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Saturday, 03/10/2012, 05:55 pm

Jon Jones Has No Interest In Ever Fighting Anderson Silva, Hopes To Have Him As A Mentor

“My job is to be prepared to face the best in the world. I’d rather not deal with Anderson, but if I have to fight him, I will focus on my confidence and on my technique. I respect and look up to him (Anderson Silva) so much. For me, the ideal scenario would be having him as my mentor and learn with him after he retires. It would be great for me. That would be ideal, but the world wants to see us fighting.”

UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones told Brazilian media outlet, Sensei SporTV, that he has no desire to ever fight the pound-for-pound greatest fighter to ever walk the planet, Anderson Silva.


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90 Responses to “Jon Jones Has No Interest In Ever Fighting Anderson Silva, Hopes To Have Him As A Mentor”

  1. Hipster Dufess says:

    i am the smartest man alive!!!

  2. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    I think Silva could beat Jones but we will never see that fight so it doesn’t matter

  3. DAMN! says:

    Either Jones is pulling off a Tito Ortiz or he’s ducking Anderson. Either way, Great move for him.

  4. Jon says:

    As a fighter, he should want to do both. It’s worked with BJ and Hughes. He should always be willing to fight the best as well as learn from them. I don’t see why Anderson wouldn’t be willing to work with him after retiring just because they fought.

  5. jon anti-christ jones says:

    Good luck making weight

    • mmmmk says:

      making weight? dude the fight would be at 205…

      • Jones would win says:

        Jones is too big and anderson’s weakness is wrestling. Jones’s range is too long for anderson to do anything really effective in the standup. As soon as jones closes the distance like he did against machida, anderson would fer sure get taken down and jones would keep him there. This is coming from an anderson fan, but jones’s size and style is just a bad matchup for anderson unfotunately

        • WAR SILVA says:

          but even if anderson is on his back he is still dangerous. And if jones swings, he is gonna miss. he is not technical enough with his striking to catch silva. It would be a great matchup tho and if u had to find a style of fighter to match up bad for silva it would be jones

  6. Mike McMack says:

    If anyone could beat Bones it’s Spidey but I don’t think it will ever happen since Anderson wants GSP for the super fight. I think GSP will give him the fight too which will keep a LHW contest between Bones and him from ever happening. Anderson has said it many times that he doesn’t want to fight at 205 because of the size differences. I know that Anderson walks at 230 and all but he’s got a thinner frame then most of the guys at 205 which is why he makes 185 so easily.

    Anderson has even said that he’d do a catchweight bout with GSP so theres no reason for the Bones super fight. With all that said I think Silva vs Jones would be the bigger fight of the two but it doesn’t look like it’ll happen.

    • Jorge Nunes says:

      Shut up! Man… Anderson ended up with Vitor and will end up with Sonnen this time.
      In the last fight with Sonnen, he was injured with a RIB.

      Sonnen die!

  7. Rocky says:

    Anderson Silva is not #1 p4p in the world. Chael Sonnen kicked his ass for 4 1/2 rounds, and Anderson caught him. Anderson won that fight yes, but he was getting his ass kicked. Well see when Sonnen Silva II happens. Vitor would mess Silva up but he stood there like a dumbass and waited for Silva to kick. “OH IMA STAND HERE AND YOU KICK ME IN THE JAW”. Not to be cocky but I train TKD and if Vitor stood there like that in front of me I could’ve done the same thing. Silvas not that good, ppl aren’t doing the right things against him, only one who did was Chael. Rush him, but ppl are so scared of him.

    • Jader says:

      You are a moron, he beat chael with broken ribs did you forget about that? Anderson would beat Vitor 10/10 times have you ever seen any of his fights with other strikers? He PUTS THEM ALL AWAY. You ignorant useless puke.

    • Nick says:

      Ok Andersons not tge best he’s just beat most of them

    • fight fan says:

      If you’ve ever seen AS fights, you would have realized that he isn’t afraid of losing rounds.
      Against top take-down artists he would throw flying kicks and knees and what-not.
      He goes for the finish and doesn’t care about being taken down by some wrestler who would never submit him or do any damage to him on the ground, and that’s why he wins constantly with finishes.

      • Sweet game plan says:

        We don’t know that till his next fight. The only real wrestler he’s fought is sonnen and that’s it. Yes I give him credit cause going into that 4th round he threw kicks knowing he had been getting taken down. But will see now in Silva-Sonnen 2 what he does..

        • spider4life says:

          The only real wrestler he fought was sonnen?? Didnt you watch the Dan Henderson fight? he submitted him aswell! Anderson is a beast! He is gonna be more motivated than ever because this time its in brazil! and his gonna be healthy! (fingers cross) I think anderson will win with a first round TKO!

        • nuthuggers says:

          get his balls out your mouth…. well I guess you can still type, so whatever floats your boat.

          jesus, there are wayyyy too many silva nuthuggers on this site, but there are also a lot of people who don’t know anything about mma also on here too. so whatever. Sonnen is gonna beat him down again, and thisw time he wont get caught with under a min left. And the best part is that he is gonna do it in Brazil!!! bahahaha, I can’t wait…

        • Youdontknowmmason says:

          LOL, Sonnen is a top 5 wrestler yes, but nowhere near a p4p fighter. 3 Submissions since 97, losses coming out of his ass.

          It’s funny how everyone wants to ignore silva’s Extremely extensive record. Look outside of MMA as well, look at his muay thai record, then check his mma record then honestly come back and say he’s a fluke. Fluked all near 40 muay thai fights, 1 loss. Fluked all of his undefeated UFC fights. Gtfo kid.

    • Mike McMack says:

      Anderson UFC record speaks for itself, 14 straight wins against the best 185 pounders the UFC could find. Only 2 of those came by decision, give Spidey his props he’s the best ever. Will someone come along and become the new GOAT probably but Anderson is someone we as MMA fans should take pleasure in watching him while he still has a few fights left.

    • santos says:

      and on that note. go hang ur self

    • ry tay says:

      i’d agree with you if you weren’t a dooshbag.


    • mmajudd says:

      You need to watch the documentary Silva just put out, Like Water is the title if I’m not mistaken. In it you will see where he makes a promise to his long time friend Minotauro Nogueira, who was disrespected by Chael the week before the Sonnen/Silva fight, that he will finish Chael via submission, which he did. And everyone speaks of him getting taken down over and over, watch the damn fight again, Sonnen scored three (3) take downs ALL match..he just held him down and Andy let him keeping him in his guard the whole time….what damage did Chael do?? Not much that I could tell..

    • nope nope n more nope says:

      not that good lol hes never been beaten in the ufc stop saying shoulve couldve wouldve they didnt vitor got messed up chael got messed up watch the documentary like water it leads up to silva sonnen 1 and in the training room before the fight anderson is practising that exact triangle same technique to a tee and he told the nogueria brothers that he will submit him for disrespecting their jiu jitsu thats why sonnen got him down because silva wanted the submission untill last 2 minutes of round 5 when he choked that idiot then after in the post fight interview he says “i want to than the noguiera brothers JIU JITSU” just shows that he submitted sonnen for them i think the second fight will be very different you saw how ridiculously hard it is to take down silva in abu dahbi against maia i think sonnen will get to excited rush in for a take down eat a knee kick or punch and get put on his ass and TKOd i think silva actually just wants to end him this fight so there is no chance of a rematch

    • WAR SILVA says:

      hahahahahaha. Being a champion means you win. Sonnen couldnt beat him, and for someone who “kicked his ass for 4 1/2 rounds” he sure tapped like a punk. Silva has beaten everyone they put in front of him because he is the best. Rushing him is the best approach, but he can catch you coming in, he can catch you in the clinch, he can defend the takedown, and he can catch you from his back.

    • Marcus says:

      Scared of him? lol. Bisping beat him. It was a bullshit decision and he was juicing against Anderson. He will be demolished in this next fight. Guarantee it son.

  8. Say "No" 2 Steroids says:


  9. Rocky says:

    Anderson Silva is not #1 p4p in the world. Chael Sonnen kicked his ass for 4 1/2 rounds, and Anderson caught him. Anderson won that fight yes, but he was getting his ass kicked. Well see when Sonnen Silva II happens. Vitor would mess Silva up but he stood there like a dumbass and waited for Silva to kick. “OH IMA STAND HERE AND YOU KICK ME IN THE JAW”. Not to be cocky but I train TKD and if Vitor stood there like that in front of me I could’ve done the same thing. Silvas not that good, ppl aren’t doing the right things against him, only one who did was Chael. Rush him, but ppl are so scared of him. JDS, GEORGE, BENSON CHAEL they are P4P greats

    • Jader says:

      You are a moron, he beat chael with broken ribs did you forget about that? Anderson would beat Vitor 10/10 times have you ever seen any of his fights with other strikers? He PUTS THEM ALL AWAY. You ignorant useless puke. And you would never have the skill or accuracy to land that kick on a guy like vitor lol keep dreaming retard.

    • Jader says:

      not to mention chael was taken down and SUB’d in the first round my Mia, and he got beat by bisping! (that’s not what the judges thought but we all know who won that fight)

    • John Blaze says:

      Cockbreath troll.

    • mmajudd says:

      That’s the dumbest shit I have heard anyone say in a long time man, Chael a top P4P fighter?? A top five wrestler, yes. Top 5 P4P, NO WAY…Chael has beaten NOBODY that is even a contender, scored three submissions since 1997, hasn’t finished ANY fight except the Stann fight, and the biggest names he has ever beat was Bisping and Stann… Losses to Maia, Fihlo, Griffin, and Renato Sobral? You must be smoking what Chael is..

  10. For all you saying that bones is ducking Anderson you should read the hole article it’s not that long he said he would rather not fight him but would if it was asked. Anderson Silva has also said that he does not want to fight John Jones in interviews so it goes both ways. Don’t be hating without first educating.

  11. G says:

    I truly believe Silva would win.

  12. JP says:

    I would rather see Jones vs Silva than Silva vs GSP. Jones is always talking about his legacy it will be tainted if he doesn’t pursue this fight.

  13. Jader says:

    Silva wants GSP, it is the bigger fight for him considering the two are both long reigning champs and Jones is still a newcomer.

  14. Mike says:

    Silva would completely annialated jones. He would make him look like a bad fighter.

    Jones at least has some sense somewhere mixed in all that cockyness

  15. John 'the nigga hater, yet a nigga himself 'Jones says:

    Damn son, I dat der is stupid!

  16. John 'the nigga hater, yet a nigga himself 'Jones says:

    Wheres my chicken!

  17. AK says:

    I think Silva would beat Bones would only be fair if he got a year off to put 205 real nice..anyway Silva is the GOAT right now and I’m sure all the fighters(except for Chael) would agree and he TRULY stays humble…and Chael is going to get bodied in June if he shows up like he did for Bisping..learn to defend a damn triangle Chael..facts are facts guys.

  18. Chartmonster says:

    These two fkn homoz..rashad and chael ftw!!

  19. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Jones is just scared of Silva’s elite striking. He doesn’t have a problem fighting friends when it’s his own teammate.

  20. ry tay says:

    Silva won’t be around for much longer ;(

    still if they fought right now Bones would fuck him up like he’s fucked up everyone else.

    Silva has one thing he is AMAZING at but jon has it all

  21. nuthuggers says:

    I seriously am gonna stop reading the comments on this site. I might just stop following this site all together, because there are way too many bandwagon riding nuthuggers on this site that do nothing but run their mouths about shit they don’t know about.

    I am so tired of people hating on Chael and not even giving him credit for taking “the spider” into deep water and puting a beating on him that no one has ever been able to do. seriously…. did any of you actually WATCH THE FIGHT?? He put a beatdown on him and he got caught in the last min of the 5th round… I don’t care that he lost but give the man some f’ing credit…. he did what he said he was gonna do.

    And everyone is actually giving Bones props for ducking Silva verbally before it is even an option?? It’s a super fight fantasy and he is already ducking it. He’s scared and that’s not the quality of a champ… he should WANT that fight to prove even more that he’s a badass. screw all that mentor crap. he can still be a mentor after you fight… what a p****. I actually had respect for Bones before this crap spewed out his mouth..

    All of this Brazilian nuthugging … Champs not hungry to fight the best… Rematch after rematch and actual #1 contenders having to sit on the sidelines and superfights being held up because of ??? vs ??? I, II, and III. Screw this shit man. MMA in ’12 looks like shit.

    • also says:

      And I forgot to add the terrible judging so far this year and at the end of last yr.. laying and praying… boring ass point fighting … wtf. Man put some heat on the UFC bc this crap is getting old…

      The ultimate fighter really is what set me off… ONE ROUND FIGHTS??? wtf… That was the most unsatisfying season premire and possibly the most disappointing TUF episode ever. So many good fighters were excluded because of being forced into a 1 round fighting match to determine their fate… we prolly missed out on seeing some REALLY badass fighters because Dana wanted to make it more “exciting”.. good job dickhead.

    • Youdontknowmmason says:

      Well, lets wait until they fight again and we’ll see the outcome k, son? I can give credit, but all he did was maintain a dominant position but you try labelling him as the greatest to ever verse spider? The dude found a weakness and went for it. Good job, but did he finish the fight? Hell he even tried calling it as though he didnt tap when pulled apart.

      So many people wanna hate simply because they hate seeing the best be the best.

      • lol says:

        first off, I’m not your fu**ing son. “Maintain a dominant position”??? Takedowns and punching someone in the face counts too holmes. And how about you actually watch a fight and not just beat off to one. Also, I bet you have a “Spider” poster on your ceiling for “convenience” when you rub it out “son”.

        • oh yeah says:

          and in order to maintain a DOMINANT position, you have to put them there first… like how I did with ur mom last night… So that means putting someone on their ass and that wins fights bro.. so YOU don’t know MMA “son”..

        • Youdontknowmmason says:

          You’re trying to compare 1 facet of MMA with all the other components that Spider clearly dominates, in clear fashion every fight.

          And clearly if you need to call on mum jokes, you’re done here.
          Come back when you have some sense, daughter.

      • perfect example says:

        Man, you just proved my point though.. nuthuggin at its best.. bahaha. and for real, your not a badass and you don’t know MMA if you say that Chael wasn’t winning 4 out of 5 rounds until he got caught in that triangle. But whatever you need to fullfill ur Silva fantasy bro…

        • Youdontknowmmason says:

          Fulfill my Spider fantasy? How many losses has the man had in career? I believe he’s had less in over 50-60 fights then chael has in his pathetic UFC career so gtfo son.
          Get your head out of your ass and honestly have a look at whats going on?
          After 60+ fights, finally 1 person found that with extremely good wrestling skills they were able to maintain a dominant position. Might we add broken ribs into the occasion? And if you say that’s just an excuse then how is it medical certificates/clearences say the exact same thing?

          How does chaels career stand up to spiders?
          Stop sucking chaels cock and look at what is going on son.

          Hater’s gonna hate.

        • did you watch the fight?? says:

          FIRST OFF… So did you watch the fight hommie??:

          Look, anyone can have a great record, but when someone (Chael) comes along and tells Silva that he is gonna put a beating on him AND DOES IT FOR FOUR AND A HALF ROUNDS.. that means something. He knocked silva down with a punch .. he took him down multiple times. He stood and banged with him. . He gnp’d him and then he got caught, but he still whooped his ass… so just stfu..

        • Youdontknowmmason says:

          Again, never said he was winning.
          Im saying he’s the best p4p fighter out. Chael ran to 1 thing and 1 thing only. Sure it was enough but that is no way P4P contention mate.

          It’s funny how quick everyone is to forget about someone accomplishments when they nearly lose for the 1st time in the UFC…

          Again, broken ribs. Did the medical certs and clearences state that? Yes he took the fight know this and there fore its his own fault, agreed. But dont ignore the fact either.

          And what do you mean anyone? Who else has had such a shining career? Has anderson said many times ill put you on your ass and come through nearly every single time?

          Try not to be biased. Why is everyone forgetting about chaels pretty sloppy career?

        • dude you a nuthugger says:

          All I am doing is stating the facts from the fight. And you are living in some fantasy world where Chael didn’t whoop your boyfriends ass for four and a half rounds. Your in denial bro, and its fucking sad.. look I have something that might cheer you up though. Just picture yourself in Chaels position in this gif and imagine you aren’t fighting, but in your bedroom, and you will feel A LOT better:

          Don’t get jealous… just add it to your spank tank of Silva..

        • Youdontknowmmason says:

          I never said he didnt have it over him for 4 rounds, but your trying to put down spider as though he’s not p4p the best fighter. He’s proved that time and time and time again…

          Has chael? No.

          Wipe your lips childs or swallow whatever chael blows in your mouth.

          You talk almost as much shit as he does. Cant wait to see him get beat…Again.
          Wander if he’ll be a man of his word and leave the UFC.

          If you cant stay on topic, clearly you have nothing else.
          G’Night sweetheart.

        • Youdontknowmmason says:

          He’s been put down and had a weakness exposed for pretty much the first time in his UFC career.

          Why is this overlooked?

        • Xaninho says:

          P.S: All the blood is not Silva’s but Sonnen’s .

          P.P.S: you’re a dumbass troll

    • Xaninho says:

      And you’re talking about a bandwagon nuthugger? Sonnen needed crazy testosterone levels to land 300 pillowstrikes without leaving a mark on Silva!

      Your eyes are so full of Sonnen’s cum you don’t even notice the difference between Sonnen’s frame then and now his testosterone levels are ‘normal’.

      Give Sonnen credit for what? Cheating? YOU should give Silva some credit for submitting Sonnen like he promised before the fight.

      GTFO! dumbass

      • check your facts says:

        his testosterone levels were 1% above the normal count due his medical condition which he was prescribed test. And a ton of fucking fighter use TRT especially wrestlers.. But whatever, even rampage admitted that he was using prescribed test, but its all good since hes not fighting silva. I’m not even gonna try to get into this anymore ont this site. Its fulll of bandwagon nuthuggers who just started to watch the UFC like a few yrs ago and havent even seen a ride fight ever, unless they fucking went out and bought one. Also you prolly dont even know what K1 is. Just go ahead and watch Silva get put on his ass and beat the fuck up in the rematch.. just like the first time, but chael wont get caught and this whole brazillian nuthugging thing will come to an end. nite bitches.

        • Xaninho says:

          Hahaha you’re making up percentages now?
          “Unlike Sonnen’s seven previous fights since the treatment began, he tested positive for an abnormally high testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio of 16.9 after the Silva bout. California’s allowed limit is 4.0.”

          Read the ESPN article yourself

          You can shove your 1% lie up your ass.

        • Xaninho says:

          Oh and I don’t know what K1 is? I am Dutch and train with the champs chump!

        • lol... stfu says:

          you are so full of shit that its coming out both ends and you need to wash up cause you reek of bs.

        • Xaninho says:

          I don’t care what you think.

          And I bet you know what shit smells like you salad tosser.

  22. nope nope n more nope says:

    what ever happened to fighters saying theyll fight anyone i hope this isnt the beggining of fighters cherry picking fights

  23. Night-Wind says:

    All those takedowns and slips or what-so-ever happened caus’ Anderson wanted so. He promised to Nogueira that he would submit him so that’s why the fight was on the ground.

  24. Night-Wind says:

    Everyone knows that Anderson wouldn’t even try to take Chael down.

  25. magoo says:

    Its to bad Anderson doesn’t wanna fight Jones,its a good career move though,cause Jon Bones Jones would finish the spider!

  26. true mma says:

    Sonnen is a fucking joke. People get real.

  27. Zack says:

    What a bunch of fags. Chael lost, he gave up, he got his ass beat while he was laying on someone with a broken rib, he’s trash, Michael bisping beat him. If you are a fan of chael sonnen you are a fan of trt, money laundering, and real estate scams. Chael CAN NOT FINISH a bag of skittles. And he’s going to get layed the fuck out in brazil and then I will never have to look at his fugly face or hear his obnoxious voice ever again. Or hear from his 12 year old WWE fans.

  28. DestructoBOT says:

    SWeriously I am tired of hearing about who guys don’t want to fight. Shut your mouths get in that Fing cage and fight. You don’t get to pick and choose if you want to do that then cut these losers.

  29. mma knowitall says:

    A guy on steroids, lost to a man with broken ribs.
    His face was more battered despite landing “300 punches” on his opponent. That sum it up?

  30. Chartmonster says:

    Check your facts.. Your the man brother! Chael is the fkn man win or lose. Anderson is scared of the west linn gangsta bc he’s a pussyassmofo!

  31. true mma says:

    Sonnen is a fucking idiot. Ask any true mma fan.

    • white purist says:

      Not sure where to find your fans, but I will ask them the Sonnen question if I do,

      I want to see Jones fight a HW, put him in against Stephan Struve, my money is on Struve. I want to see Jones fight without the size and reach advantage.

  32. drew says:

    I’d still take silva just on his record, but I think he’d have a disadvantage against Jones in size. Jones is a huge lhw.
    Did anybody else think rampage looked tiny compared to bones in that fight? Jon is huge, with just as much versatility as the spider. A catch weight bout between them would make things more even. Anderson at 205 is still tiny compared to Jones.
    Forget the silva vs two superfight or this super fight.
    What is jds beats reem? An if Jones walks thru rashad I think if Jones was to bulk up him an jds at HW would be the ideal superfight.
    Just my oppinion.
    Any thoughts on that?

    • jonsey says:

      danaa said he dony want jones trying go up to hw at this point in his career…yes jon joones loooked way way bigger then tampage jackson…jds will fukin killlll reem

  33. Night-Wind says:

    Forrest is a big lhw too and Anderson destroyed him.

  34. Donnybrook says:

    Bones would destroy Silva!… Jon’s just showing respect for his elders.

  35. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    @White Purist

    Strive would catch an ass whuppin dude. Pat Barry a 5’10” he was beating him up before he did a standing guillotine to secure victory. Jones would destroy struve because Struve has a poor perception of range and timing for his arm length.

  36. Dave Chappelle 2012 says:

    I would dislike Jones more if he said no to fighing Silva Anderson

  37. Night-Wind says:

    Xaninho, we we’re talking about size not age.

  38. Xaninho says:

    Ok I understand, but leaving age out of the equation is madness. Silva in his prime would demolish Jones in any weight.

    I think right now that fight doesn’t really make sense, cause of the big age difference. The weight is a lesser factor.

    Silva has nothing to prove, and if Jones wins it, he will never get the full credits for it.

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