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Monday, 04/09/2012, 10:03 am

VIDEO | Jon Jones Puts Lyoto Machida To Sleep

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones battled Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida in the fight of his life at UFC 140. Machida proved to be the most difficult opponent of Jones’ young career, continually getting the better of the striking exchanges. Late in Round 2, however, Jones proved why he was the champion when he caught Machida in an airtight guillotine choke and put him to sleep.


12 Responses to “VIDEO | Jon Jones Puts Lyoto Machida To Sleep”

  1. &; says:

    man I got excited when Machida sparked Jones with that straight right hand

  2. A.James says:

    What the UFC doesn’t want remembered is how Machida exposed Jones’ striking to be sub par at best. He’s not the super talented fighter that they’re hyping him up to be.

    • andy says:

      He’s good and getting better but it was literally 2 lucky shots that won him that fight. He wasn’t even coming close to hanging with Machida. I was geekin out the first round cause Jones ran and ran from Machida. I wanted Machida to knock him out so bad lol.

    • Kenny Powers says:

      Haha, another Machida nuthugger. Machida did not expose Jones, he didn’t put him in that much trouble. Machida only proved that his own striking is phenomenal, it is his biggest strength. Jones exposed Machida’s poor wrestling base, and small will. When Machida get’s hurt, or takes a big shot, he gives up.

      • A.James says:

        I think there’s a longer list of Jones nuthuggers than Machida nuthuggers. C’mon now.

        • If you mean says:

          longer list of Jones fans than Machida fans, you are correct. Cmon now.

          Haters try to latch on to ANYTHING about Jones that could possibly be his weakness: he got hit by a fighter trying to hit him, so he MUST suck! fckn retarded…

          Nobody addresses the fact that Machida came so close to being the first fatality in the Octagon if it wasn’t for Big John saving his life. Mazzagatti might’ve let it go longer, haha.

  3. josh says:

    machida should go 185, he could easily have a good title run there, he prob cuts little to nothin to make 205 anyways

  4. MMACRAVER says:

    I dunno if being outstruck by Lyoto Machida of all people means that you where “Exposed”

    But it is pretty safe to say that Jones is more physically gifted then particularly talented skill wise.

    Jones throws a lot of stuff that looks pretty flashy because he doesn’t have to worry too much about getting countered… The guy is just too fucking long.

  5. Sean says:

    I wish people would stop using the phrase nut-hugger. you realize when you call someone out on it then defend another fighter you’re a nut-hugger too right? if thats the definition then everyone is a nut-hugger of some fighter and you all look retarded.

  6. ronel brillantes/ extaekwondo fighter says:

    Wish for one more fight against the motherfucking black shit/ all black people has the blood and attitude of snakes they dont fight fairly.

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