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Monday, 08/20/2012, 06:40 am

Jon Jones States He Could Be Making The Move To Heavyweight As Soon As "2013 or 2014" | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Jon Jones comments to FUEL TV.

The UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones is set to defend his title against former PRIDE and Strikeforce champion Dan Henderson at UFC 151. Jones admits his focus is currently on defending his title against Henderson however he also states that he could be making the move to Heavyweight as soon as 2013.

“I’ve put thought into it and, like I said, not to be cliché, but Dan Henderson is my main priority and focus, but I have a lot of years left in fighting. Coming up to heavyweight is something I’d like to do maybe in the next two or three years,”

“2013 or 2014; it would be cool.”

At UFC on Fox: Shogun vs. Vera UFC President Dana White  announced that whoever wins in the most impressive fashion will receive the next title shot. Lyoto Machida stepped up and claimed the shot after dispatching Ryan Bader in the second round. Jones has since stated he doesn’t want the Machida rematch which also leads us to believe he could be very close to making the move.

However one thing that could be keeping Jones at Light-Heavyweight for the moment is the record for most consecutive title defences currently held by Tito Ortiz. His record stands at five, Jones is currently at three and with a win over Henderson he will be just one away from equalling the record. Jones has also previously stated that the record is something that motivates him.

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65 Responses to “Jon Jones States He Could Be Making The Move To Heavyweight As Soon As "2013 or 2014" | UFC News”

  1. Michael hamlin says:

    Good cause he will get beat up

  2. T.DADDY says:

    you will get smashed if you move to HW

  3. A.James says:

    I think he could be a top five HW. If he gains power in his striking he could take a title. Developing his skills at LHW first was a smart move.

  4. amber trichome says:

    he should go up to HW. cutting weight is for men who are afraid to fight someone their own size. Hendo used to cut weight cuz he had to. a lame practice that is pretty much required in wrestling. now he prolly weighs 204 wet, well he musta bulked up a bit since is whooped fedor. too bad cutting weight is still used the day before the fight at the weigh ins. not good for the internal organs, mind and body. MMA should move to day of fight weigh ins and stop weight cuts. if this is to be like ‘the first sport’, man vs. man, mano a mano, then ditch all cheats, including weight cuts.

  5. maurice says:

    in all honesty, i wouldnt be suprised if bones landed a spinning elbow or flying knee on cain and got the ko. one things for sure, when jones isnt dieting anymore he will be a good sized heavyweight, still possessing the longest reach and taller then most guys. i used to think jones had no shot at hw, but i wouldnt be suprised if he made some serious noise in that division. with all that said, he will never beat jds.

  6. Bob says:

    stay in light heavy.. He will be an average fighter in Heavyweight and get ktfo

  7. Magoo says:

    You’ve pretty much wiped out the LHW div after you retire Hendo,and beat Gustaffson,and beat Titos title defense record why not go and make some waves at HW? Jon Jones 6’6 250 lbs of pure athleticism and let’s not forget that 84.5 inch reach,Jon jones will rule the HW div just as he did at LHW, he will be the G.O.A.T. When it’s all said and done.

  8. Xaninho says:

    He will still have a distinct reach advantage in HW. His reach is exactly the same as Stefan Struve’s ! Both a freak 84.5″ reach….But Struve is 7ft tall and Bones ‘just’ 6’4″…..JDS has a 77 inch reach, Cain 73, Overeem 80.

    JBJ does use his reach very well, I suppose that’s a quality. Struve should try to use his size advantage better than he’s been doing so far.

  9. DMAC says:

    JBJ will run through the HW division just like he did at LHW. Yes he might give up some size but technique and speed overcomes size any day…

  10. Big J says:

    Let’s see Jones vs Stefan Struve for his first fight in the HW division!

  11. drew says:

    jones will get eatn at HW his puny little legs will get demolished by leg kicks and he will be getting hit in the face there is no two ways of looking at oppose to 205 were he has only lost one round…PLUS UR DUCKING MACHIDA DANA/LORENZO WILL MAKE U FIGHT HIM…happy to see jones wont be a champion anymore even tho he is in 205

    • jbeamazing says:

      it makes you happy? ultimate hater talk

    • joe says:

      LOL, you guys are going to get Lyoto killed in that rematch.

    • TD says:

      I’m anything but a jbj fan. But he is by far the most talented lhw. With that said he does not posses the same size as his brothers. No way he competes with any top hw. Matt Mittrione would destroy jones. Jones is succesful cause he avoids getting hit by fighting from distance. Bigger stronger guys can close the distance without worry and one solid shot sends bones to canvas blowing snot bubbles.

  12. Cody says:

    He won’t do it he’s just talking cause he’s prob tired of everyone talking shit that he fights under size lhw but struve reem lesnar Mir Cain carwin not even mentioning jds would all beat him IMO and he knows once he goes to hw hell never be able to make lhw again in a healthy effective way I mean..he’s just talking he does it a lot

    • Theo Ford says:

      Are you kidding me? You people are crazy. JBJ has dominated the LHW division, and would be an immediate contender at HW. He would possess the length and have a height advantage over most, as well as bulking up. To insist that JBJ would make the move to HW,as most of you seem to be rationalizing, is he will be a 215 lb guy. No friggin way. He would bulk up to at least 230-235. At that size he is bigger than JDS.

      You are all new to the show if you think he would get molly whopped at HW or “ktfo” as you noobs were putting it. Dude is the most dominant fighter in the sport right now.

  13. Brazilian says:

    I think Jones is destined to be the greatest ever…. First at Light Heavyweight and then at Heavyweight

  14. Jbizzle says:

    Jons sure does talk past his opponents a lot.

    • joe says:

      it’s what happens when youre the top guy, the media doesn’t respect Hendo or Lyoto, so they’re the ones asking these questions. For the same reason that Anderson is constantly fielding questions about fighting Jones and GSP.

  15. jbeamazing says:

    jones will get got at h w I don’t think he would be top 5

  16. KIDD433 says:

    He wont move up to HW.He enjoys beating up these much smaller men,and hearing all the false hype about himself for doing so.He wont have the strength and size advantage as much at HW and knows it.So he’ll stay at 205 where he’s safe.Pretty much the same shit GSP pulls

  17. Dick Diaz says:

    they should have a division called the middle heavyweight which should be around 230. does anyone else agree?

    • HaVaginaButts says:

      No… not at all. There’s not enough depth as it is. There’s not that many giant sized heavyweights who cut to make 265lbs. Many of the heavyweights now who walk around in the 240-250 range would just cut… leaving the heavyweight division stripped bare

  18. cuban Samurai says:

    Jon Jones is a talented dude; maybe the best 205 lbs ever…. But honestly I dont think he can beat any of the top heavyweights…..JDS…Cain, Fabricio Werdum, , Overeem, Daniel Cormier… any of those guys can light Jon Jones’ ass on fire.

  19. Don Lirette says:

    He is running from Glover Texiera!! He knows they are going to meet sonner or later and if he gets past Hendo and Machida, Glover is a whole other show! He is going to have a few problems at heavy weight too. Nog, Mire, Carwin, Velasquez, Johnson, Alister, and the Champ!!! His problems are just beginning. If he gets past Hendo and Machida.

    • Shameful says:

      Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Let’s slow this down a little. You’re saying that big Nog, not in his prime but RIGHT NOW, would be too much Jon Jones at HW? You’re either trolling or just being unintentionally silly. I think a lot of HWs would pose a problem to Jones but you gotta not put any silly names on the list while making that point.

  20. JBJ needs to fight the Spider, and the Spider needs to fight JBJ NOT GSP!

  21. Johnny says:

    Im getting tired of that talk all over JbJ beeing too big for his devision… If he can be STRONG enough to toss rampage like a baby and chocke lyoto thats his advantage not something dissgraceful.

  22. DeJon mustard says:

    Mr. Jones you need to be worried more bout this fight then steping up to heavy weight!! I think your over looking Hendo to much, you arent indestructable and Hendo is gonna prove that to you got a long long way to go in MMA before you can be labled as great..I cant wait to watch Hendo teach you a lesson or 15 on sept 1st an watch you get knocked on your ass by as you put a one trick pony!! hes gonna teach you some respect H BOMB means GOODNIGHT!!

  23. JonOwnsHendo says:

    Jon doesn’t have a lot of experience, and he’s wiped damn near all of the LHW clean. Once he knocks Hendo on his ass, I see him learning some new techniques and crushing the HW division. I don’t understand what all the hatred is for. The guy is 23 years old. At 23, every person I know had a big ego. It’s not uncommon for someone so young to be cocky, shit every fighter in the UFC is cocky, but Bones handes it a little bit better than most. You guys were all over Lesnar’s nuts, until he got his ass handed to him by a juiced up OveRoid! Now he is going to beat JDS? GTFO!

  24. daniel says:

    Jon jones will do pretty good at heavyweight but no way is he gonna be able to beat junior dos santos.. JDS has great takedown defence and his boxing is the best at heavyweight.. But if jone jons can take it to the ground then mybe. I dont see jones dominating all of the heavyweight. His boxing still needs work.

  25. Uhnomuhlee says:

    JBJ cannot crack the top 5 heavyweights… not even close.
    Nog, Mir and Werdum wreak havoc on those long skinny limbs… Mir breaks one.
    He does not out muscle Carwin or Cormier (and he isn’t even top five).
    Cain gets inside with his speed and combos him like he did big Nog and he’s out cold… that or he finishes with gnp after he rocks him.
    Nog can also knock this guy out.
    Jones’ striking is sub par for a champion. He has years left before he’s considered technically atrong in that area. He relies on heavy length advantage and unorthodox strikes against undersized and usually apprehensive opponents at LHW in the atand up.
    Struve might be a good fight to see, and I’d even like to see him against Overeem… although Overeem would likely demolish him.
    No one can possibly think this guy has a shot at touching Junior, so why even
    Go into detail about that one.

    • Shameful says:

      Mir and Nog? You guys are pretty silly.
      He maximizes his reach advantage with footwork that’s better than average for the division. The real reason why Machida had better luck striking with him than other LHWs was that the Karate Kid has great footwork himself. The danger Jones faces against HWs is that some of the wrestlers can manhandle him at his current size and he’s more likely to get one hit KO’d against the big boys. A guy like JDS probably would KO Jones, but it’s ridiculous to imply that he couldn’t make noise in the division and that he wouldn’t be able to get by gatekeepers and has beens.

  26. Trex says:

    Why not consider dropping to Middleweight instead? A Jones-Silva fight will make fans go bananas.

  27. eli says:

    JBJ won’t be as good at HW as he is at LHW. That’s just a fact. At HW he’ll be overpowered by most guys. Not to mention, his technique is nothing great, he just has a unique body that give opponents trouble. When he isn’t one of the biggest in the weight class he’s fighting at, he’s going to have trouble, unless he tightens up his technique and bulks up a little more.

    • Nuthugger says:

      How is it a fact? Where is the fact on show? Here’s a fact: If you sit in a bath full of water, your skin will get wet. There is no getting away from it, that’s a fact. Your idea of a fact is: I think Jones won’t be very good at HW. Because I think it, it’s not an opinion, it’s absolute fact !!

  28. BigTch says:

    Clean up lhw first, and go for Silva, then Silva can go for GSP, now that s a good set up, and by the way, GSP is the man. UFC rules baby. It s TIME

  29. mateo un juepa says:

    A lot of people are still hating on jones…I’ve been a jones fan since the beginning..definitely disappointed in his recent antics (I am also a hendo fan so I don’t care much who wins, should be a great fight). But jones loves to fight and puts on good fight after good fight for you/us the the fans. He’s had one fight that wasn’t greatly fun to watch, evans fight. Why continue to hate on guys who fight hard and are exciting, when their willing to offer their well being up for your entertainment four times a year? Now jones is willing to go further and go fight guys much bigger, hey let’s hate on him some more and then go wack off to guys that fight MAYBE twice a year. He’s still going to be exciting at 205 because he’s going to still be unpredictable…just my two cents…start hateful comments here v

  30. dos santos says:

    i think he’ll tak everyone but dos santos. that guy is a badass

  31. stonerman says:

    At HW his reach isn’t going to be that much of an advantage or his wrestling. I dislike Jon Jones so it would be good to see him get Knocked Out

  32. michael says:

    dos santos cain ovreem can beat him he also will have tough fights in struve lavar johnson dave herman frank mir roy nelson Fabricio Werdum Ben Rothwell and Antonio Silva thats if he can get past hendo or lyoto

  33. georgey Bee says:

    JDS will kill him!!, either that or Cain V. will outwrestle him

  34. jd says:

    Of course he doesn’t want the rematch with the dragon. I think he was the only one to test his striking. The way Machida evaded his strikes, and tested his chin, I believe that the second time around Machida could win.

  35. theo says:

    pls do it now everybody can see that you are not some talent but a p… who fight in wrong division , i really want jds, gain , mir, carwin smash your face… enough cheating in lh division

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