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Tuesday, 09/27/2011, 04:14 pm

Jon Jones Coach: I don’t think Jon Jones is a good fight for Anderson Silva

“You know what, I think with Anderson, Anderson is probably the best as far as the eyes going, watching an opponent and then knowing he can strike a certain time and put them on their ass. That’s what Anderson does and I think Jon’s getting there with his strikes. I think Jon’s much better, way past Anderson as far as wrestling skills go. With his stand-up I think Jon brings many more strikes to the table than Anderson has, a lot more variety. We’re just not there on a knockout type of shot, we’re going to get there pretty soon…I don’t think Anderson would probably want that fight with Jon Jones. I think, you know, Anderson would use his length and pick his shot against people. With Jon coming in at so many different angles from a long range, I definitely don’t think that’s a good fight for Anderson.”

Yesterday the striking coach of Jon Jones, Mr. Mike Winkeljohn, was a guest on Mauro Ranallo’s the MMA Show and had a very interesting take on a fight many fans are clamoring to see.

He believes his student would best the middleweight champion, Anderson Silva and thus proclaiming Jon Jones as the pound for pound king with the ability to take out who is arguably the greatest MMA fighter of all time.

With coaches like this around, hyping you up while still not 100% proven, is it any wonder why Jones may come off as cocky to his peers?

Sound of BJPENN.COM, what are your thoughts? Would Jon Jones put a hurting on Anderson Silva or would “The Spider” break “Bones”?


139 Responses to “Jon Jones Coach: I don’t think Jon Jones is a good fight for Anderson Silva”

  1. Robsta says:

    If Chael can dominate Silva for 4.5 rounds. I don’t see why Jonny Bones wouldn’t utilize his wrestling/gnp and finish the Spider.

    • BeanofGTG says:

      Jones may have good wrestling but unlike Sonnen, I think Jones would be hesitant in fear of Silva’s Striking.

      • Robsta says:

        Every wrestler has a blueprint on how to deal with Anderson now. You don’t think that Jones, with Jackson game planning would utilize that? Please. Anderson would be on his back until getting pounded out.

        • BeanofGTG says:

          And don’t you think Silva is smart enough to have a gameplan against wrestlers after his near loss to Sonnen

        • Robsta says:

          What about Anderson’s build makes you think that he can stop a monster like Jones from throwing him around when a true 185 lb’er (Chael) manhandled him at will?

        • Cheecho says:

          of course, and he did. Yushin Okami was trained by Sonnen; taught to execute the Sonnen game plan on taking A.Silva out. Look how that worked out.

        • paulalpine says:

          Every wrestler has a blueprint? For what? Losing? Because they ALL did. Give your head a shake, repeat until your words make sense.

    • BobbO says:

      Exactly bro. ~BobbO

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      It just amazes me how you guys completely disregard the FACT that sonnen was ROIDED out of his mind in the Silva fight. he fought so far and above over his head because of the WORLD RECORD amount of STEROIDS coursing thru his veins that night its not even worth talking about it anymore. If Sonnen gets by Stann and thats a big “IF” you will all see how Sonnen although still on high levels of testosterone during training will not even be half the fighter he was in the first fight. why do you think steroids are illegal in sports because they make you into a super athlete. Most doctors didn’t even think it was possible for an athltet to have a testosterone level of 3400 which Sonnen somehow was able to do with injecting himself with amounts not even heard of by pro body builders. You sonnen nut-huggers are going to be shocked when you see sonnen compete at somewhat normal levels of testosterone (he will still be 300 points above most natural athletes as the Athletic commsions allow TRT USERS-JUICERS to be around 740 which is higher than 90 % of all natural 21 year old athletes in the world. Sonnen won’t last 3 rounds with Silva next time mark my words. It won’t matter because Brian Stann is going to KO sonnen round 2.

      • Cheecho says:

        well said. Sonnen was juiced up man. Look how well the Sonnen game plan for Silva works with a fighter who isn’t foaming at the mouth with ROIDS.

        Sonnen game plan = Yushin Okami ass beating.

        Sonnen would get fucking destroyed in round two; but your right, he won’t get there.

      • DC says:

        This is the most ignorant crap that I’ve ever heard. Whomever informed you on Chael’s situation was wrong, you are wrong. There were no steroids involved, and he actually NEVER tested high on testosterone. Do your homework and don’t sound like such a dummy. This garbage is how MMA ignorance is spread, and honestly it saddens me to be forced to actually call out such a completely pathetic individual. You take the time to lambaste top notch athletes with horrible, misleading, and incorrect information. Get lost.

        • Xaninho says:

          [ CSAC executive director George Dodd says steroid in Sonnen’s system not natural substance.

          Chael Sonnen tested for “well above normal levels of testosterone,” according to CSAC executive director George Dodd.

          “I have it but I haven’t really reviewed it yet, it is a steroid substance,” said Dodd.

          Lance Pugmire of the Los Angeles Times quoted Dodd as saying that the test came back positive due to the presence of a “natural steroid.” The commission chief contradicted the report.

          “No,” said the Executive Officer. “I don’t believe it is a natural steroid.”

          Sonnen has 30 days to respond to the notice and lodge an appeal of his $2,500 fine and year-long suspension.

          Sonnen, 33, of West Lind, Ore., was apparently concerned enough about the possibility that he would render a positive test that he told CSAC executive director George Dodd he used an illegal performance enhancing drug leading up to the biggest fight of his life.
          “He only indicated that he was taking it but he never indicated why,” Dodd said of a conversation he and Sonnen shared during drug testing conducted by the state a day prior to the fight.

          Sonnen “just let me know he was taking [something] and that’s when I called over an inspector to get it documented. But when you do take it you still have to show a medical reason.”

          Though Sonnen mentioned using an illegal substance, the veteran mixed martial artist failed to note it on a pre-fight questionnaire with commission doctors or provide documentation about the use of testosterone in a medical context, according to Dodd.]

          And now shut up… cause your breath smells like Sonnens ass!

        • Troy says:

          What do you mean it smells like Sonnens ass! Was he kissing it or licking it?! Hahahahaha…too funny.

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          DC everything I said was well documented by the media nd released by the CA atletic commison. you boy sonnen is alifetime cheat at everythin g he has eevr done. The man is a FEDERALLY CONVICTED FELON. time for you to pull your head out of Sonnens (LITTLE and I mean VERY LITTLE ball sack) You ROIDERS really stand behind each other no matter how much yolu have to lie. its obvious you ROIDERS all have the same CHEATING metality as Sonnen and you don’t comprehend why STEROIDS are ILLEGAL in combat sports. you really need to seek some help from a shrink. ooooops bad choice of words for you ROIDERS with SHRUNKEN balls

        • DEATH-MAC says:

          well said!! overall fuck steroid users point blank!

      • Jon Heffner says:

        Hey moron, all of you on this thread need to get your facts strait. First off, Dodd of the CSAC is an idiot because Sonnen filed the paper work a month before the fight. Dodd was the moron that accepted it but never did anything furthermore. I can’t stand all you naive pricks behind keyboards. Sonnen turned in the paperwork and informed Dodd about the testosterone medication he had been taking since having his Hypogonadism surgery in ’08. When people take away his performance he put on, it drives me nuts. Mostly because half of you have no idea what it’s like to compete. Many of you are just drunk “experts” at sports bars who coincide with what Rogan and Goldberg say. Sonnen didn’t perform the way he did because of a testosterone medication, he performed that way because he TRULY believed he could. Ever since Anderson handled Franklin, no one in the middle weight division wanted to be in the same arena as him. When you truly believe you can do something, crazy upsets occur. As of right now Jones isn’t ready. His style doesn’t match up with Anderson’s. He hasn’t shown that “I don’t give a shit about how much damage you deal me, I’m getting in on your legs and I’m going to grind you out” attitude yet. Don’t get me wrong, he is one of the P4P kings in the world but STYLES MAKE MATCH-UPS.

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          Dude you are such an idiot sonnen never had any surgery on his balls and EVERYONE on the planet knows he tested with a testosterone level 4 times the maximum aloowed which is OFF the friggen charts. Sonnen was JUICING with testosteron e and had a level of 3400. You eitehr haven’t clue or you are just a LIAR just like Sonnen. You ROIDERS sure stick together. i think its going to be so friggen funny to see Sonnen get his ass kicked. Sonnen fought so far over his head while being JUICED out of his mind. they (athletic commissions) have his number now and will be watchin g him like a hawk although he will still be able to JUICE the hell olut of himself during training because MMA is the only sport in teh world that doesn ‘t have random steroid testing. i think for all CONVICTED cheaters like Sonnen they should drop in on him when he least expects it to catch him JUICING as usual. Sonnen thought because he had his little TRT note from his LOCAL small town doctor that he had a get out of jail card and would be able to JUICE all he wants. The only reason Sonnen would have LOw T in the first place is from using STEROIDS his entire adult life. Sonnen has shown what his personality is as being a CHEAT in business and now being a FEDERAL CONVICTED FELON. CONVICTED STEROID ABUSER. Sonnen will get his ass kicked by Stann and will never even get anotehr shot at A. Silva. Also even if a JUICED up Sonnen would have won the title from Silva he would have been stripped of it for cheating.

        • Michael Williams says:

          This is irrelavant, the questions is would Jones beat Silva, who gives a F%£k about whether Sonnon was juiced up or not. He lost; Anderson is still the champ right?!? IMO Jones would be too big and strong for Silva and would take him to the ground and finish the fight pretty early. Silva should think about a super fight with GSP and leave Jones to dominate LHW.

        • rickjbetch says:

          Hey GET RID OF FITCH, are you in love with anderson silva or something?? why dont you marry that monkey and have retard monkey offsprings you stupid bandwagon bitch.

  2. BeanofGTG says:

    Silva should fight Jones just to prove Jones and his Coach wrong because Jones probably thinks he can beat Silva too. I hope Dana sets it up for 2012 and Silva accepts

    • Robsta says:

      I wonder what injury Silva would complain about after he loses.

      • Shawn says:

        lol! You must be a WWE fan. Whatever injury he’s got, he’ll still win. Except for the Sonnen fight, Silva has smoked all his opponents, and in more dominant fashion than Jones. Jones solidified himself as a true champion beating Rampage. But other than Rampage (a less than 100% Rua doesn’t count), in comparison, Jones hasn’t faced any top guys in the UFC. Silva has faced the who’s who in the UFC, in 2 weight divisions. He’s got KO power in both hands (proven), he’s got submissions (proven), he’s quick, excellent angles, near perfect timing and pin point accuracy (jones is a wild puncher in comparison, which leaves holes to be exploited for someone like Silva), he’s got reach (yes he’s shorter than Jones, but not as short as all of Jones’ other opponents), and he’s got a wealth of experience. Who should be worried about taking what fight?

        • Junior Boy says:

          Yes, I am impressed when Anderson Silva fights. He makes his opponents look like little girls. But what I don’t understand is that Sonnen was the only one who showed up to fight. Okami? No. Belfort? That fight barely got started before Silva ended it. Maia? He looked scared for the entire fight, similar to Okami. Griffin? That was the same Griffin who recently “fought” Shogun in Brazil: a distracted or unfocused Griffin. Leites? Neither did anything in that boring ass fight. The big question is: would Jon Jones fight the way those guys fought? Unfocused, mentally ill-prepared, in fear? Would Silva make him fight that way? I don’t think so. Jones has proven his mental game is on par with his physical game and has been virtually unstoppable. I would like to see Silva fight Belfort again because Belfort just got caught, he wasn’t beaten in to submission or beaten silly: he just got caught. Let see him actually fight Silva. Let Jones clean up the LHW division before he changes weight class.

    • Calvin says:

      agreed he makes small mistakes in fights and small mistakes against silva is the fight

  3. zack says:

    Anderson would KO jones lol jones striking is about 10 levels down from Silva

    • Robsta says:

      So was Chael’s. lol

      • zack says:

        And chael lost bud. Its ultimate fighting not ultimate wrestling

        • Robsta says:

          Go look at the strikes landed. Chael DOMINATED the fight up until the triangle. You think Anderson would be so lucky with Jones? Lol. Delusional

        • BeanofGTG says:

          That’s because Sonnen pressed the action and never let Silva get into rhythm. Jones starts slow and will only get a takedown if Silva makes a mistake like he did against Hendo and Lutter

        • Dud says:

          Lol all these Sonnen fans seem to forget Sonnen was cheating in his fight against Silva… AND STILL LOST! If that doesn’t make Sonnen a bum I don’t know what does. Oh wait, how about his never ending, unprofessional smack talk? Ya that should do it.

        • Robsta says:

          Jones starts slow? Is that what he did against everyone not named Rampage? LOL

        • Shawn says:

          Ummm…look at the fight again, and tell me what Chael’s face looked like. Ya…exactly. Sure I agree he dominated Silva for 4.5 rounds…with wrestling. All Chael did was control Silva on the ground with his wrestling, threw some elbows and punches, kept busy. Did he do damage? Nowhere near the amount he got for his troubles. And he still lost. Lost to a guy who wasn’t 100%, when he himself admitted he was 100% prepared, and he can’t make any excuses. He came in second. Who’s delusional? lol Give me some of that shit your smoking! Oh, and by the way, he didn’t break his ribs, he cracked it. Now if you know what even a bruised rib feels like, you’d definitely know what a cracked rib would feel like…worse.

        • Cheecho says:

          Delusional?! Of course Chael dominated the fight. the fucker was JUICED up with ROIDS to the max. &&&& he still fuckin’ lost. What more does Silva have to do in order to prove himself?!! Fight a couple of wrestlers in a higher weight class…chuck some dogs in the cage? Fuck man, the guy has beat the shit out of everybody. Who’s delusional?

        • burnintrees420 says:

          Mr. Robsta forgot that silva was injured b4 both the sonnen and okami bouts and he still pulled off the big W. so i dont get why silva would complain about an injury after a loss when he doesnt say shit about his injuries till after he gets a W. silva has had injuries far more severe then lots of the fighters recentley who have pulled outta bouts, yet he still steps in the ring time after time injured and u guessed it WINS!!!!!

        • Xaninho says:

          That’s not domination……Sonnen hits like a cheerleader and that’s while on a roïd-rage…without the roïds he hits like a 5 yo girl.

        • aaxantonio says:

          why dont you take a look at chaels face after the fight and look at Andersons, jon jones could not beat anderson no one can

        • spiritsplice says:

          The Sonnen fight was a work. Of you had half a brain you would have noticed all the abnormalities before, during and after the fight. He was paid or told to allow the fight to go the way it did. Maybe he was threatened, don’t know, but he didn’t come there to fight that night.

        • nate says:

          plus anderson was trying to prove a point he was not trying to stand with chael he was trying to summit him BJJ over wrestling, he came out with a fucking gee on when does anderson ever do that? and at the last possible moment anderson fooled everyone and tapped his ass out just like he would do to bones if he took it to the ground, but stand up there is no contest that reach would be nothing jones would be agressive constantly flailing wild elbows and weak punches and once anderson has the timing down he would knock him out! im sorry like silva said”I get hit by cigano all the time” and we all know how jr hits! this isnt even an argument, and this is comming from a guy from endicott Ny people 607 same as bones jones people! guys all hype and not liked around these parts!

    • Hey Zack says:

      It’s NOT ultimate fighting, IT IS MIXED MARTIAL ARTS. Wrestling is a martial art, so it is allowed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. If Chael is one-dimensional with wrestling, so be it. It’s the job of a fighter to overcome the strength of his/her opponent. If the UFC wants to make wrestling illegal, they can. But until they do, …………………..

  4. DanaBrown says:

    Sorry guys, Jones is not on Silvas level yet

  5. adrian says:

    Is Jones’ camp gona send a spy to brazil too? shit

  6. KP says:

    this article is lol… Sure, Jones could give Silva trouble by putting him on his back and might could beat him with ground and pound. However, when it comes to stand up it would be like watching a pro boxer hitting a baby.

  7. Andi says:

    even if they fought and jones won, it wouldn’t prove who’s best pound 4 pound, jones is way bigger than anderson and wud utilize his size and strength with his wrestling, which goes against the whole point of pound 4 pound, pound for pound being if size was an advantage/disadvantage. If it was a pure fight on skill and technique anderson would come out victorious.

    • Robsta says:

      I agree with this. This is why I don’t hold GSP above BJ Penn in P4P rankings.

      • Shawn says:

        This I can agree with you on. To me, your not really P4P unless you actually competed in more than one weight division. Silva has, and BJ has. And they were pretty successful at it. Another criteria would be if you were always smaller than your opponent come fight time and still come out on top. Like Edgar and Florian.

  8. tim says:

    Id rather see Jones fight in heavyweight… More interesting matchups. All the lower weight classes …the outcome is almost certain

  9. mark209 says:

    Robsta you’re a moron. Quit with your hate on Anderson. He would wreck Jones in the stand up and probably sub him on the ground. Also uhh Anderson was injured in his fight with Chael, who was also using PEDs.

    • Robsta says:

      Anderson is always “injured”. Do you really think that PEDs played that big of a roll in that fight? You’re ignorant if you think that PEDs helped Chael dominate that fight in every aspect.Learn some sports medicine. I hate when fans of fighters have excuses. This is exactly what gives BJ Penn fans bad names. It wasn’t “motivated BJ” etc….. Anderson isn’t unbeatable, Chael proved that. Jones would destroy Anderson….his combination of skill and size is just too much to overcome.

  10. BkRockStar says:

    Did you guys also forget that Chael was on steroids that night he fought Silva & of course Silva still won

    • Robsta says:

      Because steroids help you refine your technique? Lol His testosterone levels were a bit high due to therapy. I’m sorry, but anyone who thinks that it played a roll in his domination of Anderson for 4.5 rounds is just plain retarded or a complete nuthugger of Anderson.

      • Sweepking says:

        robsta, silva was mainly on the ground due to the fact that he wanted to finish the fight with a sub over sonnen, hence him coming in with the gui and bjj blackbelt, yeah sonnen dominated 4 rounds and landed more shots, but his shots did nothing compared to the few shots silva did in damage, sonnen had a bloodied up face!!!!! silva not a scratch!!! im just saying people give sonnen way to much credit for lay and praying for 5 rounds

        • Robsta says:

          Ugh. The “wanted to sub him” excuse? Seriously? Hilarious.

        • Tom Klonowski says:

          Ugh. The “He almost won” excuse? Seriously? Hilarious.

        • Cheecho says:

          doucher Chael won’t get there gitch boy. He did a bunch of ROIDS, layed a beatdown ROID rage attack, full assault. Then got submitted…110% dick. Stann’s gonna fuck him up bad. No more pedi ROIDS for your dick-wad hero…no more foaming ROID rage attacks, no more…anything. It’s time to retire your favorite Chael undies goof.

        • Xaninho says:

          Sonnen hits like a faggot. And Kobasky wipe your mouth, Sonnen left a bit of cum there…

        • aaxantonio says:

          chael lost? you talk like he won.

      • BeanofGTG says:

        I would say you’re the nuthugger here if you really think Jones would destroy Silva. Every fighter has a winning chance be i highly doubt he’d destroy him

      • Shawn says:

        Ummm…roids increases testosterone, which helps you to develop strength, it also gives your muscles more endurance, and less susceptible to stress. That’s a huge advantage, especially against a guy who isn’t 100%. Love the way you just throw your views from the hip, without any knowledge or facts to support it. lol You must be a young kid. No worries, you’ll figure it out sooner or later. You should train too, maybe you’ll get a better idea of what your talking about. Experience is the best teacher.

  11. ben garcia says:

    Anderson can Beat Jones At any Given Day Hurt or Not stop Hating on Silva.

    • Robsta says:

      Lol. I’m sorry that I’m not a fan of Anderson, I’m not hating. I simply feel that Jones can beat him. I’m honest about my favorite fighters whether or not I think that they will win or lose. BJ will lose to Nick, for instance. Stop crying like women, faggots.

  12. Jpeech says:

    Oh my god silva was not “injured” he always seems to be “injured” but he still fights. the ufc will not let you fight injured to where you can not fight you have to go to a doctor that the ufc ok’s and then that doctor tells the ufc. No excuses Chael lost after he dominated yes he was slightly over cause of the TRT I have seen the videos and read the articles I just want to see Silva vs Sonnen 2 then we will see if Chael has what it takes so control for the full 5 rounds or even finish Silva or if Silva was not on top of his game and if he can stop Sonnen

  13. remi says:

    I hate people who think they now everything about the sport (robsta) Anderson was injured in that fight proven fact that he had an injured rib and steroids are not sonnen down fall is bbj and anything can happen in a fight and he is basically out of his prime at age 35 going on 36 best believe Jon Jones will have the better chance of winning with also a weight advantage but we will see just how strong his wrestling is when he fights rashad

    • Robsta says:

      Ugh. You’re a moron. Learn how to filter the bullshit that flows from that small brain of yours.

      • Chris says:

        Filter what? The fact that Sonnen is in fact weak concerning triangle defense? Or that Silva is getting old? Or that Jones would use size to his advantage? Those are all true, and to claim otherwise is just being purposefully illogical.

  14. Ja ruler says:

    Why doesn’t jones drop 20 and fight at middle weight than.
    If he tried heavyweight his ass would get smashed. He’s not very strong for his size.

    • Robsta says:

      With his frame, it would be incredibly hard to cut to 185. Just ridiculous. Have you seen his brother? Jones is skinny at 205. He could easily bulk to HW. Drop down? LOL

  15. Steve says:

    There is no need to see this fight because Jon Jones would finish Anderson Silva. Jon Jones is the biggest LHW in the division (look at how much bigger he was than Shogun and Rampage) and he’s a top tier wrestler. He’s also got that freakish reach which he uses very well, Anderson would have a very difficult time closing the distance and his stupid “taunting” game wouldn’t work because all Jon Jones would have to do is take Anderson down when he starts pulling that crap. Anderson has said many times that he doesn’t like fighting at LHW because of how much bigger the guys are. He may be tall but he’s got a thinner build which makes him smaller than most of the top guys in the division. He’s huge for a middleweight and because of this he’s not easily over powered like he would be against a LHW with a wrestling base (watch the Okami fight again and see). I wan’t to see Sonnen fight Silva again since I’m curious as to how much Silva’s rib injury impacted him in that fight. Defending a takedown attempt by Sonnen is hard enough to do healthy much less when you’ve that type of injury.

    My dream fight for Anderson at LHW is against Machida, I think that would be an amazing fight but I know that since they train together it won’t happen.

  16. khanage says:

    dudes! the only reason cheating sonnen went 4 rounds with silva is coz silva let him! he told every1 he was guna tap him out……………..n guess wat?………………HE F*&#ING DID! but seriously guys anderson vs jones? that would b a mean fight! there both very good fighters so y not let the test each other? go hard i say lads!

    • So u don’t think that bc Chael let up and let his guard down in the last minute is what gave silva the tchoke. If Chael would’ve let silva up, by the time Chael took him down and gain top control again the fight would’ve been over. It was Chael who dictated the entire game and gave silva the choke. Andy was genius to set that all up..Chael did everything right except for turning his arm during the arm bar..

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        i dont think he “let his guard down” instead he got elbowed pretty bad in the face and lost his senses for a split second and that was all anderson needed to wrap him up and finish him. why let anderson up and give him the chance at beating him on the feet? obviously chael was winning all rounds because he was keeping andersons back to the mat, no way he should have let anderson up and chance getting knocked out in the final minute. chael had anderson exactly where he wanted him and still lost, no point assuming if he had did something else he would have won.

  17. raul says:

    First. Off if anyone of u actually think Jon Jones could take Anderson ur batshit crazy and as far as size goes Anderson Silas is just as big as Jones is and has length as well and they’re not even on the same planet when it comes to striking all Jones does is twirl and tries to look clook cute wen he strikes and that gets all u guys to jump on his nuts while Anderson is a proven knockout artist he would destroy bones by KO round one Anderson is unstoppable

  18. MFbrian88 says:

    LOL at his trainer….Jon did not look good with Rampage even though he made him tap….He just had a 1 ft reach advantage. Look at how Silva has beat all his opponents…well except Chael, but he smashed em all up. To think this kid can wrestle Silva down? No way…kick to the face

  19. Mma_worlD says:

    I don’t know why people keep saying Chael came close to beating Anderson, he did only bcuz Anderson let him take him down and looked for a submission witch it took him 5 rnds but he found it and won. Every time silva attack, sonnen got hurt bad and when he wanted to stuff a takedown of sonnens he did. But Jones and Anderson would be a good fight I bet Anderson could stuff all of his takedowns and counter him better than rampage… But it will be a good fight.

  20. Silva would grease and Jon Jones would kick his leg all day.. boring! Chael would have to save that card

  21. Connor says:

    i think anderson could break down jones with some mean leg kicks

  22. Rcaldwell says:

    Jones may not have knocked Rampage out like everyone was clammering to see. But, he submitted Rampage which had NEVER been done before. This was the best, in shape rampage ever. Rampage has fought them all. Do the math.

  23. Bryan says:

    all other things aside, i fail to see how Jon Jones, being that he is a large light heavyweight is the better fighter because he can beat silva whos a natural middle weight…

  24. TEMPHUiBIS says:

    -]. hahaha everything’s switched, we all wanted Gsp vs Silva. Now it’s Silva vs Jones, any of them are great fights anyway .[-

  25. I’d love to see this, but I don’t think that we ever will. Anderson can’t stay as good as he is for very long. He’s getting towards his late 30s. He can’t stay this fast forever. Jones has Evans next up (after his 6-month suspension). So the soonest that this fight could take place would be maybe in 12-months. If we saw it around then it’d be awesome, but I don’t think that we will. If this match ever does happen it’ll be when Silva’s too old and slow.

    I think Silva at his best versus Jones at his best, Silva wins.

  26. John says:

    Yeah and I don’t think anyone trying to fight Anderson Silva is a good fight for the guy

  27. Cheecho says:

    Holy shit man. Finally went through this entire page of micro-feeds…the only thing I recall is fuckin’ nut-hugging. Nut hug this, nut hug that. Whats with all the homo-erotic reference?! I think allot of you dudes wanna see these guys fuck rather than fight.

  28. TimB says:

    Anderson vs Jones*
    Anderson Wins Via Submission

  29. Cody Schumacher says:

    The reality is good enough r not the size difference isn’t fair Anderson is atrue mw Jones is basically a hw Jones could hold him down if nothing else

  30. shoe says:

    people bringing up chael are stupid, even chael wouldn’t be so lucky to dominate like that the 2nd time.

  31. maika says:

    Chael had to use steroids and still lost.That shows how good Silva is.Jones is a good fighter and very creative however Jones is afraid to get hit and Jones has no knock out power. I believe with Jones vs Silva Silva would time it right eat up a hit then knock Jones out.Just like what he did with Okami. I believe both fighters are very good but if it came down to Silva vs Jones Silva would win hands down via knock out

  32. Jon Jones says:

    I can easily beat Anderson Silva. Too bad he’s dodging me.

  33. Ninjaman says:

    Jon Jone’s would dominate Silva and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to just float down to reality. I love anderson and he has proven so much but I feel I know Anderson, which I actually do and he would not take this fight because even he knows not to start a fight he cant win.

  34. Ninjaman says:

    Anderson a smart guy and knows he never starts a fight he cant win.

  35. steven horgan says:


    • Tony says:

      Good points Steven. Jones is a greco-roman wrestler who relies on the clinch to take down opponents. When the fight first started against Rampage, he had to literally be in a squatting position to even think about shooting in on Rampage and was not able to take him down. If he did that to Silva, he would most likely get kneed in the face. Okami tried to take Silva down in the clinch and was not able to, and the reason that Chael is able to take down Silva is because he’s a freestyle wrestler with great double leg take downs. The only problem Silva would have is adjusting to the reach advantage, but once he would find his range, Jones would be in trouble.

  36. Jmad says:

    “With his stand-up I think Jon brings many more strikes to the table than Anderson has, a lot more variety.” Are you serious, Anderson can execute any strike that Jones can, only difference is Silva will knock you out. That trainer needs to stop, for real.

  37. Poco says:

    Is this or MMAWEEKLY? I come here for BJ updates and never see any.

    • Jmad says:

      I didn’t like mmaweekly, I looked at it for the first time earlier today, I don’t like the layout and saw a bunch of fools bashing Chuck Liddell in the comments section. rather stick to bjpenn, junkie or fiveounces

  38. KMEX says:

    Jones will wait like 2 years to fight Anderson because he knows he can’t beat him. So he will wait until his stand up MIGHT have a chance and Silva will be thinking about retirement. I guarantee that Silva would beat Jones if they fought in their next contract fight.

  39. Roger says:

    hey guys… is funny how hated Silva is by all o you. This guy is the best p4p all of you ever seen. Respect his cartel, his history. Jones is an awesome fighter as well, but he is just starting up his career. Wait a moment and the time will respond all these questions. About Sonnen, lol, I rather keep up my mouth closed. he is a joker.

  40. ThaTruest2DoIt says:

    I think the biggest problem with this matchup is the age difference. I will never take away anything from Anderson and what he has done in his legendary career and Jones is DEFINITELY the present and the future of MMA. Stylistically, this is a fantastic matchup since i do believe that Jones does fight a bit like Anderson. Silva is the most creative and sinister fighter i have ever seen. In the end, I do see Anderson winning a close fight. I would love to see this fight happen before he retires but at 37 years old, you certainly dont feel like you’re 24 in every fight.

  41. Robsta says:

    Please stop posting. Adults are trying to have a conversation.

  42. mmaislandjunkie says:

    cokeylapokey makes good points here.

  43. Shawn says:

    That was the game plan, to submit Sonnen. You notice that he was doing submission attempts the whole time.

  44. So... says:

    So not to disagree with your points because well..i dont care, but when explaining with at higher learning, its “college.” A collage is an organized group of pictures or artwork meant for the purpose of created multiple pieces into one work of art…just saying dont insult somebody about grammer and punctuation if you can’t spell

  45. Fortyb4five says:

    oh god captian grammar to the rescue.

  46. Fortyb4five says:

    better correct myself before “captain” grammar shows up.

  47. mmaislandjunkie says:

    he’s all about grammar but doesn’t capitalize his first name, how rude.

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