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Tuesday, 08/14/2012, 10:27 am

Jon Jones Ready To Methodically Be The First To TKO Dan Henderson | UFC NEWS

“It’ll be like walking into a dark room. He won’t know what to expect. A lot of the random stuff that I do, I feel very confident that I’m gonna be the first guy to TKO him. I’m gonna slowly and methodically hit him one hit at a time until he decides that his body’s hurting and he wants the fight to be over. Nature will take its course… Dan Henderson is just another tough guy. He’s not some mythical figure to me. If Dan Henderson thinks he’s gonna be the guy to take my belt, he’s got another thing coming. I will remain the UFC’s light heavyweight champion.”

UFC light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, tells that he is ready to do what no one has ever done to his next challenger, Dan Henderson.

But can he do it?


31 Responses to “Jon Jones Ready To Methodically Be The First To TKO Dan Henderson | UFC NEWS”

  1. Heath says:

    John, you should be serving a year in jail for DUI, fortunatly you hit a pole instead of some pedestrian or child walking the street and didnt kill someone in your ” HIGH END LOOK AT ME ” Bentley..Just another young Punk with a pocket full of cash.. Now NIKE awards you a deal.. Sorry country we live in where a POS like you gets rewarded for brakeing the law. Slap on the wrist for the sports star.. FKN sad.. I hope Dan Knocks you the fuck out worst than he did Bisping..

    • Somad says:

      Hahaha this guy, jelly as fck cause he wasted his life in the interwebz instead of doing something with himself, like Bones Jones…

    • 808 says:

      I agree that the DUI was bad on his part, but this mistake just shows that he is a human being that hits a couple speed bumps in his life. Whether or not he makes the same mistake twice is all on him.

      That being said, Lets Go Hendo, knock this kid out.

    • Me says:

      Hater here…Don’t know what you get for hating fighters on a MMA News website but continue doing something useless while Jones is actually doing something that is benefiting him.

    • axeholes says:

      My prediction:
      Jones wins by KO/TKO in the 2nd. He gets Hendo frustrated. He stuffs every takedown attempt Hendo goes for. Hendo tries to mix things up, but ends up just relying on that predictable H-bomb. Hendo may take Jones down to the mat, but gets out strengthened and doesn’t get much out of it. Hendo starts missing more and more H-bombs as the fight progresses, and by that time Jones will have Hendo timed like a Swiss Watch.

      Jones by KO/TKO in the 2nd. I called it.

      • Mike b says:

        I respect backing up that bold statement by explaining how it might happen.but no way on gods green earth will that ever happen…I called it….

        • axeholes says:

          OK, here’s a precedent/comparison fight for you who remain unconvinced:

          The truth is Jones will be too much for Henderson, just like ANDERSON SILVA was too much for Henderson. Henderson hit Silva with at least three H-bombs, and didn’t even phase Silva.

          Same will happen when Jones fights Hendo.
          He’ll never beat Silva, and soon people will realize he’ll never beat Jones either.

        • Hupp73 says:

          To anyone who thinks Hendo can’t knock Jon Jones out your all idiots. Hendo has the hardest strikes in that entire division for Christ’s sake he knocked out FEDOR one of the best heavy weights ever. Now debating whether Hendo will have the technique speed and timing needed to land the fatal H-Bomb is a completely different argument. If you think Hendo won’t land a knockout punch on jones that’s ok but don’t say he doesn’t have the power in the H-Bomb to put jones to sleep.

        • axeholes says:

          …and my 1st statement wasn’t that bold (Jones by KO/TKO in the 2nd). Many “experts” are saying Jones will win with a flat out KO in the first!

          If anything, my 1st statement was actually pretty modest.

        • Mike b says:

          Lol…..modest….who are these so called experts ur talking about.i watched that Henderson vs silva fight a few times I have it on DVD.hendo never really had the chance to land a clean shot on silva,if hendo would’ve landed the same punch he did on bisbing it would’ve been lights seems like ur trying to say hendo don’t hit hard,that guy could fucking knock out Godzilla if he wanted to.and u really can’t compare jones to silva cause their two different animals.i think hendos going to put the pressure on jones and actually fight him and be in his face and not just sit there in amazement not knowing what to do and playing jones game like jones other oppenents did.i think hendos best chance on beating jones is to be aggressive and that’s what he’s gonna do.but I’m telling u bro when he lands that h-bomb its lights out for jones.we can bicker back and forth all we want,it won’t change a with that being said we will see September 1st….peace.

        • Pancho says:

          So many Jones haters. Stfu Silvas scared of him nuff said

        • axeholes says:

          BOTTOM LINE, Mike B:

          JUST LIKE IN THE ANDERSON SILVA VS HENDERSON FIGHT, you’ll see Henderson get methodically broken down by Jones.

    • Major says:

      JBJ drinking and driving is a piss poor decision, but I wonder if you are as critical of other athletes or movie stars. Stop the hating; be happy that you have the opportunity to watch greatness as it unfolds. JBJ TKO 3rd round.

  2. danielrchargers says:

    Not Gonna Happen JONES!!!! DANS COMIN FOR YOU!

  3. Cody says:

    Nobody wants jo

  4. John M says:

    BLAAAAHAHAHAAHAHAH In your dreams Jones. Here come da HENDO-BOMB!!

  5. stan871 says:

    what a delusional fuck…. I call bullshit times a thousand.

  6. A.James says:

    Hendo is going to make Jones fight.

  7. Drew says:

    This is All mental warfare I think he trying to get Dan amped up so he constantly pressures him but jones is just using a more affective condit gameplan against Diaz

  8. Mike b says:

    hendo fought hard hitters like rampage,shogun,vitor,wanderlei,and,Anderson,none of them tko’d or ko’d hendo jones thinks he will???Lol…if jones wins I think he will win by submission or decision.but anything can happen in mma fight.i hope hendo breaks his fucking face with that h-bomb of his…..

  9. stoneman says:

    Does he really think he can TKO or KO Henderson. Henderson has taken shots from the most powerful fighter in the game and kept walking forwards. Jones got rocked by machida and Henderson has a ton more power. Once that H Bomb lands its over for jones.

  10. DMAC says:

    Jones about to murder hendo’s trt ass…

  11. g00db0y says:

    jones about to get his first KO LOSS!! war HENDO!!!

  12. Bjj BB says:

    Every1 that hendo has knocked out was stupid! Jones is far from that, he will use his reach and mix it up alot! Shogun barely lost to dan and dan got lucky with fedor, bisping was the stupidest for moving right into his H-BOMB! Now all you jones haters out there ask your self this, do u honestly think jones is that stupid? I think jones is smarter then GSP as in game plans but GSP does not go in for the kill like jones does so that makes jones the best!!

  13. John Evanko says:

    Hendo has the slim chance of landing that one big punch…But that’s about it…What many people fail to realize about Bones is that he hits often, and he hits hard…And like he said, after a while, after getting beat down, even the tough guys give up…They usually get choked out shortly thereafter…And the Bones haters really crack me up…This Kid has bulldozered a who’s-who list at LHW, And he gets no where near the respect he should for it by some fight fans…Hendo bomb…lol…All Hendo is…is next…

  14. BJ is KING says:

    i love hendo and hate jones, but I just can’t see any way henderson is going to win this. He will be methodically broken down by jones like he said (unfortunately). Unless he has a plan to rush him and not give him space or time to think, I see this as a unanimous decision victory by jones in a similar manner to the way he beat evans. I think Jones should jump to heavyweight in all honesty, Machida should get a crack, maybe gustafsson if he beats Rua but after that (unless some young gun comes out of nowhere) there is nothing in the LHW for him. Hes chewed through the whole division already.

  15. Ronda Shite says:

    Fucking kill this nigger 😀 and the KKK will come after you!

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