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Thursday, 05/09/2013, 09:31 am

Jon Jones Believes He Can Hang With Mayweather In ‘Only-Hands’ Bout

“To be honest with you, if it was all hands, it would probably be a pretty competitive match. But that’s not fighting, either. You can’t be at the bar and be like, alright, no kicking, no taking me down, don’t stretch my shirt out. It’s not like that. What I do, I consider it to be the true art of fighting. To do everything.

Fighting Floyd Mayweather wouldn’t even be right. Nobody would want to see that. James Toney did it about two years ago. He lost in the first round. Don’t mess with an MMA fighter. You don’t want to do that. It’s a bad look.”

Prior to his UFC 159 bout against Chael Sonnen, Jon Jones took to Power 105.1 radio and the topic of boxing came up.

The full interview is below:


0 Responses to “Jon Jones Believes He Can Hang With Mayweather In ‘Only-Hands’ Bout”

  1. doc says:

    The fuck? Don’t bother with this nonsense Jones…

  2. Will says:

    Ok… ummmm…. wouldn’t a Mayweather – Benson Henderson bout make more sense as Mayweather is… ya know… 150-160lbs? Is hey pulling a Tyson Fury, challenging a “midget”??

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      No, he’s saying he could hang in boxing with a boxing champion. In other words, completely ‘delusions’ of grandeur! It’s a mental disorder.

      • Will says:

        Oh… my bad. Thanks for clarifying. I’m really sick of this MMA VS Boxing debate. It’s two different sports with 2 distinct set of rules. Elite level boxers would more than likely beat MMA fighters in boxing, just like elite level MMA fighters would tool boxers in an MMA fight. But I wouldn’t lie if I didn’t want to see if Money Mayweather attempt to stuff a takedown from any of the 155’ers…

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          I hear you. The bottom line is imo, is that any middle level boxer would easily beat any mma champion in a boxing match only and any middle of the road mma fighter would easily beat a boxing champion. Could you imagine what Maynard or Pettis would do to Mayweather? For that matter any top 135 pounder would do to him? It would be ugly.

    • can't spell he says:

      Thats funny you should go back to school before u post something makes u look retarted lmfao

      • Jimmy Lumpkin says:

        Something like saying, “retarted” maybe?

      • Will says:

        Meh… typos happen bro. You made several. But don’t worry, I won’t degrade, belittle, or even resort to school yard name calling. Instead of focusing on a typo, how about focusing on the article, which is another boxing vs MMA. Oh wait… that’s right. You failed debate class so you have to resort to childhood antics. Whatever. Regardless of what you think of my accidental addition of the “y” when I meant to simply type “he” fact remains I have a masters, and you probably flipped my burger last week. Be blessed, sir.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Ummmm Will..I hate to call you out but you actually DID resort to “degrade, belittle, and resorted to school yard name calling”….lol

        • Will says:

          haha well… I didn’t resort to school yard name calling. But degrading and belittling seemed to be the best course of action after I realized that I felt the need to be a jack. It happens to the best of us….

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          ^ Yah except for me…I’m NEVER a tool…hahaha

  3. Steven Thurman says:

    Guys, he’s not exactly challenging Mayweather if you watch the video. He is talking about the differences between Boxing and MMA, and comparing the two, and just using Mayweather because thats the name thrown around when mentioning the best boxers now.

    • Eugene says:

      Either way he’s a pompous prick. He’s gonna say he can hang with Mayweather? His reach and height advantage would be ridiculous. He should challenge someone closer to his size and weight; I would say one of the Klitschko brothers but I wouldn’t wish death upon Jones like that. If he says he can hang with them then he’s dead WRONG!

      And his pillow hand will be even less effective with boxing gloves. There’s no elbows to be thrown in boxing that can save him.

      • Steven Thurman says:

        He does mention them, ad yeah the comment about a straight boxing match was a little out there, but its not like he said He would Win. Except saying that the Boxers vs MMA, boxers would lose. And explains Toney as an example. Though his strike speed could probably help him out a bit, scientifically, his long limbs give him so much more speed.

  4. Big Daddy says:

    All hands is called boxing and Mayweather would whoop your ass regardless of size. Jones is too slow and probably wouldn’t touch him. In an actual street fight they would kick you in the face if you came in crawling, soccer kick your head, and knee your ass even if yours hands are down if you wanna get technical about it.

  5. squid says:

    jones is nowhere near the level of mayweather’s when it comes to straight boxing, but everything else he would kill him of course

  6. Dafak says:

    Jones is right and all of you guys that go on to say that an MMA guy can’t beat a boxer at boxing are being just stupid. Boxing is just a small part of what we do as MMA fighters and boxing is just hands – just that ! The MMA guys of today can take on a pro boxer at boxing and beat him up – as simple as that. MMA fighters are faster, stronger, more conditioned, better stamina, more heart, more determination. If Jon Jones fights Adamek in boxing at 90 kilos, do you really think that Adamek would win ?!
    MMA fighters are better then any boxer, be it boxing or MMA.

    • ... says:

      For the most part, I would seriously disagree with you. Boxers have fantastic cardio, but it is for boxing, NOT MMA. It is an unfair comparison which kind of shows ignorance. They are not training to get pushed up against a cage or taken down, etc. They train to stay on their toes and keep throwing punches. Straight boxing, boxers should win – they spend ALL of their training time on boxing. MMA fighters spend portions of it on boxing and generally have specialties whether it is striking or grappling (to put it simplistically).

      As much as I like MMA better than boxing because it has far more dimensions, K1 fighters and boxers/kickboxers tend to have better striking than MMA fighters – Joe Rogan/Mike Goldberg can be quoted saying this.

      And to be perfectly honest, your comments about heart and determination are just so ignorant – the sport in question should not determine these factors, but rather someone’s personality does. That comment is just plain insulting to the boxing/kickboxing world.

    • MMA vs Boxing says:

      MMA fighters for the most part should not have superior striking skills to boxers. Obviously, exceptions like Anderson Silva exist, but are very rare. I agree that boxing is a small part of MMA which is why I prefer MMA to boxing, but remember that boxers are specialists – they DO NOT divide time between striking and grappling (to put the sport as simplistically as possible). Striking is simply what they do and if you listen to Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg, they have said during fights that the level of striking in MMA is not at the level of K1 or boxing/kickboxing.

      Boxers have stamina designed to keep them on their toes and allow them to keep throwing their hands. They do not have MMA training for cardio – it makes no sense to train for being against a cage or on the mat or shooting for takedowns and building cardio training around those aspects. For boxing cardio, boxers are likely superior and for MMA, MMA fighters should be better. It is simple logic and I have experience in traditional style Jiu-jitsu (13 years) so I have a pretty good understanding of what MMA endurance is like – If you do not know that my style is different from BJJ, look it up – we do standup and grappling as well as joint locks, etc.

      Your comments about heart and determination is just plain ignorant and insulting to boxers. Determination is NOT determined by the sport, but is largely based on someone’s will – who do you think you are to judge their will. It demonstrates a complete lack of understanding sports.

  7. adoy says:

    Apples vs Fruit salad! The reason MMA fighters pick on boxing is because of the money it makes. If taekwondo, karate or even wrestling made a quater boxing revenue, you would see jabs thrown that way saying “it” is not being a complete combat sport. MMA is a mixture of all. ENOUGH OF THE COMPARISON!!!

  8. Vj says:

    Jones is a serious dickhead if he believes any of that..
    You can’t stand up in a bar etc taking about no kicking lol mate in a real fight you couldn’t do that clinch shit ground a pound either cuz a man would just headbutt the shite out of you or bite you lips off pull your bollocks off he needs to stop thinking his some pro street fighter his just a lanky dickhead who’s winning fights cuz everyone is smaller then him

  9. Jason says:

    “I have a 12 inch reach advantage and I’m almost a foot taller so I think I’ll just run away from Floyd if he comes toward me.”

    Jones is the biggest bitch in the UFC. I can’t wait until he jumps to heavyweight and gets man handled worst than a prison bitch.

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