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Saturday, 08/18/2012, 02:49 am

Jon Jones States He Doesn't Want Lyoto Machida Rematch | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
The UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones comments in an interview with ESPN.

At UFC on Fox: Shogun vs. Vera Dana White announced that whoever looked most impressive and like they wanted it most would get the title shot. Lyoto Machida finished Ryan Bader in the second round and claimed the title shot.

Jones defends his title at UFC 151 on September 1st against former PRIDE and Strikeforce Champion Dan Henderson. Jones stated that his focus is on Henderson but admits that he doesn’t want the rematch with Machida.

“I don’t want to fight Lyoto Machida,” Jones said. “He was my lowest pay-per-view draw of last year.”

“No one wants to see me fight Lyoto Machida. I don’t want to fight Lyoto again. Lyoto is high risk and low reward.”

“He’s a tough fighter, but no one wants to buy that fight.”

“Between (Mauricio) Shogun (Rua), (Quinton) Rampage (Jackson) and Rashad (Evans), Lyoto was my lowest draw. Why would I want to fight someone where it’s a lose-lose situation? “I won’t make money on it. And he’s a tricky fighter.”

The champion Jones faced Machida at UFC 140 and finished him in the second round leaving him concious on the canvas. When asked if he will accept the offer from UFC Officials to rematch Machida the champion was non-committal.

“I don’t even know,” Jones said. “I don’t know how to answer that right now.”

Jones admitted before he left that it was not appropriate for him to be talking about Machida and stated that his focus is on Dan Henderson.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate to be talking about fighting anybody but Dan Henderson,” Jones said. “I’m clearly focused on Dan Henderson. I’m not overlooking Dan.”

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133 Responses to “Jon Jones States He Doesn't Want Lyoto Machida Rematch | UFC News”

  1. Bob says:

    lmfao… Jones is a beast and I told everyone long ago he would be champ and always made money from him betting.. i bet he will lose vs Dan and rematch Machida soon and lose.. Im willing to bet anyone money on this.. send me your email


    Oh Shit! Looks like JBJ doesnt want to lose the belt to Machida.. Jacksons MMA, Home of the finest duckers in the sport

    • danielrchargers says:


    • Adrian Williamson says:

      Duckers? Wait, didn’t he just fight and beat the last 4 title holders? And not only did he beat Machida he fucking standing guillotined him……….. This fight only goes to show you that once Jones dismantles Hendo he will have cleaned out the division of all prior champs except Forrest Griffin…….who won’t even make it past Chael when then fight. I understand fully why Jones doesn’t want to fight a guy he just finished in December.

      • Jaedr says:

        the fact that you think chael will beat forrest shows just how little you know about mma.

        • Dude I was an old Forrest fan and I’ll admit now he sucks, because he isn’t fighting the same. He may have defeated Sonnen a long time ago, but then again who didn’t? Forrest will probably lose and then retire

        • jaedr says:

          I don’t think forrest is going to retire given that he’s on the TRT now.

        • Joe says:

          Forrest has the worse wrestling in the LHW division. So how can he stop a wrestling specialist, who went twice as long standing against Anderson Silva than he did ? Another keyboard warrior , who has never shot a single or double , smh.

      • Oscar says:

        Plus the guy is being honest n genuine instead of the same ol I’ll beat n e one n e place …… Jones stated he doesn’t want to fight lyoto for x reasons n we have no reason not to believe em. He seems to just want a diff challenge instead of recycling a division

      • chrishyde says:

        your stupid jons is 2 times his size so a standing guillotined is mot nothing to brag about he said he ko rampage run for 4 rounds said he ko evens ran the whole fight hes not good he needs to go to hw

        • Joe says:

          So going to one decision in a fight that he dominated, that’s your reasoning as to why he’s not good? Find another sport , how about boxing or soccer !! Hammel, Vera, Bader, Shogun, Rampage, Lyoto, Evans, his wins read like the menu at your favorite restuaruant. If you’re not satisified with four ex champs all being dominated , then you’re probably just a hater , you’re not going to get much better. Not to mention that, no other current champion has fought better competion .

  3. Real_deal1047 says:

    This is the most truthful jbj has ever been and he is 100% right sence his DWI he turned a new leaf when it comes to being his real self. And I thank him for that.

    • Jaedr says:

      what a gaping pussyhole not fighting machida because there isn’t enough money in it and it’s “too risky” that’s exactly why he doesn’t deserve that belt. I GUESS HE NEEDS THE MONEY TO KEEP GETTING WASTED AND WRAPPING CARS AROUND TELEPHONE POLES WITH BITCHES IN THE CAR EVEN THOUGH HE HAS A WIFE AND KIDS.

      • Shonan says:

        Doesn’t deserve the belt?! They didn’t hand it to him! I’m pretty sure he went through the best to grab that strap, and I really don’t think stating your opinion makes you undeserving of it. Besides, he really has no say in the matter. He’s going to fight who they give him

        • chrishyde says:

          he fought shugun who was gone for about a year or to because he fucked his knee up so no he didnt go threw the best

        • bjpenndotcom says:

          not saying your in violation but just wanted to get this out there.

          PASS IT ON!!

          Moving forward

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          BJPENN.COM Moderator

        • Joe says:

          So who was better than Shogun? Shogun is not still a top five LHW? Pick a name, it wouldn’t matter, because he has beat every big name at LHW. If you don’t like him fine but trying to discredit his fight record is garbage. He has beat the best, period. He’s beaten more champions than any other UFC belt holder .

        • bjpenndotcom says:

          not saying your in violation but just wanted to get this out there.

          PASS IT ON!!

          Moving forward

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  4. joe says:

    Wow so its apparently more bout the money then fighting the toughest guy. People know Lyoto has the best chance n everyone will buy it to c this Fuc lose.

    • Wsheets says:

      Are you serious? He made Lyoto look like a little bitch….

      • ctyn says:

        Striking > Machida but wrestling and submissions > Jones? I’d like to see them fight again just for the hell of it.

        • Joe says:

          Striking??? He dropped Lyoto with a overhand rt in the second and dude was never the same. That’s the striking advantage? He got worked in all three departments.

      • Kenshiro says:

        Lyoto was putting it on him in the first round! he made a mistake in the second and got caught… everyone but Stevie Wonder could see that Machida was winning that fight… Period!

        • jbeamazing says:

          bones knocked him down with a hook machida never knocked him down or anything he got owned rewatch the fight

    • lolziez says:

      uhh he already put Machida to sleep once, what did Machida do since then that makes you think suddenly hes the most dangerous person? Jones has fought and finished every one of them 4 guys that were fighting for another shot after Hendo, so your point is invalid

  5. Xaninho says:

    It’s understandable, but JBJ doesn’t get to pick who he fights. He can voice his opinion although UFC has already put Machida first in line to fight whoever wins the JBJ-Hendo fight.

    So if he’s really that scared to fight Machida he has two options: Lose the fight against Hendo or fake an injury.

    • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

      Third option: Move up to Heavyweight

      • Joe says:

        Y should he move up again ? Y does the most dominate fighter always have to move up, just because he’s crushing his opponents? Name another sport where people are pissed because your the best? Shits crazy , he’s one of the lightest guys at LHW, rampage , forrest, tito , all heavier than this dude, but he should move up? Weidman is a middleweight and weights the same, you are hilarious. Stick to shaking salt on fries, because mma isn’t your thing .

        • bjpenndotcom says:

          not saying your in violation but just wanted to get this out there.

          PASS IT ON!!

          Moving forward

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    • aj torgrude says:

      he in a way can pick his fights, anyone can because they have to sign the contract for the fight to happen. its never smart to deny a fight but its always an option regardless of your status in the organization.

      • Xaninho says:

        True, he can always refuse to sign. I don’t think he will be with UFC much longer after that though. They already announced Machida is next in line.

        If JBJ refuses he would make DW and the Fertitta’s look like a bunch of pussies who can’t control their own company. I don’t think they’ll let him stay if he does.

        As a champ you can negotiate about where, when and how big the check is, but refusing is not an option.

  6. John M says:

    haha jbj you scared fucking little prick, Don’t be scared homie!

    • nemo says:

      Did you see what he did to machida in the 2nd round? I don’t think he’s scared, he’s very cautious because machida is unpredictable, but homie, Jones aints scared on no1. Jones is improving way more than Lyoto, and he will defeat him again.

      • john says:

        Overeem or jds would make him cry

        • Shonan says:

          Objection! Irrelevant.

        • rai says:

          Overruled! He doesn’t wanna go down cause he doesn’t wanna hurt silva. There’s no challenge in his current division, so move up bitch.

        • Joe says:

          Good thing they are at heavy weight, y even bring that up? I’m sure a bear would to !!

        • bjpenndotcom says:

          not saying your in violation but just wanted to get this out there.

          PASS IT ON!!

          Moving forward

          1. Extreme Profanity will not be tolerated
          2. Vulgar, Sexual and Racist remarks will not be tolerated
          3. Fighter Bashing will not be tolerated

          3 simple rules to clean up this forum.

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          Thank you

          BJPENN.COM Moderator

  7. Conor says:

    why would he? hes already beat him, and he beat him fast and in an impressive way, he has nothing more to prove against machida

  8. Bahamian says:

    Wow that just made him look like the biggest bitch

  9. Mike says:

    Boom! Cm on Machida!!!!!!

  10. 757 says:

    That’s why when people talk about him as the greatest ever it’s a joke. This dude is arrogant. Now we are seeing that his balls are shrinking too! He is acting scared.

  11. B-rad says:

    Excuses, excuses…He just signed an endorsement with Nike FFS…he doesnt even have to fight anymore probably if he didnt want to, hes got all the money he needs, especially if your out totalling Bentleys :O.. Money isnt an issue with Bones, fight the #1 contender

  12. DEE says:

    He wanted to fight him at first, but now someone must have gotten in his head and said, “Fight Chael you’ll make money.”

  13. Haters are ridiculously stupid says:

    scared? stepped in the cage with Bader. finished ’em. Stepped in the cage with Shogun. made him tap. stepped in the cage with the big menacing Rampage. first to finish him in the UFC. stepped in the cage with karate boy. choked em and dropped like a rag doll. stepped in the cage with Rashad Mouth Evans. elbowed Suga so hard in the second round that Suga’s reaction will forever be etched in everyone’s mind. Will be fighting yet another hall of famer on Sep 1, Hendo.

    Scared? Jones don’ know what scared is. He’s just badass.

  14. Heath says:

    Arrogant, cocky and now we can add Greedy to the list.. Way to go Jones your true colors are clear day… Big wake up call comin your way in the form of an H-BOMB… GO HENDO

  15. Hilo Mike says:

    I’m tired of JJ, hope Hendo shuts his ass up. That’s a rude thing to say about Machida, obvious now that it’s all about the $. I wish BJ was taller, he could put JJ back in his place.

  16. T.DADDY says:

    Don’t be scared homie

  17. Bob'O says:

    If I was Dana White and The UFC, I would force all these guys to fight eachother. That means Silva vs Weidman, Silva vs Bones, MacDonald vs GSP, Machida vs Silva ect, you get my point.

    Make it a requirment when signing a contract with the UFC. Don’t like it, then be cut and lose your Nike contract that has blown up your big head even more.

    Is this Boxing now? Should they allow these guys to dictate match ups, or eventually use their own acquired money and power dodge fights like Floyd Mayweather? = Hell no!


    • Dee says:

      And that’s why you’re not running it. It’s not as easy as it seems. There’s a lot of money, attorneys, and bargaining agreement involved. Furthermore I don’t think people should force anyone to do anything. This is America home of freedom not tyrranical pompous totalitarians.

  18. lyndonwhitlock says:

    Penn would go. Again…

  19. Michael hamlin says:

    Who cares!!!

  20. ya herd says:

    HaHaHa JEFF KRUSEL your the typical ufc fan dont know shit, just chating shit for the sake of it! Maybe watch a ufc fight before commenting on its, 100% machida won that first round

  21. RamRod says:

    So its true Jones is scared of Machida, and only fights guys that are big ppv draws. So he must be getting his advise from Mayweather or Pacman. What happen to the days where fighters would fight anyone for the glory and the thrill of battle. To show no fear and take on all comers. I guess Jackson MMA brainwashed him to be a money fighter to bring in money for him and for them.

    Also everyone knows Machida won the 1st round and had Jones scared while he was in his corner.

  22. chris says:

    Fine. To hell with Bones. BJ will fight Machida again.

  23. Sasquatch says:

    Bones won’t have to fight Machida because he’s dropping to MW to rule the roost there after Silva retires. Anderson has one more fight left against GSP at a catchweight, then he’s done. Trust me, this shit is real!

  24. Gefco says:

    In the fight game there’s no such thing as us it s I u fight the next #1 contender weather it be a foe a friend or ur teamate or even your cousin.if u don’t wanna fight move up or down in weight bj Penn said no bs I fight for the money and the fame when he was going to fight gsp 2 .if ur scared in the fight game ur in the wrong business for some it’s about the money for some it’s the thrill for some it about knowing if they can do this fight thing full time.

  25. jbeamazing says:

    he is just showing respect but haters love to read into this don’t forget he knocked him down with a hook then picked him up and taped him

  26. Yo says:

    So you saying your scared to take risk?Now I hope you get your block knocked off by Dan then when you ask lyoto for a fight again I hope lyoto tells you “Paybacks a bitch,you aint worth my time kid”.

  27. Twistedmma says:

    Bones wont even get pass hendo. Go Henderson!!!!!

  28. Pancho says:

    I love how everyone is hating on Bones cause he said he doesn’t WANT to fight Lyoto, that doesn’t mean he won’t. Yet you’ve got guys line Silva fighting once a year wanting to duck Weidman and not fight Jones but fight against Welterweights instead. Greatest p4p my ass.

  29. maurice says:

    i agree with literally everything bones said. but if jones beats hendo and rematches lyoto i will gladly watch. only difference is that machida sort of earned the shot this time against jones, first fight machida was kind of just thrown in their because nobody else was available.

  30. maurice says:

    @pancho yes anderson does want to fight two wws in gsp and diaz. but that doesnt discredit anything he has done in his career. how the fuck can u say silva of all ppl is ducking a nobody? silva doesnt want to weidman fight because weidman is a fucking nobody. when weidman loses his next fight he will be forever forgotten about. if the ufc wants the weidman fight then anderson will destroy him just like everyone else. and then PANCHO will be the first one on here saying weidman was too inexperienced and this and that. if anderson isnt the greatest of all time then who the fuck is? u dont gotta like silva, but u should respect a fighter of his caliber. i bet u also was one of those haters who claimed anderson was ducking yushin, chael and vitor! the guy beats that sloppy fuck munoz and next thing u kno “he’s the guy to beat anderson.” are you haters fucking kiddin me?

    • Pancho says:

      Are you fucking kidding me maurice? Lmao I’m not even a fan of Weidman. The fact of the matter is he is the #1 contender right now and he should be the one that fights Silva. Even if he’s unknown? And YES. he did duck Chael for the longest time. And he won’t fight Bones even though hes perfectly fine at LHW. He just wants to fight smaller guys than him and that is fucking ridiculous.

      • krafty11 says:

        And what happened when he fought Chael?? quit crying.. Anderson Silva has nothing left to prove. He has beaten everyone that the UFC has put in the cage with him ( fact). He just wants super fights now. Why should he do what Pancho says?

        • Pancho says:

          I’m not crying about shit. But you silva dick riders need to realize he ducks fighters as much as possible and fights once a year just so he can keep his pussy streak

      • Muay Thai Rules says:

        Lol yeah getting ready for a Maia showing all over again if he has to fight Weidman, Anderson will embarrass him.

  31. killaj says:

    he needs to stop being a bitch and fight whoever is next for the belt. same with any other champ. If you want more income, start looking for other sources of income and quit watering down mma.

  32. BJPennRules says:

    JBJ will be destroyed by the top 5 at heavyweight, none of his shit will work against large guys ..even frank Mir will kill JBJ..
    JBJ will keep fighting at LHW and retire at LWH.

  33. jbizzle says:

    Reading this makes me think of two things. One, he is afraid of Lyoto only because it was his lowest ppv draw(the lowest response I think that can be given if he is serious). Or two, he is trying to bring in hype to the fight by chance he has to fight him.

    Ok, I lied, three things… Why is he even talking about Lyoto AT ALL even Dan is next….

  34. Matt M says:

    Look.. I like JBJ He came on like a wave and caught a lot of people by surprise.. But the more he is around the more i am starting to see things i don’t necessarily like. He is a monster in the cage.. Great fighter, amazing skill, evolving the sport and more so his weight class.. What he said has a lot of truth to it, so again I cannot fault him on that and he admits that Lyoto is a danger to him which he 100% is. I get that any given fight, or even training for a fight could be the end of a career. So these guys want to get paid and they should. BUT THAT IS A MATTER FOR YOU AND YOUR TEAM TO TAKE UP WITH DANA ! YOU CAN’T TAKE FIGHTS AND NOT TAKE FIGHTS BASED ON BANK ! WTF DUDE THAT’S WHAT KILLED BOXING, DON’T ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN TO MMA ! The next best guy in the world at that weight class is who should get the next shot, period.. And “ The Champ” should want that or you’re nothing more than a paper camp being fed opponents. The popular guy or the loud mouth building a fight maybe good , but he’s not the # 2 to the belt.. Which brings me to POINT #2 for JBJ…. You go on the twitter and fuss back and forth with Chael. And you tell him “lol dude, you’re not worth my time.. Earn a title shot instead of trying to talk your way into one and I’ll be glad to hurt you” So Lyoto has earned his shot his rematch but you’re saying you don’t want to fight him A: b/c the money isn’t worth it and B: He’s dangerous ? I ask you Jon do you know how that sounds ?
    But b/c Chael will jump a weight class, and can sell a fight by running his mouth, You would take that fight over Lyoto because
    A: The money would be great and B: Let’s face it he isn’t a danger to you….
    Wow Dude..

  35. first of all im not a J.B.J hater but the reason why he is wining all this fights is because every time he fought someone it was for the first time , and as everyone can see the J.B.J is a freak of nature and thats all there is to him . no skill just a freak of nature . the reason he is talking about not wanting the fight is because his trainer and manager are telling him just that . no money in Machida , but they know that if he fights a guy that knows how he fights there is a very high chance that Machida will take the belt from him .
    Oh and for all the people that talk about a J.B.J and the Spider fight . hmm can’t you see that J.B.J is the Big’st copy cat in UFC . if you look how andreson fights and then watch J>B>J you will see that he is trying so hard to copy him .

  36. JonesBlowesBones says:

    lol no one wants to see that fight that’s why everybody started crying when shogun or vera would get title shot and everybody shuts now when lyoto got it. anyways Dana will make the fight happen anyways. PS. Quote JBJ: I wanna be a company man i would never not accept a fight when i was the champ. (before shogun fight)

  37. jvd says:

    Aye JBJ I’m a big fan ever since, don’t duck Lyoto, if not for the money do it for the fans man!

  38. Jonny knows if he wins, he will have to fight Lyoto. He is just being honest, you want the guy to lie? Lyoto did tag him a few times in that first round, but you are silly if you think he is scared! FOH with that.

  39. MMACRAVER says:

    Uh… I want to see it again.

    In fact.. I think I was most excited for Machida vs Bones the first time because it was the most interesting matchup so far…

    Don’t know where Bones is coming from at all.

    So Machida is the reason that card didn’t draw as much? Nothing else about that card? OK then…

  40. Mike says:

    Don’t be scared homey! Machida gonna mess you up!

  41. Brazilian says:

    Its amaze me that Jones can leave a guy lying unconcious on the floor and now just because guys don’t like Jones you say he’s scared to fight the guy he crushed …… Haters man

  42. paco says:

    im sure he’s kidding of course everyone wants to watch the rematch, this must be some sort of BS mind game he wants to seem scared and get machida too confident.

  43. DMAC says:

    Bones almost killed you why would he wanna do it again!

  44. JA13 says:

    Did he really say he won’t make money off a championship fight, true fans will pay to watch any title fight hype or not.

  45. lauridawg says:

    Jones is scared and is going to lose to machida if Dan doesn’t knock him

  46. ellers says:

    the machida that fought bader was not the machida that fought jones. jones will lose when they meet again, the dragon is back.

  47. bunkylomax says:

    Dana already said that lyoto ha the next shot..not up to jones unless he wants to vacate the belt or move up this doesn’t even matter because he still needs to beat hendo

  48. 123 says:

    jon jones would beat lyoto machida 9 times out of 10, just needs to take him to the ground & its basically over. where as dan henderson is a much tougher fight.

  49. you dumb fucks, THIS is why boxing is a dying sport. true champ should always fight any number 1 contender. if this sort of shit carries on, the UFC will fall.

    • rjames says:

      How can someone be the #1 contender when their record is 2-3 in their last 5 fight? None the less one win was over a 82 year old Randy Couture and the only over glass jaw Bader who got knock out by Tito of all people.

      Weak sauce I say and if any one deserves a rematch based off performance its Evens who went the distance with Jones or at least Shogun who made it to the 3rd round.

      • Xaninho says:

        They did well, but didn’t win a round.

        Machida had JBJ in trouble, had the first round, inbetween rounds JBJ looked worried and confused. Second went pretty good as well up until Machida got caught by an elbow that rocked him, in all fairness JBJ did very well by slapping on that standing guillotine while Machida was still rocked.

        JBJ knows it was basically one elbow that won him that fight and he acknowledges himself Machida is a high risk.

        • Dee says:

          What people don’t realize is that Jone Jones was nervous in between rounds 1 and 2. Jackson had to calm him down. Jon was looking around with his mouth open, he was nervous. He even acknowledge it too. He said himself he had a tough 1st Round.

          I still believe Machida gave the fight away. He probably was stunned, but it all comes down to heart. No BJJ Blackbelt should ever be choked out by a standing guillotine. I have watched the fight several times, and Machida didn’t even try to escape. Even Rampage did better defending against Jones’s submissions.

        • Xaninho says:

          Yeah Machida was still rocked by that elbow. He wasn’t aware enough to defend the guillotine.

  50. Rick James Bioch says:

    I hope UFC makes a Jones vs Machida fight because it would be 1 less PPV I won’t have to buy… I laugh at folks thinking just cuz Machida caught Jones with 1 or 2 punches in the first round that he has any kind of chance of winning.

    New flash Jones fights at Greg Jackson MMA. Which mean there is no way in hell Jones is going to be dumb enough to rush towards Chida to get counter and KTFO. He will just keep distance with leg kicks and if Machida comes in then he will get a elbow or taken down where his will get his faced bashed in or CTFO again…

  51. derp says:

    shogun v.s jones Buyrate – 490,000
    jones v.s jackson Buyrate – 520,000
    jones v.s machida Buyrate – 485,000

    not sure your statement makes TOO much sense mr. bones. even tho the machida fight was in Canada it had a bigger gate then shogun & rampage fights. fact is it just comes down to being a tricky fighter with a good chance of beating you. I can understand not wanting to fight somebody you already beat, That does make most sense to be but unfortunately the UFC dont work that way.

    i can see jones vacating his belt after the hendo fight, if he can get past him that is

  52. Bjj BB says:

    Theres no way jones is losing to dan fenderson! ill bet this whole fucking web site on that!!

  53. R White says:

    The only reason no one bought the Machida fight was because that card sucked. But if Jones is only after fighters that will guarntee him high ppv buys then thats pathetic. I guess hes going to run away from this fight like others from Jackson MMA

  54. Super de Duper says:

    He has every reason to not want to fight Machida. He’s right it’s a hard fight to sale considering the fashion that Machida was finished, but if this was in Pride he would have to fight him anyway. Remember when Wanderlei knocked out Rampage, and then Rampage finished Wanderlei? That’s what scares Jon Jones. He knows that he could be beaten at any time. Lyoto made one mistake in the last fight, and that was not wrapping Jones up from the bottom. If he hadn’t taken that elbow, he probably would have went 5 rounds. Anyway there’s no need to discuss the fight anymore, it’s in the past. The real reason Jon Jones doesn’t want to fight Machida is because he make more money with Sonnen.

  55. jeremy says:

    Sounds like he ducking competition. He’s pulling an Anderson Silva. The only difference is i believe Anderson has a point and is deserving to somewhat voice who he wants to face. Anderson is a guy that is up in age, he has 10 title defenses in the UFC, and is a perfect 15-0 in the octagon. He’s fighting both for money and legacy. Chris Weidman doesn’t get him a big paycheck because he somewhat unknown. he’s a tough fighter. If he beats him its not a big deal on paper. Chris Weidman doesn’t have a big established name in the sport. If he loses to him then on paper he just lost to “Chris Weidman”?. he doesn’t gain much from that so I get that! Now, Jones on the other hand. I would definitely love to see this fight again. I think he’s the only guy in the division that can can beat him. And it looks like Jones feels the same way. Machida has a way bigger name than Weidman, its a big time fight and he needs to take it. Jones is a young champion and he needs to take any fight that is given to him, not duck opponents. He’s young and he hasn’t earned the right to turn down fights. He’s not fighting for legacy, he’s needs to fight who’s given to him @ this point in time!!

  56. Jeff says:

    If he want more money !! Go to heavyweight where he belong , and get knock out by jds and cain velaquez

  57. maurice says:

    yea jones is really ducking a small lhw who cant take a fucking punch to save his life. u guys r crazy. dont get it twisted, im sure he is nervous cus machida is quick and super techincal, but jones already wasted his ass b4 round 3 started. hell slow ass rampage and slow ass shogun lasted longer then machida and they werent even offering any resistance during the fight. machida is the only person i remember jones ever dropping with a punch. a sloppy fucking superman punch at that.

    i just hate when a CHAMPION doesnt want to fight an bs contender for various reason u haters first words are “he’s ducking.” like jones is the champ for a reason. he just finished machida not even a year ago. ufc shouldnt have rushed jones into all these title fights, now in like a years times he’s already beginning to cycle through the division again. machida win over BADER doesnt deserve a title shot. just like weidman win over munoz and cains win over big foot shouldnt warrant title shots. at the end of the day dana already said machida is next, so it already done and over with unless jones loses to hendo.

    and the “machida of old” has been back since the randy fight. during the jones fight machida was as comfortable and sharp as he ever was, unfortunately it wasnt enough to even last ten full mins with jones.

  58. joe says:

    As I look at these comments, I have to believe most of these are fake post, made to drum up drama on the site, it’s no way so many people can be this stupid !!!

  59. Bjj BB says:

    Im a huge jbj fan but y would you say you dont want to fight sum1 who is the tricky fighter out of every1 in the 205? Then talk about how you made less money? I thought this sport was about fight the best and who is the best at that time? I heard alot of ppl saying that machida was winning the fight with jbj and i was like yea right! But i re-watched it and machida was winning till he got caught then choked out, that being said it seems like jbj is being a lil bit of a diva and is trying to hold his belt for along time by fighting guys he feels he knows he can beat, instead of fighting “tricky” fighters, and as a champion, getting paid from the ufc is always great so stop being a diva jbj and fight the best at that time!

  60. Rob says:

    First off, Chael will whip Forrest… the guy is a monster wrestler, and the only one to EVER dominate the, arguably, best pound for pound fighter in the world… though he lost, he still punished him like no other. Forrest doesn’t have anywhere close to the striking skills that Silva does, so Chael will immediately take him down and dismantle him. Only way I see Forrest winning, is if Chael gets careless (Lesnar Mir 1) or lucky punch (Serra St.Pierre).
    As for JBJ, usually I get mad with people ducking fights… and to a point I am upset that he only cares about the money.. but at the same time, he did beat Machida decisively. I am a huge Machida fan, and I think Machida came back way too early from his FIRST loss which was a knock out.. should have fought some more under guys before taking a title shot… but he beat a guy thats not even top 10 in the division… Shoot, Tito Ortiz beat the guy… so I dont think he deserves the title shot just yet. I say pit him against some other guys that are in line. But then again, Light Heavyweight is kinda falling off with the big names..

  61. Suk Cibula says:

    Many thanks for writing this. Quick enquiry, if you wouldn’t object. Where did you purchase your weblog template? I will be beginning a blog and care for your website or blog.

  62. this guy is afraid to fight..thus afraid to lose.. actions speak louder than words hail to the mouth..i mean champ.

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