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Friday, 01/25/2013, 11:47 am

Jon Jones Finally Admits That Chael Sonnen Deserves Shot At His Belt | UFC NEWS

“I’m going to change my response and for the first time I’m going to say yes. I think Chael does deserve a shot at my title because he asked for it and he begged for it. He made it happen and I’ve definitely beaten pretty much everybody in my weight class and Chael said ‘let me give this guy a run’ so I’m going to say yes, Chael you deserve it.”

UFC light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, was initially critical of Chael Sonnen and giving him a shot at his belt without even one recent win in his divisional home.

However, now in this recent interview with the Opie and Anthony show, he conceded that Sonnen does deserve the shot.


25 Responses to “Jon Jones Finally Admits That Chael Sonnen Deserves Shot At His Belt | UFC NEWS”

  1. Trevor says:

    And what about Hendo? That’s just crap..

    • totyo says:

      stop crying, i bet theres going to be a million haters within 24 hours posting crap like you so yall read this get some and stfu jsut deal with the fact that you guys suck cocks and are fag haters lolz

      • Trevor says:

        I’m not saying that Chael’s not good, but he definitely didn’t earn this title fight. Anyone who thinks otherwise is retarded, clearly demonstrated by your awesome rebuttal and total lack of grammar.

        • JP says:

          Trevor, I like you had the same opinion, but according to a recent YouTube interview with Dana, Chael and Jones Chael was the only fighter willing to fight Jones

        • GRT 3000 says:

          I’m with you Trev…Hendo fought an EPIC fuckin’ battle and more than anyone deserves this shot. The others turned him down b/c they are REAL contenders who lost to him, and need a full training camp in order to prepare to TRY and actually beat him. If Chael didn’t jump at the chance to fight Jones what in the fuck else was he looking at?! Top fiver’s in middleweight?!…Belfort, Weidman, Lombard? Who would kill him IMO; in fact he never beat Bisping. He jumped cuz it’s the spotlight and it’s big money & that’s what he’s abt. He knows there is no way in hell that 1) he could win 2) that he actually deserves it. It’s brainless tardo’s like @totyo who buy every turd-ball the UFC is selling to promote fights. Take a look arnd the Site – you’ll find an article called #1 Contendership is DEAD. This is all fallout from Sonnen’s joke-ass WWE show that the UFC allowed to happen when he fought Anderson. If the UFC keeps letting the legitimacy of this sport slide, another company will be there to take over for REAl MMA fans that want to see top competition – not circus events that pad their wallets.

        • 914MMA says:

          Thats funny because when asked Machida, Bader, Shogun etc wanted no part of getting their asses kicked again by Jones. Chael is the only one who stepped up. You should Jon Jones own posts about this subject….even he respects Chael for not only stepping up but fighting at a bigger weightclass. Real MMA

      • smh says:

        …aaand within that time, the same amount of ignorant pricks like you will be waiting for them and spew just as much “hate”…

    • Jay says:

      Chael may not be the number one contender, he’s not even close really. The thing is that he said yes. He said yes when everyone else said no. In my opinion he deserves this fight more than nick Diaz deserves his title shot. Nick threw his fight away when he had it, then lost to condit and then got himself suspended.
      You guys can say Shogun this or machida that but those guys turned the fight down and chael accepted. Even if the terms were different at that time they had their chance at the shot and turned it down.

      As for Hendo he got injured he could get heathy and fight true. My speculation is (and that is what it is purely speculation) that Dana probably wasn’t happy that Hendo knew about his injury for weeks and never disclosed it until the last second forcing the cancellation. He knew three weeks prior to announcement which would have been enough time to salvage that card. Besides its not as bad as rashad who in combination with injuries got screwed out of his shot forever.

      • TranceAngel says:

        Well said.

      • Trevor says:

        I guess. Hendo’s just my favorite fighter and he’s getting up there in age. I just wish that he could’ve had one more go for the title, but I guess he’ll have to get through Machida first. I didn’t mean to cause an uproar or something by what I said I just think that Chael is the least deserving of anyone to have one. I guess he makes money for the UFC so that’s good enough for them.

      • Dias says:

        I have to disagree, Yes, Chael said yes when everyone said no, including The Champion. He was deserving then and there and that’s it for me.

    • brian says:

      wth Hendo seriously ?

      or smoking crack he’s a good fighter just not championship material ANYMORE he has had his chances good luck with that shit….

  2. that guy says:

    Lyoto Machida defiantly deserves it more than anybody else but jones was too much of a p**** to do it when there was only 2 weeks before the fight

  3. Al says:

    Of course he now admits it. The UFC is paying him to say this now that they’re coaching TUF.

  4. BX81 says:

    When the president asks you to fight the champion and you say no for what ever your reasons may be then you can’t say crap. Sonnen may not have fought his way into this fight but like a man he said I’ll challenge the guy who’s bigger and has been running through everyone. Is Hendo/Machida a contender? Yes, but they aren’t fighting bones now so get over it!

  5. Dias says:

    No Chael does not deserve a title shot, he deserved it when he was the one person to say yes when everyone said no.

    A fighter coming off of a loss in no way deserves a title shot. Chael doesnt deserve a shot, Edgar doesnt deserve a shot and neither does Diaz.

    Henderson deserves a shot and so does Gustafsson, but Chael… no, please cut the crap.

  6. drew says:

    heres the deal….when this whole shit hit the fan…u dont think the UFC called peole in the 205 weight class first and offered them a shot at jon which is an easy 200k (ballpark estimate) payday for a loss againest him. Guess wht? those 205ers said no..chael said yes

    • Trevor says:

      What I don’t get is Hendo got hurt. He didn’t have a choice, but to say no. Instead of letting him heal, and give him what may be the last chance in his career to get a title they gave it to the guy who’s gonna make the most money for them.

  7. adaboy007 says:

    Chael fuckin suuuuucks ass.

  8. deez nuts says:

    Cheal did better at fighting Anderson than Dan did ! Period !! Cheal may have not earned it in some peoples eyes but he deserved it !! Why ? Cause he created a buzz ! People have fallen out of loved with Jones swelled ego and thats a fact! Dan was hurt ! Machida was milking a knee injury and turned down the fight anyway!! And there was no one else at the time !! Here you had Cheal step up and offer to fight from a weight division !! Now that he has come into a bigger division both in weight and clas Jones has already cleaned it out Shogun is done! Dan is still injured and in rehab and not even close to being ready so Cheal is the only logical choice as anderson is still not concrete on fighting Jones nor Jones Anderson !! So enough already !! When Alexander and Mousiisa fight the winner will get an automatic title shot and than we will see who can do what !!

  9. jomomma says:

    what i wanna know is if sorry bisping got kicked in his big mouth and beat , and he was up for a shot at the spider had he won… who is next in line at a shot?

  10. Aaron says:

    No, Chael does not deserve it. I could ask, beg, and plead for a billion dollars until I am blue in the face. By this logic, that means that I deserve it. I won’t be waiting around for it to show up at my door though, just like Chael shouldn’t have been able to. LEt’s face the facts. He is coming off a loss, thus not deserving a title shot (since it isn’t a rematch for the title). He hasn’t beaten any real significant fighter (unless you consider Bisping to be) in years! Oh, and let’s not forget how he said he would leave the UFC forever if he lost to Silva, and we all remember how that went down. But instead, he jumps weight classes? The only thing he deserves here is a serious ass kicking that should hopefully leave him with two options, 1.) retire, or 2.) drop down to face GSP and get destroyed by 3 separate title holders. Oh and then retire.

  11. pffcounts says:

    what will be cool is if sonnen actually beats jones,which is 1-10000000000

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