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Tuesday, 03/20/2012, 10:43 am

Jon Jones Blog | Evan's Doesn't Have My Number

By Jon Jones:
A year ago today, aged 23, I became the youngest ever UFC world champion and my life changed.

On April 21, I make the third defense of my title. I will be competing against a former UFC champion I know very well, Rashad Evans, in Atlanta.

My opponent and I used to train together at coach Greg Jackson’s gym here in Albuquerque, N.M.; we were training partners and friends. Now we are going to fight for the UFC world title in Atlanta next month.

My opponent believes he “has my number” because of the time we spent training. While he is obviously familiar with how I fight, I am familiar with him too, and we didn’t spend that much time training together. If you added up all the days we worked out together or sparred, we probably only trained together for a month. That’s a ton of time to observe someone, but it’s not like we spent years training with each other.

And I’ve learned more in this past year after my opponent left the gym than in any other year in my career. A year ago I was preparing to meet another young contender – Ryan Bader – then I was offered the title shot on six weeks’ notice against Shogun Rua. Since then, I have defended the belt against Rampage Jackson and Lyoto Machida, two legends in the UFC.

To do all that, I had to grow so much as a fighter and my opponent isn’t thinking it through if he believes I am the same fighter I was even 12 months ago.

The other thing my opponent has been saying is that I am inexperienced. I’m the youngest-ever UFC champion, and you can’t be the youngest champion and the most experienced at the same time, especially after defeating some of the opponents that I have in the past year. I feel I am doing well. I had a very good 2011, beating a top contender, the reigning champion and then two top-ranked former champions – all of those fights gave me great experience.

I honestly feel I am working harder than any other fighter in the light-heavyweight division. I am listening to my coaches, watching tapes of my opponent and working very hard. I realize I have a target on my back like all champions do, and I have to train like I am the challenger in order to stay champion.

You’ve seen it in other sports, when a young guy comes on the scene and does well, people get excited and start writing and saying “this guy can’t be beat.” There’s a lot of hype about me right now; some media experts are saying I am unbeatable, but I know it’s not true. I wouldn’t bust my tail so hard in the gym if I was unbeatable.

I’ll let my opponent continue to say he has my number. On April 21 he’ll realize he doesn’t even have my area code.

I love hearing from you guys. Tweet me @jonnybones.

– Blog via FOX Sports


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37 Responses to “Jon Jones Blog | Evan's Doesn't Have My Number”

  1. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Area code? That’s not what they mean when they say number….

    Honestly I haven’t seen a difference in Bones from the Bader fight up until the Machida fight. It’s the same old Bones. Rashad has improved greatly since the belt was snatch up by Machida. But, this doesn’t mean Rashad will win. He just has a greater chance at victory.

    • THOM BJJ says:

      how can you say Jones hasnt improved since that fight? imo he’s improving greatly every time we see him.. Rashad has the best shot at defeating jones out of anyone so far but imo hes still a huge underdog

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        He is really the same fighter and I think he has either reached his saturation point as a fighter or his peak.

        Every fight I see him in its the same spinning elbows, spinning back fist and elbow, middle punch to the body on the fence, foot jab to the knee, run when someone gets in range of hitting my face, GnP elbows and use wrestling when I feel uncomfortable. LOL this is his fighting thought process.

        He needs to use more of a variety of kicks. The reason he doesn’t especially at this high a level in competition is because he has chicken legs and ends up hurt himself when he kicks people like Rampage and it makes him vulnerable to takedowns which he hasn’t been taken down ever in the UFC. 100% TDD! His chin hasn’t really been tested either.

        Jones is gonna be in trouble when he meets someone who knows BJJ and Wrestling.

        • You Are A says:


        • Lambo says:

          I’m going to agree with you Orea.

          He uses the same moves in every fight. He hasn’t evolved as a fight like he claims he has.

          Rashad is going to test him and push him in areas he hasn’t been pushed before in a fight. Its easy to tell and know that Rashad has learned new things with Team Blackzillian. And he knows Jacksons gameplan style. So he is going to cut Jones off at every turn.

          He is going to aim to break Jones mentally to win this fight.

        • bahahaREEMbear says:

          just because he is using the same moves, doesnt mean he hasnt progressed and grown as a fighter. Just because someone flourishes, doesnt mean he has to come out and perform differently to show how much hes grown. Apparently the same ole moves he does continues to win him bouts so if it aint broke, why fix it? im sure oneday when some new breed comes in with all the “new” moves and yada yada yada, maybe then we will see a diff gameplan, but till then, if his same ole moves keep him on top, then why not keep using them?

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:


          You are right if ain’t broke don’t fix it but that has a time limit on it because the rules of the game are constantly changing. You can apply that to anything really. I’m just stating that I don’t see a progression in Jones. Being complacent is a bad thing if you are a martial artist. He is exactly the same as when he fought Bader. If he obliterates Rashad then I will say I was wrong about his progression. If not then it’s possible Greg Jackson has nothing left to offer him.

        • CombOver Boy says:

          I doubt that his moves will work if he rematches any of those guys because if you were to go against a top notch fighter they would have studied you and know what you’re going to do with every turn or pivit of your body.

          I think Jackson can’t offer this kid anything more only teach him how to manage a fight and find to quick spot.

          The real sad thing is all the elite LH fighters are atleast 8 to 10 years older than him and have seen their good far share of wars and have alot of injuries. But if these guys were his age I doubt he would be champ

        • Nuitari X says:

          I agree, what do you ppl wanna see? some capoeira in the cage? LOL

    • Joe Bidden says:

      Way to miss the joke. He obviously knows what the phrase “has your number” means.

      I swear. Some people.

    • jc says:

      fighters respect jones too much . its like anderson silva they show to much respect for him and don’t get in his face and make it a fight. thats why this fight is different rashad is going to take a chael sonnen approach and bum rush this fool

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Dude, are we the same person? I feel the same way. Too much respect for the champ is the reason they are unbeatable.

  2. magoo says:

    After April 21 Rashad will know your #……Number 1 LHW in the world!!!!

  3. Jason says:

    i cnt wait till rashad beats the crap outa you…then he will know your hospital room number…

  4. Alex says:

    I dont really know about cyborgs judo background, but if she isnt into judo(like tate obviously wasnt, otherwise she would have gotten thrown like she did), I think rousey would be able to get her down and submit her. But Cyborg got same chance in ko’ing rousey if she doesnt get it to the ground. would say its a 50/50 in my opinion

  5. true mma says:

    Jones wins easy. Jones would be the man if it wasn’t for that fucked up attitude he has. He’s a cocky asshole but is a Damn good fighter. He always finishes his fights and is always willing to fight.

  6. Beaner says:

    I despise jones soooo much. You beat 2 washed up fighters who are to old now and have been hurt alot and have had surgeries. And Machida did sort of good. He landed some strikes and did better then the other 2. Baders is just terrible . Rashad will beat him and his destiny will be to lose. Then he will say its gods plan and he will get the belt back one day

  7. true mma says:

    As much as I don’t like jones, I know Evans can’t beat him. Evans couldn’t finish rampage and Jones did and while the dragon made Evans do the stanky leg, Jones put him to sleep.

  8. “He beat 2 washed up fighters that are too old and have had surgeries” “Bader is just terrible”

    Obvious troll is obvious.

  9. Rusco says:

    He took the belt from Rusty Shogun. Just watching that fight you could see the rust falling and shifting from Shogun. It was quiet noticable that he was still not 100%.

    The only number Jones knows is the number to the Drag Queen Shop next door to Brothers Barbeque.

    Just to make it clear Rashad does have Jones’ number how else would they text each other and i do member Jones showing off a text he received from Rashad where Rashad called him a “white boi”

  10. Joey joe joe junior shabadoo says:

    I believe rashad will take jones down with ease. And in every single round. He’s done it many times before. Rashad is too explosive and will find it easy to rip them chicken legs from under bones. Jones will lose. Jones has never had a top wrestler like Rashad shoot on him.

  11. Anti-Hater says:

    Jones may not visibly be advancing, but the argument can be made that his opponents simply don’t last long enough for us to see it.

    Second, Rashad is the only fighter left before that division is cleaned out. Top fighter or not, there isn’t much left.

    I was personally unimpressed by his last fight against the non-contender worthy Davis. Unable to fully dominate or even finish the fight. I would like to think that when Jones does dominate Rashad it will put the nail in the coffin on the issue, but I think we all know even that won’t stop the haters.

  12. slacker says:

    Rashad has to catch his leg kicks, a la Davis, take him down and ground and pound him in the first round. Then when he gets up, he has to keep the pressure on him so he loses his train of thought, and then make mental mistakes that will open up some more opportunities. Easier said than done? Of course. But if you wait around too long thinking about the perfect move, next thing you know you will be going for knee surgery from the shin kick he gave you. This guy has never been taken down. I say Rashad will be the first.

  13. drew says:

    jones probably wins…machida owned rashad, and jones put machida to sleep no brainer

  14. AldershotMMA says:

    I got Jones

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