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Monday, 10/14/2013, 11:59 am

Jon Jones Says UFC 169 Was Too Soon, Thinks March is Appropriate For Glover Bout

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones will not face Glover Teixeira at UFC 169 as originally thought.  Instead, the two will meet at a later card in March, a date Jones prefers over the February card, which he described as ‘just a little too close.’


By Christopher Murphy @MurphMMA


Since the announcement of its annual Super Bowl weekend event, the UFC has been quick to correct what turned out to be a bit of a mistake.  Light heavyweight champion Jon Jones will not be defending his belt against Glover Teixeira at UFC 169.

UFC President Dana White spoke up quickly to rectify the mistake.

Jones vs. Teixeira is not happening on Super Bowl [weekend].  Our people fucked up and put that out when they shouldn’t have put that our, because that was never, ever a done deal.  Our P.R. team jumped the gun on that one.

White also went on to say that the reason for delaying the light heavyweight bout had nothing to do with Jon Jones’ wishes.

It’s not that [Jones] did or didn’t want it.  It didn’t matter one way or the other with him.  It was just something that didn’t work out.

In an interview with Newsday that was published this past weekend, however, the UFC light heavyweight champion sang to a slightly different tune.

It was just a little too close,” Jones told Newsday about fighting at UFC 169 in February.  “I felt like I was rushing a bit, and I talked to my team and everyone suggested I hold off for another month and a half.

That last fight was a lot.  So, I think the time is appropriate.  I’m a young guy, and I don’t think it’s really necessary to rush anything.”

The request is reasonable, given Jones’ last fight against Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 in September.  The two fought a grueling 5-round fight that ultimately saw Jones walking away with a unanimous decision victory.  The effort resulted in an overnight stay in the hospital for a laceration over his right eye, significant swelling on his face and a possible injury to his foot.

My foot is not 100 percent, but my face and my body feels great,” Jones said about his injuries following the Gustafsson fight.  “I felt like it was the biggest win of my career because of [how] hard fought it was.  I felt like it was a huge blessing.  I’ve always asked for a dogfight.  I’ve always looked for a legitimate fight and I got it and it feels good to have that under my belt now.  Hopefully in the future I can get back to more dominating ways.”

Jones will look for a return to dominance against top-contender Glover Teixeira sometime in March.  The UFC has not made official the date or event on which these two will fight.  Around the same time, however, Alexander Gustafsson will be fighting on a card.  If Jones and Gustafsson win their next fights, said Dana White, we can certainly expect to see Jones vs. Gustafsson 2 sometime in the near future.


6 Responses to “Jon Jones Says UFC 169 Was Too Soon, Thinks March is Appropriate For Glover Bout”

  1. drew says:

    give him and extra two months and call ita day

  2. Brat87 says:

    Looks like Jonny needs some extra time after he got his asswhoopin’ :DDD

  3. drew says:

    give him two months and call it a day, should be a great fight

  4. mean170 says:

    I’d want some extra time if I got my face boxed in like Jon Jones did. Remember when JJ said some nonsense about wanting to box one of the Klitschko brothers. He and Rhonda Rousey should whip out their ego’s and see whose’s bigger.

  5. KIDD433 says:

    @mean170 +1 dog. I thought that was bullshit of of Jones to talk about boxing one of the Klitschkos, especially since he shot for a takedown 10 seconds into the Vitor fight. He’s used to putting his arm up against smaller 6-0ers up and keeping ’em at bay like a bully does a lil kid. And now he thinks he’s some hot shot striker. His ego has gotten real big from smaller guys. We all saw what happened to him when didn’t fight someone half his size in the Gus fight…

  6. pk9grrr says:

    uh oh he turning into gsp

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