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Friday, 05/04/2012, 08:24 am

Jon Jones Not Worried About Hendo’s “H-Bomb”

“No, I’m not worried about the ‘H-bomb.’ I fought Ryan Bader. He had an amazing overhand right. I think he won The Ultimate Fighter with that overhand right. Rashad Evans ended up knocking out Chuck Liddell with his overhand right. Mauricio ‘Shogun’ had an awesome overhand right. I’m just not worried about it. It’s a single technique that I’m prepared for, extensively. ‘Hendo’ actually has a good left hook, as well, so, I’m not worried about single strikes.”

While a guest on Spike TV’s MMA Uncensored UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones weighed in on his upcoming battle with MMA legend, Dan Henderson.

The champ should have confidence in his skillset; in fact at this point I do not think anyone can deny him. He has taken out the likes of Shogun, Machida and Rampage Jackson with ease, and they are three of the best strikers in the division.

Dan Henderson’s one true gift as a fighter is his ability to land that big right hand. Everyone knows it’s coming, but he has really honed in on making that his trademark, go-to-move and it’s worked for him time and time again.

Will Jon Jones be able to stop it as easily as he is predicting?


74 Responses to “Jon Jones Not Worried About Hendo’s “H-Bomb””

  1. eddie says:

    Fear not the man that practices a thousand punches once, fear the man that practices one punch a thousand times….

  2. Luke says:

    I dont give a fuck who you are, if you dont fear the Hbomb your delusional! That shit make nuclear bombs look like a match strike.

    • Sloth says:

      Haha true that. So if Jones isn’t worried about the Hendo-Fist then why is he preparing for it so extensively???

      • Yeah says:

        Look how well that H Bomb right hand worked against Shogun !!! Knocked ’em right out ! Hendo is it, man! He goin’ win !!! Easily ! Like a big atomic bomb ! No matches or lighters here, ONLY BIG ATOMIC BOMBS !!! YAAAAAAAAA !

  3. Nick says:

    What if he lands it 0.0

    • Mike Custer says:

      he always lands it…and Jones is getting ktfo.

      • razz says:

        he couldn’t land it against anderson silva

        • Shawn says:

          Jones isn’t Silva. They both have two different styles. Jones stands in front of you to attack, leaving him open to strikes, as scene with Machida, Evans and Rampage. Silva attacks in angles, harder to hit. To get Silva, you have to chance getting KO’d, because you’ll have to charge at him like Sonnen did.

        • Shawn… Jones is not Silva… you’re right. But Jones avoids damage, just like Silva. Silva has been punched before.. Vitor hit him.. Okami hit him, Sonnen hit him, People have hit him.. they weren’t clean and powerful but they landed.. Jones has been hit before too. But what Silva and Jones have in common? Look at their faces AFTER their fights. And usually there is nothing to tell that they’ve been in a battle. So to say that jones is “open” to strikes is not completely accurate when, at the end of the day.. he barely has a mark.. and this is against high-level competition. Jones.. doesn’t have to fear the Hbomb. He just has to respect it like he has the other fighters’ techniques.

        • Thanks Shawn For Your Wisdom says:

          After all, you called all of Jones’ previous fights correctly. How can you screw up the next one?
          Thank you Expert Shawn. I can sleep better now.

  4. hlgcory says:

    I want to see Jones get KO’d so bad. He needs a healthy dose of humble pie.

  5. The title was a little misleading. I thought he’d be all arrogant and cocky, but he mentions Hendo’s other weapons.

    • hlgcory says:

      Funny that he compares Hendo’s overhand right to Bader and Liddell. I don’t think anyone has an overhand as powerful as Hendo. If he slips up, he’ll be eating one and waking up wondering what happened.

      • John says:

        Dude is confident and no doubt he respects Hendo and his skill. To be a champ you cant worry about anything. You train for everything and let your skill do the talking. How would you feel if JDS or Silva said they werent worried about the Hbomb but they trained for it and worried about that and all the weapons. Jones is supremely confident no doubt but hes not the arrogant, cocky punk people try to make him out to be

        • hlgcory says:

          I’m not so sure he’s not arrogant and cocky though some would argue that you have to be. For me, i’m not sure what it is about Jones that I don’t like but there is definitely something about him which keeps me from being a fan of his. Having said that, I recognize and appreciate his skill and what he has accomplished in the sport so far. We haven’t seen him truly tested yet which is what I would like to see. I would like to see how he does when hurt in a fight or coming off a loss.

        • Shawn says:

          Many fighters have some doubts, even the ones that don’t show it. That includes Silva and JDS. But you never hear those guys, or guys like them, saying they “don’t worry”. They are humble. Jones used to be that guy, until he won the belt. Now he’s just cocky and arrogant, for the simple fact that he doesn’t even realize how much he’s changed as a person. I had a lot of respect for this kid, but as of late, has grown less and less. But I can’t deny his skills. That I give props to. But he better worry about the H-Bomb. It’s caught many fighters. And when it lands…sweet dreams. And if it doesn’t knock you out, it will definitely make you do the chicken dance and susceptible to a take down and some vicious ground and pound. TKO. When you aren’t worried, you aren’t focused. Being focused means you prepared for all scenarios, and that would make ANYONE nervous. Not scared…nervous.

        • james migliorato says:

          Give me one example where he was cocky or one moment where he was disrespectful? Bet you pull something out of your ass and twist his words or the situation. That dude always speaks positively. Having confidence doesn’t mean you’re cocky. If you don’t think you’re the best then LEAVE THE UFC. Jones is humble. get over it.

    • No worreh says:

      Looks like the guy from street fighter in tht pick if u
      Your hair was yellow

  6. truth says:

    All these ppl in here keep saying bones us gonna get ko’d or lose…don’t get me wrong I like hendo he s a legend but he has once chance if winning…sheilds out classed him Jones will destroy him…only person that might have a chance in the next few years is Alexander..Truth

    • hlgcory says:

      I would tend to agree however every time I take that mindset with Hendo he completely surprises me so I am not so quick to dismiss him in this fight. I really do just want to see Jones get KO’d that will be the true test of his character and I think will bring him back to reality a bit. It’ll happen eventually, every dog has its day.

  7. Jake says:

    ^^^^^^He’s not talking about chucks over hand right smart one hes talking about rashads that he landed on Liddell because rashad has a powerful over hand right but still not as powerful as the H bomb though

    • Joe Bidden says:

      Regardless, his point still stands.

      “He’s not taking about Liddell! He’s talking about the guy with the weaker hand!”

      Doesn’t change the situation at all.

  8. Hendrickson says:

    People lose fights for different reasons. Hendo was sick for the jake shields fight had trouble making weight and gassed early. There was a reason he was eager to finish the fight quickly. Hendo couldn’t even move and shields couldn’t finish him

    • truth says:

      Anyone can talk shit that bones is a cocky bastard that’s fake and its true he is but the dude can fight man…he s proven it…I’m just being realistic hendo has the same chance as any fighter landing one punch…hendo also gased out in the rua fight I honestly don’t think he can win Jones will take him down

      • hlgcory says:

        Hendo brings more to this fight than a punchers chance I don’t think this fight is as lopsided as you think.

        • truth says:

          I hope he does and I hope your right bro but I highly doubt it Greg Jackson is good at game planning I think there plan will be keep hendo at a distance and take him down…hendo will unfortunately retire after this fight

        • hlgcory says:

          I’m with ya man. We’ll see. But I agree, I think Hendo probably retires after this bout unless of course he wins. Even then he may choose to ride off into the sunset on a victory. If I were to bet I got with Jones like everyone else but I am hoping Hendo pulls it off.

        • TRUTH says:

          Haha, You’re a bastard who stole the name and try to talk like I do. Truth is Hendo will KO Jones because he can be tagged, Machida Wobbled him. Dont talk about Shields fight, Hendo gassed out bc of the Meds he was in and his MD confirmed it. If Jones admitted that Machida hurt him and scared him first round, then he better bring his night pillow for Dan Henderson AND THATS THE TRUTH Mothefucker

        • lol says:

          retire?? bahaha… he has won 7 out of his last 8. Riding a 4 win streak… Why would he retire after losing a title shot. Hendo is not going anywhere for a min. He’s a brawler, and he LOVES fighting. Not a quitter..

  9. mean170 says:

    Jones is just so long that I don’t see Hendo getting close enough to land his big punch. Its the same deal with everyone Jones faces, he is in range and his opponent isn’t. Even Machida had trouble landing more than one strike at a time. I’d love to see Hendo land a bomb and get a KO though.

    • hlgcory says:

      Good point, to this point none of his opponents have been able to get inside and land anything significant. Honestly, the fight I would rather see is Gustafson which I am sure that will happen if Jones gets through Hendo. But I agree, would be cool to see Hendo who is regarded as the “old man” KO the young kid.

    • Kingsforge says:

      Anyone remember what A.Silva did to Hendo while he was swinging for the fences? Cos it’s in highlight reels everywhere. Hendo doesn’t even remotely have the distance, only chance he’s got of landing it is if Jones drops his guard as a mistake.

      • mean170 says:

        Indeed i do remember. But The Spider is also the Greatest of All Time. I agree with you wholeheartedly though. I don’t see him getting close enough. Jones will front kick his leg, throw jabs and straights, all from miles away.

        • hlgcory says:

          Silva being the greatest of all time is a whole other debate. If you look at quality of opponents, willingness to fight anyone, and # of fights per year, I would crown Jones the best fighter. I don’t like saying someone is the best for “all time” but at this moment, I think Jones should have the #1 fighter in in the world title over Silva.

    • Yosamitee sus says:

      Honestly,I don’t give a shit about how cocky or arrogant people claim Jon Jones is. All I care about is what goes on in the octagon. I respect Hendo and his overhand right, but Jones is gonna pick him apart. Jones is 18 years younger that Hendo, allot more elusive, and Hendo’s head and feet movement is horrible.

  10. A.James says:

    The H-Bomb is the rawest punch in the game. Jones is going to keep him at distance.

  11. Faggot cracker c0ckskr says:

    He got caught with a straight right by machida I’m sure Hendo will land it at least once

  12. I think its funny that anytime Jones says something to the effect that he going to win even though he does so with respect to his opponents all the Haters say he’s cocky. Of course he’s not worried and expects to win (or at least says that) how many fighter go into a fight saying I totally expect to get knocked out submitted or otherwise lose. No fighter says that not before a fight. I’ve heard fighters say after a fight that they where worried never before one (not a good fighter anyway).

    • hlgcory says:

      I don’t think anyone believes he is cocky or arrogant based off one statement he makes about thinking he will win. It is collection of things he says and certain things that he does that at least for me causes me not to be a fan. Does that mean I don’t enjoy his fights and respect what he brings to the table, no. I also wouldn’t consider myself a “hater”, I’m just not so quick to jump on the Jones bandwagon.

  13. truth says:

    OK “TRUTH” lol didnt know the name was taken fag…but your crazy bro hendo only has that punch going for him he couldnt finish rua he s past his time…he needs to hang them up…the real truth is that bones is for real regardless of his personality…this is a fighting contest not a personality contest…Alexander is the only one with a chance if he can improve his take down defense

  14. GET RID OF TRT says:

    He should worry about Hendo’s TRT.

  15. EBM FTW says:

    The difference between Hendo and the other opponents of Jon Jones is that Hendo doesn’t give a fuck if he’s getting hit. He just jumps in and throws his punches. Jones with his size advantage is probably able to take Hendo down and try to win the fight from there.
    But, the fight starts on the feet. If was Randy able to dominate the younger and bigger Sylvia at the start of the fight, why wouldn’t Hendo be able to dominate Jones?

  16. pdub says:

    i wouldn’t say he easily went through machida. he easily took him down once, easily split his forehead open, and easily choked him out. he did have to fight for it though. up until then, that was the only time i would ever say i thought bones could be in trouble. i don’t see hendo causing him many problems either.

  17. Dak says:

    Bones will win. You are crazy to think otherwise. Everyone said so much shit that machida and evans will KO him. Did not happen and hendo (love the guy) wont come close either. I really dont see why people dont like him. I watch fights, I dont care what they have to say out of the cage. I became an instant fan after the Bonnar fight and knew hed be champ. He will dominate the devision for a while and i dont see anyone at LHW capable of beating him. If Rashad couldnt, no one will. I would love to see him tested at HW after this fight though. WAR BONES!!

  18. dastuka says:

    He is an amazing athlete. Runs in his family..with one bro playing for the Ravens and the other just drafted by the Patriots. Having said that I would love to see his ‘Goody Two Shoes’ fake ass get knocked out by Hendo. I dont think that is gonna go down though. Hell use his insane length to dismantle Hendo…one way or another. He only let Machida drop like a sack of shit…because Machida had him scared and hurt a bit. If he hadnt of gotten rocked he would have let an obviously ‘OUT’ Machida down more easily. He is a fake.

    • james migliorato says:

      No you’re fake. Jones was scared???LOL Bro ease up with your excuses. Funny how once you dominate everyone and then finally someone connects a punch automatically “they almost won” or “they would’ve won”, Didn’t know you knew Jonew so personally to be able to say that his positive actions are all fake. Oh that’s right, you just hate that he’s the champ and popular right now that’s it. Grow up.

  19. D-yan says:

    IT kinda made it sound like thats all den henderson is good at, he’s also an olympic wrestler. anything can happen in a fight but jones will probly just pick him apart with that reach, rashad is faster than dan and he could get close so its gonna be tough man.

  20. Beaner says:

    Hondo is gonna go in for a fake takedown and when Jones drops to try and block it. Hendo will throw the H-Bomb when Jones hands are down and will connect. Jones thinks he can take anyone. I say get someone who has a black belt in TKD and knows how to throw real kicks with real power and destroy Jones with just his legs. There are so many moves in TKD if used correctly would drop your opponent. Plus the speed they have and the combos they can throw would def make jones offguard. They would just have to have a good ground game if taken down.

    • While you at it says:

      give your imaginary opponent for Jones a SHOVEL ! Yeah! He can hit Jones over the head with a shovel ! That’s what will defeat his fake ass, yeah? A big shovel !!! And make it a Korean shovel !!!! They have the best handles !!!! YES !!!!

      • Keith says:

        lol, I had a good laugh about the korean shovel.

        Most of Tae Kwan Do is not very practical, I did it for a few years. Imagine what happens after you miss a flying kick? You’re going to get taken down and then its going to be ground and elbow by the champion. Lights out.

  21. @WilfyDee says:

    People hate on Jon Jones for one reason, because his IS that good! Same reason people hate on the Klitschko’s ir Machester United for that matter. I don’t see him as arrogant or cocky at all, he just speaks his mind. At the 145 he spoke at his respect and admiration for Rashad and that’s all he speaks of. Some

  22. @WilfyDee says:

    >cont< someone even said he needs to be tested!? They've put the best of the division in front of him and he's walked straight through them. People complain he's too tall, should he fight on his knees? Hand tied behind his back? He's just a talented kid who has worked extremely hard to develop in the best he can be and continues to do so. Hating is hating people. Truth.

  23. In today’s mma world, if you win all your fights or defend the belt multiple times then automatically you’re cocky and the fans twist everything you say to further their hate..Just like when Hendo went on LIVE radio and disrespected Jon Jones by saying he questions whether Jones is a genuine person for no reason. Jon Jones afterwards shows more class and says “let’s not not trash talk each other and let’s keep it professional” but already you fake fans were twisting it and saying how Jones is being a jerk because your beloved Hendo would never do that but in fact he did and Jones was being the bigger man by basically saying ‘lets not go that route”. Just like with Evans. Evans bashed Jones daily but Jones outclassed him big time..I swear UFC fans are the trashiest group of people on the planet. You make more excuses and make up more reasons to hate the champions more than any other sports fans. Haters…

  24. ckim says:

    I really hope Hendo lands that big right and knock the shit outta Jones. But, as much as I love Jones, it’ll be such a thrilling upset if this were to happen.

  25. thatoneguy says:

    I keep seeing people say Jones is cocky … give one fucking example.. This guy is as humble as can be. He does not go out and verbally attack people like Sonnen or Ortiz.. He simply states how he feels and how he is prepared.. Anyone thinking he is cocky needs to get checked out.

    • Yosamitee sus says:

      I agree with you “thatoneguy”. Chael Sonnen is the most arrogant, cocky, disrespectful fighter in the u.f.c, but for some odd reason the same people that say that’s why they don’t like bones, love Sonnen. I don’t get it. Accept it, Jones is gonna beat Hendo and clear out the lhw division.

  26. @WilfyDee says:

    Glad to see some people can see it how it is!

  27. Lol says:

    Did he just compare some weak ass over hand rights to henderson h bomb? He comparing apples and oranges.

  28. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I don’t remember Bader landing an overhand right on Jones LOL I remember Bader being rag dolled… Rashad landed an overhand right on Chuck who has very little chin left.. and Shogun was rusty… These all sound like excuses but they are true. Jones even got wobbled by Rashad’s overhand right and that isn’t comparable to the H-Bomb.

    Hendo is a different beast all together with his technique. He puts his whole body into that right hand. Sometimes its a looping overhand and sometimes it’s a thrusting straight punch. Jones needs to worry.

  29. Hahahaha says:

    And people call JJ fans gay little fan boys, it’ll be a good fight but Dan Henderson will be coming in as a massive underdog.

    As usual Jones is the one holding all the advantages; he can lose sure, it’s just very unlikely. People are strange about Jon Jones I don’t have a problem with the guy I liked him in early fights and I like him now, I feel like theres very little need to justify his alleged “arrogance.”

    Only issue I take is he’s a religious loon like most fighters and believes he’s some messiah of punches and kicks; but whatever you know, it seems to help them win having a higher power complex.

  30. poisontheadam says:

    no one has mentioned that hendo isnt afraid to close the distance. he has a solid chin and can take a shot to the dome. i think thats whats gonna prove to be the game changer in this fight. i think jones is great, and he will prove it over time but i dont think hendos game plan is just gonna be land the right hand (i refuse to use the term H-Bomb because its the stupid) i see hendo trying to get it to the ground as fast as he can to take JJ’s reach advantage away. he may take a page from captain americas book and grind him into the cage until an opening for a take down opens up. but in all honesty i dont think we’ll see a KO may a submission but i think its gonna go all 5 rounds

    • Simon says:

      I don’t think hendo is guna go for the takedown man. He’s more likely to try and KO him in rounds 1-2. If it makes it past then j

    • domp says:

      Hendo will gas in the 2nd round, he cant take jon down (rashad couldnt) He wont be able to land his right hand…. Jones will take him down and smash his face with elbows. Jon will be the first to KO hendo, and it will be from hendo’s guard. Sad thing is Hendo is one of my favs. but the fedor fight, shields fight… He looked sloppy against a buncha bums, Went to SF and fought shit fighters. Now hes fighting the best in the world.

  31. mattzilla says:

    Come on Hendo beat this fool down

    • Yeah Hendo says:

      Please???? beat this fake fool down, Mr. Hendo. No hasn’t been able to do it, so we all are relying on you, Mr. Hendo. And don’t worry about the extra TRT, take all you want, you deserve it after your awesome career! Thanks Mr. Hendo.

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