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Wednesday, 05/16/2012, 04:58 am

Jon Jones On Rashad | "I definitely pray for him. I wonder how he's doing,”

By Jamie McAllister
UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones comments to MMA Uncensored Live.

Jones comments on Rashad and hopes his former training partner & opponent is doing well.

“I haven’t talked to Rashad, but I definitely pray for him. I wonder how he’s doing,”

“I’m sure it’s a lot to lose, especially to me. You know, it’s a tough time in Rashad’s life right now, so he’s definitely in my thoughts and prayers.”

“What’s happened has already happened now, and hopefully, that friendship is still possible,”


61 Responses to “Jon Jones On Rashad | "I definitely pray for him. I wonder how he's doing,””

  1. hanibal says:

    one word: FAKE!!

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Or is it just that you want his words to be fake so the soap opera can continue?

      • vincejai says:

        if this were whole hearted and true. it wouldn’t need to be on the media. tell Rashad that, and have Rashad praise you. not the press.. its phoney written all over it.

        • Let me add to the retardedness says:

          yeah! and jones sucks at fighting too!’s only because he has that reach, he wins! yeah. he cannot punch! yeah! Hendo is gonna take him out! yeah! Rashad didn’t show up for their fight, that’s why he lost! yeah!


        • simple one says:

          all i hear is a lot of hateing!!!!! you say jones can’t punch,maybe not the best puncher but he makes that up with his elbows!!! and rashad found that out the hard way didn’t he?you say he sucks as a fighter,well all of his opponents he’s fort so far and beat,must suck even more,no disrespect to them but john BONES jones is the ufc light heavy weight champ!!!so grab a tissue go bak to bed and have a winge!!!!!

        • James says:

          You need to calibrate your sarcasm detector.

        • icke says:

          Yeah. You’re an idiot. Yeah.

        • Gerald says:

          i hate to say it but dude is right. Jones’ reach is what gives him the advantage in a big way. although he does his damage using elbows. someone like hendo (or anderson) will hurt him due to: 1. lack of stopping power- Jones throws a lot of different attack (i.e Spinning back fist) but none of it has stopping power or Knockout power. Flashy and nice to see but no power. Lyoto showed that. 2. Lack of a good chin- ok ok before you jump down my throat and bitch and complain look at the fights with Evans and Lyoto. both of these fighters stunned him pretty bad Evans more so than Lyoto. Evans didnt even use a power shot on him for the stun and Lyoto punched him( we all know Lyoto doesnt have strong punches) 3. Time in the UFC- this is what sets Champs from the others. Jones doesnt have the fights under his belt yet to say hey this guy is a beast. (waiting for the fan boys to get me now) Hendo has been around for a bit. so i end this with this Hendo fight may go like the Jackson fight. jones keeps him at bay with his reach and his gay ass knee kick(which should be illegal as all hell cause thats a cheap ass way to kick someone. you dont push kick someone’s knee.) and i hate to say it but there is some fishy shit when jones fights (leg kick and his eye attack). IMO

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          Uh, how many times, during interviews with both Rasad and Jones, have you heard Jones say he would like to be friends again after this is over, only to hear Rashad basically say that it won’t happen? If you say never, then you’re either lying, or you have never watched an interview with them sitting side by side. That being said, what other alternative does Jones have to get his message across if speaking directly to Rashad didn’t work?

        • Not You says:

          Stop talking to Rashad. That’s a pretty viable option. Stop addressing the dude all together. Adults are supposed to be able to do that.

      • E716 says:

        Jones knows saying that kind of stuff gets under Rashads skin…lol

    • Tellurmomhi4me says:

      You spelled ‘hannibal’ wrong

    • Tony says:

      Hes the fakest nigga i know

  2. Jim says:

    Its sounds very nice but these are things you tell rashad first .espc if you are really trying

  3. Lol says:

    What happened to Rashad??

    • Rashad says:

      is fine. Christians, unlike wanna-be Christians, pray and thank their God during all parts of their lives. Times don’t have to be bad in order for Christians to pray for you. Jon is saying that he prays for Rashad like how he prays for his family, friends, and all mankind. If you’re discounting Jones’ statement here, he is praying for you, too.

    • Eric The Beast says:

      He got divorced n now lives here in Miami. I know because the primetime back in UFC 145 build up.

  4. The natural says:

    What’s goin on wit rashad is he sick or hurt or is somebody in his family dying why does he say this

  5. The natural says:

    Maybe it’s just his ego talking

  6. Axel39 says:

    Im pretty sure its because Rashad had a divorce with his long time wife, and split from the Jackson camp.

    Hard times…

  7. Ko_King says:

    What a patronising prick! He thinks he’s god almighty! Great fighter but very patronising.

  8. Marek says:

    Nothing happened to Rashad Jones is just being all high and mighty

  9. DMAC says:

    why everything that comes out his mouth sound like straight bullshit. Fucking hate this guy like he stole something from me.

    Rashad was on some post fight fuel tv thing and he seems like the same easy going Rashad, so where this train of thought came from is puzzling.

  10. Xaninho says:

    Jones is mocking Rashad Evans with these comments.

    He’s making Rashad looking like a chump bitch crying in his pillow at night because he lost to Jones.

    Just throwing more salt in the wound.

  11. drew says:

    it sounds sincere, when you bring in god its a whole nother sentence now isn’t it haha…that was a knock on religion but not jon jones because it does sound sincere those dudes do go way back

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Haters ain’t gonna see it like that, bro. No matter what he says or does, it’s always gonna be “fake” or something negative. Let the haters hate, cuz Jones still rules the 205 regardless

      • rlm says:

        Agreed, he could make the most kindest, normal comment and people would still find a way to twist it around.

      • rlm says:

        I agree. Jones could make the kindest, most normal comment and still have his words twisted around. I know some of you folks dislike him but give him a break. If there is anything or anyone to hate let it be injustice and hate itself.

    • Dan says:

      “It’s alot to lose, especially to me”.

      That’s the quote that makes everything else seem insincere. I’m not sure if he tries to sound arrogant intentionally, but it is what it is. Everything he says comes off as cocky

  12. Mike McMack says:

    I wouldn’t want to be friends with a guy like Jones who said too Rashads face that he stole his fight team. Shad’s real friends stood by him while Jackson and company decided to stick with Jones over Rashad when they should have stayed neutral. I’m not saying Rashad handled everything perfectly either, he should have talked to Jones privately after that interview where Jones said he’d fight Rashad. Oh well, if I were Rashad I’d just be professional in dealing with and talking about Jones and Jackson but I wouldn’t want to be friends since this whole thing proved that they were never Rashads friends to begin with. They ended their beef in the cage so there’s need to trash talk, keep it classy but keep your enemies at a distance.

  13. Gomay says:

    what’s going on .. Jones just saw the Primetime special and found out Rashad had a divorce and moved to Florida LOLLL what a corn ball…Please let a H Bomb land

  14. joegun says:

    The more I hear from chicken legs jones the more I hate him…what a douche…I hope hendo knocks his head to the third row…if not move up n fight!! No need to fight gustuffson…

  15. joegun says:

    Please god….just one h-bomb…..and maybe a left hook for insurance…my thoughts and prayers are with you mr.jones..I don’t think arthur hits as hard as hendo..

  16. Not You says:

    “I’m sure it’s a lot to lose. Especially to me.” I can’t even pretend to like him as a person any more. Great fighter. But wow.

  17. Colt Scotty 5 says:

    Praying is a waste of time. Jones is a goodie goodie attention whore.

  18. dsmith24 says:

    I think alot of people bought into the pre-fight hype. I think after seeing that fight that Jon Jones does and always has had respect for Rashad Evans. He didnt just say that, somebody asked him about it. Its not like he walked out his front door, called the mma media over and made a statement. he answered a question. Regardless of the outcome of the fight, i think that the hype was only hype and that Jones and Evans both are probably still friends when it comes down to it. I really think some of ya’ll have problems with getting swept up in the hype. Like some of you are already swept up in the hype that somehow Dan Henderson is the answer for Jon Jones….holler at me when you put down the crack pipe.

  19. mzel says:

    it’s funny how a man gets judged when asked a question, especially when the person is a public figure, do we know what goes on behind the doors of these men? jones has fans and he has those that dislike him, comes with the territory, but does it matter? anyone who dislikes someone is always going to find a fault in them. good fight for them both.

  20. WWE 4 LIFE says:

    Jones is a great/entertaining fighter. But you need to stfu you fake turd.

  21. STAND says:

    Since they didnt print the whole interview have any of you stopped to think that they asked him about rashad? and how was rashad doing… if he hasnt spoken to rashad why would his answer be fake…some of you guys or idiots…

  22. dominic says:


  23. Clay says:

    Jones has acted the same since any of you have ever seem him in the UFC. He gets interviewed 99 times a week and is just trying
    To keep it humble. That’s who he is. He don’t want to talk shit all the time. Quit crying cuz jones beat your favorite fighters and is only 24. Haters

  24. CoCiO says:

    egotistical much…lol. as if this shit is actually relevant anymore. you pray for someone just because you beat them, in a performance that wasn’t really dominating. Not a tough loss for rashad. doesn’t really need praise..nor does that loss make his life any tougher im sure -_-. i wish the dude would just not talk. at all..

  25. DMAC says:

    Jon’s when you get home, lay in the bed and look at the ceiling do me one favor and GO FUCK YOuRSELF!!!

  26. Coco says:

    We in Sweden would like you bones to tell this easyfools making fans propaganda to rashad not the press

    Hendo will Fuck you up and if not out Viking gustafsson

  27. Coco says:

    Our Viking

    Fucking iPhone crap shitphone!

  28. Rolando mota says:


  29. Jeremy says:

    Ah Christianity:
    The belief that some cosmic Jewish Zombie can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him that you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree. makes perfect sense.

  30. the merc says:

    How can u criticize a guy for how he is built physically? Do you say “linemen are only good blockers because theyre big”? No. Its part of their game. Thats the beauty off MMA, everyone is different. Its up to them to figure out a game plan. Anderson silva is built the same way…

  31. LOL. Jones is a shit talker. If he was sincere, he wouldn’t have rubbed it in by saying “I’m sure it’s a lot to lose, especially to me”….

    Ok now before the JBJNHS (Jon Bone Jones Nut Hugger Society) pull some IJJ (internet jii-jitsu) on me and put in a “Caps Lock” until I “Tab” out….so far Jones has been able to back up his shit talking……so far.

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