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Wednesday, 08/08/2012, 02:36 pm

Jon Jones Picks Up Groundbreaking Nike Deal | UFC NEWS

25 year old UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones makes history by becoming the 1st MMA fighter to sign a global sponsorship deal with sports apparel giant, Nike.  MMAfighting reports:

“Two sides have agreed to a multi year contract that will see Jones decked out in Nike gear for the forseeable future.  On Sept 1, when he faces Dan Henderson at UFC 151 Jones will be rocking the famous “Swoosh”

As part of the deal Jones will be featured on worldwide Nike advertising line, sources said  It’s expected to be announced within a week.”

Bones Jones tweets today:

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35 Responses to “Jon Jones Picks Up Groundbreaking Nike Deal | UFC NEWS”

  1. Happy for Jones says:

    BUT, although I want Jones to win every fight from here on out, MMA is so unpredictable that one or two losses just drops a fighter out of the picture. And it can happen to any fighter at any time.

    I am glad for Jones and his family. His agent is doing him well (the same agent that Mitrione fired during a post fight interview!). Jones now gotta get past Hendo, no easy task.

  2. Joe Rogan says:

    I thought Silva had an endorsement deal with Nike? Which would make Jones the second MMA fighter with a Nike deal not the first.

  3. chris says:

    Last time he signed a sponsorship deal he went out and celebrated, dwi style , let’s see what he does this time

  4. Mike says:

    Anderson Silva is already signed with Nike.

    Jones Is not the first

  5. Brady says:

    And what happens after Dan Henderson takes his title? Maybe Nike should of waited a few weeks!

  6. boyheadkick says:

    Isnt anderson silva already being sponsored by nike..last time out against sonnen he was rockin the swoosh already

  7. Macheetah says:

    Maybe he should be sponsored by Jack Daniels

  8. Dee says:

    I think it’s great for MMA fighters to land such huge sponsorships however JBJ has recently been convicted for DUI… I personally think he is a bad image to have representing such a big name as NIKE at the present moment especially when it was only a few months ago he was convicted…

  9. NEVERCHANGE says:

    He probably had to sell his soul for that deal.he said he’s blessed…yeah blessed with a curse.and please no backlash fellas.if u really don’t understand the comment then don’t talk shit.good for jones tho,hopefully the money and fame don’t change his boy hendo has a chance of beating jones for sure,just like Brady said on this forum maybe they made the deal too soon,we will see when they meet.H-bomb baby lets go.

    • tommy gunnz says:

      Lol…I got u man…..the whole selling ur soul to the devil for fortune and fame thing.i hear it all the time.people selling their soul for fame and money in the music industry,Hollywood,movie stars.that just might be a conspiracy too tho my man.just to sell the music and the movies gross a lot of money.i think it’s a gimmick just to sell the product.might be true who knows.anyway lets be realistic here jones will man handle hendo.he has the reach,Greco roman wrestling,unpredictable,and he has age on his side.hendo is a one trick pony his h bomb,that’s it.he has great wrestling but I don’t think he’ll be able to take down jones at all.and he’s not the fastest ethier.we will see wont we.congrats on the deal jones,respect.

    • freddy says:

      U really beleive that stuff man.i don’t know about that,but I here what ur saying,hopefully that’s not how our society really is.u can’t really count anything out nowadays,it’s getting pretty crazy…..even tho I don’t like jones,that’s good for him that’s a huge thing.he is the future of our sport,he’s just getting started tho.hope hendo could end all the the end of day that deal is good for mma,it gives it more recongnition and shows that it is a real sport and it’s here to stay.

  10. Scott says:

    That’s a huge deal for Jon and MMA is surely getting more national Regonition with these Sponsorships,It’s amazing though as many people like to see you doing good,and you make a mistake or two just as many want to see to fail and that’s the sad part. Thanks to for keeping us up on MMA news!

  11. charlie kim says:

    So happy for Jones. Hope this is a stepping grounds for other top notch fighters to start getting paid higher salaries in the UFC. Nike makes athletes more appealing, famous, and gives them the international star attention. Dana White move over….you’re fighters are your main stars who rake in the cash for the Zuffa group, it is time to pay

    • darren says:

      so tired of hearing the underpaid bullshit. win a couple fights and you can easily make over 50,000 in a night. not to mention the articles on fighter pay are always lower than the actual figures. read the article about how much ian mccall made and compare it to what they thought he made. something like 8,000 compared to 80,000

  12. Drew says:

    That’s awesome for MMA whether anyone likes bones or not

  13. snooks says:

    Nike sponsors ex gang banger basketball players, hardly compairs to a dui charge. They also shouldn’t wait until after Henderson, because then they would wait until after Machida, or whoever else he’s fighting. That’s useless. It’s a risk to invest, especially in a combat sports athlete… I think it’s great for mma. Better than another tapout sponsorship.

  14. Mike b says:

    Not a fan of jones,but that’s huge for the sport that we love.respect to Jon jones.

  15. Jason says:

    This is a great deal for both. It but a mma star for the US in Nike. It’s also a big deal for MMA in the states. It means it’s really starting to get looked at more by bigger company’s. Has far as the DWI goes. It was a mistake. One he will pay for I am sure. He is human after all. And thank God no one got hurt real bad. But in all, I feel like Bones is a good role model for the sport. And will make up for what he did tenfold.

  16. McLovin says:

    I guess the UFC pulled it’s sponsorship after the DUI. Obviously no skin off JBJ’s nose.

  17. Bob'O says:

    This is huge for Bones and his family. He’s gonna make some serious coin. ~Bob’O

  18. BoaJiuJItsu says:

    Anderson Silva’s Nike deal was “global”…

    it doesn’t get more global than twitter. Looks like MMA Fighting reporters didn’t do their due diligence.

  19. Xaninho says:

    Yeah Anderson Silva was the first.

  20. Me says:

    He should of died in that car crash, i hope hendo kills him

  21. John M says:

    Maybe I should drive drunk and crash my car, so I too can get endorsed by Nike

  22. maurice says:

    @john m. its not that simply, u have to do something good with ur life and become a public figure first. not just some retard who sits behind a computer who thinks a mistake should define the rest of ur entire life. nike sponsored 2 of the most promising fighters in anderson and jones. jones may have got a dui, but that doesnt mean he isnt a good person and DESERVING of this deal. like jones said, “god is good.” getting this deal probably brought tears to jones eyes, all he’s been going through and there is still ppl willing to believe in him. with all that said, i think the deal was 1 fight too soon, cus hendo is coming for jones belt and that chin.

    but seriously man, look in the mirror and ask urself how many mistakes youve made that were just that…MISTAKES. get over it already u fucking loser.

  23. Jacob Small says:

    If GSP was black he would have got this a long time ago.

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