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Friday, 08/08/2014, 01:55 pm


Jon Jones Answers To Being Called Fake: ‘Who’s the same person all the time?’

“We all have hats to wear. So I can feel something about someone and express the way I feel, but when the camera is on, I have a job to do. I represent a brand. I represent a fanbase and I’m not going to be an idiot on national TV just because I don’t like the person who’s on the other side of the camera. So yeah, he’s telling the absolute truth. I swore, I told him all types of [profane], terrible things and when the cameras went on, I was professional. If you consider that fake … ”

“You show different sides of yourself throughout the day. In one day, we can show a hundred different hats. Who’s the same person all the time? Everyone has different sides of themselves.”

In a new interview with FOX Sports, Jon Jones explains the public’s perception of him being fake.

Are you sold?


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