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Thursday, 08/30/2012, 11:29 am

Jon Jones asked Dana White to have Chael Sonnen stop calling him out | UFC News

By: Chris Taylor

The smoke has yet to clear from the aftermath of the UFC 151 cancellation. It would be putting things mildly to state that it hasn’t been a good week for UFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones. Jones’ roller-coaster of scrutiny has been outrageous lately, and it looks as if things are about to get worse for the rating 205lbs champ.

In an article released by The Wrestling Observer, another piece of juicy information was unleashed that is sure to add fuel to the “Bones” Jones fire:

Jones was very upset after Chael began calling him out and mocking him on Twitter, going as far as to contact White and ask him to tell Chael to stop

Regardless of how one feels about Jones, if this report proves to be true, he is sure to endure another large dose of public critisism. Jones and his management team will be hard pressed to spin this story into a postive light. Running to Dana White in order to shut up Chael is a far cry from Jon’s initial tweet to Sonnen, which read: “I’m more man than you’ll ever be”.

Also in the Wrestling Observer article was an analysis of Jones most recent radio show appearance, in which Jon makes himself look like a hypocrite:

About a week before this all went down, he went on a radio show and talked about how Chael was undeserving of the fight coming off the loss to Anderson Silva, and that he was disrespectful and not the type of person he’d want to give a title shot to anyway. The host noted that Chael wouldn’t be able to take Bones down, and unlike Henderson, also a wrestler, he didn’t possess the power punch standing and wasn’t a finisher. The host told Jones to take the paycheck and shut the guy up. At that point Jones said “Yes, you’re right, I’ll fight Chael any time, any where.”

Jones may end up going down as one of the greatest champions to ever live, but in the meantime he should expect more scrutinity than ever. It is sad to see the 25 year-old, Jones, constantly trip up with his words and say stuff that he doesn’t really mean. He has dug a very large hole for himself and it will undoubtedly take some time for him to rebound and gain back the respect of a lot of MMA fans.

Hopefully for Jones’ sake, this whole spectacle can ultimately be forgiven next month with another display of octagon brilliance. Only time will tell.


91 Responses to “Jon Jones asked Dana White to have Chael Sonnen stop calling him out | UFC News”

  1. deathsquad says:

    awwww did chael sonnen hurt your feelings you pussy

    • says:

      Yes honestly this guy sounds more and more like a B#%@h, calling Dana White so Sonnen stops talking about you? Come on what is this kindergarden ? Are you not a fighter Jones then honestly just STFU an fight you making yourself look stupid, saying things without thinking, backing out of fights and being a cry baby about Sonnen?. I think fame hit him and now he’s drunk driving and giving us shitty fights! His last fight was a disgrace. Someone has to detrone this faker.

    • Kyle Smith says:

      What an unbelievable baby Jon Jones is. You want Chael to shut up? Then be a man and make him! Anderson Silva did, you freaking coward.

  2. KILL GREG JACKSON!!! says:


    • Media Lesson says:

      Written quotes do not translate the entire meaning of what was said. What context was it said in? Did he follow it up with laughter? What was said immediately before or after that statement?

      When a writer writes an article, it is so easy to change the meaning of what was said by just leaving the previous statement/sentence out. The quote will be exactly correct, but the context is conveyed incorrectly.

      Be Wise, kiddies, and no more Kool Aid, awwright???

      • Gouldx87 says:

        AND! its so easy for someone reading the article to imagine that there is more to the story because they dont wanna believe their poster boy is a complete fraud. He’s not the champ he has claimed to be and every time he is in the news lately he is proving it. it all goes back to Dont write a cheque with your mouth your ass cant cash and Jones said he would fight him anytime anywhere

        • Kay Oss says:

          Jones is still a very scary, dominant LHW fighter. He just has a horrendous attitude and an inability to deal with the mind games of a master like Sonnen. I like Chael, I think he’s the most interesting fighter in the UFC, but let’s be real here; Jones would almost certainly crush him at LHW. That said, Jones has been behaving in a way that is very unbecoming of a champion and he’s in real danger of killing his own legacy with diva behaviour before he’s really even cemented it. Shame. I really hope they can clear his head up

        • If Jones is so scared and such a hypocrite says:

          Why is he champion? How did he win the belt so convincingly against Shogun? How did he defend the belt so convincingly against three of the top MMA fighters of all time? “Ohhhhh Machida won the first round…if he didn’t almost die in the second, he would’ve beat Jones…..” “Ohhhh Jones couldn’t finish Rashad, Jones suck because of that…”

          I don’t give a rat’s ass what Jones does outside of the Octagon,…really. Has he murdered anyone? Has he ever run over somebody’s dog with his Bentley? “Ohhh he drove drunk and he COULD’VE killed someone!!!” YES, that is correct. But he didn’t. He made a mistake and hopefully learned from it. But what’s more important to me is what he does inside the Octagon. And you can say he’s too big for LHW or too tall or his reach is too long–the bottom line is has smoked every opponent that has stepped in front of him in the Octagon. Yes, he destroyed Hamill. He busted up Rashad. Machida may or may not have won round 1, but fightmetric had the round equal in strikes (10-10 round?) Too bad fights go beyond just one good round or Machida could’ve had a draw!

          I’m just glad people criticize what Jones does outside the Octagon more than what he does inside. Haters don’t got shit on Jones when it comes to fighting. And that’s all that really matters…..really.

        • because he shoul be on the heavyweight. hes a coward. he doesnt want to fight guys that is equal to him. he only wants to fight guys who are smaller than him. just like anderson silva should be on lhw. thier both afraid to fight guys bigger than them. what a bunch of cowards. that is why they only get respect from wussies like you. they cant swim in deep waters & they cant swim w/ the sharks. losers!

        • Did you know says:

          that people with four names are retarded? It’s true!

          Besides the HWs, fighters from all the other divisions cut weight, you fckn mental case! Did you know Machida, Shogun, Rampage, Rashad, and Bader ALL CUT WEIGHT? So all these guys are HWs also, in your dumbass opinion! That makes the playing field level, you moron.

  3. drew says:

    “Mr. white mr.white chael keeps picking on me!”

    • BX81 says:

      I can believe JBJ would do a b!tch thing like that, especially after he was in the cage with Rashad before the fight and said it was the second time Rashad ruined his special night!

  4. blewjob says:


  5. Simbo Klice says:

    If I were Jones, I would just shut up and not say anything else until the smoke clears. I’m still a jbj fan but I think he needs to just keep to himself and train and be quiet before he puts in foot further down his mouth than it already is.

  6. KILL GREG JACKSON!!! says:

    Man, this shit is too funny..what has this sport come to..if i was jones i’d try to fight jds tomorrow and then the spider the next day after which he is going to call greg jackson in the octagon and drop kick his ass. Then we’ll forgive you bones.

    • Marc says:

      Yeah, go fight jds and get brain damage. I think its a good plan.

      • why? is he afraid jds woldnt even feel his roundhouse kicks & then jds will say “stop tickling me”. hahaha! randy couture would fight jds anytime & anywhere. is jones afraid that jds would make his ugly face even uglier? jds would give him a handycap & make him wear motorcycle helmet in their fight.hahaha! jds would even let greg jackson inside the octagon & let him help jones fight him. hahaha! & he sholdnt be crying 2 dana, has he 4gotten that he made dana loose a lot of money? i cant believe he even have the nerve 2 talk 2 dana after ufc 151 cancellation. dana white & the board should send 1 hw figther down 2 lhw 2 strip jones of his belt. i prefer cain doing it w/ extreme prejudice! thats the best way 2 handle this situation. this is never going 2 end until jones has been putted away.

        • OMG says:

          you both escaped from the loony hospital!!! Yes you did. Two gay guys who just adopted an orphan from the Phillipines! Damn! Somebody help that poor girl.

  7. Me says:

    Hah another phony champ ‘any time any where’ yeah champ? You got given 8 DAYS! What happend to any time? The sooner someone knocks some sence into this fake, The better but I must say he is a great fighter.

  8. i’d love to see this match-up bones vs sonnen but sonnen have to climb up first to the LHW division! not just by talking shit to earn a title shot! fucking asshole sonnen!!!

  9. Heath says:

    Cry me a river Jon.. Fight your own battles..

  10. Michael says:

    So, JBJ is a baby back bitch? Got it.

  11. Cesar Saenz says:

    Wow thats pussy i never thought any fighter would do something like this. Wow lol

  12. Disappointed says:

    People wonder why i dont like this guy. Dana should force him to move up to HW and have jds knock some sense into him…

  13. BRobs007 says:

    Jon Bones Jones.. such a great talent in the ring, but so self-destructive with his words outside of it. As much as I hate to admit it, Rashad was spot on.

  14. DradP says:

    Sounds like he should just stomp some sense into Sonnen and quit blabbering.
    If you have a shot taken to your manhood…you should just punch that man in the mouth, take your belt, take your money, and go home.

  15. FACT says:

    Whats wrong with Jon Jones telling his boss to have another employee stop making fun of him. Adults get bullied too. If Jones is offended my his remarks he should be honest with Sonnen and tell him to stop. Sonnen has proven to be disrespectful and distructive in his comments. If a man were to cry because his feelings are hurt he is considered a pussy and a wimp and thats not true.

  16. chokepunchkick says:

    Give him a blue card put him on detention whats he want dana to do ,Jones is dodging,if he want chael to shut up fight him and stop running

  17. Kyle Smith says:


  18. Captian Crunch says:

    I used to have a small shred of respect for Jones, and now that is all gone.
    This Brat doesnt deserve to be the Champ. Cant wait till he gets his ass humbled and knocked the Fuk out!! I hope Sonnen is the one who does it


    he did what a normal human being with no mental illness would do.. if you like to get trashtalked at you’re stupid, if you like to talk back you’re fucking dumb as well.. if you do what you gotta do to make it stop properly in a good way, you do what jones did.. grow up yall… pfft and you call yourself a fan lmao

    • yalllllllllll are stoopid says:

      this guy is right everybody love everybody and maybe the world will one day be all rainbows and sunshine and whenever anyones says something bad about another person they automatically get banned from the UFC because that is just mean pfft you call yourselfs fans trashing Bones just cause he has a little sand in his special place pffffffffft yaalll are stupid SMH be nice.

    • Yalllllllllll are stoopid says:

      exactly why can’t everybody just get along and there would be a rainbow everyday and poverty would no longer exist and no one would ever have there feelings hurt pffft you call yourself fans just cause Bones has a little sand in his special place you want to make fun of him pfffffffffffffffffttttttttt

  20. Reg says:

    So the light heavyweight champ is a tattle tailor?
    “Daddy Dana, make him stop!” sob sob


    Running to Dana White in order to shut up Chael is a far cry from Jon’s initial tweet to Sonnen, which read: ”I’m more man than you’ll ever be”.

    whoever did this article is a cliche dumbass lolz

  22. The_Gooch1 says:

    Hahaha, that’s fucked up! Jones need to destroy somebody in the cage ASAP if he wants to be respected again

  23. Jeremy says:

    Why not leave him alone and let him train to defend his belt. He shouldn’t have to worry about what some sore loser is bitching about.

  24. Winner167 says:

    All you Chael fans need to wake up. Regardless of what Jones may or may not have said, the one thing he said that is true, “Chael was undeserving of the fight coming off the loss to Anderson Silva, and that he was disrespectful and not the type of person he’d want to give a title shot to anyway.” Any one who disagrees with this statement, just does not have a clue. I do not need to repeat his statement here, but it is exactly what I said when he turned down Chael “Loud Mouth and Disrespectful” Sonnen. He is not deserving both because he is disrespectful…but also because he just had his butt handed to him and has 12 losses. Let a real contender earn the check. People should be more pissed off at Dana White and the UFC for canceling the card. It left 20 other fighters without a paycheck and thousands of people with bills for a fight that never took place. Shame on them for not thinking about the Fans and the other fighters and blaming it on Jones. I think everyone should boycott the UFC for not caring about the important people….THE FANS!!!

    • life is meh says:

      If no one else is willing to take the fight then the one guy willing automatically deserves it. You can claim Silva deserves a shot at the LHW belt all you want but if he doesn’t take the fight it is meaningless. Sonnen was the first guy down the ladder to accept, he deserved it.

  25. jon smith says:

    ok based on this the only one stepping up and being a man about their job is Chael Sonnen. He stepped up to help the company, Jones could do the same but chose not to. Stick by your actions, if you’re going to back out explain why or just say nothing. Don’t act like you’re better than him, don’t ask him to stop talking by whining to your boss. Just stick up for your actions or be quiet, simple as that.

  26. beag says:

    mate Jon Jones was asking Dana to remember some of the finer virtues in life, to ask dana, to ask chael, to politely, shut the fuck up.

    sonnens a fcukn arsehole.

  27. ben kline says:

    LMAO!!! Jones, you are a punk biotch. Period. Askin Daddy Dana to make the big bad wolf go away. LOL!!! As if this whole situation couldnt get any worse, you go and let this leak out. Its Jones’ generation thats the problem. Oh i hurt my little toe and need all this attention. He is a cry-baby. I have absolutley no remorse for his sitcuation. I watched the last fight. Nothing but a sausage-fest with dancing and ever so soft touches between him and Rashad. BLAH! This is supposed to be a sport made of men tougher then stone. Not Soft as melted BUTTER!!! Jones get it together. I just hope this doesnt last much longer.

  28. Jon Jones says:

    I don’t back down from anybody. I’ll fight him any time any where! Except on September 1 in Las Vegas.

  29. Gouldx87 says:

    Lol telling Dana on you for calling me out!! idiot Dana probably told Chael to start saying it people buy tickets when chael talks plain and simple. Love him or hate him people show up to chael sonnen fights

  30. More man than you'll ever be says:

    DAAAAAAAAAAD!!!! Chael won’t leave me alone!!!!!! He’s saying mean stuff about me and he won’t stop!!!!!

  31. Shadleigh says:

    I hate this fukker JBJ more every time I hear something about him!

  32. Ryan Prieur says:

    I’m not defending his statements, but let’s not forget the who’s who of 205lbers he’s walked through! So he’s not a fraud or a fake, he is one of the best fighters in the world today, he just sucks as a person lol

  33. KIDD433 says:

    damn,Just when i thought this fool couldnt be anymore of a bitch…1)A FKN heavyweight who fights at much much smaller mans division.2)He pulls out of a fight when he’s had 10 weeks to train.3)He’s ducks Sonnen.4)He crys like a like a lil bitch to Dana because Sonnen is picking on him…And people still rant about like hes a true warrior.Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. ernesto hoost says:

    i want to see him and gustafson throw down.if not i think the ufc needs a new lhw with striking talent to take out jon jones like remy bonjasky.if you dont know who he is youtube his name he is a nasty dutch kickboxer who would ruin jon jones.


    @KIDD433`ya no shit.The denial is rediculous.Speaking of denial,wheres DMAC,magoo,and BJJ BB?Arent you guys gonna come to Jones rescue and swallow his DNA?Cant wait to hear how they’re gonna try defend him outa this one

  36. Keith says:

    Mohammad Ali also took scrutiny for not entering the Vietnam War. Now he is called the greatest of all time. So what, more drama bigger paycheck the more these MMA chumps hate him now the more he would be loved later. Jon hasn’t done anything wrong…unless being a “hypocrite” is such as bad thing. I never knew MMA junkies were moralist but hey if that’s excite you. I think its funny that a bunch of scrubs are sitting at home are crying cause Jon didn’t beat up Sonnen…Keep it going Jon these people will propel to GOAT status eventually…

    • life is meh says:

      So because people disagree with you, they’re scrubs? I’m more disappointed than anything else. Opportunity to step up, he refused. He’s not obligated to but it certainly would have changed things.

  37. Yeahrightman says:

    ”I’m more man than you’ll ever be”. To tweet that to someone, no matter what they’ve said to you, is the most insufferable arrogance that can be imagined. Also to someone above who said Jones is scared of heavyweight, he’s probably not scared of most HW’s, but he IS scared of JDS and overeem.

  38. coldbathwater says:

    JBJ would beat Chael. That being said. JBJ is acting like a 5 year old. Just shut Chael up by beating him down.

    Unless he is afraid? I don’t get it.

  39. Mick says:

    Lets be serious people….Jones is afraid of killing chael in the octagon…because thats exactly what we would witness…..a murder….Chael Sonnen 0 percent chance against Bones and he isn’t worthy anyway….chaels got a big set of cajones being the only person to say he wants to fight and is a black belt in talking shit but come on there should have been plan B and plan C and plan D if one of your main card fighters is in his 40s…shame on you fight card planners and yea pussy move by Jones couldve been the easiest payday of his life

  40. Smackuround says:

    Jones is a stupid kid who got famous too quick. Jackson is controlling the puppet strings. This whole thing really lost him alot of fans. I hope he loses and gets cut. Greg Jackson cost the UFC millions!! Cut every Jackson fighter when they lose, problem solved

  41. What a vagina JBJ is cry to the boss like a bitch

  42. stephen riddle says:

    Whats up with this dude i blame greg jackson, i really wish he would train with someone else! Greg is the serpent in the great garden imo.

  43. Nick says:

    You know Jones unfollowed Dana on Twitter. It’s not news, but that’s saying a lot.

  44. donkeyballs says:

    Funny 100% of the people calling jones a b*tch would get slaughtered by him. I wish i could have his fight resume. His only loss he dominated and all his victories landslides. Shogun page the janitor bader evans the dragon. I cant call a person man or female who destroys those cats a b*tchit just wouldnt seem right. B*tches…

    • IYF says:

      ..oh we’re talking facts now ??.. ok, every single fighter you mentioned is bigger and stronger than Chael Sonnen (even on weigh-in night), then why your precious Jon b1tch Jones doesn’t take this fight??..why is he so scared of a smaller fighter??.. ..and yes, we ARE allowed to call him a B1TCH, he’s supposed to be a fighter, that’s his profession, that’s what he does for living and he’s running from fights, not a good argument saying that ‘he fights for the money’ since he makes not even 50% of what Chael makes per fight, he would actually get more money for fighting Chael,..also, it’s idiotic to say we would get slaughtered by him – off course you numb nuts, we don’t fight for a living ! ..chew on that for a bit and let’s wait for your ignorant reply,..(but this time double-check what you’re posting – you don’t want to leave the same stupid impression twice)

    • iyf says:

      ..oh we’re talking facts now ??.. ok, every single fighter you mentioned is bigger and stronger than Chael Sonnen (even on weigh-in night), then why your precious Jon b1tch Jones doesn’t take this fight??..why is he so scared of a smaller fighter??.. ..and yes, we ARE allowed to call him a B1TCH, he’s supposed to be a fighter, that’s his profession, that’s what he does for living and he’s running from fights, not a good argument saying that ‘he fights for the money’ since he makes not even 50% of what Chael makes per fight, he would actually get more money for fighting Chael,..also, it’s idiotic to say we would get slaughtered by him – off course you numb nuts, we don’t fight for a living ! ..chew on that for a bit and let’s wait for your ignorant reply,..(but this time double-check what you’re posting – you don’t want to make the same stupid impression twice)

  45. KIDD433 says:

    Hey donkeyballs,u think maybe he beat all those people mainly on a size advantage?Ever notice how big he is compared to his opponents?Probably not ,you probably don’t focus much on him or the way he fights because your too busy concentrating in on the bulge in his shorts you fag .

  46. IYF says:

    … do you have any idea how many fighters he will have to beat ‘convincingly’ to get a title shot again if he ever loses the belt????.. if I was Dana I would make him go through the whole entire set of 205ers before he gets back to the top.. my vote goes to “BOYCOTTING EVERY SINGLE FIGHT OF JON JONES”, dont buy the event !! (there are plenty of free sites broadcasting live – do your homework)

  47. Neighbor_J says:

    Charles sonnen is a beotch…plain and simple….I don’t see why everyone listens to him…sonnen fans need to go watch wwf and Charles needs to go with them.


    @neighbor_J ~Im no Sonnen fan,But hes calling out jones and was willing to fight Jones gay ass on 8 days notice.Jones is coming out of a 10 week training camp,and still bitched outa the fight,and FKD over 20 fighters from getting paid.How the hell is Sonnen the “BEOTCH”

  49. Xaninho says:

    I knew someday this all would come out.

  50. CF says:

    Jon Jones – The Greatest CHUMPion in MMA history.

  51. Jnr#1 says:

    When someone annoys you, you punch them in the face. Jon jones forfeited the right to do that. He is the best lhw ever and may never get beaten but he talks too much holier than thou bullshit – chael knows this so he winds him up. Props to chael also. The guy can fight and he has the balls to go out on a limb and speak his mind rather than sitting on the fence. If you want to see the real chael, watch the joe roganchael podcast. Most entertaining 2 hours ever

  52. KILL GREG JACKSON!!! says:

    You are an idiot and an asshole. Choke on your father’s cum and die!!!!

  53. CombatRusse says:

    If it is true, it proves that Jones is smart. He knows that Chael is the dog of his “uncle” Dana.
    And if you wanna make the dog shut the fuck up, just ask his master


    wow,another in denial dick swallowing Jones dick.Jones is smart?Like he’s some of strategy to be a lil bitch.You are a troll

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