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Thursday, 04/26/2012, 03:00 pm

Jon Jones Draws Big With 700,000 PPV Buys | Proves Star Power | UFC NEWS

By Lynn Mitchell:
Jon Jones is materializing as star who can sell pay per views.  The recent stats show a whopping 700,000 pay per view buys – this is huge in today’s market.  The rivalry with Rashad played a big factor.   Evans is already a proven draw with 1 million plus buys for UFC 114’s Rashad vs. Rampage.  Jones has only been headlining UFC PPVs since UFC 128 when he took the title from Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.  The numbers has certainly jumped significantly.

  • UFC 128 Shogun vs. Jones: 490,000 buys
  • UFC 135 Jones vs. Rampage: 520,000 buys
  • UFC 140 Jones vs. Machida: 485,000 buys
  • UFC 145 Jones vs. Evans: 700,000 buys

“the story was strong enough that early estimates of PPV numbers have topped 700,000 buys, by far the largest of Jones’ career. The number was big for UFC, because they had not established a new young star who was a major consistent draw since the rise of Brock Lesnar, now retired, and GSP, out for most of the year. While the draw was in good part due to the storyline, the number was big enough to where it, combined with WrestleMania a few weeks ago, seems to contradict a lot of people’s views of PPV as a dying industry.  The big events, like this and WrestleMania, have done better than most expectations going in.”  Dave Meltzer – Wrestling Observer


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