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Wednesday, 06/12/2013, 02:28 pm

Jon Jones Strongly Hints at Next Opponent


UFC light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones hinted via his twitter today that his next opponent would be a younger one.

Jones could be referring to 26-year old fellow 205-pounder, Alexander Gustafsson who has been long rumored to be Jones’ next opponent.  Gustafsson is only 5 months and 4 days older than Jones and both will be 26-years old come Jones’ alleged return later this year.

The last time Jones fought an opponent under the age of thirty was when he won the title against Mauricio Rua who was a mere 9 months shy of his 30th birthday.

The two have already been photographed mid-staredown at a local event in Russia earlier this year and the two have been featured in the EA Sports UFC video game demo fighting in the Octagon in animated form.

Now we wait to see who Jon Jones will see opposite him upon his estimated return later this year. 


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8 Responses to “Jon Jones Strongly Hints at Next Opponent”

  1. dumbass says:

    youth was never an excuse for bones. it was the massive size and reach advantage

  2. KIDD433 says:

    Toto has Jones dick in his mouth.And Jones can hint all he wants but he has no say in who he fights.Its whoever they give the title shot to.

  3. Ddddddd says:

    Gustafsons been asking and I’m not sure why. There’s more good fights for him why do this? He’s gonna get a lot of hate for cutting in front of Lyoto and I think Jones is gonna meat saw his ass.

  4. 123 says:

    Alexander Gustaffson is not ready for Jon Jones, he will get destroyed.. Alexander Gustaffson should have a rematch with Phil Davis & Jon Jones should fight Lyoto Machida again.

  5. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Jones knows Machida is the biggest threat for him right now. He obviously wants an easier fight. Gustafsson isn’t ready yet he would have gotten the shot if he beat Mousasi but he got out of fighting Mousasi so he still has at least one more topcontender to beat before getting a shot.

  6. Lolz says:

    If Machida wasn’t already fighting Davis in August. I’d say that Gustafsson and Machida should fight for an eliminator.. Jones needs some time off anyway.. Give Davis another fight.. Put Gustafsson on the August card with Machida. Winner fights Jones in December for the title. Or January if they need a little more time.. They shouldn’t though.

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