in MMA for the money and only the money and the same guy that is ranked the best fighter in his weight class but turned down a fight to a guy that tried to save the event who has not even had a bout in that division. You are the champion you should fight any one at any time on any notice. All you are is a joke that needs to be kicked out of the UFC and MMA in general because your a bad role model for the sport.

  20. duncan says:

    whats with the B.S. reasoning. we all know its because he thinks chael could take him down and he thought henderson wouldn’t be able to. chael rushes and will eat punches for takedowns and is a hell of a lot better at wrestling than jones. dont be scared homie

  21. Xaninho says:

    I think UFC and Sonnen knew Dan Henderson was injured before we did. I have a hard time believing Sonnen’s twitter war with JBJ a few weeks prior to the announcement of Hendo dropping out had nothing to do with it.

    Jones should have accepted the fight though. UFC sponsored him, they stood behind him after he messed with the dui thing. He could have shown a bit of gratitude for that and taken a slight bit of risk.

    After all he became champ after Shogun showed he was a man and accepted him on short notice.

  22. B-rad says:

    I got a theory.. I think once he gets ready to move to HW he will stop bein a disrespectful horses ass, because he knows he wont be the top dog, he will be more like the 4th dog. But you wont see him being so arrogant and disrespectful when he goes to HW. Mark my words

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