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Thursday, 08/23/2012, 09:10 am

Jon Jones Makes It Clear, He Fights For The Money | UFC NEWS

“I want to focus on Dan Henderson at this point, and not worry about Lyoto Machida, but when it comes to a pay-per-view conversation in general, I fight for honor and integrity and I fight to be the best. I try to keep martial arts experience in mind as much as possible. At same time, I’m a 2012 warrior and I fight to provide for my family. This is a sport where we don’t have a retirement plan and we don’t have insurance for the rest of our lives, so the money that I make today is the money that’s around for when I’m 80 years old and if I ever get sick, or, I have to pay for several colleges already because I have a lot of kids. Right now, I’m on this call with you reporters because you want to write the best story so you can make money. Well you know, I fight to make money, quite frankly. So, if I was to not be involved with my time, and be completely ignorant to my finances, and pay-per-view sales, and taxes, and investing, you know, it would be a shame. I refuse to be a broke athlete when I retire. So, I don’t apologize for being aware of pay-per-view sales, and being business savvy. My whole reason for picking up MMA gloves in the first place was because I had a kid on the way. My original goal was to be successful in my parents’ eyes. I was the college dropout between me and my brothers.”

“Say the NFL, I’m sure they’re really passionate about football, but they don’t go out there because they love it that much, they do it because they want to be the best, and they want to provide for their families, so it’s so much more than if you love it. If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t want to be champion.”

During yesterday’s UFC 151 pre-fight media call, UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones kept it real in regards to his motives to fight and remain champion.


62 Responses to “Jon Jones Makes It Clear, He Fights For The Money | UFC NEWS”

  1. im1st says:

    wow, im 1st to comment.

    i am great!

  2. Mike b says:

    The more this kid opens his mouth the more people hate him.hes such a fucking hypocrite it makes me sick…..

    • JusRaw says:

      How is he a hypocrite? He just said he fights to be the best and I provide for his family… That makes perfect sense. If you had a family wouldn’t you want to provide for them?

      • lolziez says:

        Mike B prob using the computer at his local library cause he cant afford his own, you know since doing stuff for money is ludicrous and all and makes people hypocrits, but i have to commend him for having so much passion to post idiotic comments

        • Derp says:

          Ha! Mike b is poor!

        • Null says:

          Sound comeback, makes sense you’d attack him rather than focus on an intelligent argument.

          That being said, Jones lost more fans by acting like this which is going to hurt his PPV purse more than accepting the Sonnen fight (which he didn’t because he’s a coward). Sorry you’re going to ride or die with Jones, but the UFC is going to see a drop in PPV numbers when he fights because we can just steal a stream.

        • Tossers says:

          Agreed. If JBJ fights for money he would of taken up what I think was an easy fight for him in Chael Sonnen. I think there is more to it than just money for Jones, hes scared of losing, scared of competing unprepared and hes scared of ruining his legacy. People outright hate him now (I’ve had a dislike for him since he fought Machida, and a growing hate for him since he mucked around with Rashad). The guy has spies in peoples camps he probably knew Henderson had a bunged knee 30 minutes after Hendo tore his Medial. I’m sure he either knew to attack Hendos knee or that it was probably likely that he was going to fight someone else.

      • Josh says:

        Exactly. He is being upfront. Y’all read what you want to see. He said martial arts are a big part of it, but not all of it. WTF, can’t a man work to feed himself and his family?

        • ed says:

          So why’d he turn down a fight that would have made him a bundle of cash — and not screwed a bunch of other fighters out of their paychecks too?

        • deeznuggets says:

          . . . because it also could have also screwed him out of a lot of that money. Oh, and while your at it why did two other top tier fighters duck out of a rematch one month out? Riddle me that? It’s not Jones’ fault the event got cancelled.

        • Tossers says:

          @ deeznuggets Machida just fought you scrub, he wants a full 8 week camp to compete against him as he is entitled to. You don’t face the best person in your division unprepared and expect to win. If Machida’s confidence is high, expect him to put some hurt on JBJ. Chael was going to fight JBJ for a big pay day, possibly promotion and other benefits (a good match would secure him a future rematch against JBJ). It partially is his fault for the event getting cancelled (I said partially before you start attacking me you muppet) he had a chance to continue the event, but thats not why I dont like him. He says he fights for money? Chael Sonnen, easy money right there and he probably would be able to face Dan Henderson in a few months too.

      • JC says:

        if he wanted to be the best he should have proven it against Chael.

        • mo says:

          Chael isn’t in a position to fight for a championship belt. He just got embarrassed by Silva. Didn’t Dana say something like ” back to the bottom of the barrel.”

  3. Bob says:

    2 more days big boy

  4. deezy says:

    2 more days till wat?

  5. Michael says:

    I actually appreciate his honesty. I’m not a fan of his and I want him to lose, but the honesty is great.

  6. mj says:

    That raging hypocrite!!! There is no opponent he would have made more money of fighting than Sonnon, and he turned it down to fight Machida!

    • 9lives304 says:

      yes there is!!! Dan Fucking Henderson dumbass. That’s what we all wanted to see…not Sonnen’s big fuckin mouth, or Lyoto boring Machida….we wanted to see Jones vs Henderson……..enough said!!!

      • Josh says:

        Actually he would have made more money fighting sonnen because he was going to give Jon’s his purse… But you’re right, we wanted to see Jon’s and Dan.

    • Nick says:

      You people are oblivious to the game behind MMA. Jones is far to intelligent to take a fight for his belt with a guy who doesn’t deserve a shot at it in the first place, on short term notice where he has no time to game plan and build a strategy for this man. Its a sport where a lot of effort goes into these fights not just 2 guys jump in a ring and throw blows. Learn something about the sport before you mouth off about with ignorant opinions. Chael Sonnen has no buisness even being offered this fight Dana White is a greedy moron! Jones wants money but he also wants a long career, fair treatment, quality opponents, and he wants this to remain MMA not WWE which is what this punk Chael Sonnen apparently wants to turn it into.

      • Tossers says:

        Hes a proper coward, we know how much effort goes into a fight but fuck it, get out there and fucking fight. He calls himself a warrior, well, warriors don’t deny fights, they just fight and they win. Hes just an arrogant twat who thinks he doesn’t owe the UFC anything. He would of punished Chael easily, the best Chael could hope for was a unanimous decision won by jones. He didn’t want to fight Machida again, like wtf who does he think he is. If he wants to play by his own rules go start up his own event like Fedor where he can pick and choose his fighters like a boxer.

  7. drew says:

    smart man he is a hard working man that pays the bills and does provide for his family and its true there is no company insurance or retirement plan which is hard to have with fighters coming and going but money is money and basicly he does has a blue collar job that isn’t in a union in my opinion…ya he doesnt have a hardhat, lunchpal, and a toolbelt on but his job involves intense physical and mental training…props to any person who can thrive in an environment like that

    • Alan Goodman says:

      Absolutely NOTHING smart about DUCKING a middleweight when you have been DEMOLISHING EVERY LHW they put in front of you. And dont try to say oh he wouldnt have made as much money. He would have made MORE MONEY. Sonnen was gonna give his ENTIRE CHECK to jones to keep the ufc date. Jon jones has done more to hurt his career in this one act than anything he ever did to build it. No one wants to be seen being supportive of Jon Jones now. He just made it so people wont be able to pay their bills, because he was a chicken. Doesnt matter what ever he says. He will always be a chicken now.

      Ps, he wanted to make history so he did it the only way he knew how. Duck out of a main event so that the very first ufc ppv card EVER was canceled because there was no longer a viable option to headline the show. Way to go jackass!

  8. whataloser says:

    Jones just lost even more fans…
    nothing worse than a coward and a hypocrite.
    Sonnen vs Jones = $$$$$$$$$$$
    Jones vs Machida = ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  9. RLM says:

    As much as I’d like to see him fight Sonnen there still is the fact he just lost against Silva so I think it would make sense for him to fight another lhw to be #1 contender.

  10. Unanimous221 says:

    keep talking bitch. u’ll sleep sooner or later.

  11. Jimmmmmmmmy says:

    If Jones is so worried about having money for the future he’d better stop wrapping $150,000 cars around poles

  12. Satan says:

    its ok guys. his deal with me is running out soon.

  13. Blue Watermelon says:

    How nice he cares about providing stuff for his family. Other fighters who was supposed to fight at ufc 151 cared about it just as much, too bad Jones ducked a out of shape middleweight and made everyone from that card lose their money.

  14. hurp the durp says:

    If he doesn’t want to retire broke, he should probably stop crashing bentleys.

    • MMAKnowitall says:

      And buying them too, because if you’re honestly concerned with ‘needs’ such as insurance and college educations for your children, you should be able to recognize that your wants also come in second. Also driving while intoxicated isn’t conducive to taking proper care of your family. I feel sorry for this guy, because at the end of his career, when the UFC and Greg Jackson are done with him and he’s broke and wondering what went wrong, he still probably won’t recognize how he himself was to blame.

  15. Doesntmatter says:

    It’s funny how rich ppl need more money… I got a kid on the way and i needed to drop out of school to work in a factory to provide for my girl. U don’t need money trust me… don’t tell me tht bullshit of providing for ur family, cous u need money to buy a 200.000 dollar car…

  16. JohnHancock says:

    I would do the exact same thing as him instead of being some random commentator on here who is horrendously poor like myself, if i had his ability i would fight for the money and I wouldn’t care about the fans because they become hungry to see you get beat the modern day fans really don’t care they just want to see you fight everyone and get your brains bashed in.

  17. James Lakey says:

    RiP ufc 151 thanks you fucking coward

  18. A. Spider says:

    @ jimmmmmmmmy… You got that right.

  19. Jheeeezy says:

    Jones was going to make bank no matter what happened. He’s fucking sponsored by tr UFC and NIke. Jones is an inconsiderate piece of shit that because he was a bitch and refused to fight half the fighters on that card aren’t feeding anyone or paying rent since they planned on having a pay check last weekend. Don’t talk about why you fight when it’s nothing more than to be an over privileged brat. You say you fight to make money for your family, well consider the rest who don’t have million dollar sponsors behind them

  20. pchkid says:

    if it’s all about the money then why didnt he take sonnens twitter offer to give him his money from the fight if he lost

  21. Jeremy says:

    i used to be a huge fan of jones. but after he got the title around his waist he became an overconfident asshole… while im not saying that he is or isnt one of the best in the world at mma there is a difference between being confident in your abilities and acting like youre untouchable. jones is now saying that he does this solely for the money and to be the best but when he first entered the octagon the first thing he said is he enjoys the competition. he enjoys giving the fans what they want… i can only hope that one day the truth comes ot and everyone sees that jones, just like every other champion in history, can get knocked the fuck out.

  22. Jerry says:

    I see theres still a bunch of JBJ nuthuggers that are whinning & trying to defend thier PAPER CHAMP. It honestly makes me laugh because there is no defending a fucking COWARD. A TRUE CHAMP doesn’t turn down fights. True Sonnen didn’t deserve the title shot BUT atleast Sonnen was ready to fight JBJ on 8 days notice without training for the fight. JBJ is in shape & he did train to fight on UFC 151 ( RIP UFC 151 ) & had NO excuse to turn down ANY FIGHTER that Dana asked him to fight. It sickens me to think about all the other fighters on the card that won’t receive a pay check because of a selfish brat that thinks his shit don’t stink. JBJ & all of his nuthugger fans should just go to the WWE that way JBJ has a script to go by & he’d be able to pick & chose who & when he want to defend his title against.

    • Tossers says:

      Exactly, these fucking clowns would suck off JBJ if given the chance they are that pathetic. So he fights for money, why not Chael Sonnen? You get good rep with the company, the media potrays you in a positive manner, more money right there and he can keep every fan who has now left him. He says hes a warrior, but he turned down a challenger, a real fighter gets out there and fights, they dont pussyfoot around and refuse fight. Chael Sonnen (he has been known to lie occasionally) said he would give JBJ his purse and fight him on 8 days notice. I didn’t like Chael apart from his humour here and there but that is a true warrior. He is willing to fight the best in the business in 8 days (alterior motives include publicity, promotion and a chance at the title but so what? Nobody else took that opportunity its rightfully his). JBJ is a stuck up punk whose ego needs to be cut down

  23. furyan says:

    What an arrogant hypocrite. In one sentence he claims to be a warrior- in the next he says it’s all for the money. Sorry Bonesy- warriors don’t fight for the big bucks, they fight for honor and glorious victory. You have no honor and one day if you keep up behaviors like alienating the fans and the business which carries you, continuing in your self-righteous drunken stupidity you’ll have nothing and no one left but your gutless self. And even you won’t be able to stand the sight of yourself. I see suicide in your future- fitting for such a coward.

  24. Ryan says:

    @pchkid – Because it’s not true. If it were we would have “left the UFC forever” after losing to Silva. I find Chael humorous but if you’re buying his horses*** then I have tickets to sell you to UFC 151. Great seats!!!

  25. I’ve got respect for that response

  26. luke says:

    This guy is fucking stupid. Doesnt give a shit about anyone but himself. Pussy. Turned down sonnen cuz he is to scared to lose the title. Bitch you would’ve lost against henderson anyway. There is a reason he is goin to be hall of famer. I don’t see you going there.

  27. Alan Goodman says:

    Jon Jones kept saying he wanted to make history. Well congrats bones, you just lost most of your fans in one action. you also just became the first fighter in UFC HISTORY to get a card canceled because you were too much of a chicken shit.

    And I used to love watching you fight but that rashad fight was bs. You were trying to do to rashad what GSP did to Koscheck. The only difference is koscheck couldnt fly home with a broken eye socket and you barely did anything worth watching against rashad. I should have known then that you were going down hill but I just figured evans was a tougher opponent. Then it hit me, you ran through every other opponent and then wasted time playing around with your old friend on ppv.

    You really are despicable and I dont think I’ll be watching any of your ppvs unless you repay ever fighter you screwed out of a paycheck with your own money.

    Dont worry ufc, I’ll watch everything else. I just dont watch cowards fight in cage thats supposed to be honored….

    • KIDD433 says:

      I dont to like watch a big chicken shit HW,thats too scared to bang with the big boys at HW.So he stays at 205 and bullys and runs over all these lil 6’footers.Cant wait to see VITOR annihilate this punk…JONES YOU NEED TO MAN UP AND FIGHT GUYS YOUR SIZE!!! Dos Santos and Ovareem are waiting for you at HEAVYWEIGHT PU55Y!!!!

  28. ken says:

    wow just like flyod mayweather aint that amazing

  29. mike says:

    a year ago when Jon Jones said he fight because he loves the sport and wants young people to look up to him

    now that everything not going his way he says that he fights for money…

    i usually don’t comment on forums or MMA websites but this chirps me out so much

    rashad is right… jon jones is a fake!!!!!!

  30. I'll fight Jones says:

    So he would rather not fight and get nothing no money at all, (not to mention lose respect from the fans that looked up to him) then fight and make money. How is that a smart business decision. Go to work and get paid Jones you retard instead or ducking a fight losing respect and earning jack sh!t. Big purse small purse it’s still money.

  31. Nate says:

    he is talking to reporters so that they could make money?? yet he wont fight to make his fight colleagues make money? what integrity? greg jackson is ruining this sport.

  32. Dana is Greedy says:

    Funny how people will cheer for a out of shape fighter pass his prime when its obvious its for the money…But when a kid who has been running through his division saids it people call it hypocritical…The ppv not happening is Danas fault plain and simple its his JOB to make sure the show goes on not his fighters..He should have prepared a back up plan since he cared so much for his fighters..wait he only gave a s..t about his main event cause it would bring more buys…Same reason he wanted to give a loser of his last fight a title shot!!

  33. hes just afraid of chael… hes a coward… he doesnt need money coz hes already filthy rich… theres never been a gutless ufc champion like jon jones… he should just relinquish his title… leave the fighting to the real men… jon jones is the biggest chicken in ufc history… he should be inducted to the ufc hall of shame right now… hahaha… reasons, reasons, reasons…

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