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Wednesday, 07/11/2012, 07:16 am

Jon Jones Explains Reasons To Not Fighting Anderson Silva | UFC NEWS

“It’s not that he won’t fight me or I won’t fight him. To be dead honest, it’s that we both have a lot to lose and we both respect each other a lot and we both are striving for personal greatness. I don’t want to crack on his greatness and I don’t want him cracking on my greatness.

“We’re in completely different weight classes. We both have sponsor deals and things that are really important to us and a big part of that sponsorship package is being a winning-being a champion. Having us fight each other means one of our championships goes away.

“I respect Anderson Silva so much that I don’t want to be the guy to beat him. I don’t want to lose to him either. It’s a lose-lose situation for me.”

While talking to ESPN LA AM 710 with Max & Marcellus UFC light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones talks about the super fight everyone wants to see against Anderson Silva and why it is likely not going to happen.


136 Responses to “Jon Jones Explains Reasons To Not Fighting Anderson Silva | UFC NEWS”

  1. jbeamazing says:

    jon wins he is to big if you have seen smaller wrestlers then anderson take him down then what do you think he would do

    • jwise says:

      Bet Hendo takes him to the ground

    • Jdizzle says:

      Ali wanted to be the best. There’s no room for this kind of attitude in combat sports

      • Leo says:

        Well put Jwise. If it isn’t cowardice, it is a slap in the face to your fighting peers who put their ‘legacies’ on the line in the pursuit of eliteness and our entertainment, it is still depriving your company (who pay your cheques) and your fans (who pay your company).

        It’s comparable to Manny Pacquiao saying ‘Hey, I don’t want to fight Mayweather. He’s a a great boxer, and one of us would lose… and that’s not cool.’

        It’s a sport of individual winners and losers, if you couldn’t handle that… well, you shouldn’t of entered the sport!

      • Leo says:

        And for every imbiciles that say it shouldn’t happen because UFC has to protect two of it’s biggest assets…. what are we paying for?!

        Is that not the whole essence of MMA? Pitting the best vs the best? Not protecting sponsorships and fighters… but giving the most important element, the fans, what they want?!

        Should we all expect B-Level fights because a minority of fans are content with good fights as apposed to great fights? Should we spend our money regardlessly because fighters don’t want to risk losing or their sponsorship deals?

        Since when did sponsors and individual fighter egos dictate the sport? Maybe it’s the fans who shouldn’t risk their money if this is a philosophy that is to be accepted.

      • scott says:

        You are so right there dude. I remember him saying he’d fight ANYONE if dana asked him too. Now hes saying he doesn’t want to fight anderson, that’s some bullshit if you ask me

      • Agreed, if you want to be the best in the world you have to fight the best in the world. Anderson can fight at 205 and has handled opponents in that weight class easily. If the fans of the UFC want to see it, then the UFC needs to make it happen. And Anderson has to fight more than once a year.

    • franksud says:

      silva an gsp thats the fight right their

  2. mahs says:

    hopefully we can finally put this potential match up to rest. as much as the fans would like to see two of the best fighters in the world fight each other…..a loss could damage their career in a big way.

    • Team buffalo says:

      That’s crap how is gonna effect them in a big way. Ones the goat and the other is cementing his legacy. An L for either one in this matchup doesn’t hurt anybody. It does however bring the biggest draw in ppv history, a smile to every fan and countless numbers of new fans. Do it Dana.

    • shaven maven says:

      you are repeating jones
      you must me a kook too
      this little nugget an interview with jones really shows how vapid, and full of himself, he really is.
      but hey, a dominate young fighter will say some immature things. most folks would regret saying what his says about himself. we don’t need to hear you say how great you are. he musta been coddled as a child… kinda like ‘daddys girl’ gets called ‘princess’ and beautiful her whole childhood and tween years, then you have a stuck up (but hot) chick in high school, becomes a gold digging trophy wife, etc.

      • Kevin says:

        At least he backs all his smack talk up, unlike fighters that talk shit and deliver shit

      • BXER says:

        to be the best you have to beat the best period you can go arround saying you the champ,but yet you don’t want to fight the best,Jones already got his championship belt,is time to get name to go alone,win or lose people be like wow none of this champions are scared to go out and test themselves, Jones is fag

    • BXER says:

      Jones it’s always saying that he wants to be the greatest of all time,here is the chance I think what Jones really mean is he scared to lose the belt,but I propose a better idea,just a catch weight people will love to see that fight even if is not for a belt,this is a fight sport not a popularity contest,I agree in something with sonnen,fighters make excuses when they don’t wan to fight pussy ass Jones I an no longer a fan of a coward,

  3. Big Show says:

    this is about greatness…. Silva is already the greatest fighter ever with all the UFC records… but he is getting old, he is not as fast, powerfull as he used to, and also he takes this fight he has more to loose than Jones…. If Jones looses to him, everybody would say, well, you know he lost with the greatest, so there is no big deal with that…. but if Anderson lost to Bones he will get a part of Silva´s glory, people wont say he beat an old guy, they will say he beat the king…. so if I were Bones I would be calling out Silva but it´s cain of unfair, but is business you know, it doesn´t matter if you´re bigger, younger and stronger, it´s about put all on the mix…

    • bunkylomax says:

      dude learn how to spell…it’s LOSE not LOOSE

      • Shameful says:

        If we don’t make the normal internet allowances for spelling and grammar, we wouldn’t even get past the title of this article. “Jon Jones explains his reasons ‘TO’ not fighting Anderson Silva.” Prepositions aren’t one size fits all.

      • Big Show says:

        my mistake! but got my point! let me tell you that english is not my natural language, aned sometimes I blow it… nex time i´ll be using google translator lol…

    • InternetToughGuy says:

      I’m sorry but Anderson would pick Jones apart. Jones DOES NOT have as good of a stand up game, period. This is essentially the same argument as the Sonnen fiasco. Listen, Anderson when not cutting weight is a pretty big dude. He can fight in the LHW division no problem.

  4. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Jon would annihilate Anderson

    • xHitmanxSwagx says:

      jon jones cannot beat silva, in fact he couldn’t beat silva on his bad day. Don’t get me wrong jones is damn good, but he is a bit sloppy. you could see it in both fights when he fought machida and evans. silva will capitalize on those mistakes jones makes and win the fight. jones is a great wrestler but now whereas great as chael sonnen and you saw how silva dealt with that both times. bottom line is jones cant beat silva

  5. Scotty says:

    A loss for Jones would hurt him even more than it would for Silva.. Jones would lose to a MW which looks worse than a MW losing to a LHW! But atleast we can try to put this shit to rest.. Its not going to happen right now, nor may it ever! If there was ever a superfight right now, it would be GSP vs. Silva which that wont even happen i dont think.. So just let guys fight in their OWN weight classes and if this shit ever goes down then we can talk about it!

    • jwise says:

      Silva has already gone up to 205 and fought Griffin. So its not like he isn’t or won’t be prepared for a higher weight class. There has already been talk before GSP was injured about him moving up to 185 to fight Silva so don’t use the weight class thing as an excuse. Cuz that’s bullish

      • bunkylomax says:

        JJ is bigger than most LHW out there..way bigger naturally than Forrest and Irvin…he can fight at HW easily so your comparison is way off…do people realize how big JJ is?

      • bunkylomax says:

        JJ is much bigger than Forrest and Irvin..why do you think people are already talking about him moving up to HW? your comparison is bullish!

        • Thedon says:

          GSP is the phantom champ. When is the last time the dude has even fought? Why is he even still being brought up in talks of Silva?

    • sofakinggood says:

      Silva’s walking around weight is like 215lbs give or take. GSP’s walking around weight is like 285lbs give or take. Silva has the ability to cut to MW, but he is really a LHW and has proven that by beating some good LHW’s, including past champs. GSP would loose to Silva, he is naturally much smaller, while Silva vs. Bones would be a great fight. They are both pros. Silva likes to venture up in weight, so let him test against the LHW champ and see how great he is, or let Bones shine his greatness. would be an awesome fight, highly entertaining, and good for MMA and UFC business. LETS FIGHT!

    • You know that Dan Henderson is fighting for the belt right now and he is naturally a MW.. Right…? Hendo even went up to fight HW a few times… For guys like Anderson Silva; going up in weight is no big deal. He’s bigger than Hendo and more skilled. He’s already proven that. I still do think that JBJ would win tho…

  6. stephen riddle says:

    Can anybody say catchweight fight then no ones belt would go anywhere!

  7. Michael hamlin says:

    So why the fuck do people think its fair for Gsp to go up in weight to fight Anderson ???

    Anderson won’t go up in weight to fight jones so why do people think GSP needs to go up in weight ??

    The truth is its not the champions fault that the UFC has no good challengers for jones, GSP, Anderson, they are the best at there weight class and need to be left al

  8. Michael hamlin says:

    So why the fuck do people think its fair for Gsp to go up in weight to fight Anderson ???

    Anderson won’t go up in weight to fight jones so why do people think GSP needs to go up in weight ??

    The truth is its not the champions fault that the UFC has no good challengers for jones, GSP, Anderson, they are the best at there weight class and need to be left alone about fighting each other!!!

  9. shaven maven says:

    ‘cracking on my greatness’
    jones is a kook

  10. thefleezer says:

    GSP could fight more comfortably at 185 than silva could at 205 ( despite what forrest says)

  11. dynomania says:

    Who knows what would happen. I can see where both guys are coming from but it would be one hell of a fight to watch, regardless of the outcome.

  12. orionkid says:

    Then Jon Jones will never be a Ali figure, Ali fought the best and only the best his name will last forever, Jones who? Oh the guy that didnt wanna fight the best? He was alright…

  13. Ballz Mahoney says:

    Its all about the money.

  14. Mike b says:

    Jones makes no sense at all.i mean I guess I can see his point but as a fan I wanna see it happen.or gsp and silva.jones is fake and full of shit.ur a fighter dude so fight.which he has been and he’s doing good.but I respect fighters more who has the that true fighter mentality where they will fight anybody anytime and not make stupid fucking excuses.

  15. turkishMma says:

    thats a load of shit imo. this is a sport where your suppose to please the fans and put on big events. jon jones vs anderson silva would be a sick fight and it should happen. not much of a weight diff

  16. DMAC says:

    Fans really think they own fighters its hilarious. The fight makes no sense at all for Silva or Jones. Put the shit to rest already let dirtbag white get better competition instead of derailing champions. A loss for either guy can really fuck things up mentally for them in future bouts, I don’t want to see that happen. Unless one comes up or down for good put it to rest.

  17. cj mccaffrey says:

    wow dumbest thing i have heard in a while. everyone knows they both will not be champion forever. bottom line its impossible. whether it be age catching up to them or some one just being the better man that night, you are going to lose the belt one day. they have to fight each other. their in weight classes close enough to each other, the fans want it, dana wants it, and its to prove the best fighter walking this planet today. it has to happen

  18. Logan says:

    He might just as well said he is scared…Lets look at it. He says one of their belts would be lost, well guess what, Ive never heard of Bones moving to middleweight so he knows the fight would most likely be at 205 and a loss cost him his belt. Second he is a kid basically who is on a crazy stage and is making a ton on endorsements so he will lose money there if he lost wouldn’t want to lose that money as he might need another bently (Too Soon). Even if he did lose though the fact that Silva is Widely regarded as the best in the world and that Jones is so young its not as though it will tarnish his status for the long career he would have after Silva Retired. A thing I think he would almost certainly do if he beat Jones. And Bones says he doesn’t want to knock Silva’s greatness. You only become great by defeating others who are and have been. If he could defeat Silva his status would only grow and as such his legend so to speak. Isn’t this something he should aspire to? To be known as the greatest ever? In the end I would have to say as it seems to be the only reason Bones Jones wont fight Silva is Fear…

  19. Me says:

    In my opinion Jones shouldn’t fight Silva & this fight DOES NOT need to happen.
    A fight that makes more sense is GSP vs Anderson… This super fight has been on hold since UFC 112 Where the stipulation was if Anderson won he would go to WW and fight GSP. Since that time Anderson has won 4 out of 4 & GSP has won 2 out of 2.
    Dana has spoken about the Pacquiao – Mayweather situation for along time now saying that fight needs to happen before they both aging etc… It’s the same with GSP & Silva this fight needs to happen before they start aging and we hear ‘He beat him when he wasn’t in his prime’

    • LPC KRAZY says:

      I agree. Dana White also talks a lot of $h!t about people turning fights down and teammates should fight. He (UFC) sponsored Jon Jones so they should back it up and make him fight Silva or make Silva fight GSP!!

  20. KIDD433 says:

    This isnt a fight i care to see.I would like to see jones go to HW and actually fight guys close to his size,like DOS SANTOS or OVAREEM.Jones fighting Hendo is mismatch by far like all of his fights…if he moves up,thats when really see what hes made of

  21. HIGuy says:

    Finally, a fighter to say it like it really is instead of hiding behind bullshit…

    “We both have sponsor deals and things that are really important to us and a big part of that sponsorship package is being a winning-being a champion.”

    If you’re a champion and you have a fight date, but say only 90% healed up, you fight or you give up your belt. Stop making these interim titles! The champion fights to keep his belt, or you find someone else that’s not worried sponsorships. Fighters like GSP has been out way too long to be considered the champion right now. Let him fight his way back to the top if he keeps playing the injured game.

  22. Percy Sanchez says:

    I think everyone’s intrigued with this dream match. I say let the Spider fight against GSP. If anyone says I’m crazy to even speak about this being a dream match is obviously blind. Both have dominated their weight classes and the potential of meeting at catchweight is more realistic with these two going at it. Do your research, I’m sure they both can learn something from one another without letting their egos get in the way.

  23. stan871 says:

    Bones would lose to Anderson, I also see Bones losing to Henderson in the future and Hendo got beat by Silva, so, Bones is great, but he’s not on that level, even as young as he is.

    • Kraig says:

      Anderson has another 2-3 years at least before his age catches up to him. Jon Jones hasn’t reached the peak of his skills yet, which is scary… But Anderson Silva would beat him today. Anderson’s skill level is beyond that of anyone in the UFC.

  24. this is some of the most pussified comments i have ever seen from a champion. when youre more worried about your sponsors and not losing, than actually being the best. i guess that does make you a pussy.

    • Aaron says:


      • WarDiaz. says:

        You don’t think silva would say that? He’s already came up with excuses and said himself that he doesn’t think he’d win. Stfu

        • Aaron says:

          you are an idiot. you spoke to anderson, he doesn’t think he’d win? I guarantee you even if he can’t beat jones, which he would now that many holes have been exposed, he, as the greatest fighter we have had the joy of witnessing, doesn’t think he can’t beat jones.

  25. Nick says:

    They don’t realize how amazing that would be for the sport. They’re being selfish. They have a right to be, it’s always their choice. But as a fan I would love to see this fight. They don’t realize how big it would be for the sport. Jon might come around sooner or later. But he’s only thinking about himself right now.

  26. James says:

    i guess bjpenn is the only champion with balls to fight another champion
    all this bull shit GSP is scared Jones is scared silva is scared

    • mickeydeez says:

      …that why i wish chael would have won… he may have 20 losses and no belt, but that fucker isnt lying when he says he’ll fight any man… getting a ufc belt is like when rappers get money… pussy

  27. dreamthearer247 says:

    seems like a scape goat. i really want to see this for or gsp vs anderson… but we all know how long that has taken.

  28. LPC KRAZY says:

    They should just do a catch weight fight without the title on the line for the fans. It would be a great fight to watch. It’s like Pacman vs Mayweather but better!!

  29. James Bush says:

    Bjpenn is the only champion with balls to fight another champion

  30. ya herd says:

    bones should move up a weight class in 2 years, jusr like silva did

  31. ya herd says:

    jones has never been hit and hes got a skinny face a long neck makes it easier to knock someone out, and 100% silva could land some strikes. so its a 50, 50 fight anyone could win in my opinion it all come down to who shows up on the night, but i really do think bones is goin night night but will never know now::). and this is to u fat boy dana stop crying and puting gayweather and pacman down, just cause they arnt fighting. u should make this fight happen u prick

  32. BABY J says:

    Hey why not just do a Triple Threat Match where we have 3 people in the ring, Jon Jones, Silva and GSP at the same time and have them go at it… That way it WILL STOP all the bs talking! lol.

    A real champ fights anybody and everybody they put in front of them to achieve true greatness…

  33. SonnenFan says:

    **cough (bullshit) cough**

  34. C says:

    I’d rather see them keep dominating in their own weight classes. Everyone just wants them to lose. Once glover gets through rampage and bones beats hendo we will have another good fight at 205

  35. ceezee says:

    He’s talking about legacys and his greatness but refusing to fight the goat even though its very possible. I know when im older ill be saying “o ya jon jones was amazing, one of the best…but you know what? He had a chance to fight silva and didn’t”. Part of striving to be the best is fighting the best….why would you not want to have a fight with the spider on your record? Regardless of
    the outcome…I think they should fight

  36. Rick James says:

    I can’t stand this F***. He was way better before he had the belt. I am no longer worried about Hendo. Bones better get his head out of his ass. Either that or Dan will knock it off his shoulders.

  37. Mike b says:

    I repect everybody’s opinion but the certain ones who say this fight don’t make sense and it’s irrelevant I bet u any money if it was to happen u mutherfuckers would get excited and there will be no way in hell u guys would miss the fight.

  38. John M says:

    Jones and Silva all I have to say is quit bitching and JUST SCRAP!

  39. Nlo says:

    Hendo gonna beat jones then challenge silva and retire with 2 straps around his shoulders, same way he came into the UFC

  40. Anomie says:

    These comments are pretty pathetic.

    It sounds like he is worried that losing will affect his sponsorship earnings and that he is just trying to ensure he keeps winning. It is the equivalent of Pacman and Mayweather avoiding each other so they can keep talking up how great they are.

    It could be catchweight at 195 pounds, or even just a non-title fight, so no championship is up for grabs. He wants to talk about greatness – but this shows he isn’t great by avoiding the fight.

  41. Nelson Roberts says:

    what about gsp vs. silva?

  42. nicksoule says:

    what about the fans? what about the people who actually pay your bills? i think if the fans want it we should have it, this is why Pride was the shit everyone had to fight everyone, no way around it, they need a UFC GP to settle this P4p shit, Henderson is the only real p4p champ, he won 2 belts in different weight classes in a GP style…..

  43. Dee says:

    Listen Anderson thinks he can’t beat Jon Jones and let’s leave it at that. Sure Silva walks around at 220, but when he starts training he’s nowhere near 220. Jon Jones is a big light heavyweight, Silva is just not willing to put himself through that. Also GSP is closer to Silva. It’s said that he re-hydrates back to 195 any way, but I also do not blame him for not wanting to go up. Long story short BJ is the only crazy guy out there that will fight anybody in any weight class because he’s just freaking crazy. BJ doesn’t fight for fame, money, or recognition or to train for that matter. He fight because he wants to. That kind of mentality is not in GSP, Silva, Aldo, or Jones. That’s why Silva said that BJ is his favorite fighter.

  44. Tyler says:

    Now I understand the respect thing and all the sponsor stuff. But I think it makes perfect sense, as a sportsman, to be able to respect someone and still have that desire to fight them and test them, and yourself. It would be nice to see them meet int he middle and just have an exhibition match, not for titles or anything. Same with the Silva/GSP idea. But hey, it’s Jon’s choice, but I think he’d be pretty miffed if Silva went, “y’know, I’d like to be Lightheavyweight champ too in my career.” Though I doubt it. Maybe if he looses his next bout.

  45. ZC says:

    Let’s just clarify some shit here real quick.

    1) Jones vs Silva makes WAY more sense than GSP vs Silva. I mean, Silva has already fought and won twice at 205. GSP never moved weight classes, and probably won’t due to his “ectomorph body type”.

    2) The two are scared of each other. Jones is scared because he doesn’t want to fight someone who can close the distance of his tyradctyl wingspan reach, and Silva doesn’t wanna fight anyone. Period.

    3) Silva will duck and dodge any fight he possibly can with injuries before he fights again. He wants nothing more than to fight once a year then call himself the greatest of all time.

    4) Jones is so young that if he loses his belt he’ll shatter his career because he won’t be able to get it back. His flashy shit can only work so long before someone puts him flat on his ass. Same with Silva.

  46. billbob says:

    what a bitch… he wont fight because hes scared to lose, what a load of bullshit so hes just gonna go keep fighting a bunch of easy matchups to load his record. Makes me lose respect for him and the UFC. If you wanna be the best fight the best

  47. WrestlingRules says:

    You can’t be a GOAT if you don’t move up or down divisions and become champ….Just doesn’t work that way. So the only been a few, Royce to start it out. Then Randy and BJ, Am I missing anyone else???

    Yah, show him the Benjamins and he’ll fight Greg Jackson….

    This kid just needs to quit talking and fight……Anderson ‘Nope’ Silva…

    • Mike b says:

      Great point man.i miss the old days of the UFC where the fighters just fight and not care about belts and sponsers and all this other bullshit they had true fighter mentality.i mean once u clean out ur division isn’t that what ur supposed to do move up and fight the best.thats why bj is my favorite fighter he didn’t give a shit about anything he just wanted to fight the best.i mean the guy fucking fought machida…I think bj can fight at 145 if he really wanted to and he will fight guys twice his size.i will miss true fighters like chuck,Royce,Matt,bj,those guys would fight anybody they didn’t give a shit and they sure as hell wouldnt make dumb ass excuses like this moron did.i really hope hendo ko’s this mutherfucker.i really can’t stand jones I dont know what it is but he just rubs me the wrong way.

      • Mike b says:

        Randy too my bad,he was a true warrior.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Those guys you mentioned were and are the real fighters. These other guys are self promoters. No way you can be a GOAT and not go up or down divisions and beat the best. Royce is the greatest cuz that Dude would fight 20 guys in one day and they could out weigh him by 100 lbs.

  48. CanILive says:

    It’s not about what they want… It’s about what the fans want… I thought they were for the fans… An how come it’s only gsp and silva that Dana won’t make fight who he says….?

  49. CanILive says:

    Its not about what they want… It’s about what the fans want!!!! And how come it’s only for silva and. Gsp that Dana will let them choose their fights…

  50. Mega payday says:

    To put on a mega fight u need a mega pay day. With the purse they get it’s totally not worth it. Come on UFC!

  51. Albone12 says:

    Jones is scared of losing. He is fine fighting anyone in his weight class but not someone smaller? How can u be the greatest when u won’t fight the best. At least bj had the balls to fight anyone in any weight class win or lose he wanted to be the best

  52. koolg says:

    go have another drink jones you goof.

  53. javier says:

    jones you are scare thats the real reason!!

  54. jdog says:

    Some of the people here are idiots! How will it affect them big???? Give me a F@cking break!!! What does Jon Jones have to win??? NOTHING! IF they fight and he wins he was ALWAYS supposed to win he is the bigger fighter! Only thing he can gain is a win against an older smaller Silva and move up in the rankings to #1 but when Silva retires Bones will be #1 if he doesn’t lose. Silva has something to gain, and that is being a multi-champion in two weight classes, but again he is fighting the best at a bigger weight class, a guy that should be able to do what Sonnen did and more by sheer size.

    What do they have to lose? Bones would lose all sorts of ranking points as well as sponsor ships and he would look the fool losing to a smaller man (albeit the #1 fighter.) Silva would lose his #1 ranking for sure and would be impossible to get it back, who the hell wouldn’t want to retire the #1 fighter in the world??? Talking legacy here, and untarnished one at that!

  55. Dont Be Scared Homie says:

    Jones is scared homie.

  56. Whatever says:

    Bull Shit nobody looses anything from this. You want to be great this is how you do it by fighting the best even if there not in your weight class. I’m sick of this shit the one great thing that was supposed to come from the UFC taking over was getting the fights we all want. BJ is the only one with any real stones any more move up down it didn’t matter he would fight you.

  57. stephen riddle says:

    I honestly do not know who would win this fight if u would have asked me a year ago i wouldve said silva but now who knows? And didnt dana say if silva kept on winning ways he would get a 205 shot, white what a fucking tease.

  58. blacksheep says:

    hope they fight soon. anderson is getting old. Jones has nothing to lose. he’s still young. losing to Anderson wouldnt hurt his career and beating Anderson would make him really big. he has a lot to gain. wheras Anderson is already established. if he loses, it’s because he’s probably past his prime.

  59. Diogo says:

    one correction, silva has sponsors, jj dont, oh, wait, he has, the ufc

  60. blah...excuses says:

    Here’s the thing with GSP moving up or not….he actually has alot of new competition coming up in the WW division. Condit, Ellenberger, Hendricks, Macdonald, Kampmann and so on. In other words, guys he’s never faced, so I can understand why he’s in no rush to move up. Not saying he shouldn’t. As far as the MW division is concerned, the list is not as long, and there is no MW who will beat Silva. I don’t know if anyone else recalls an interview Jones did, but he definitely said he wanted to fight Silva, even if he had to move down, which there is no way in hell he can. Silva’s only reason he’s given for not moving up is Machida, which I remember hiim stating he was thinking about moving down to MW, I don’t know if he still wants to or not. Regardless, one loss is NOT going to affect either one of these guy’s careers. So what changed? He goes from wanting to fight him to not wanting to fight him. To be the best, you have to beat the best. People who don’t want this fight to happen just don’t want to see their poster boys get beat. The weight difference excuse is bs as well. Both guys that Silva beat at LHW were bigger than him. Jones is bigger, yes, but it’s still an excuse. Didnt stop Gracie from beating dudes twice his size back in the day. Some of you may say things are different now then they were back then, but it’s still an excuse. If you’re a good fighter, you’ll beat anyone, regardless of how big they are compared to you. Dana’s all about making fights that the fans want to see. Take a poll, I will gaurantee that the people who want to see this fight will out weigh the one’s who don’t by a landslide. Silva vs. GSP would be a snooze fest in my opinion. Not saying it shouldn’t happen. Enough talk about these super fights, just make them happen.

  61. diehard ufcer says:

    Jones is super badass…..but andersons striking is many levels above his. And if u can’t bang with a guy u can’t take him Down. Anderson stopped chaels takedowns this time for the most part.I’ve never heard Dana or Joe or anyone say silva n Jones r the best ever. I have heard a million times that andersons the best ever no question

  62. Team real says:

    Striving for personal greatness? You only achive greatness by beating the best. Not wanting to fight someone because you may loose sponsors or your winning record is a terrible attitude. Expected more from jones.

  63. Skittle Balls Sonnen says:

    Why don’t you just both man up and make it a non-title fight? Problem solved.

  64. To net says:

    My god can this guys head get any bigger “his greatness”? I hope that Hendo lands a big left hand and puts him to sleep

  65. spades says:

    But are you ever the best in the world if you know who you need to beat but back out of the fight.
    Sounds like Jones is fighting for his record and not to be the best in the world.
    Anyone can be 15-0 if you never take the fights you might lose. Lost respect for Jones on this one. Sounds scared to fight Silva.
    A loss isn’t going to make him look worst than a DUI.

  66. BigBossMalaka says:

    Not wanting to fight someone because you might loose is the biggest bullshit excuse I have ever heard. Thats why BJ Penn is the baddest there ever is was and ever will be , he’ll fight anyone anytime. You cant be the best in the world if you refuse fights.

  67. BigBossMalaka says:

    Anyone down to see Nick Diaz vs Anderson Silva when he returns from suspension?

  68. says:

    C’mon Jones, don’t be scared homie. And what you said sure makes you look scared.

  69. Mike b says:

    jones sounds like he wants to fuck him instead.i don’t know why but the stuff jones says pisses me off.

  70. rob says:

    “We both have a lot to lose”
    Translation: I don’t want to find out if I’m the best fighter in the world.
    This dude is an incredible athlete, but he’s not a competitor.

  71. milos says:

    on a side note…why would anyone care about the proper spelling and grammar on some internet boards,there are some really spoiled and arrogant people that think others owe them the privilege of speaking correct english,as if there’s isnt flawed being that they are from america,where english has degraded a long long time ago…get your facts straight people english is not evryones first language and it doesnt need to be,stop acting like little bitches…

  72. /hater #1 says:

    So you both have a shit ton to lose right? So what your saying is it’s better to only fight people you think you can beat cause your not in it for the sport but for the money? Shut the fuck up put on an epic fight and your both your legends will be unfuckin touchable. You have to lose at somepoint douchebag now man up and beat Silva down!

  73. #pippen says:

    I NEVER comment, but whoever told that guy to learn how to spell, why would you waste your time pointing something like that out? Its the fucking internet, not some spelling competition. I realise my post pointing out the stupidity of another is possibly equally as retarded.

    Thank You

    The UFC is like the government, giving us what they tell us we want. In a weird way they couldn’t give a fuck about the fans who make the sport what it is. They know we’ll probably just watch it anyway even if these kinds of match ups never happen.

  74. Darla says:

    spoken like a true cheating husband, only looking after himself. Pretty cool how two girls were in his car after the bars. We all know how the bar scene goes in downtown binghamton after the clubs close. HOOK UP..

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