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Sunday, 09/02/2012, 10:10 pm

Jon Jones blames 'the old man and his knee' for the loss of UFC 151 | UFC News

By: Chris Taylor

It appears that Jon Jones has had enough and is no longer interested in shouldering any of the blame in regards to the cancellation of UFC 151. Jones responded to an upset fan on twitter last night and shed some light on who he thinks is the real culprit to blame:

It was yesterday, that Jones was scheduled to defend his light heavyweight belt against Dan Henderson in Las Vegas, however the fight was scrapped due to a knee injury suffered by the challenger. The UFC scrambled to put together a new main event, but inevitably cancelled the show when Jones turned down the only man willing to fight him on 8 days notice, Chael Sonnen.

It is safe to assume that “the old man” Jon is referring to is in fact Dan Henderson. You know, the same Dan Henderson that only days ago Jones wished a ‘speedy recovery’ and said it ‘would have been an honor to fight’… Ya that old man.



102 Responses to “Jon Jones blames 'the old man and his knee' for the loss of UFC 151 | UFC News”

  1. Bahamian says:

    Pardon my french but bones is a FUCKING FAGGOT his cockiness and up himself money grubbing pussy attitude is ruining my interest in the UFC blaming Henderson for getting injured so have a lot of other fighters and guess what they took other fights without question he isn’t a fighter he is a piece of shit

    • Jon **** jones says:

      Well said.

    • MARV3L0US says:

      AMEN Bones its not your fault that ol hendo got injured cuz if he didnt the show would go on its not Jones fault at all.

      • MARV3L0US says:

        LOL and Hendo your crack me up your the one who got injured and cant fight then u have the nerve to say jones belfort isnt a fight your interested in.. You have no right to say anything when ur the guy who got injured and cant fight Now i wish i woulda got to see bones take u down and elbow your face.

        • Fekkin Bone Huggers says:

          Bones is the champ…..whos is supposed to be the best right? He refused to fight someone who ALSO wasnt prepared to fight so that right there should be a rule to relinquish his belt.DIdnt that happen to Noons for pussin out well Jones is no differen tif his “destiny” as he calls it is to be the best ever then he should have no problem with fighting Chael.Give me a break your hero fuckin pussed out and YES IT IS HIS FAULT.Hes the godamned champ he doesnt get to choose his fights he fights whoever is there that thinks they are better PERIOD.Fuckin huggers should kill yoursleves for backing this fuckin fake

        • MARV3L0US says:

          lmao why would the champ want to fight chael?? He just got his ass beat in his last fight he doesnt deserve to be in the same ring as bones.

        • I believe that they should strip him of the belt. Injuries are a part of the sport, and hendo has been around long enough that he has gotten his share. Bones talkes about destiny alot. but even those who swear life is predetermined look before crossing the street

        • matthew says:

          Lmao…damn u really that mad??writing paragraphs dude get over it..u know damn well aint no one in the ufc touching jones..dont blames jon for a weak ufc card..

        • glaurick says:

          Matthew, your four poorly constructed sentences eqaul one paragraph. You mad too?

        • Fenner says:

          No Offence MARV3L0US but wether chael deserves the fight or not he still stepped up to make sure there was a fight!

  2. Paul Harris says:

    Jones is still a kid

    • Gilly. says:

      I get the funny feeling Greg’s camp is here bitching for Jones to make him seem less bad. I mean it’s really bad. Greg’s camp has always been sneaky. Fuck that dildo looking sneaky bastard. He f’n sucks at PR, and continues to extend his boring game strategy.

  3. nohateradehere says:

    Lost some respect after the cancellation and now it’s almost gone.

  4. Nick says:

    I lost the little bit of respect I had left for him when he caused the cancellation of 151, now with the bullshit comments such as “I was gonna pay the fighters, until everyone was criticizing me” and this…. I will never, ever have a single bit of respect for that man. He is a fucking asshole. Damn, it sucks because I know he’d whoop my ass in a matter of seconds.

  5. KIDD433 says:

    No Jones.UFC 151 got cancelled because you were to much of a bitch to fight Sonnen.As a so called champ you have a responsibility.

  6. Xaninho says:

    Jones just can’t stop diggin his own grave, deeper and deeper he goes. The truth always comes out.

    • Yeahrightman says:

      I know right? You’d have thought it couldn’t get any worse, then he goes and straight up disrespects a legend of the sport that everyone loves and respects. He needs to get a publicist whose job is to tell him what to say so he stops making an ass of himself.

  7. Bjj BB says:

    How dare the ufc give jbj a weak ass replacement as a champion!! The only time any company would do something stupid like that is to cover there ass, in other words, they had no co main event to fall into place after hendo’s weak knees gave out! So they put it all on jbj to fight some1 he should not be and jbj knows it so he says no! How many main events got canceld due to injury and they never put it on the well fighter to fight some weak ass replacement? Never!! Cause when you go back you hear dana talking about theres no cutting lines to get to the belt and only the next in line gets a chance, but cause they put a shitty ass card 2gether and they know no1 order ppv without jones they decide to be HYPOCRITS and go back on there word to save there own asses!! If you hating ass bitches had half a f-ucking brain you would see that!! Only a top 5 fighter would of made sense, you telling they could not find any1? Well im glad jbj made dana have to go threw this so now all the co main events will be worth watching when you pay for ppv! Dana is a F- ucking prick for even putting this worthless card up and using jbj vs dan to make it sale, bit him in the ass so f-uck dana and all you haters!!

    • Zk says:

      It’s about building a marketable card in 8 days. Machida declined and so did shogun and not that cheal is in anyway deserving of a title shot he is the best at selling ppv and he would have fought even though he would have lost. Yea I agree jbj had no logical reasons to accept that fight, but after all th UFC has done for him he could have least save the card and that shows his true personality. He obviously cares about his record/legacy an money wayyyy more then his fans an that’s fine but that isn’t going to make him a fan favorite that’s for sure. Jbj is an awesome fight and I used to e a huge fan but now he is tryin to pick his opponents and won’t take any risks anymore because he is afraid to lose his belt, which eventually will turn him into a points fighter and.not a finisher that he could be. I personally think most of the backlash(at least a lot of mine personally) is because he talked about being humble when he because champion and about respect for other fighters and I literally see none on that in him. And that is why he is full of shit.

      Ps. People might take you more seriously if you didn’t sound so incredibly biased towards jbj

    • Hiiipower716 says:

      Like rashad said…jones got the belt through an opportunity like this one but doesnt give someone else that same one….selfish…

      • Shut up fag. says:

        As soon as Rashad got his ASS BEAT by Jones, Rashad turned into some kind of MMA god?!?! What? Americans just LOVE bringing people down! that’s why Americans are going broke and their economy is taking a dump, and the people blame the government. So dumb. The PEOPLE are the government!!!! good luck fckn Americans, you’re gonna need it.

        (okay, now, rally together against the insults… predictable…)

    • Smackuround says:

      Are u kidding me!!! The had kos vs ellenberger as co, until kos got hurt. The one time to have a true champ step up and save the day refuses. You can stand up for him all u want, Jbj lost 50% of his fans with that decision. I can’t wait til Jbj loses and they cut him. Hell have no wrath as the UFC scorned

  8. DMAC says:

    Thank you! Old ass trying to play twitter games. Respect the shit outta Hendo but he was dead wrong in this entire situation

  9. KILL GREG JACKSON!!! says:

    Everybody needs to stop this social media site war and just start throwing it down in the octagon, man, this shit is becoming worst than boxing!..whatever happened to challenger calling out the champ and champ beats the shit out of challenger for calling him out? I guess those days are gone.

  10. Bjj BB says:

    +1 Hendo knew he was injured two weeks b4 he said anything! So it starts with hendo and ends with dana but the blame is on jbj and sonnen is every1’s hero, talk about mma fans fucking up the sport by not looking at the whole picture and just blaming jbj! F-uck’um!! Let’um hate while jbj dominates!!!

  11. Bjj BB says:

    @ zk, im just stating facts!! How did bj penn and nick diaz become the main event? When you figure that out then respond to my comments! And the answer to that question is how its always been! And the person who fought his way up to fight the champ thats next in line is how its always been, but cause dana thought as along as we put jbj ona card no matter how shitty it is it will sale and hes right cause it will, but damn! Did he have to make the co main event shitty to? So back to the bj penn question, they had to cover there ass by trying to force jbj fight some1 that was not sapos2 even be mentioned! And you got it wrong! People dont order ppv to see dana white! They watch it for the sport and there favorite fighters and martial arts been around before the ufc so dana is making money off of something that he did not make up his self, so as far as u saying he should of fought simpley cause of what the ufc did for him is bullshit!! Its about fighters like jbj who keep people watching this sport that keeps dana whites pockets fat! And i am a jbj fan but im in no way bias to facts. Seems like you only go with the majority and not think for your self cause your a follower like every other shit for brains hater on this site!

    • Majestyk says:

      It’s true that the show could have gone ahead, had the card had some other great match-ups. The fact that it didn’t is largely the fault of the UFC. That doesn’t take away from the fact that JBJ should have shown some loyalty, and accepted the Sonnen fight. Does he owe the UFC anything for his success? Of course he does. BJ Penn just thanked the Fertitta brothers for “all they have done” for him. Know why? It’s because BJ is an honorable, appreciative guy. Remember also that the Fertitta’s own 90% of the company, and although Dana is their mouthpiece, he’s not making major decisions (like canceling. events) in a vacuum. So although the Fertittas should bear some of the blame, JBJ should have shown some appreciation for them (not to mention the fans) and taken the offered fight.

  12. Bjj BB says:

    @hiiiipower! Your words are forgeting to mention that jones was next in line, they did not throw a loser from the MW class who had no fights yet in the lhw class to shogun! That would be very disrespectful to shogun and i bet shogun would of said no to that loser as well! Stop quoting other ppl and think stupid!!

    • Majestyk says:

      It’s says a lot about your biased opinions and narrow-minded viewpoints, that your describe Sonnen as “a loser from the MW class”. He’s the #2 ranked Middleweight in the world. He’s also the only one who stepped up. Wake up and smell the coffee, instead if sniffing JBJ’s balls all day long.

    • p4p-king-silvaa says:

      Don’t even bother replying to this douce bag. He has no life. He posts 1st as Bjj BB, says something stupid with jones cock down his throat, and up his pussy, then intelligent op’s reply, and he replies with another name. You can tell b/c it has the same 1st grade mentality crap. Total pussy.

  13. CombatRusse says:

    Even if I am a Fan of Dan Handerson, I have to admit that Jones has a point.
    Jones is not responsable of the cancellation of the fight nor the card.
    It’s Dana White responsability. And a little bit Hendo’s responsability.
    Unfortunatly this is a young man’s sport. And excluding some exceptions (like Randy Couture), passing a certain age, the body just can’t take it anymore. And TRT can help the overall body shape but apparently not the ligaments.
    Anyway, this is a shitty situation caused by Dana White’s greediness

    • dogfart says:

      got nothing to do with trt. people who are young and fit can get that type of injury easily. its a risk of wrestling training that cannot be avoided do to how legs play a role.

      Henderson knew 4 weeks prior that there was a “niggling issue that he tried to ignore, because he wanted the fight so much”
      that would have given plenty notice to all fighters on the card that there were gonna be changes
      The whole card was weak. weve seen main events completely removed before and not had a problem because the card was stronger.

      in this case its ufc’s fault. dont get me wrong JBJ is an idiot and needs to hush his mouth but he has much at stake to lose after just picking up a nike sponsorship and if he did anything but knock chael out then he would be questioned on whether he is worthy of all these sponsors and praise. its a lose lose situation so while hes a prick i can understand in a way why he didnt take it.

      fans want big named fights, we’re all gonna be upset especially for this one as it was gonna get messy and i think thats why everyone is ignoring the bigger picture which is that ufc is putting on strong cards for non ppv screening and leaving the ppv with no room for error if the main event fails

    • Smackuround says:

      But he could have been the hero, got 2 paychecks. Instead he pussied out. Trust me he lost a lot of fans, Dana will pay him back.

      • Chris says:

        best way to hurt Jon Jones is through what matters the most to him and thats money. So he won’t get a cut of the ppv or a bonus. once he sees his check isn’t that big he will have a change of heart and attitude

  14. Bjj BB says:

    @ CombatRusse, Thank you!!!!!!!!

  15. Sully says:

    Keep hearing all this stuff about ‘yeah he was right to turn down Chael – he doesn’t deserve a title shot’… I what universe does Vitor Belfort deserve one? The guy is a vet and I get that, but he has as much claim to a title shot as Chael. The only difference is, Chael poses more of a threat by holding Jon down then Vitor does trading with him. Ridiculous statements.

  16. Taga says:

    I don’t agree with JBJ decision to pull out of 151, also not a huge fan either, but all I seem to hear from people lately is that how immature, arrogant he is aswel as been called a chicken running away from fights..
    1) If u compare jbs comments to other fighters he is far from arrogant, just compare to Chael, rampage, rashad these guys combined are not only racist and disrespectful to women but they talk so much shit and attack other fighters randomly just to create a name for themselves
    2)to call JBJ a chicken over the last 2 years he has had the most fights in the UFC against the very best and literally destroyed most if not all of them
    3)I would personally like to see jones actually slightly challenged against boys he’s own size in HW, besides a couple of potential hopeful challengers there’s nothing left for him in LH

  17. Bjj BB says:

    @ majesdick! Bias has nothing to do with calling sonnen a loser when he lost twice to silva, and i said jbj did not have to take the fight simply cause of what dana did for him, if it is soooooooo disrespectful to dana then why does dana give the fighters a choice to say no? And you bring up bj penn you F-ucking idiot?!! Ask your self this! Why did bj penn leave the ufc after beating matt huges? Hmmmm let me till you smart guy, cause dana was not being loyal to bj penn so he left, then after bj penn lost to nick diaz dana ask bj penn to fight the strike force champ and bj penn said no! My point is every fighter who is at the top of the ufc only take fights that make sense to them, thats y jbj said no, bj penn said no and trust me! Alot of other fighters said no, but in jbj situation dana made a piece of shit card and wanted to save his ass and put it all on greg and jbj, and you said it your self about the card. At the end of the day any fighter will thank the ufc but they dont have to do anything that aint smart for them just cause, and we all know dana can turn on you in a heart beat once you start looseing no matter how much money you have made him in the past so ot goes both ways, dana does what he thinks is best for the ufc so fighters can do whats best for them! DUMMY!

    • Majestyk says:

      Interesting. Being called a “dummy” by someone that spells “losing” “l-o-o-s-e-i-n-g”. Try to spend more time on your spelling and less time with your tongue up JBJ’s ass.

      • Akid says:

        Bjj BB – 100% Correct with all your statements on this article man… Retards on this site are doing my head in with their lack of common sense! It’s constant…. A champion to fight a guy coming of a loss, to another champion in a different division………………… For the belt………………. ?????????? Oh but wait.. . Was this guy a champion in another organisation and they are unifying belts? No…. Oh, was he coming off a split decision loss? No….. Ohhhhh om, so he’s just really good at running his mouth and making plenty of money got the company….? YESSSSSSSS!!!

      • Captain spellsomehsit says:

        Ooh, a spelling mistake, i guess you completely invalidated his point there…fucktard.

        • Majesty says:

          His inability to spell is directly proportional to his inability to stay on topic and make a convincing argument. As far as his point being invalidated, he does that all by himself. His ridiculous, passionate, and non-stop defense of his wanna-be boyfriend JBJ have exposed him as an apologist for a guy who DRIVES DRUNK, LETS DOWN THE FANS, GOES BACK ON HIS WORD, and attempts damage control with his bullshit claim of “I was going to BUT…” The only one sadder than him is YOU, for coming to his defense, homo.

  18. Bjj BB says:

    @Majesdick, you saying shit like sniffing jbj balls all day long? From your standards aint that being biased? Or talking shit about any fighter? Stop being a hypocrite you lil B-ITCH! Cause i remember you on here talking alot of shit about anderson silva b4 he fought sonnen! Then sonnen lost and you just shut the f-uck up! That right there is some b-itch shit! It seems like you dont like fighters that are the best and beat every1 there for your biased and should stop commenting at all, cause the 2nd you do your being a hypocrite biased lil b-itch that dont bring anything to the post here at!

  19. B-rad says:

    Respect (optional) what a piece of shit.. PLEASE move to HW already so you can get squished like a bug.. FEED HIM TO THE REEM

    • Sasquatch says:

      I doubt he’ll ever move to HW… sh!t he wouldn’t even fight a MW in Sonnen. He’ll do what ever Yoda (Greg Jackson) tells him to do and trust me Yoda will tell him it’s bad idea and it would be the worst thimg he could do for his career. The only thing JBJ’s cares about is his so called “legacy”… the funny thing about it is he’s already destroyed what ever he’s built up by ducking a MW and acting like a jacka$$ in the process saying sh!t like this ^^^.

  20. Bjj BB says:

    @ rashqrach! The problem with what your saying is that every champion in the ufc fights wayyyyyy below there actual weight! Only jds can get away with that one! And the defenition of ducking some1 is when your sapos2 fight him but you make up anything to get out of it, jbj was not sapos2 fight sonnen, they just wanted to keep the show going. And you telling me that bader, rampage, shogun, machida, bonner, hammil and rashade aint proof enough to know jbj aint scared of any1? Your just a whyyyyyny lil f-ucking cry baby who does not know shit about mma and mma real hard core fans and you dont know shit about bussiness! So shut the f-uck up with your un educated comments that im sure you read off some other weak piece of shit mma site and really think about what you write cause every champion cares about there legacy and wont just give any fighter a chance at it, its mma but theres more to it then just having a brut attititude and being like oh yea ima just get in there a fight who ever for no reason at all, thats why sonnen is where hes at and will never hold a belt, saying a fighter only cares about his legacy is like saying, bees only care about making honey. Yea no shit dumbass thats what there both sapos2 do STUPID!!

    • Sasquatch says:

      Pull Jon’s bone out of your mouth and whip the tears away biatch… truth hurts don’t it. I get a kick out of you “self proclaimed” MMA experts… doubt you could beat your way out of a wet paper bag homo.

    • Majestyk says:

      Bjj BB…The only thing that’s “hardcore” about you is your ability to misspell 25 words every time you try make a valid point as you shove JBJ’s shaft and sack into your mouth at the same time. You posts are as lengthy as they are invalid.

    • Brenden says:

      If jones cared about his legacy THAT much, then he would have bailed the ufc out when they needed it instead of making himself look like a selfish little brat to just about every ufc fan (aside from you of course). Regardless of who’s fault it was, jones had the chance to actually play the hero, make some fans, and fight sonnen. And you talk about hypocrites, maybe you didnt read the article where jones said he would fight sonnen, ANYTIME. But then turned him down a week later? Reading your comment not only makes you look like you’re uneducated in mma, but also makes you look uneducated in general. Now go brush your teeth, im sure they still reek of jon jones balls

  21. life is meh says:

    Hahahahahaha stop. Please. I can’t take it anymore. This shit just keeps getting more hilarious. Bones is either totally inept or a secret comedic genius in the vein of Andy Kaufman.

  22. I am now going on Jon Jones strike and refusing to watch or care about any of his fights until he can have repect.He has done amazing things in the sport..the impossible if you would have asked anyone two years ago.But his lack of respect and honor was clear when he backed down from Sonen who would fight for free on 8 days notice and excepted a lesser oponent.Now with his legend bashing an excuses it enough to make any real MMA fan sick.If MMA needed a cocky bad guy they got one.

  23. Shadleigh says:

    I used to just dislike Jon Jones, but now I hate his ass. I cannot stand his little smart ass remarks. Talking shit about Hendo. We’ll see if his bitch ass is still fighting at 41. I really hope someone just knocks this mother fukker out!!!!

  24. Irishfan says:

    I can’t stand JBJ, he’s a great fighter sure but as a champ he’s terrible & a even worse person. He seems to have bought into his own hype & become a big headed hypocrite. He contradicts himself in just about every interview he gives, claims to be a God fearing Christian but then tries to laugh of a drink driving charge without showing any real remorse. Wish he would just shut up & fight then maybe people wouldn’t hate him as much

  25. Mjolnir says:

    Well, I used to like Jones.
    I didn’t even fully blame him for cancelling UFC 151
    But now he’s just being a dick.
    Definitely pulling for Vitor

  26. Kingsforge says:

    For all his fighting talent this guy has fuck all brainpower. Incredible fighter, total moron.

    Already in a deep hole, and he goes and digs another few feet. You can’t blame someone for an injury. He needs to take a look at his management who were the ones who told him not to fight Chael. I read they said something along the lines of it would be the worst move of his career or something, turns out not accepting the fight was the worst move instead.

  27. ZC says:

    I honestly cannot stand Jon Jones and his awful attitude. He’s become an arrogant dickhead.

    I hope he beats Vitor, because as an American it sickens me that we don’t even root for our own guy. But when Henderson gets his shot, I hope that overhand right makes Jones bite his tongue off.

  28. Nunya says:

    Hendo getting injured is to blame. Fighters train hard especially going after a championship belt & unfortunately injuries due occur. Not having the right fighter ready to fight incase of injury is Dana Whites fault. The UFC is the first of its kind to reach mainstream , so these issues will be ironed out for future events.

  29. Jerry Oliver says:

    I see the JBJ NutHuggers are trying to defend their Paper Champ again. Its giving me a fucking headache. Just please get over the fact that JBJ is a coward or at least STFU. (Damn).. Whine whine boo hoo boo hoo.. Thats all I see the nuthuggers saying now..
    I can’t wait till someone kick the shit out of JBJ & he loses the title & goes to the WWE where he belongs.

  30. chokepunchkick says:

    now jones is tryin trash talk wtf ,he should just stick to what hes good at running and dodging chael,hendo woulda stepped up and fought anybody if jbj had of suffered an injury title or not because hes a fighter not a money grabbing tosser with his head up his arse!!!!

  31. Bobby says:

    So first he takes the blame for UFC 151 being cancelled then contradicts himself by saying its Hendos fault, he’s only digging his hole deeper and deeper.

  32. edub says:

    The writer is funny.

    Jones says “the old man and his knee”, and he acts like he was talking shit about the guy. Dan is old and his knee went out. He wasn’t calling him some name, or talking shit about the guy. He was simply saying he didn’t have any plans because of the injury, and said it in (probably what he though) was a witty way.

    OMG crazy! right?

  33. Ruben says:

    I think he realizes that his personality sucks and no one likes him for this fake “humble/role model” persona he’s been trying to portray the last few years. So now he will try to be a bad guy and get attention that way, the problem is, you can’t really fake these things, unless you’re Sonnen. Jones just has a dry shitty personality so this wont work out either lol He should just shut the fuck up

  34. Jon Jones Sucks says:

    He is the biggest douche in the history of the LHW strap

  35. The truth says:

    The truth is Hendo was scared that made him really nervious ond day in practice and bam! He blue out his knee, thats what the old fucker gets for being old n washed up. He ruined the event for everybody that wanted to see bones beat the shit out of chump, throw both him and vitor in the cage sept 22nd against jones, cuz thats the closest tittle fight hes ever gunna get again.

    • Brenden says:

      Are you retarded?

      • voiceofreason says:

        Yes, he is. I cannot comprehend this level of stupidity. Never ever have kids, “The Truth.”

      • Agreed says:

        If Hendo knew how to train, he wouldn’t have blown out his knee. As unreasonable as that sounds, there are way more unreasonable things said about Jones. So it is Hendo’s fault for the cancellation of UFC 151.

        On the bright side, Jones still gets paid for UFC 152 and the Nike contract, Hendo gets shit, and all the scrub UFC fighters got continue to scratch and claw their way to the main card. Life is good!

        • Brenden says:

          So you’re saying that hendo needs to learn how to train because he got injured? So that means you think gsp, silva, frankie edgar, jose aldo, jds, and dominic cruz and so many other fighters also need to learn how to train, because they’ve all been injured before a fight during training.

        • Bear says:

          Yea about that he injured it wrestling and it happens alot I tore my mcl in college on the wrestling team. So with Hendo being a olympic wrestler I think he knows how to train and also him being a MMA vet including Pride and Strikeforce champ he knows how to train. That’s the risk when training in wrestling you can get injured several fighters their injuries were causes while practicing their wrestling. It just happens. So don’t come here saying Hendo doesn’t know how to train because more than likely you don’t know how to train, if you do hit the gym please lets hope you’re there longer than 20minutes.

  36. slacker says:

    Jones is trying desperately to deflect the blame. He should just keep his mouth closed. He is sounding more adolescent and immature by the minute.

  37. Roy says:

    Why talk shit about Jon Jones hell i look up to him most of yall need to hop off his dick lay off and stay off. stop heating yall just mad he’s more of a man then yall ever be. Dude has skills.

    p.s fagots dont have a gf and kids stay in beast mode JJB.

    • Majestyk says:

      @Roy…..Aside from using the word “yall” about 8 times, your sad post doesn’t really say anything…other than let us know you did poorly in school. Your point that Jones has skills is irrelevant. It doesn’t give him a pass for being a shitty person. P.S. “If you’re going to repeat the same word over and over again, at least learn how to spell it: “y’all” is spelled with an apostrophe after the “y”.

    • Irie nation says:

      So you look up to a drunk driving nigger who gives 2 shits about you? With the amount of times you say y’all* (take note of spelling) I’d imagine you too being a porch monkey from the south and you look up to Jones cuz he gave it to you from behind…he buried his bone in you

      • Roy says:

        lol what ever you say i bet you can’t back that trash talk up. A porch monkey from the south that’s new were i’m from people like you get there ass’s handed to them.

  38. Sean says:

    Damn jones is doin good this year…if he keeps this up hes gonna be winning the Biggest douche in the universe award for sure

  39. Nunya says:

    Hey “Spelling B” who has a misspelled name. Majestyk. So you know Jon Jones personally to say he is a shitty person? You can say you don’t like the way he speaks or does things. But to have such a negative view of a person that you do not know is a little much. Unless you are all Light Heavy Weight Champions of the world, Y’ALL should just keep the mouth shut, or at least have something more constructive to say.

  40. Chaz says:

    Jon, please put the shovel down and walk away.

  41. fan says:

    Jon Jones has no power and he just tries to copy Anderson… He’s nothing new haha.. plus he’s a douchebag. Dont really care who he fights just wanna see him get hurt in the octagon.

  42. Jimmy joe says:

    Jones talks of his greatness, and as a fighter he is, but as a person, he shows little to like, Nike. He never shows humility . The UFC did have a shitty undercard , he could of excepted the fight with chael and morally helped out his employer the UFC. I have no doubt that jones would have one that fight after all, he had been training to fight, whilst chael had been
    training to talk bull shit. Chael acts more like a champion by stepping up for a very tough fight for him. And as for jones saying he was gonna pay the other fighters who missed out cause UFC 151 didn’t happen, because he had to much self importance to lower himself to fight chael, the only other excuse is he was scared of getting beat (I doubt that would’ve
    happened) Pay them ! Easy that would be a start to leaving behind a legacy and also shame the UFC . john bonner jones you are a
    self important , arrogant, shameful drink driving, whore user, good fighter , that is you legacy . Oh and as annoying as R Evans is he was wright about you . I’m positive your still reading this jones and I’m not wasting my time getting annoyed about a wasted talent like yourself. Pay the other fighters take the moral high ground .

  43. Unanimous221 says:

    2 words jones “F*ck you”

  44. Guss says:

    This kid just likes to keep putting things in his ass then into his mouth. Can u say FAKE ASS. Everything this guy was, and said he was when he first came into the scene is no more. Fame and money truly do change the weak minded for the worse. At least Chael is entertaining to dislike. This douchebag is as fun to read about and watch as stepping on dog doo.

  45. Fan says:

    When your consider the best fighter in the LHW division, You take on any challenge that comes your way. Period! I’m a big fan of Jones, but Hendo isn’t to blame for. Jones could have help save the card but bail. Chael would have been a “walk in the park” for him. With this action, not much fans would watch his fights now.

  46. ****** says:

    here is the deal with all this fighters/superstars or whatever NO fans= No money, no endorsments , no per pay view , ect. This idiot talks shit about MMA fans and how he fights only for money. well here some news to you if you are irrelevant there is no need for NIKE to endorse your ass and no need for UFC to keep you around if nobody buys your fights anymore. you depened on the fans not the other way around

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