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Monday, 11/25/2013, 08:44 am

Jon Jones Looking Ahead to Velasquez Super Fight In 2014

Jon Jones is never one to be stuck in the present, recently stating that he has interest in a future fight with UFC  Heavyweight Champ Cain Velasquez.

I’ve really been thinking about me and Cain Velasquez going at it. I think that would be huge for the sport. He’s definitely the toughest guy in the division and he’s not that big, so I think it would be a really entertaining fight. So don’t be surprised if you see that sooner or later.”

A potential move up to heavyweight has long been discussed for Jones, thanks to both his large frame and his completely dominant reign as champion. And the move may happen sooner than we think:

“I think that’s going to happen in the next two years,” he said. “I’ll go up to heavyweight permanently. I’m looking to take a super fight sooner or later, within the next year.

That’s not to say Jones has no challenges left at 205, however. He has a fight with contender Glover Teixeira lined up for him after he returns from being sidelined due to injury, as well as potential fights down the road against men like Daniel Cormier and Phil Davis. However, most people believe that the most interesting match for him at 205 is not a new challenger, but one he’s already fought: Alexander Gustafsson, the man that some think actually should have had his hand raised in the first fight between the two. Jones believes that the UFC is pushing particularly hard for this match, and is giving the Swede an easy road back to the belt:

“I think the UFC really wants to see me and Alexander Gustafsson rematch really bad, and they really gave him a really easy path back to the belt,” Jones said. “Without being disrespectful to Jimi, Jimi’s not a top 10 fighter, so I don’t see how you’re going to fight a guy not in the top 10 to get another world championship fight. It just doesn’t make sense.”


42 Responses to “Jon Jones Looking Ahead to Velasquez Super Fight In 2014”

  1. Jonny "Got Boned by a Swede" Jones says:

    It’s ok man,
    you have the right to be afraid of losing your title lol

    One more thing, Cain is gonna do worse that what Gustaf did to you, so Good luck,
    Either Cain or JDS will destroy you easily lol

  2. Jason says:

    Cain would crush him! Lets worry about getting passed Glover first.

  3. zack says:

    Cain would absolutely mop the floor with jon jones. I cant even imagine what bones would look like after.

  4. UFC 84 Forever says:

    You guys can talk all you want, but Cain has the same reach (more or less) as Glover and their heights are basically the same too. Their skill sets are different, sure, but they’re not like two different animals. Both hit decently hard, both have great grappling. Jones can handle this, he might not destroy Cain, but he can definitely hold his own.

    • hanibal says:

      actually Cain is Much shorter than Gustafsson and Jones, and has a much shorter reach as well, that’s why Jones is excited to fight him and thinks he’s not that big..
      This is the reason everybody wanted Jon to move to HW where he’ll still enjoy a size and reach advantage even in HW!! He’ll probably have the longest or one of the longest reaches in that division as well!!

      so imagine how big he is for LHW, he’s freakin huge for LHW sometimes it looks like he’s fighting kids and he forces techniques that would never work otherwise like the Americana on Belfort or the choke on Machida, even the standing elbows against Rashad

      Ofcourse this does not affect him now as a champion but it’ll affect his legacy if he wants to be considered as one of the greats he’ll have to face guys his own size and prove how skilled and how technical he really easy..

  5. pk9grrr says:

    “hes not that big” lol so how about taking on jds .Jones is gona end up like gsp under the jackson camp !

  6. drew says:

    This would be excellent fight… i think jones is more dynamic then jds…but bones wont rock cain at all …cain by tko…wrestling goes to cain….ground work ill go with cain …standup ill go with cain again…bones again is dynamic but IF HE PLANS TO POINT CAIN he might die haha…im lookn forward to this fight

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