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Tuesday, 08/21/2012, 10:33 am

Jon Jones Feels Funny Fighting Someone As Old As Hendo | UFC NEWS

“I just expected so much more out of him. He’s an older, more respectable guy. He’s a guy’s guy. I was a fan of his. But he doesn’t respect me, so now, I have no respect for him, and I’m going to show that the night of the fight… I feel as if he’s an older, slower version of Rashad Evans… It feels funny fighting a guy his age. To know that he has some advantages helps me train harder and not to think anything about having mercy on him.”

In speaking with, UFC light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones tells reporter, Mike Chiapetta that he feels funny fighting someones like Dan Henderson who is so aged.



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  1. Nick Powers says:

    The more this kid opens his mouth, the more I can’t stand him. I Believe in Hendo.

    • Magoo says:

      WTF it’s ok for Henderson to beak off about this that and the other thing about Jones, but the minute Jon says something back everyone’s appalled? GTFO Jones is gonna rape Henderson,and he’s right Rashad is a quicker stronger younger version of Hendo,great wrestling and ko power what’s the big deal? You Jon Jones haters gotta quit sniveling so much,the man can fight get over it!!!

      • Ion says:

        Agreed, since Jones rise it became cool to hate on Jones and talk about his “big mouth” and his “cockiness” it’s pretty pathetic.

      • SGT Magyer says:

        How can you stand listening to Jones talk!?! I like the arrogance, its a real weakness. He’s never gonna see the H-BOMB comin. WAR HENDO!!!!!!!!!

        • g00db0y says:

          he WAS a humble kid until he won that title…

        • Johan says:

          It’s funny how often black fighters who are extremely talented are labeled “arrogant” because they are confident. They get booed and called assholes when they respond back in defense to shit talking white boys who say whatever they want. Hendo talked all kinds of shit about jones and mr chael can’t keep his stupid racist mouth shut. I hope jones beats the shit out of Henderson.

        • Shawn says:

          So true. Money and fame does that to the weak minded. Happened to Edgar too. The kid was winning fights, unbeaten. And I was protesting why of all the lightweights, Frankie wasn’t getting a shot at the title. 7-1 then won the title. He was so humble, didn’t say much, and flew under the radar. Then he became champ…and a whiner. Same with Jones, except he got cocky. He no longer thinks his crap stinks.

          Aldo, Bendo, GSP, Silva, and Dos Santos, all champs some longer than the others. But you don’t see these guys all cocky and bitching like premadonnas. Its not a matter of whether he can fight. He can fight no doubt. And he’s good. But as a person…he’s gotten to be a douche. Most people don’t care for d-bags. Doesn’t matter who you are, what you have, or what you do. Shit stinks the same for everyone.

      • hey magoo says:

        the name suits you sicne you cant grasp a simple thing as people cant stand him for his fake ass attitude not his have to respect his fighting ability since he is so undersized……..wait i meant since hes so ummm inexperienced yeah thats a disadvantage i think.he pretends to be this better tha you fuckin roll model then comes back bashing this guy about him basically laughing at my fuckin ass this man respects no one and thinks of himself as the ali of mma he says it himself.all hendo said was hes not genuine whihc everyone on the planet has seaid.hendo is honest us old guys are you ask me what i think about you ill tell you your a fuckin kid so its ok to be stupid sinc we all were but dont stand in front of me and hurl insults or this “old man” will turn your lights off in 2 seconds.i dont care about their attitudes personally thats just fighter talk but this kind of holier than though bullshit and putting people down while painting yourself as the good guy is fucking old.THATS WHY people dont like him.ffs i love this guy at one time now…now i see what people are talking about

        • Magoo says:

          So what your saying is you use to love him as a fighter,but since you don’t like his attitude he’s no longer a great fighter in your eyes? That’s fkn retarded dude and if you think I’m gonna stop rootin for JBJ just cause some of you think he’s an arrogant pompous ass…….your wrong,and Dan Henderson ain’t gonna fix your problems either so sit back and watch holier then tho kick Hendos ass, have a nice day!

        • Magoo Blows says:


        • Chris says:

          Buddy your drunk!! What you think he gonna do knock dan out??? Shut up and I’d say sit down but you already wipped a spot off jon lap to sit down,cause seems you on his dick! Well bud all it gonna take for henderson is one shot on that chin and his glass jaw breaks!

        • Tony says:

          Bradduh Magoo, how come you don’t come around the community section anymore?

        • Yoyo says:

          listen i love hendo and i love jones but lets be real, in his prime hendo cudve very well beaten jones but hes well past his prime and just like weve seen with legends like chuck liddell, randy couture, and fedor emelianenko, guys just dont fight the same once theyre past their prime. if you REALLY understand mma then its obvious that the only chance hendo has now is a lucky right hand landing. he just doesnt have the physical prowess to outstrike or outwrestle someone like jones anymore, breaks my heart to see a great fighter age but its the truth

        • FunkyMonkey says:

          Randy won the HW title in his mid-40s. Granted Tim Sylvia was champ at the time but he worked Tim for 5 full rounds

        • magoo says:

          Hey Tony how’s things? I’m working out of town and all I’ve got is my iPhone and it won’t let me get on to the community section, so I’m stirring up a little shit with these boneheads on here instead….lol who you got Hendo or Bones?

      • Geebee says:

        Well said. . I like Hendo but I don’t understand all this beef against Jones!

      • Jones is a.fake says:

        Just stfup dude just shit up!

      • BonerJones says:

        blah blah blah blah blah…. Jones talks like he’ll never lose, like he’s the greatest to ever compete, he talks like he’s unbeatable. He’s way too cocky.. he’s full of himself. Idc if hendo beats him or not.. I want Jones to move to heavyweight where he should be in the first place, and get his monkey ass knocked out by JDS. Machida rocked Jones and you think Hendo cant knock him out? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA get fuckin real you front runner

      • Genghis Khan says:

        He can say what he wants. The fact is the more you get to know this guy the less likeable he is. He is the only guy on the planet that can lose to Rashad in a popularity contest! He is a great fighter so when he finally does get KO’d and it will happen eventually, I will jump and cheer that much louder.

    • Shino says:

      Not saying I dislike Jon Jones, I love that kid. He’s a skilled and well groomed fighter who is learning at an extremely fast pace. But he is a bit full of himself, I mean Hendo I a legend who has had his share of downfalls and rebounded gloriously, he spoke lightly about Jones, even said he had respect for the the kid and recognized his skill as a fighter. But as far a I see it, Jones is biting off allot here. I can honestly say this will be an incredible fight, but I put my faith in Hendo. I’ve been a Hendo fan since Pride and I enjoy watching him fight. Each time he steps in the octagon it’s electrifying, he has held multiple titles and put away loads of big names. If Hendo whens this, I can say this..either Jon Jones will 1. Want a rematch or 2. Move either to the Heavyweight division as he talked about or move down to the Middleweight division and fight Silva..

  2. Phil says:

    Dam straight hendo is Guna mess that sob up

  3. maurice says:

    this is literally the first thing i can remember jones saying that im kind of disgusted by. u dont ever compare the dangerous legend to rashad overrated bitch ass. hendo ends fights. rashad stalls fights. if he truly believes hendo and rashad are anything alike then he really is goin to get knocked out in brutal fashion come ufc 151. i really cant believe he compared hendo and shad, im appauled.

  4. Mach00man says:

    Um, whoever Mach00man is here, your name AND email were already filled in for this. I am not Mach00man and the email is not mine :S

  5. DMAC says:

    JBJ about to pick Hendo apart badly.. If Shields can beat Hendo you better believe the leader of the new breed will dismantle DH.

  6. Bob says:

    Everyone was a fan of Jones before now that we know who he really is everyones moving on. Im banking on Hendo. Dont let me down, im putting tons of money on you triple OG

  7. Jimmy joe says:

    He’s the pound for pound king of self importance .

    • andy says:


      I swear it seems no matter what you say, Jones takes everything personal and gets bent out of shape. He’s so insecure that he acts like a child. That’s why I don’t like him.

  8. Me says:

    A lot of people hating on Jones I can understand why but I don’t Hendo posses any skill sets that Jones can’t handle don’t get me wrong Hendo is a terrific fighter but its nothing Jones hasn’t seen… Rashad has better wrestling then Dan, Machida has better striking then Dan, and Rampage has knockout power and Jones ran through all of them, If the ‘H-Bomb’ dosent land by the end of the 3rd round we might see Dan get TKO’ed for the first time in his career that being said the whole fight changes if Hendo can land a right hand!

    • Bobby says:

      He didn’t run through them all, he lost the first round to Machida, didn’t finish rampage until the 4 round and took Rashad to a boring ass 5 round decision. I’m pretty sure if he “ran through them” the he would have finished the fights in the first round.

      • LMAFO says:

        That he didn’t finish the fights in the first round didn’t mean that they were difficult or even close fights. And specifically for Rashad, it’s more than clear that the fight went for decision because of respect/mercy for Rashad, he was a good friend at some point so, it wouldn’t be nice to destroy someone that you use to care.

    • Ryz says:

      You clearly dont know what you are talking about. Dan Henderson represented the US at the ’92 and ’96 Olympics in wrestling. How could Rashad possibly be considered a better wrestler when he only wrestled at college level?

    • Rashad, better wrestling than Hendo?? That is just silly. I do not remember Rashad being on an olympic wrestling team. I remember he had a reputation as a fighter that won alot of decisions, then he knocks out old Liddell, unfocused Griffin, and oldtiz and he is a knoockout artist?? LOLOLOL

      • Me says:

        What you guys don’t understand is that there is difference between Greco Roman and MMA wrestling…Dan hasn’t got the best MMA wrestling like Jones said Shogun took him down with ease, Jake Shields controlled Dan and they are not the most talented wrestlers. As for you Daniel I said Rampage is knockout artist not Rashad and for you Bobby he dominated Rampage in the 4 rounds and won every single round… It was the same with Rashad he won every single round in that fight and he put Machida to sleep…

  9. Lambo says:

    Can someone tell me what He thinks Dan is saying to not respect him? I train with Dan and he never says anything about him during practice, and in every interview all i hear dan say is that he has to watch of for his elbows knees and some kicks, and that he wants to get inside in bear him up. So can someone please tell me what the fuck this kid is talking about??

  10. Big J says:

    You have to give it to Jones, he is taking Rashad’s advice, “just be yourself.” The only problem is it is annoying as….!

  11. nick tarker says:

    jon jones is an arrogant little bitch with his head so far up his ass. i used to like him until i seen how fake he is.

  12. jdubx says:

    I’m going to go ahead and remove this site from my favorites; all this site does is skew information. goodbye

  13. T.DADDY says:

    The enenmy deserves no mercy! This fool been watchin karate kid I don’t rememeber hearing Dan sayin disrespectful shit… He does deserve ur respect cuz he is a fukkn LEGEND! WAR HENDO! Fukk the world!

    • What? Hendo was talking shit by saying Jones isn’t genuine and he bashed his fight game with Rashad. Bashed both of them actually. Where the fuck have you been? Pay attention to the shit talking people do and stop focusing on Jones merely defending his name from being belittled. Tool.

  14. MARK MCLUCKIE says:


  15. That_Guy says:

    Didnt Jones say that they should keep it professional and not talk trash?

  16. sidekix says:

    This is fighting, Jones better believe hes the shit if he wants to be the best why are ppl suprised when champions are a little cocky they earned it, and Henderson also has every right to believe he can mop Jones you key board warriors should give both men respect.

  17. A.James says:

    Jon knows that people hate him. Those same people who hate him pay to watch him fight. I like the character he plays. Hendo is coming to scrap and I hope Jones can rise to the occasion.

  18. Drew says:

    Anyone who gives bones slack for anything even a dui is a straight hater… He’s 25, college grad even if it’s from a community college still an educated man comes from a very moral driven family… Who cares if he got a dui who hasnt in this day an age where cops will do anything to make a dollar… Hendo is one of my favorite so this isn’t coming from a Hendo hater…. I’m not taking sides on this one… He has beatn every opponent convincingly and 25… Millionare… Family man is there for his daughters…anyone who hates on bones is a straight up hater… Jones had never disrespected another fighter unless the other fighter is talking shit. Honestly Evans and Hendo are kinda the same but still different fighters all together

    • You sir,are a moron. says:

      So where were his daughters when he smashed that bentley into a pole at 5 a.m. with two females in the car who were not the mother of those 2 children? Oh yeah, lets not forget he was also drunk…..some family man with great morals your eyes dude.

    • ctyn says:

      AA degrees = college grads? Nice. I like your style

  19. Jason says:

    This guy talks too much. He’s letting all this success go to his head. No modesty whatsoever. I don’t think Henderson can beat him, but I’m hoping I’m wrong and he knocks his fucking head off. This kid is annoying.

  20. rufat says:

    This is turning into a bisping vs hendo.. Shut up jon jones.. If u wanna live ofcourse :)

  21. Xaninho says:

    JBJ was still on his momma’s left titty while Hendo was already beating up dudes in the cage. I think JBJ should ease up on the comments.

  22. matalotz says:

    I see this fight lasting into mid 2nd round. Hendo is going to get eating alive on his feet. Mark my words, it’s going to be embarrassing for him. Bones is going to pick him apart with knees, elbows and leg kicks. Hendo will get desperate in the 2nd and go for a take down. Bones sprawls, spins, takes the back and rear naked chokes Hendo into retirement. I love Dan but he’s going to take a real beating

  23. James Wolfe says:

    I love Hendo, one of the best, will always be fan, that Rampage-Hendo fight will go down in history as one of the greatest in the UFC, but Jones is too young, fast, tall, reach, elbows…sorry, I worry about Hendo in this one.

    This could be his last fight. I hope he does well and doesn’t get to badly injured, but this is a very dangerous fight for Hendo. Jones is destroying all who are put in his way and he is only getting better.

  24. STAND says:

    Dont really understand the hate jones gets…How can someone say your not genuine and your putting up a front,,,,if you dont know that person you have no says so…anyway what does it matter, you dont get paid to analyze personalities…you get paid to fight…now go take your whippin Hendo…

    And for the fans you hate him but you pay to watch him beat the people you cheer for…lol

  25. MMACRAVER says:

    Didn’t Jones start with the disrespect by calling Henderson a “One trick pony”? Pretty sure that’s how it started.

    This guy is so high and mighty, kind of disgusting.

  26. Robbin says:

    remember what anderson silva did too hendo? that was years ago. I am not really a jon jones fan, but he is going to destroy him.

  27. Canscrubenha says:

    To be honest I hope Hendo knocks Jones out.

    I would settle for a great fight.

    Also, I don’t really get where Jones gets off saying Hendo is talking smack. All he said is he thinks Jones is cocky, every interview I’ve seen it’s all he says. Also talks about how dangerous he is, doesn’t deny that at all.

    Meanwhile, Jones talks all kinds of smack and even stoops to the lower levels of “He’s old” and pretty much writes him off as no challenge. Even though Hendo has been fighting the best he’s fought in his entire career… at 41 years old…

    I’m expecting Jon Jones to get exposed in one way or another. Whether it’s his inability to work off his back, or his risky stand-up.

    I hope for Jon Jones sake that he doesn’t buy into the whole “I might KO him with one punch.” nonsense he just tossed out all nonchalantly.

  28. Gack says:

    I have much respect for both fighters. Dan is a legend…I can’t help but love the guy…I am 42 and in the best shape of my life…guys like him and Randy Couture are inspirational to me. JBJ is legit! The kid has a great skill set and his fighting style is unique…I worry about Dan in this fight. As a UFC fan since the UFC single digit days, hard for me not to root for a veteran I have enjoyed watching fight for soooo long…going to root for Dan, but in my heart…I really don’t see him beating JBJ…but would LOVE to see it happen and NOT because I am a JBJ hater…I like the kid…he’s talented…enjoyed all of his fights except the Rashad Evens one…man what a let down that one was! All that hype…all for naught!

  29. Alleyne says:

    I believe in Jones as being the here and now of mixed martial arts but time and time again Henderson has proven that despite age he is a force to be reckoned with

  30. Mike b says:

    I think jones is full of shit….he says he has a lot of faith in god and is a Christian.but yet he he got caught drunk driving.he has a bently which I would assume that Christians don’t beleive in material things and they have no need for them.then he says he didn’t wanna fight machida cause he would make no money from that fight….WHAT?look I wanna make this clear I have made mistakes in my life and no ones perfect.but he comes of as a hypocrite.another thing,he’s a great fighter and is the champ right now and he’s the futPure of the sport but I’m just pointing out the reasons why people probally dislike him,he’s full of shit and I can’t wait till hendo ko’s this motherf——…….

  31. 123 says:

    jon jones is the real deal, he took it easy on rashad evans. he’ll probably kill sum1 if he went all out

  32. Tyler says:

    I like Dan too, but he is too one dimensional and his Wrestling is no longer world class, not even for UFC level any more….Guys who are prepared to combat his wrestling as of late, have been able to with relative ease and he always gets submitted or dominated when it goes to the ground against a world class opponent who knows better….His style of wrestling and his application of it for MMA is simple with little technicality and more physicality than anything…Well, Jon Jones is more Physically dynamic, as well as technical when it comes to the grappling element….Now as far as the Stand-Up game? He’s got a luck chance with his left hook or his overhand right, but other than that his done for….Ans when one analyzes how he set ups his power punches, which with his ability to control range and close the distance, Jon Jones on paper seems to be able to negate that as well….I know there are a lot of hater on Jon these days, and Hendo is almost always favorited, but it’s not gonna be Hendo’s night…Trust me, record it, all that shit because after the fight im prepared to eat every bite of my words

  33. G says:

    I know these are M.M.A. articles, but that’s no excuse for them to be so consistently bad. We need the “full story.” Tell us what Henderson said about Jones to make Jones say this. Do I really have to tell a news writer how to do his job? Fuck. B.J. Penn’s website is down the drain.

  34. Realmmafan says:

    Y’all didn’t start likin jones till he won the title, if he wasn’t at the top you fucks would be raving about someone else, If he wasn’t a winner, you would hate him. He is a very skilled fighter but his attitude is fucking annoying and reminds me of David Blaine. Fuck you and the dick you guys rode on.

    • jesus korean says:

      i remember him DISMANTLING his opponents before he got his title. im not a hardcore fan of his but I can recognize game, and not give a fuck about his bitch ass attitude. dude is legit. a real mma fan will solely acknowledge that. instead, you’re just like these bitch ass “dick riders” out there talking nothing but bullshit like how you dont like his this and that attitude. just shut the fuck up and recognize game.

  35. stonerman says:

    Its going to feel even funnier when you get knocked out by an old man.

  36. redz says:

    jones should go for anderson silva if he want to be on par with Hendo, holding two title at the same time

  37. Diego C says:

    Yo Jones u r a good fighter son but u r too cocky, if u dont want to fight anderson go up to heavy weight and fight Dos Santos!! he will knock u the f out on the spot. Watch out Hendo could turn off ur lights. Son u deserve a humbling ass whooping.

  38. 11thhour says:

    Jones will probably win but hopefully Hendo KO’s him.. Can’t stand that boy he’s like a more annoying version of Tiger Woods… Shit Cunt.

  39. BJ is KING says:

    The reason I hate JBJ is because he seems fake, as soon as he won the belt he started acting acting like he is above everyone (he pretty much is lol) and had a different arrogance, like an educated arrogance but it was weak. I love the trash talk of fighters like Lennox Lewis, Joe Frazier, David Haye, Ray Mercer etc, but I don’t know about JBJ… hard to explain other than what I said there is something about him that is off putting for me. In saying that I see a 90% chance of him winning, maybe even more. Maybe if Hendo can slip inside his reach and deliver some H Bombs or just some good old fashion boxing he might pull it off. You know who I’m cheering for lol.

  40. 757 says:

    Jones is a super athletic guy, super fighter, talented all the way around. He is also become more arrogant, and self appointed. He really is in a dangerous fight with Dan Henderson. If he doesn’t win he is going to be embarrassed. I hope he loses, and loses big. Dan is a serious dude. He is not only physically tough, but mentally is a beast. My only concern is that his fight with Shogun may have emptied the physical tank. I hope not. I would like to see him humble Jones

  41. Mach00man says:

    Is there someone possibly named Jordan Rozzell who posts on here? Pretty jacked up that everytime I get on here now, I got this other person’s info (Name and email) auto filled in when I go to post.

    Not sure i want to post with mine knowing my info could be the next auto-filled in for someone else.

  42. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Im clearly the biggest JBJ fan here, afterall i do polish his pole with my toungue amd throat. Hes definitely a 2hander of you know what i mean. Even though im a JBJ nut hugger, i dont see him winning this fight. Hendo will land the BOMB. (see hendo v bisping for details)

  43. Real_deal1047 says:

    I’m 22 I have a Tio that 40 it would be weird fighting someone that age mama always said respect there elders unless they try to take your belt

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