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Saturday, 05/19/2012, 11:26 am

Jon Jones Arrested For DUI This Morning | UFC NEWS

By Jonathan Kirschner

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones was arrested earlier this morning for a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) after crashing his Bently, and ultimately totaling it in Upstate NY, TMZ learned.

Law enforcement stated that the UFC fighter crashed his car into a pole at 5:00 AM on Saturday morning in Binghamton, NY. The cops arrived at the scene and confirmed that the car was totaled and arrested Jon Jones on the scene of the accident. Sources close to the situation say that Jones was arrested by the Broome County Sheriff and was bailed out a couple hours later by his mother.

Just minutes ago, Jon Jones’ manager Malki Kawa sent out a statement on behalf of Jon Jones’ party:

“I can confirm that Jon Jones was arrested early this morning on suspicion of DUI. While the facts of this situation are still being gathered and situated, First Round Management fully supports Jon and we are asking for fans and media to respect the privacy of Jon and his family during this time.”

–Malki Kawa, Jon “Bones” Jones’ Manager

Stay tuned to for more on this breaking news.

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0 Responses to “Jon Jones Arrested For DUI This Morning | UFC NEWS”

  1. Ruben says:


  2. danielrchargers says:

    Damn, well that’s what happens when things get to you’re head.
    So much for being a role model and caring for you’re fans… hell good job for caring for you’re self jon. i hope you learn from this decision you made and become a better MAN for it… stop being a child.

  3. Cheese says:

    I think I remember jones saying in a prime time episode that the UFC doesn’t have to worry about him getting a DUI or anything like that lol

  4. James says:


  5. Michael hamlin says:


  6. doobielove420 says:

    Hes probly more amgry about the bentley. that dui problum will be virtually invisible

  7. Alex says:

    Very disappointed in him. A man with this kind of standing should not be doing things like this. He says he wants to be a role model and that is not how to do it. Still like him as a fighter and I know they say on suspicion of a DUI so it’s not technically 100% but I think we all know that it will come back confirmed. Hopefully he learns from this and won’t be like other people and make the same mistake twice.

  8. aa says:

    as rashad said, everyone can fall. i hope bones bounces back from this and shows that its not how u fall but how u get up that counts. then he’ll be able to be a decent role model

  9. Sean McCorkle says:

    In a twisted way I am a little relieved. Finally Jon does something that is human. Maybe he will stop trying to be fake now that we know this other side to him.

  10. James says:

    “I think if I was a knucklehead and I was a guy who you would have to worry about getting a DWI or going out and doing something really stupid, they simply wouldn’t promote me. I think they see the guy that I am and they trust that, even though I’m a 24-year-old, I’m a trustworthy 24-year-old.”

  11. Mike McMack says:

    He’s got money, he could have called a cab or a damn limo for that matter.

  12. your mom says:

    c’mon everyone, nobody’s perfect. everyone makes mistakes.

    • Jibril says:

      jones should know better anyone should it looks like the wonder boy godsend is just a fucking loser that could have killed someone or their kids irresponsible bastard

  13. Rashad Evans says:

    hahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahhahahhahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Phony Bones Jones. Like I said.

  14. maurice says:

    lol at all the guys hatin on jones. jones is still young, and on top of the world right now. dui aint cool, but no one got hurt, and i guarantee jones will do everything in his power to avoid that happening again. sum1 even went as far to post one of jones previous quotes about dui’s and wat not. like really dude? im just glad he and no one else was hurt…poor bentley

    • Hightower says:

      Do how long till people treat him like an adult? 30? 40? Im 26 and if i did some shit like this i would have to man up. Fuck this he is young crap. He fucked up, no excuses.

      • Ted says:

        I agree with you HighTower. I remember what my dad told me when I turned 21, “doesn’t matter how old you are 21 or 50 you’re an adult and if you make the mistake of drinking and driving you made that choice and own up to it.” there was more to that quote but it was more around the terms that he would still kick my ass for drinking and driving. i love my dad I know he would say he was an adult and knew what he was getting into but I know he will never do it again and if he does shame on him

  15. I Never Asked For This... says:

    Boo fucking Hoo.

    Guy got drunk and drove his car. Let’s attack him like a bunch of Hyenas.

    Let’s face it. This is the same guy who humiliated our heroes, and we’re butthurt. Give the guy a break.

  16. E says:

    lol.. jon jones is fkn up

  17. guapo says:

    eat your shit Jbj!…LOL

  18. Vassilis says:

    Oh that’s the guy who appeared all perfect in the media!

  19. DannyR says:

    Here We Go!

  20. azazel1986 says:

    Fakest dude in MMA… Thats why I am a huge Chael Sonnen fan. He’s a dickhead, but he’s honest about it.

  21. Real smooth you fuckin moron. Im sure it looks real good for the UFC that one of their champs endangered other ppls lives by being immature and selfish. He should have the belt stripped and suspended for a good while. Thats the only example to set.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Yeah, because with your high morals and pristine way of living, you never would do anything that might be on the wrong side of the law, huh? I’m sure you have never did ANYTHING that someone else might perceive as dangerous to others, no matter how minor you might have thought it was, right. Get off your fucking pulpit and stop being so judgmental when I’m sure you have plenty of skeletons in your closet

  22. maurice says:

    damn i just read a few more comments. wow. ppl hate bones so bad that they actin like a dui is goin to fuck up his career. dana will tell him to pull his head out his ass. then continue to promote the fuck outta bones as he continues to destroy in the octagon. tho i think hendo could knock bones clean out. but yea.. lol

    • dynomania says:

      most companies will fire you the day after if they learn you have a DUI, so it very well could f up his career. Anyone remember when Jalen Rose got a DUI – ESPN put him on leave for a good while and considered firing him. He’s damn lucky. UFC should suspend him for a little while to set an example.

    • Yeah Hendo would be the guy to do it. DUI is no joke though. Hes sharing the road with other ppl, and maybe you dont know them, but still someones loved ones could be out there. Not to sound TOO much like a pussy, but that shit destroys lives and this shouldnt be swept under the rug. Fighters taking PEDs is one thing, but this could deeply effect someones life forever. An example should be made.

  23. Jibril says:

    what a loser punk the bentley means a lot less than someones life he could have killed someone

  24. E says:

    I remember my first time piling a car into an inanimate object (under the influence) at 24 years old. I didn’t get arrested though. The cops gave me a ride home.

    • Zach Thomas says:

      Your cops must have been high on donuts or something. I’m pretty sure you were so drunk you thought whoever helped you flee from the scene were cops. I feel sorry for you and the city you live in then.

  25. Furby8704 says:

    Rashad was spot on about him being FAKE!. JBJ is putting up an image but he just tarnished it with this LOL

  26. joe mama says:

    I have said sence day one! He is fake ass bitch! He trouts this Christian BS but on the real.. its all Greg Jackson marketing his ass.

  27. Somedude says:

    I don’t know how some of you are finding this situation funny. He could have killed himself and/or other people….

    MMA fans can be some of the most disgusting and idiotic human beings around i swear :/

    • Eric The Beast says:

      Indeed. But, u can’t go out and talk about religion when you know that been irresponsible like this, is part of mistaking ur identity and at the same time he could it end his career. He knows that drinking and driving is against the law. He should learn from mistakes and keep learning about life than mentioning religion and pretending a character in an environment like the UFC were profanity is enough said and violence is Jon Jones job. I know people can’t have it all, he has talent and he is good for the business but, with this image now, Jones, don’t even go out n said that u made a mistake. Show who u are and be who u are. That’s the way u’ll grow up and learn from ur mistakes.

    • James says:

      This situation is funny because it is extremely ironic. It is not that DUI is funny on its own. This is a matter of context. It is because Jones puts on a holier than thou act and tries to talk big about being a role model when in reality he is not the person he attempts to present himself as. An example could be homosexuality; nothing funny about it normally. Take that same unfunny gayness and slap it on an individual like say… Ted Haggard. Hilarity ensues.

  28. DXnickP says:

    I don’t understand how someone like Jones can DUI. Surely he has the cash to get a taxi or have someone drive him around. This kinda stupidity deserves to be punished. Celebrity or not!

  29. maurice says:

    HEY GUYS, A DUI ISNT GOING TO OVERTURN THE ASS WHOOPIN HE PUT ON EVANS! just sayin. ppl! drinking and driving aint good, and should never be done! with that said, WE’VE ALL DONE IT B4..FUCKING HYPOCRITES!!

  30. Jon says:

    People make mistakes, come on people. He is only human… Like each one of us.. Just because he’s a UFC fighter or champ of any sort, doesn’t make him any special… Moral of this is, nobody’s perfect…

    • Hightower says:

      So if he would of crashed into a car with lets say a couple of your family members in it than it would be ok? I mean hes not perfect, it was just a mistake.

      • Your mom says:

        So if u go one mile per hour over the speed limit and u crash and kill someone ur breaking the law so u should get the death penalty right. Everyone is so damn self righteous these days. Who here among is is perfect?

        • Hightower says:

          I dont care if youre driving 10 miles under the speed limit, if you kill someone you have to be held accountable. Dont be so ignorant, driving drunk is no accident.

  31. Jb says:

    Plain and simple yes everyone makes mistakes but keep in mind he could have killed someone

    • spiritsplice says:

      Who cares what he could have done? He *could* have bought a sniper rifle and killed 11 people, but he didn’t. Far too many people have been duped into thinking possibilities are crimes. The only thing he did wrong was crashing, which is already illegal without the bogus DUI charge. Who cares if he was drunk, possed or crazy. Why he did it is irrelevant.

      • Shawn says:

        So because he didn’t hurt or kill anyone, DUI is ok to you? The potential of causing damage to someone else is pretty high. It takes someone else’s injury or death for DUI to matter. Lol You are a tard. And hopefully you don’t eat your words, when you or someone you care about are hurt or dead becauseog an irrelevent DUI.

        • spiritsplice says:

          I didn’t say it made it a good idea, but liberty is not about what might happen, but what DID happen.

      • Dontbescaredhomie says:

        You are a moron dui is some serious shit so get off jones nuts you little preteen fanboy maybe when you attempt to drink and drive for the first time and get locked up or kill someone you will realize that shit is serious and crashing isnt where he fucled up it was the fact that he was a big enough moron to even attempt it instead of just taking a cab which he has all the money in the world for hopefully he’ll get what he deserves

        • d says:

          so are you mad bro? lol

        • Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

          I agree you would think alot more about DUI if you had ever lost someone that w as crashed into and killed by a drunk driver. I was hit by a drunk in a speed boat while I was on a jet ski and have have been cripled up since. Also i am not a hypocrite either I haven’t had a drink in 20 years.

          Yeah D (for dipshit) i am mad that people like you are such friggen idiots and not smart enough to know how serious DUI’s really are. But since you are prob like 10 years old you have an excuse i guess

        • Mwill says:

          Fitch, you are a fucking liar! A couple weeks ago you said you would smash me into the cement. Either you were lying then or you are lying now. Which is it pussy bitch?

        • spiritsplice says:

          Crashing into a person, with a car or a boat, is already illegal. Whether they were drunk is not relevant. It makes no difference why they did it.

        • Hey Homie says:

          if DUI was a serious problem, the govt would’ve did something by now. it’s basically an epidemic, but the end of it is nowhere in sight. so get off the govt’s nuts, fart face. he’ll get what he deserves but you won’t be happy about it, fart teeth, so shut your fart hole.

        • spiritsplice says:

          What is serious about it? Unless you hit actually hit someone or cause damage to property, you haven’t done anything wrong. It is no different than driving sleepy or angry or bored, which everyone has done. Stop buying into the propaganda about drinking and driving.

          Being free means you can do as you wish as long you don’t harm others. Driving drunk doesn’t harm others, crashing into them does. Maybe you ought to read up on what liberty is and how much little of it is left in America.

      • Randy huerta says:

        Get of the dude’s nuts! “Who cares if he was drunk” are you kidding me we still dont know all the facts but everything points to him being under the influence, driving under the influence is against the law and His Lucky he didnt cause harm to anybody else.

      • Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

        This is IMO is 100 times worse than what Diaz did by having tested positive for a little pot but you IDIOTS will continue to spew nonsense like he is worse than all the steroid abusers in MMA. Diaz is being penalyzed worse than the REAL cheaters in MMA. Just shows how ignorant most of you are. Jon Jones won’t have to answer to crap over this. The ufc will spin it into some glorious thing where Jones is now a hero and will show to some anti-DUI funtion and all you IDIOTS will call him a hero. Anotehr way to look at it is people like Jones who wreck 100-200k cars make it so the rest of us have to pay higher insurance. I have never had a DUI, no tickets, no accidents and I pay $3600 a year or $330 month and I know its because of peopel liek Jones who can affored insurance at any cost and whether they or you know it the insurance companys make up for those losses by charging everyone else more. I think when idiots like Jones crash major expensive cars like that they should be charged for a felony because if some pote kid in ghetto gets caught stealing anything over like $500 in value its considered a felony so why should rich kids like Jones who go out and get DUI’s and wreck major expensive cars that all the otehr people with insurance will end up paying for it. Ok for rich kids to get away with whatever but poor kids gets locked up minor crap compared thisd what Jones did. mark my words there will be NO reprecusssions at all over this for Jones. One FAKE ASS apology maybe and you will never her another thing about it on any MMA website. Look at Carwin the United states Federal prosecuter released a statement on national news how Shane carwin was implicated in a major illegal steroids organization that was shut down by Feds and lots of people went to jail including pharmascists and they said there were so many customers alot of which were Pro athletes otehr than just Carwin so instead of prosecuting all them they released a list of names and the prosecuter even went as far to say that Carwin received massive amounts to his residence in his name and he signed for them. Also said the amounts were enough for 10 men heavy users to last 5 years. my point is all YOU IDIOTS who try and portray Diaz as this major criminal cheat for a little pot might want to look at who the REAL criminals like Sonnen, Marquardt, Carwin really are.

  32. maurice says:

    @SOMEDUDE yea its disgusting man. thats y i keep posting comments. i read another dumb ass comment and cant believe it. just like really ppl? i understand u dont like him, but guys on here probably wish he would have died in the crash. sad ppl man. and also the bones haters feel like they won something by him having a dui. lmfao!!

  33. Damnu says:

    Way to go champ! All that talk about being a champion with a good image yea right! Drinking an driving is not something that’s looked at as ” people make mistakes” anymore he or someone could’ve been killed

  34. Ed says:

    Dont worry Dana has your back, FOR NOW, just ask Rampage.

  35. bummer says:

    There goes his hope for a NIKE contract.

  36. spiritsplice says:

    I wonder if he did it for Jesus? DUIs for Christ. lol

  37. Grizz says:

    I think you’re all being ridiculous. How many of you idiots have driven under the influence. Everyone makes mistakes no matter how old you are. You all have a lot of “what ifs……….” but what happened happened, nobody died, nobody got hurt, so get over yourselves.

    • maybe says:

      the idea is to instill fear about the possibilities of what could happen, the reason being to scare future DUI prospects not to drive, We don’t want any Joe Jon drinking and driving just because UFC’s and ALA’s Champ Jon Jones didn’t kill anyone this time

  38. grux says:

    This doesn’t seem very christian-like to me.

  39. he dont deserve the sponsors anymore. says:

    If you drink and drive your stupid that’s all there is to it.

  40. Artstunna says:

    Just like Rashad said he is fake, I remember the interview when he said I am an example. To people i will conduct myself in a mature manner, you are a classic Jones for that fuck you and fuck the ufc for pretending to be someone you are not, I hope mothers against drunk drivers ripe you a newone.hahahahahahahahahahahhalololololololoo you may have killed someone’s sun you are not help to sport that is suffering for credibility full of dope users and drunken masters, MMA need to be seeing as what it is,entertainment and not a sport just entertainment that’s what this is and nothing more, I still like the fights but I am realistic this is not a sport this is just a bunch testosterone tricks

    • Gerald says:

      Evans was right he is a fake. lol this is sad to see and the UFC should take action.

    • Greg slapaho says:

      Artstunna you’re a cock fuckn fag, who is clearly either a picked on puss or a weak ass boxing nut hugger! Saying mma is not a sport makes ur moms a drag queen with 2 dads and a chemistry set! And the funny thing about ur moron comment, is that ud be to scared to say mma is not a sport to anyone who fights! It clearly shows how weak of a punk u are!

  41. Zack says:

    Damn! Your that rich and can’t get a dd?

  42. AC says:

    The manager says respect their privacy? Are you fucking kidding me? He is a public figure and the crime he committed was in public. If people can’t handle being under the microscope, get out of the business. It’s part of what they sign up for and then they complain. Only when the attention suits them is it welcomed. Lame.

  43. joegun says:

    What a douche!! This guy talks as if he has never or will never do nothing wrong..although this dui will dissapear it gave us fans a real insight into how fake this guy really is.the same guy that said that the ufc needs a champ like him and that rashad being the champion is not good because of his image and cockiness. And wtf is he driving a Bentley?? Is he now puff daddy,trump,jay z?

  44. Jordan says:

    AC is completely right. And everyone has known bones is fake for a long time now. This is just the icing on the cake.

  45. Michael hamlin says:

    Don’t forget jones is human!!!

  46. Rickoooo says:

    At the end of the day this dick head bangs on about god and bein a role model how much of a role model is this. Writing ur Bentley off into a pole is a serious accident. Let alone being drunk I mean the dude is as fake as they come can’t wait for this fool to be put in his place. Really is a joke.

  47. maurice says:

    ive always kind of thought this about the majority of the ppl here. but after reading these COMMENTS I JUST REALIZED IM IN A SITE FULL OF KIDS AND CRAZY FUCKING PPL. this is like the first time i heard something this serious turned even more negative, ppl are like hoping this destroys his career and shit. im not a big bones fan, but the shit im reading is really trippin me out. i fucking HATE gsp. but if he were ever to get in a dui accident, i would just be happy no one got hurt and he’s alive and well. u guys r trying to bury a man FOR DOING WAT WE’VE ALL DONE. maybe its not the dui that got everyone so fired up and feeling acclomplished. maybe its the fact that ur just still pissy that he beat atleast 1 of ur favs in his last 4 fights. he beat my boys shogun and page, but i accepted it and just had to deal with the reality that he’s just that damn good. same guys will talk down on bones now, but go and praise chael sonnen.

  48. Ray J says:

    Stupidist thing a young person can do. This could of cost him his life or his career and what would it have been worth just a night with the fellas drinking. If I go out to drink I always have a dd or I just call my lil bro to pick me up. Luckily for Jones the only thing ruined was his car. He might need to stop praying for Rashad and pray thanks that he is still alive.

  49. Tsimanga says:

    Hopefully lesson learned for the man. This will cost him tens of thousands of dollars in insurance and damage. Lucky all he hit was a pole. Don’t DUI… ain’t worth it.

  50. monkey juice says:

    Jones tried to model his personality after Gsp because he’s seen how frenchie is cashing in because of his image. One problem. Jones is a piece of trash. Can’t hide that Jonny. Buying assault rifles and saying all you need now is a hunting lisence? Hunt what? With red dot scopes and assault rifles? Fuckin loser. DUI…fuck off jones. Just fight and do your shit. Don’t fucking pretend you are someone else…

  51. Lol says:

    Lmao Jones is human after all. Funny i was up until 5 am drinking too. Hahaha time to drink again.haha

  52. Michael hamlin says:

    No Nike deal now for sure!!!

  53. Michael hamlin says:

    Rashad was right about jones!!

  54. Xaninho says:

    Dumb thing to do. Luckily noone got hurt, but damn this dude will need to do some community service.

    Too bad for his sponsors and for the UFC( oh yeah UFC is one of his sponsors as well lol), he finally showed his true colors.

  55. Jimmy says:

    No regards for anyone elses saftey when you’re driving drunk on the roads. Who cares about “he could of harmed himself” he could of killed anyone doing that.

  56. Anthony says:

    I remember Jone sayin he is perfect to be sponsored by the UFC because he is a great role model and will never have a DUI or get in any trouble like any other fighters .

  57. Lol says:

    Its just a dui . He could afford it. Ya act like he killed someone. Hahaha

  58. Dick Diaz says:

    i get the feeling Jon Jones isn’t very “genuine”…. achem achem

  59. Xaninho says:

    I’m just glad he hit a pole and not some innocent bystander.

  60. A.James says:

    The only person that can defeat Jones is himself and here we are.

  61. Paul Harris says:

    Send him to HW hahaaaaa

  62. Loy Machedo says:

    John Jones is an Idiot to 1) Drink & Drive 2) Crash a Bentley!!!

  63. The natural says:

    There goes Nike and that clean image u were trying to hold as a fighter. Plus he’s only 23 he could have another and really b fucked

  64. Dude says:

    I have no respect for people who drink n drive. Idiot

  65. Xaninho says:

    He has been filming a bud light commercial and they accidentally gave him regular.

  66. Bjj BB says:

    All u dumbass faggots acting like u never drank and drove b4!! Fucking hypocrites!!

    • James says:

      Of course most people past a certain age have probably drank and drove. The point is that most people don’t run around telling the media what great role models they are.

    • Xaninho says:

      I never did. I don’t drink alcohol. Your remark makes me wonder just how many people drink and drive…It’s kinda disturbing to see that some people don’t see why dui is a problem.

    • diek says:

      Fucking bullshit, whatever the fuck. I have partied my ass off when I went to university and when I was in the army. And guess what, I never drove after drinking. Walk or cab it, or hitch a ride. Or stay home and get drunk. Fucking bullshit.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Nah, bro. They are all perfect and never do any wrong, so they are entitled to blindly hate on JBJ for not living the pristine, straight – as – an – arrow life that they live. You didn’t know?

      • Hightower says:

        Its not about what anyone here has or hasnt done. The topic is jon jones and how much of an idiot he is for making such a stupid desition. But i see your point, if someone doesnt suck jones dick like you do they are immediately considered a hater and envious.

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          Nah, bitch, so you’re a cock sucker who decides not to suck Jone’s dick, I get it. No biggie. I choose to stay away from the stuff myself. Anywhoo, bitches like you sit around and judge others who do the same shit as you, in varying degrees, but since you ain’t famous, and no one could give a fuck less about you, you play the high and mighty role and try to judge. Bitch please. You ain’t no different.

        • Hightower says:

          Same thing again idiot, want to start a post about all the stupid shit ive done in life and talk shit about me? Lets do it. Point being, this is about jones and the stupid desition ge made. But since your vision is clearly distorted because of JBJ cum you will never understand this. Not once have i claimed to be perfect. But im more than 100% clear that i have never drank and drive and to excuse anyone who does just makes you part of the problem. Grow up you moron.

      • Xaninho says:

        It’s more because he’s not living the pristine, straight – as – an – arrow life he always says he’s living.

        The problem is he talks down on others and praises himself for being a good rolemodel for kids.
        He’s clearly not, and you know that would be alright with me as long as he doesn’t act like he is.

  67. Quanza says:

    lol, people are so stupid. Glad MOST of you are starting to know and don’t care and aren’t being peice of Sh, it idiots saying blah blah blah blah, see. Good! things are goin back to normal again, no retard argueing 24.7 good for you guys :) Thumbs up.

  68. maurice says:

    if gettin a dui is “showing his true colors” then i guess u guys think he’s a raging alcoholic.get off his nuts. u same fans bitchin now, will be bitchin even harder in a day or two when jones has a new video out, still smiling, still one top of the sport.

    • Xaninho says:

      It shows he’s a hypocrite acting like he’s better than the rest, but in reality he’s just as bad or maybe even worse.

      His own actions and behaviour are why I and so many people are judgemental after a big mistake like this.

  69. djcito says:

    Not so perfect Bones…. Im sure Rashad is praying for you and wondering how you doing right now……

  70. Pancho says:

    Get off his dick!

  71. maurice says:

    and for the record. i kno many ppl who got duis that r great ppl. yall stop acting like a dui makes jones the devil. dude a 24 yr old kid with his head on right. gettin a dui can literally happen to anyone. lol at all the ppl passin judgement on jones like they really some damn body.

    • Hightower says:

      Great people? Assholes is more like it. Drinking and driving aint no accident, breaking a glass cup is an accident. And again with the hes only 24 years old bullshit, so when will he be an adult accountable for his actions? When he is 50? Hopefully no one in your family ever loses their life driving drunk or by a drunk driver hitting them. Then you might change your ignorant view towards drunk driving.

      • your mom says:

        if someone you love and care about loses their life to a rear naked choke then you might change your ignorant views towards mma. if someone you love chokes on a glass of water then you might change your views towards drinking liquids.

      • your mom says:

        if someone in your family chokes on a glass of water you might change your views on drinking liquids.

  72. The Only Person That Can Beat Jon Jones says:

    Is Jon Jones himself. He gotta weather the storm of this and continue kicking ass. Don’t turn into a Tiger Woods.

    Still a huge fan of Jones !

  73. M says:

    Hope dude is alright. Sad that he crashed his whip and was under suspicion of DUI. Lucky he escaped with his life. It would be a very sad day if we lost one of the most dominant mma fighters in the game to alcohol.

    If it happened at 5am I imagine he fell asleep behind the wheel

  74. Joe Mac says:

    siiiiippppinnnnn on giiiinnn and juiiceeee

  75. DMAC says:

    Glad he made it out okay. Gotta be smarter then that though champ.

  76. E716 says:

    His age shined through all that talk

  77. Rashad Evans says:

    Phony Bones Jones really jinxed himself this time! Hahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahhahahhahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhaa!!!!!!!! Poster boy can kiss my ass!

  78. James says:

    Epic thread

  79. beag says:

    when did keyboard warriors win the rights to the moral high ground.
    sit back people, shut up, and let the world roll.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Careful, bruh. Words like that will quickly get you labeled as a nut hugger from all the holier than thou, perfect life living JBJ haters

  80. Sick Brah says:

    Fucking faggot, hate Jon Jones, what a dumb cunt. Didn’t believe the story when I saw the title, but if his manager has confirmed it….

    What a complete tosser, really, complete fucking loser.

    • Eh Hawaiian says:

      shut uppp…you probably driving around the West Side with a can in your hand and a green bottle up your ass. So no come preaching over here…………brah.

  81. Mc says:

    It’s one thing to have a few drinks and drive, it’s another to be so drunk u can’t drive and still try to. Then u run smack into a pole or his forbid people. He is soooooo lucky he didnt kill someone.

  82. ramv says:

    Mask Lewis was killed by a drunk driver. Food for thought. Drinking and driving is one of the most idiotic things in the world to do, especially if you’re filthy rich, Jones could even rent a limo to drive him home.

  83. KStinkyboy says:

    Fuck I hope the Bently’s ok 😉

  84. Damnu says:

    Pancho stay on his dick! It’s not that he just got a DUI, he also wrecked his car! He claims to be a model citizen. Slammed rashads character when he himself is no different…fuck that fool an his fans. Where was his wife an children are they not important enough to be with at 5 o’clock in the morning? Thank God they weren’t with him

  85. Your mom says:

    You people that like mma have never had a family member put in a triangle choke hold.

  86. Taylor says:

    Nobody loves a hypocrite. This dude always acts like he’s God’s gift to everyone. He’s nothing special.

  87. Jason says:

    I know we all make mistakes, but based on his recent statements about Rashad, who needs the prayers now?

  88. Bobby Johnson says:


    Seriously though – not a Jon Jones fan (and I still think he’s as fake as can be) but at least the guy wasn’t seriously hurt and didn’t hurt/kill someone else as a result of poor decision making. He’s not the first young athlete who has made a bad choice involving drugs/alcohol and he certainly won’t be the last, but hopefully he has the good sense to bounce back from it and not do it again. I’ll be interested to see how Dana White spins this.

  89. Dinglenuts Magee says:

    With Jones’ reach, do you think he can drive from the back seat?

    (obviously assuming the front seat is taken out so as not to block him from reaching the gas and brakes)

  90. stevo the great says:

    and there goes that perfect image he was trying to portray……I think Rashad called it “Fake”……….well DUI is real, and JBJ is in real trouble.

  91. Flex juice monkey says:

    Let’s respect his privacy here fellas. He’ll do the right thing. Let’s support the champ. He is a great man. Ali made mistakes, Bruce lee made mistakes. Jonnie will be bigger than both. -anonymous.(Jonny) it’s me guys, sorry, I’m still great though…

  92. Lino says:

    christian? let the downfall begin.

  93. dynomania says:

    interested to see how this unfolds. Innocent until proven guilty, I guess.

    • Zack says:

      He was proven guilty when he ran his car into the pole

      • Monocle says:

        Mmm, yes, indeed, my good chap. Why, just the other day, I was in a minor traffic accident, and the local constabulary apprehended me for a series of prostitute murders that occurred in London in the late 1800s.

        I wrecked, so it must be true. Guilty as charged. Mmmmm, yes, yes.

  94. david says:

    what a fucken idiot he could have caused himself irreversible damage in that accident and not be able to fight anymore, fucking moron doesnt know whats good for him. ive never drove under the influence and i never will cause i dont want to get FUCKED UP IN AN ACCIDENT

    • Big G says:

      Well usually it’s not the drunk it’s the bystander that was on there way home from a long night at work supporting there family the best they can.

  95. Lbc87 says:

    Lol so after reading some of these I realize you are no longer a Christian if you get a DUI and it says arrested for DUI suspicion so you kno if he didn’t blow he will get out of it and second 2 beers will you get you a DUI y’all just enjoy hating it’s sad cuz most of y’all should worry bout your own health you fat lazy fucks

    • KIDD433 says:

      2 beers wont make wreck into a pole either dumb fuck.Get off that phonies dick

      • Lbc87 says:

        Not on his dick keyboard warrior but him getting a DUI doesn’t make him a phony you don’t kno what the fuck your talking about being tired makes people hit poles too I would love to see your bitch ass run your mouth to me in person

        • Rhend0 says:

          Damn you have Jones cock so far down your throat that your actually starting to sound as douchie as he does.

          Talk about keyboard warrior…
          “I would love to see your bitch ass run your mouth to me in person”

        • Lbc87 says:

          Lol ps I would run my mouth to you in person and you would get fucked up

        • Lbc87 says:

          And here is the difference between me and a keyboard warrior my name is Lewis Conley I live in destin fl if you want my address my email is if you want my home address I’ll gladly give it and we can have that talk

        • Rhend0 says:

          My name is Ruben I’m from El Monte Califas. Come down Ask the homies for Big Ruben its not hard to find me. Come get mopped up… See I can play gangsta too the only difference is I dont have to play a roll kid.

        • Starr816 says:

          Wow e-thug much…

        • SHUT UP ! says:

          Before I fart on all your asses !

    • Pdub says:

      Yes, to be up at five those two beers he had probably got him through the night

    • Jon fake jones says:

      Dont matter if he blew or not if u get into an accident and ur suspected of DUI they take ur blood!!! When I first watched jones fight I knew he had skills and was gonna be a great fighter but as soon as he open his mouth I knew he was gonna be a cocky fake ass..

  96. chris says:

    lol do people know how to read it says DUI not DWI which means driving under the influence not driving while intoxicated he wasnt drunk he was stoned or on drugs … but im soo happy because finally his fakeness is proven to those people that love him so much … if he was not fake what happened to “i use to rat on the kids who did drugs and smoked pot because that stuffs bad” and im a humble christian who lives my life through christ …i dont think somebody religious would be getting so smashed they crash their car into pole … just saying

    • Lbc87 says:

      You are one dumb mother fucker DUI is the universal term for anyone who is arrested for driving while intoxicated it just means a toxicology report hasn’t been returned and a toxin is anything in your bloodstream that isn’t blood nice try at attempting to sound intelligent you sir should learn to read

  97. Bjj BB says:

    SO let me get this str8!!? Jbj wins the title and becomes the youngest one to hold ufc gold and all of a sudden he cant drink? He crashed his car and the good thing is no1 was hurt, im just trippin how much people are on here hating on a man who made a mistake! We are all guilty in some way, all u hypocrites on here can log off of bj and go back to your perfect lives while jbj keeps beating the shit out of your top fighters, then log back on to bj and write more about how jbj sucks or he’s full of him self and wat not, at the end of the day we are all humon, there for no1 is perfect!!

    • Chris says:

      I’m not condemning JBJ nor defending him, but the only way they would be hypocrites is if they got a DUI/DWI and then attacked him. If they have never driven drunk/high and have never been charged, then they are not hypocrites.

    • Cant stand fakes!!! says:

      All the fakes are all the self rightous people commenting on this story We all make mistakes…Probally some of your favorite fighters have in the past also…

    • Great post man. The haters are OUT of control when it comes to Jones. It’s like they are taking it personally or something and I guess beating Shogun, Machida, Jones, or even Rampage doesn’t get you too much love these days;)

      Where where these guys when Tito had the 205 belt and Dana was handing him dudes like Elvis Sinosic. Where was all the outrage then?

    • spiritsplice says:

      The problem isn’t his drinking, it’s his hypocrisy and the fact that he crashed into a pole.

  98. Colt Scotty 5 says:

    Funny….In an interview with Rashad before their fight, Jones said “You’ll never catch me with a DUI” lol sucker

  99. Pi is NOT the golden number says:

    I like how people are acting as if they have never had a drink and drove a car. It does not take much to get a DUI at all. Two drinks and you can get one. Simple as that.

    What does this have to do with Jon’s character? Nothing, he is still the young, douchey guy he was before. But for god sake, he is young. We were all douchey at some point in our lives, and some still are. Give him a chance to grow.

    I am glad he is ok. He certainly is not my favorite but I still like him enough to watch him fight.

  100. Khaos says:

    Hmmm did John jones not once say “Dana won’t ever have to worry about me getting a DUI” lol what an arrogant prick..god has finally had enough of this egomaniac ..hope it knocked some sense into the moron

  101. PU-TANG says:

    Did anyone see the Smurfs Movie, I thought it was awesome!

  102. Nancy says:

    I saw it, I thought it was cute too!

  103. Greg Jackson says:

    It didn’t have all the smurfs I thought…

  104. James Wolfe says:

    We all make mistakes folks. Hopefully he will learn from this. He better…

  105. Night-Wind says:

    Doesn’t care as long as he gets w’s.

  106. Mike McMack says:

    Bone’s made a poor decision and luckily nobody got hurt. Hopefully he learns and grows from this.

  107. Jon Homo Jones says:

    Jones sucks donkey dick

  108. Paul Christen says:

    If JBJ thinks this is bad wait till September when Dan Henderson knocks him out and takes his title!

  109. TRE says:

    Thats what his fake ass get for tryna be Mr Goodie two shoes when the cams on, and then when they not on he a totally diff person. Just like when he tells the fans “im not going to say much leading up to the Rashad fight i promise u guys” then he pulls rashad aside when the cams aint around talkin all kinds of shit. And on top of that you put the the Greg Jackson thing and the spying on rampages camp, which has been confirmed and the guy got fired MP for being the spy. He is going to pull a stunt like drinkin n driving!!!! This shit is ridiculous… I mean come on ppl u guys are backing a real keeper here lmfao #fakeassnigga #karma

  110. Bjj BB says:

    @ Chris, the second you judge any1 you become a hypocrite. We all sin, a sin is a sin and no1’s sin is greater or lesser then another’s sin, so you saying people hating on jones that have never drank and drove b4 aint hypocrite’s shows how tunnel minded you are, because we all sin you dumb fuck!! Ever heard he without sin cast the 1st stone? Every1 on here thats judging jbj on here is casting stones at him as if they live without sin. WAKE DA FICK UP CHRIS!! Dont make me take you to chruch again, Amen! Haha

  111. nuthugger city says:

    yes JBJ got a DUI, and he acts like he is all mister perfect and all about his family and training only. Also he claims that he wants to be a “Role model” for kids who want to be future champs and that he will not get petty and get into trash talking. BUT instead he gets drunk and instead of calling a cab he totals a Bentley into a pole at 5 am. GREAAAATTTT role model and a true POS that could have killed someone or a group of people riding together. I have had 2 freidns that have been killed by drunk drivers and this asshole needs to have no special treatment WHATSOEVER!!! And to all you nuthuggers out there trying to make up excuses for JBJ :the most awesome amn on the planet”… loose your close friends, one of which was one of your best friends, and tell me if you can defend this shit.. OH yeah and to JBJ… CALL A CAB!!! YOU HAVE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS ASSHOLE!!!!

    • TRE says:

      Now amen to that, i thinks its funny these ppl are defending this kid, and now Bjj BB is trying defend JBJ with religion, none of that sin bullshit has anything to do with the fact that jones repeatedly puts on a front tryna be somebody he is not!!! He talks about wanting to be a role model, so they put him in that position to be a role model and the fact of the matter is that POLE could’ve been a PERSON and If u do drink, curse, talk shit and your young and rambunctious then just be you, dont tell us ur not, dont tell us we wont ever catch u with a DUI then turn right around and do it, we all kno he is a great fighter but his character is fake!

  112. Steve says:

    He was probably on his way home from a prayer meeting for Rashad. I can hear the defense now. “My training team gave me some juice to drink. I didn’t know there was Gin in it. So it’s not my fault!!!!! I’m innocent”

  113. Nick says:

    Is anyone really surprised that happened? That sucks for him. though. I’m not shocked it happened though.

  114. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    “Three things that cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth” -Buddha

  115. Bjj BB says:

    @ tre, key words that you wrote was a role model, role model for what? Mma right? And he has and is right? Now we all go2 work and wear our work hats and then we go home, to the things we always do. NOW!! He did not get pulled over and got cought for a dui, he lost control of his car and hit a poll then when the cops showed up they tested him, it does not take alot to fail a dui test so stop acting like he was dead drunk and driving like a crazy person, my point is judge him as a fighter not as a humon who makes mistakes like you and i do, thats what i ment by the word sin and casting the 1st stone, and if your right and im wrong or the other way around, what gives you the right to judge?

  116. Nick says:

    Maybe he wanted to understand Chris’s position

  117. ... says:

    Bjj BB how do you know he wasn’t driving like a crazy person? Who know’s I know I am 19 and would never be so stupid to drive drunk it’s just a ridiculous thing to do, and sure people say they think it’s fun and all but what isn’t fun about driving? You don’t need any type of substance in your body when your driving unless your asking for trouble. As far as him being a role model he did several interviews where he claims he wanted to be one, and no it wasn’t just a mma role model it was a role model in general, he wanted to be known for kids looking up to him, looking at what he achieved at such a young age and that they could easily do what he did you just have to have “faith in yourself”. But now he’s going to lose a lot of credibility for his actions, it will be interesting to see what happens if he redeems him self and keeps beating top ufc fighters or if this will be the beginning of his down fall, from one stupid mistake. My main point here is you don’t see Anderson, George, Jose, Junior or Dominik making these kind of mistakes and that’s one reason only because they have a champion mentality.

  118. Bjj BB says:

    Reguardless of your whole bullshit novel!! He without sin cast the 1st stone!! If you have sinned, (witch i know you have) you should shut the fuck up!! Cause in an interview i recall him telling rashad, (did i ever say im perfect!?) witch means we are all flawed as humons so stop casting your stones!!

  119. Bjj BB says:

    If any1 in your family or any of your friends went to a party and had a few drinks, (reguardless of if alot of ppl, kids, company, family or friends looked at that person as a roll model) but felt they did not drink alot and could still drive so that person does, then you find out they hit a pole, would you kick them while there down like your doing to jbj? No you wouldent cause you know that person, in this case your just a fan of mma so keep it that way!!

    • Xaninho says:

      How can someone feel like they can drive and end up wrecking his or her car against a pole? I’ll tell you how….because that douchebag, family or not, was in no condition to drive.

      I do have friends who were stupid enough to drink and drive, luckily they didn’t harm anyone including theirselves, but I didn’t let them off the hook.

      I don’t give a fuck if you’re family, friend or JBJ. Call a fucking cab if you had a few drinks.

  120. koolg says:

    haha see jones is an asshole…. to bad he didnt crash and criple his self

    • Like You Did says:

      in your crash. Your writing is so retarded and terrible that your head must’ve smashed through a windshield recently. That’s the only logical reason why you responded the way you did, you fckn embarrassment to society.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      You should be permanaetly banned for that post. You are a disgrace.

  121. MONKS og says:

    this aint shit on lee murray …

  122. Bjj BB says:

    @ Xaninho- im not saying to let him or them off the hook, im saying dont kick any1 when there down.. I mean i understand jbj whooped all your top fighters asses but C’mon, thats not a reason to hate or kick him when he’s down, jbj is a man aside from being a great fighter, so he is allowed to fuck up like any1 else.

    • Xaninho's lover says:

      screw that he should not even be offered a plea deal since hes a pro athlete if it was me or you they would have us in jail for a whole year. And you know that is true

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