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Monday, 10/15/2012, 12:26 pm

Jon Jones Open To TUF Coaching Gig, But Not Against Daniel Cormier | UFC NEWS

“I’d be interested in a TUF season in the future, but it’d take the right opponent. As far as Daniel Cormier saying he wants to coach against me, he would want that, wouldn’t he? He’s relatively unknown, I want to do it when the fans are aware of both guys, and when it’s spunky and when it raises a lot of viewers. I’m not here to raise his stock.”

UFC light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, recently sat down with ESPN to conduct an interview.

While fielding questions from the European reporter he touched on the Daniel Cormier topic.

Cormier, the Strikeforce HW Grand Prix champion, has been calling out Jon Jones for months and most recently called for a coaching slot opposite the UFC champ on TUF.

However, Jones does not appear to be interested.


95 Responses to “Jon Jones Open To TUF Coaching Gig, But Not Against Daniel Cormier | UFC NEWS”

  1. Jeff says:

    Me Me Me Me Me! It’s always about f’ing Me! Selfish bastard.

    • allmightysandman says:


      I can’t stand this guys attitude…terrible role model.

      I think he would be a crappy coach too.

      • dogfart says:

        actually for a self motivated money making entrepreneur hes a great role model.
        you cannot get this far in life without making plans to put yourself and your immediate family first.
        Why should he give a shit about cormier. its cormiers job to give a shit about it.
        cormier is not thinking about jones when hes on about coaching for tuf, hes thinking on how it would benefit him

        • CORMIER IS UNPROVEN says:

          Who has Cormier defeated? Bigfoot? Please. Strikeforce is MMA DII. Yes, they have fighters that are UFC level fighters (Nick Diaz) and Cormier may be one of them. BUT HE HASN’T PROVEN HIMSELF AGAINST THE BEST. He’s calling out Jones BECAUSE of what Jones said: to get his name in people’s mouths, to get people to talk about him and increase his popularity. Now I know that concept is so above the intelligence level of many of you who enjoy having Cormier’s nutz in your mouths, but it’s a fact. Sorry, DC, but, you don’t deserve to fight Jones YET. I would rather see a mid-tier UFC heavyweight fight Jones over the soon-to-be-forgotten Strikeforce organization champion fight Jones.

          Jon Jones is the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion of the World.

      • Trent says:

        Yous all have to understand he didnt start fighting when their was no money in this like silva or belfort he faught to raise money for his family and you all diss him for it? The guys a legend and hes only 25 yeah hes a bit cocky but so are most UFC fighters the only difference is he can back it up.. If Jon faught ten year ago and dominated everyone yous would love him but for the clear fact he has money and talks about money alot yous hate him.. Hes the best light heavyweight ever and hes only 25 the guy will go on to have a better record than silva hes already technically undefeated that he lost to hamill for an illegal elbow which was a joke but my point is just because he likes money doesnt dispute the fact hes the best and will be for a long time… If any 25 year olds earning 200k a fight atleast then its obvious hea gonna be a bit big headed unlike the guys who faught when their was no money in this which is why their so humble but even when he fights hes humble just not to guys who trash talk. Hes the man! P4P Best LHW ever!

        • T.DADDY says:

          A legend?? Lmao! STFU!

        • T.DADDY says:

          Ur best LHW ever almost got his arm ripped off last fight so you can chill with that better then Anderson talk… Get jones nuts out ur mouth

        • dogfart says:

          but he didnt did he? and he still won with a fucked up arm!!!!!


          all champs almost lose, the differences between losing and winning in most cases is a fine line as on the night it can be anyones fight and anyone can get lucky too

  2. T.DADDY says:

    Cuz he knows Cormier would rag doll his lanky azz..

    • BJ is KING says:

      DC would toss this so called champion around like a child. Why does this guy just deny fights left right and centre. Hes well known, more so than anyone else he can fight now, hes just a big chicken who is content with beating people he knows he can win against.

      • GetJonesToHeavyWeight says:

        Lol well said. Lets call out a guy who was champion in 2000. Who’s next? Chuck liddel? Randy couture? Keep lining em up, add to the list of “past champions” Jones has Beaten. LOL

        • dogfart says:

          i hope thats sarcasm
          he took championship from shogun who had just taken it from machida who had taken it from rashad.
          he beat shogun, beat machida then beat rashad lol
          these are not old champions, they were all the champions in the last 2 years and top 5 in the world.

    • CombatRusse says:

      100% the truth.
      Jone knows that he will be taken down and controlled by Cormier. And it won’t be fun to have that scary man who handled Barnett like a child on top of Bones.
      One advice to Cormier, get ripped man and Dana (gay loving) will become interested in you loooooooooool

  3. Cormier says:

    Jelly of my wrestling bro?

  4. Kenshiro says:

    Lol.. come on now Jonathan, u know u don’t wanna fight Cormier cause he will BLAST you! DC’s wrestling is too much for Jones. Jones will NEVER take DC down and standing.. well we all know what will happen if Jones stands with DC…. Nighty Night Bones…!! Don’t be scared homieeeee !!!!

    • Zack says:

      Bones is gunna get tested real soon. Cormier, texiera, and machida all have a good chance of beating him. Not to say he hasn’t already been tested but I think Cormier and glover pose a huge threat to him.

      • GetJonesToHeavyWeight says:

        If jones fights cormier he will not win. He will try an keep the distance an use leg kicks then get tripped to the mat an eat a thick knee on his way up. I don’t think Glover is a realistic shot at beating him but who knows.

  5. The Truth says:

    Part of me would like to believe he is just hyping a potential match up. The other part of me wants no one to buy his next PPV and see how it might affect his attitude. Great fighter – Not a great talker.

  6. some guy says:

    is it me or every time jones opens his mouth he spouts out with some shit that sounds MORE selfish than the time before?? Jon Jones seems to only want to fight the smaller guys, he dont want to move up in weight, he dont want to fight DC he just wants the smaller guys….. he may be dominating the weight class for the time being but i am sure that someone out there will put a stop to it, and i have a feeling it will be here soon!

    • Reality says:

      What about DC calling out a guy in a smaller weight division instead of calling out the champ of his own? There’s nothing wrong with what Jones said. DC called him out and he has responded. I’d understand if Jones already started fighting heavyweight but he hasn’t as yet nor has he finished clearing out his weight class.

      • Deebolt says:

        JBJ probably trains at a heavier weight than DC, not to mention DC is alot shorter. He knows that he would have to rely heavily on striking (which is not bad) but the fact that his opponent would be levels ahead of him in wrestling puts him off already. Hes borderline scared and making excuses again. Whats new I ask?

      • GetJonesToHeavyWeight says:

        what you talking about. Do your research. DC said he is willing to come to 205 but ONLY if it is for jones. So he isn’t calling out a smaller division, he would be in that division if he fought jones. Idiot

        • Reality says:

          I’ve done my research. He has actually been pushing more Jones than JDS a*s*s*h*o*l*e. So STFU!

      • some guy says:

        how is jon jones smaller than him?? please tell me? DC is 5’11 and weighs what around 240 pounds…. jon “justduckem” jones is 6’4 and walks around probably at that weight! so how is DC calling out someone smaller? im not gonna be one of those guys to take something away from jones…. but he is a arrogant asshole and he seems to think that he is gods gift to this earth…. i dont like him, i dont like his style, i dont like his fights, BUT he wins so i guess i cant take that away from him but still i say F.U. JON “JUSTDUCKEM” JONES!

        • Reality says:

          @Someguy I never said Jones was smaller than Cormier. I said he is calling out a guy in a smaller weight division. Jones is smaller than JDS and a lot of the other heavyweights. Those are the guys Cormier is used to fighting. That’s all

      • david says:

        hes only calling him out cause he truly believes cain gonna win the hw belt. And he will never fight him so thats why hes interested in lhw

      • duncan says:

        cause dana wants him at light heavy and hes only the size of rashad. daniel comer* is under six foot and shouldnt be at heavyweight. its the same as big country. if he got in shape he could probably be and interesting fight for jones or silva if he makes the weight.

  7. Drew says:

    Gusta would be good both young extremely relevant and it’s always good to bring an international feel to the show makes complete sense orrrr glover but for the shows saling point gusta would probably be better buuuuttttt who knows

  8. Sasquatch says:

    Someone needs to remind this fool he’s NOT Anderson Silva and he CAN’T hand pick his opponents… wait a minnute… maybe he can.

  9. The MMA Story says:

    I do not like seeing “fans” talk so much s*** about Jones. Jones attitude needs adjusted. A loss on his record would humble him. His ego is off the charts. He is too young a fighter and is absorbing this attention and its all going to his head. *THAT* said, His skill-set is unmatched. Look at the greats in the division. He finished all former champs, minus Forrest (whom would be finished quickly,) and Rashad. He’s not going anywhere. And when he DOES lose.. he is going to bounce right back. Because he is that good. I could see him bulking up and being very dominant in the heavyweight division, because he is smart, patient and would have a ton of cardio not found in the HW division right now. You don’t have to like him at all.. I know I don’t. but don’t call yourself a fan, follow MMA and then miss the obvious.

    • GetJonesToHeavyWeight says:

      You can see him fighting at HW? He won’t even fight a HW who is not even ranked top 5 who is willing to come down to him. Lol @ you and your idiot opinions.

  10. Mike b says:

    This guy is a cocky SOB…..the more he opens his mouth the more I hate him.what ever happened to accepting all challenges.if ur not worthy enough u don’t deserve to fight me?????he can care less about the fans or the UFC and how he portrays himself.very skilled and gifted fighter but a very big headed,hypocritical,selfish person.

  11. Rodrigo says:

    This kid is so stupid

  12. stephen riddle says:

    Im thinking after glover beats down rampage and one other unfortunate soul he will solve the jones complex, i see why rua didnt want to fight him.

    • GetJonesToHeavyWeight says:

      I don’t know if glover has quite got the skillz to beat Jones. Might be a long time before another person who fights at 205 can take him. One of the big guys will have to come down or Jones go up I think.

  13. Artex says:

    Stupid Bones, be a man and face DC!

  14. danny says:

    wow tuf anderson and jones would be PERFECT!

  15. MellowFellow says:

    i hate to say it but i agree with jones. i mean who has Daniel beat? nobody thats important he’s trying to build his name witch is good but he does not desurve a crack at jones. & yall sound dumb he wudnt beat jones yea he’s an asshole & cocky bt he’s still hella good

    • 757 says:

      Daniel beat Josh Barnett and Antonio Silva. His last two opponents are as good as Jon has fought …..not counting Belfort who is a 185 er who on short notice almost took his arm home ….go look it up

      • Dick Niaz says:

        yeah, that’s right, Josh Barnett…. the guy who was relevant like 6 years ago, that is way more impressive than beating Vitor, Machida, Rashad, Rampage and Shogun in a row in dominant fashion.

        oh wait, no it’s not

        • 757 says:

          Dude what???? you don’t even make sense on this one. DC will smash Jones and he knows it. He has a height and reach advantage on everyone. I am not hating on him I am just saying that DC is a beast and smashed those guys he fought. Bones is getting knocked the fuck out if he fights him. That’s why he won’t

        • 757 says:

          Oh yeah and for the record Machida, Belfort, and Evans are all potentially 185ers soon. Belfort already but the other two to follow. Rampage was big enough but way past his prime, and shogun was outsized but is a beast so I will give Jones that. Fact is DC would have the weight and size (not height) advantage. Bones knows this so he is not going after DC.

    • GetJonesToHeavyWeight says:

      Cormier may not have been in the big league long but no one wants to fight him because he beats the piss out of anyone who steps to him. At 205 he would destroy, Jones knows it, you should too.

    • biggy says:

      Who did Brock Lesnar beat before Randy ? I didn’t see Captain America tellin Brock “Your noone i wont fight you “

  16. F*ck off Jones says:

    This dude is fucking pissing me off foreal wtf he is the champ and considered p4p best by some ppl but he dosent want to fight anybody .. its unbelievable right there 3 interresting opponents for Jones that the fans really want to see : Cormier , Sonnen or Silva , HE DECLINES THEM ALL !!!! GTFO JON !!

    • MellowFellow says:

      are serious? sonnen & cormier dont desurve a shot at the title wtf. & silva wont fight him either so i guess he isnt the best either huh

    • Reality says:

      I don’t think anyone who wants to see him in a competitive matchup wants to see him fight Sonnen. Cormier has been fighting heavyweight in a different organization. How come he isn’t calling out the heavyweight champion? Good matchup but we haven’t seen DC at light heavyweight and he hasn’t established himself by beating contenders there(not that he can’t but it hasn’t happened). As for Silva, he doesn’t want to fight Jones either so that’s not the issue. He still has Hendo, Gustaffson, Glover, possibly Davis, and others in the division that he hasn’t beaten yet(or rematched if that happens).

  17. Jimmmmmmmmy says:

    Jon Jones just needs to shut up and fight anyone the UFC puts in front of him and stop trying to duck his way around keeping the title.

  18. 757 says:

    The only thing Jones could do is those cheap little bitch kicks to your opponents legs because you are to afraid to get close to them and get blasted. DC will smash him…he knows it and that’s it

    • Reality says:

      Is that a serious statement? Perhaps you haven’t seen his fights in the UFC. Maybe you should go back and watch them. People may not like him but they can’t say he’s not a great fighter.

  19. Deebol says:

    I love how Anderson silva took a fight to save a card for the fans and his company to this idiot thinking of himself again

  20. George says:

    Seriously this shit is starting to piss me off when did it get ok for this modafukin fighter boxers/mma to decide who they are willing to fight??? A fight between Cormier is a fight that the fans the people that pay your bills would love to see including a fight with silva man not sonnen or anybody else that u kno your going to beat. Need more people like bj who will literally fight anyone anywhere anytime.

  21. theman says:

    UFC-WWE Dana White-Vince McMahon All the same corporate bull****

  22. 757 says:

    I didn’t say he was a great fighter. I did say that from the Rampage fight on he started this kicking in the knee crap. It would seem that Rampage, Rashaad, and Belfort all had the punch to KO him and he knows it. That’s why he used that kick. He would do it against DC as well as not to get blasted is what I said. What he is not counting on is that DC rag dolled Barnett, and blasted Bigfoot. Jones is getting knocked out if he fights DC…..NOW BELFORT MOVED UP TO FIGHT BECAUSE THE FANS DESERVED TO SEE IT. IT’S BONES TURN……..Won’t happen is my bet

  23. yeahrightman says:

    Lol! You scared bro?

  24. GetJonesToHeavyWeight says:

    Lol. Does this guy seriously think we are stupid? He knows Cormier could cut to 205 and would be even more powerful than him at that weight. He tries to cover it up by saying cormier is unknown? ROFL. Cormier is hugely well known, and even affectionately known as the “Black Fedor.” This guy would not only coach better than him but throw him around the ring and punch him in the jaw. THAT is why Jones won’t coach against him….

  25. killaj671 says:

    eff this guy! scared as usual…no PPV money from me jon jones, i’m not hear to raise your stocks.

  26. Lord says:

    No wait everyone… Jon Jones is gonna tweet something in a month or so after he realizes fans are getting mad saying something like ” I should of coached againts Cormier because I wanted to do it for the FANS! ” somethin like that, after the fact that a descision was made already. Guaranteed! Something will come up. So trust your boy Jbj cocksuckers! He’s got your back!

  27. Joseph says:

    Jones vs sonnen

  28. This is just getting SAD says:

    “but it’d take the right opponent.” – That about sums him up as a person.

  29. Haha says:

    Oh no…What is it that I hear? Is that Jon Jones vagina wings flapping again?

  30. DMAC says:

    DC trying to make Bones money w/o even performing on the big show, c’mon son!

  31. RET says:

    Team Jones vs Team Sonnen!

  32. Mateus says:

    Jones is bitching out

  33. tman says:

    i would absolutely love to see a Heavyweight leg kick Jones’ ankles into Joe Rogans lap..

  34. tHE TRUTH MY FRIENDS...... says:


  35. Nunya says:

    I agree with Jones. Cormier is a good fighter, but hasn’t proven himself in the UFC as a Heavyweight or a Light Heavyweight. Machida vs Jones on TUF would be ideal!

  36. George says:

    Cormier is a champion a Olympian a tournament champion ko the man who beat fedor destroyed a top ten heavyweight striker on his feet never been taken down undefeated and is calling you out but yet nobody knows him? Give me a break Jon jones your vagina is wearing me out.

  37. FreDdawg says:

    No ones willing to fight DC at HW ..DC just go down and start smashing fools at LHW then Jones cant say no.. I loved Jones 2 years ago when he was unknown and smashing everyone but the belt makes some fighters change for the worse ..Uve changed Jones….I like Champs like Junior hes just happy to fight anyone infront of him, U never he him being picky.. he wants to fight the guys that call him out to shut them up …

  38. Aj paduano says:

    JJ cocky arrogant full of shit I’m in the ufc now
    All hand picked fights not a fan any more he should stop talking ….by the I will never buy Nike product ever AGAIN FUCK YOU JON NO BACK BONE JONES

    Yours truly
    Aj paduano

  39. Greg says:

    Keep crying you hating dorks!

  40. stone cold says:

    lol jones is a puss! (i)

  41. Nathan says:

    Not here to raise his stock? who the f*** do you think you are, how about if everyone said the same about you, you wouldnt be here! up your own a** mate! I hope you are forced to do exactly what you are told like every other fighter in the UFC and stop acting like you do as you please you arrogant knob!

  42. Haha says:

    Excuses + Excuses ➗ Fans = Jon Jones

  43. KZJ! says:


    Having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities.

  44. shooto7 says:

    Wow, wow, wow. Jones is a MTV champion. Wow, wow, wow. Cormier is an actual threat, no need for bones to pretend. Wow, I am in shock, forst Sonnen and now DC, Champion JBJ might be, be heart of a champion he does not have.

    Champion = any time, any place, any one. JBJ is transforming the sport into the essence that has ruined many major sports, yes, into a business. A business it is, but only for Zuffa, the champ needs to act like a champ and not like a spoiled brat. JBJ, skills of a lion, attitude of a kitten.

    Meow, Jon, Meow…

  45. Jnr#1 says:

    Anyone else rather see sforce fold and DC to face overeem for a shot at the winner of JDS & Cain

  46. Lol says:

    Cormier hasn’t earned it in the correct class, i.e he can fuck off

  47. 2lowtoe says:

    feed bones andersons 3 lhw buddys from his camp.. get it over with.. then make it happen spider vs chicken bones nobody wants to lose but everybody is the baddest

  48. repairman jack says:

    dude has a point about Cormier being a bit unknown to the casual fan , however he doesn’t need to be a dick to express his point , id love to see jbj coach against chael i dont think chael has earned a shot but it would be tv gold! i think chael might just be able to get in jbj’s head at the very least it would be entertaining to hear what chael would say to him!! still think jbj would smash him though!

  49. Jgali says:

    Have him coach against AS

  50. Xaninho says:

    I don’t think Cormier is unknown. In fact he has just about as much hype behind him as Jones. Even casual fans know who Cormier is. Jones is just dragging bogus reasoning into the picture because he’s not sure he can beat Cormier.

  51. halfway says:

    Really, all that is not even Jon’s concern. He should be concerned with who he’s fighting and that’s it. He’s making calls the UFC brass makes. They need to humble this kid.

  52. Wall-e says:

    It is weak for Jones to say he won’t fight Cormier because “he’s relatively unknown” but for Cormier to say that he’ll go down to 205 but only if it is against Jones is just as lame…

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