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Tuesday, 08/21/2012, 11:37 am

Jon Jones: Athletes in their 40's Shouldn't Take Drugs to Fight Like They're 30 | UFC News

We are seeing a trend of young fighters  scrutinizing older fighters who use TRT.  The UFC released a quick quote from the 25 year old light heavyweight reigning champ, Jon Jones from today’s media call showing just that.

Jon Jones will be defending his title opposite 42 year old Dan Henderson Sept 1 in Las Vegas, NV at the Mandalay Event Center.

Let us know what you think Penn Nation.

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73 Responses to “Jon Jones: Athletes in their 40's Shouldn't Take Drugs to Fight Like They're 30 | UFC News”

  1. Not You says:

    “No one should even have the opportunity to fight on a level near mine.” – All the young fighters.

  2. T.DADDY says:

    Bones is already gettn his excuses ready for when he loses… H BOMB. Game over bitches!

  3. BG says:

    Agreed getting trt to be young get out of here with that

  4. Zack says:

    Although I agree with bones statement here, I still hope he gets knocked the f*** out.

  5. jon jones 4 life says:

    f*** off haters! let’s see if your hendo could land those h bombs hahaha cant wait to watch jon kicks hendo’s ass in front of you =)

  6. Dagnag says:

    If you are a 23 year old running back, would you think it’s ok for a 42 year defensive lineman to take drugs just to catch you? I would have more respect for a man at that age who could beat Jones (or beat any other fighter) without drugs.

    • amber trichome says:

      ya all got it twisted. TRT is a ‘replacement’ hormone, not a drug. the older one gets (after 40), the less testosterone one produces, hence the therapy. subjects are given testosterone, not drugs (e.g. steroids). jon jones community college education didn’t teach him much. he’s just as stupid as his nut huggin fans on his jock.

      secondly, with age comes wisdom, and timing. hendo has the ability to time his KO power and kinetically transfer it onto the jaw of his opponent.

      good luck duckin it jones, you’re gonna need it.

  7. Realgrappler says:

    I’m very surprised Jones said those words. Isn’t he the UFC LHW Champion that got arrested for driving while intoxicated earlier this year? Jones needs to go back to that little community college in Iowa and learn what the word hypocrite means.

    • Mach00man says:

      True words, however he plead guilty and is currently paying for it. Besides it’s not like he won the UFC LHW title on alcohol.

    • Jim says:

      I am surprised too, only because he was talking about “keeping it classy.” I don’t really think that Hendo was saying anything but his opinion when he made his “sloppy” comment. I believe that’s how Henderson expresses himself. What I like about Hendo is his calm cool demeanor (before the fight).

      At the end of the day it’s no big deal, he still a young guy learning.

      Hope we have a good fight.

  8. Yo says:

    In this case,TRT 4 LIFEEEE lol

  9. ya herd says:


  10. maurice says:

    gotta agree with jon here. so if hendo wasnt on the drugs i wonder if he would be retired already.

  11. jbeamazing says:

    My fav fighter is dan and I don’t like bones but he has a point

  12. Garviel says:

    I’m sure he will be singing a different fucking tune when he gets closer to 40..

  13. Mick says:

    I love Hendo, but do you people really think the guy who got beat by Shields is gonna take out a freak like Jones?

  14. Joshua C says:

    Couture shocked the world when he beat up the bigger, younger, fighter in Sylvia, but this is a different type of animal. I will be going for Hendo, like many of the MMA fans will, but we all know what’s going to happen.

  15. gomay says:

    What’s your take on drunk driving Jon?

  16. wickdinters says:

    Hendo is not even on TRT.

  17. Nate says:

    Lets see if Jon Jones feels that way when he’s 40 and he starts with the TRT treatments. lol

  18. ya herd says:

    Jon Jones needs to learn to have a little more respect. Hendo is a legend and should be treated as such. Dana White needs to take him down a peg or two. He’s now refusing to fight Machida as well because he is “tricky” and he didnt generate enough PPV buys the last time. He is a fighter in the organization not the owner or the General Manager. I seem to remember White threatening to cut Anderson Silva when he started getting a little too cocky when he fought Maia. Jon Jones needs the same warning. I really hope he gets knocked out by Hendo or Machida.

  19. DMAC says:

    Hendos in for a beating of his life……

  20. David says:

    What will Jon Jones’s opinion on this be when he is in his 40s? He is pretty opinionated about what 40 year olds should be doing for someone who is in their 20s.
    Some people want to keep competing. Its in their blood and its who they are. If there is some way to legally gain an advantage and/or level the playing field, then why not capitalize on it?
    I’m in no way an advocate for the use of TRT but I don’t believe it makes you a better striker or grappler either. From what I understand, it enables the athlete to work out and train harder while reducing the feelings of exhaustion. They are still putting in the blood, sweat, and tears. Obviously, as we’ve seen with certain fighters, this can be abused. My biggest argument here though is that Jon Jones speaks and opines as though he’s already been there and done that. He’s already experienced getting old and being tired. The truth is he has not and should probably wait until he’s in his 40s before he expresses such a strong opinion.

    • BJ is KING says:

      we’ll see in 15 years time (by then you’ll hopefully have learned some respect for opponents and stop spying on camps) if you are saying the same thing JJ. You are obsessed with your fishbowl legacy, we’ll see when a young gun comes out to fight you and the only way you can keep training effectively is through TRT. You haven’t experienced what its like to fight as a 40yo so keep it to yourself.

  21. hendo wins the first 3 rounds, and might score a knock out. jones wins the last 2 rounds, and might score a knockout, though hendo’s never been ktfo’ed. majority draw. hendo wins b ko earl. or jones overwhelms hendo late. pick ’em fight.

  22. YY says:

    Dont be scared homie ! ” Druken MMA master”

  23. Liquid evo says:

    Jon Jones 4 life your the biggest nut ridding fool I’ve seen. You can bet Jones won’t be fighting when he’s 42. Much less for a world title, and yeah I’m a Hendo fan. Used to like Jones but he’s a 2 faced bitch. Dan’s not afraid and wis take the fight to Jones and take the belt home.

  24. dastuka says:

    Jones is a beast. But that is tarnished by the fact that he is a snitch ass ho.

  25. maurice says:


  26. Sasquatch says:

    LOL… I see all the old balls are coming out of the wood works to hate on Bones.

  27. Sean says:

    Heeeeyyy! he said something i like

  28. lol says:

    I can play this game too. “No father should be immature and stupid enough to drink and drive with two girls who aren’t the mother of his children in the back seat.”

  29. Facebookuser1 says:

    Lets see if Jones even makes it to 40

  30. Dan Jenkins says:

    The first time I agree with bones in a long time don’t really like his attitude in and out the cage (the stab kicks to the knee shit me) and his all round demeanor has taken a dive lately IMO nothing wrong in being confident but there’s something to be said about a great with humility just my opinion everyone gets old that’s life your body starts needing more warm ups stretching and recovery it breaks down easier all that horrible stuff that comes with age but it is suppose to happen “if you can’t keep up the pace then get out of the race”

  31. Jake from State Farm says:

    I thought Jones wanted to keep this classy…I guess not. Lets go Hendo!

  32. amber trichome says:

    jon jones has got it twisted. TRT is a ‘replacement’ hormone, not a drug. the older one gets (after 40), the less testosterone one produces, hence the therapy. subjects are given testosterone, not drugs (e.g. steroids). jon jones community college education didn’t teach him much. he’s just as stupid as his nut huggin fans on his jock.

    secondly, with age comes wisdom, and timing. hendo has the ability to time his KO power and kinetically transfer it onto the jaw of his opponent.

    good luck duckin it jones, you’re gonna need it.

    • JEC says:

      You’re kidding right, is it made by your body, do you inject it ?? All the answers are no, so like he said” it’s a drug.” Steroids are synthetic variants of the male sex hormone, testosterone. Key word here, synthetic, not naturally produced !! He uses it ,fine but don’t try to romanticize it, he’s replacing his natural test or supplementing it with synthetic test, period. I find it highly questionable for a professional athlete, not an average Joe. So for a 40 year old pro fighter, it’s ridiculous that it’s even allowed.

  33. Jones is a fag says:

    Am not ever buying any of your fights,you over grown monkey your head is getting too big,good news is there is other exiting MMA organizations,with less fucking drama

  34. blahblahblah says:

    Comment unrelated: It would be so much easier to take what most you say seriously if every other word wasn’t a racial/bigoted slur or an expletive.

    That said, I’d like to see Hendo drop him like a sack of potatoes, but the odds of that happening are fairly slim. Especially in the later rounds…specifically, every one past the first.

  35. trt4lyfe says:

    U cannot disagree more. As science progresses, we live longer. We make up for the things nature takes away. By this reasoning, no one should get a vaccine for Tuberculosis. It’s natural, and taking a vaccine is cheating nature.

    • dw420 says:

      Tuberculosis patients don’t look to become UFC champions..

      TRT is a way to extend ones career…Fighters do it to stay competitive, their fans back them up because they want to see them keep fighting and the UFC management is tolerant because it means the big names can make more money for them.

      If fairness was the goal to achieve’d have EVERYONE doing TRT in order to maintain the same ratio as the rest of their division. Why should a 40 year old man potentially have a higher testosterone to epitestosterone ratio than a 30 year old that keeps himself untreated? They shouldn’t…

      Just like in any other sport that isn’t plagued by roids, age (ie. vigor) should be a factor just like strength, conditioning, speed and experience.

      This is one of the main reasons that will keep big names of MMA out of the Olympics (if MMA ever gets in). Proper drug testing.

  36. Shawn says:

    I don’t support TRTs, but if Jones is around for another 10 yrs, I’m sure he’ll be singing a different tune. Lol

  37. Caleb Lee says:

    thats because young fighters feel stupid when older fighters like Penn, Hendo and sonnen kick their ass.

  38. Sting says:

    Not even trt can turn back the hands of time. Great as hendo is and with the help of trt, he’s still not the same figher he was 10 years ago. No drug stops aging and even the best hendo cannot beat bones in his prime. That’s just how this sport evolved. Now we have elite, top level athletes fighting as compared to just fighters we had back in the days. Bones is the future and perhaps somebody from the future is going to beat him, not hendo.

  39. Bjj BB says:

    Ima huge fan of jbj but even if your not a fighter its ok to use trt to simply put it back in your body, every1 loses it at an older age, he’s taking it to feel normal, not cheat! When you sweat water you replace it by drinking water, so when you get older and lose your testos you put it back in, my point is if your not abuseing it then whats the problem, your still only fighting a man who can be the best his body is letting him be, he wont be greater then he should, unless he abuses it, and if he does then thats where its in the wrong like chael! But every1 had the right to be normal by any means! But jones is still gonna fuck hendo up!! Haha

  40. Clay says:

    Hendo will be gassed after round 2

  41. Lehart says:

    Give hendo credit where its due, Dan Henderson beat the 170-lb. champion in Carlos Newton, he’s won the PRIDE 183-lb. title, the PRIDE 205-lb. title, the Strikeforce 205lbs title, and he’s won the two great tournaments in our sport, the UFC tournament back in the day and the PRIDE Grand Prix. All in all he’s beaten 11 world champions in his career. The man is the best of all time. That is who Jon Jones is facing.
    He’s never been knocked out!!!

  42. Sting says:

    Well there’s always going to be a first for everything, specially when you’re 42 yrs old and facing a young cat that’s about to hit his prime. I love you dan but chuck, tito and randy can tell you all about aging, it’s inevitable and i think that it’s dan’s time as well.

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