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Thursday, 08/30/2012, 12:12 pm

Jon Jones, Anderson Silva vs The World | Editorial

In recent times, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones has been taking a lot of heat for his “fake” personality, run in with the law, and how he conducts his “business”.

As we all know by now, Jones has declined to fight Chael Sonnen for the 205-pound title on short notice as a replacement for the injured Dan Henderson. As a result, the entire UFC 151 card has been cancelled.

Everyone wants to blame someone for the first UFC cancelled event in history. We’re either pointing our fingers at the UFC for producing such a weak card that the show couldn’t go on without its main event, Greg Jackson for advising Jones to play it safe, or Jones himself for ultimately making the executive decision of denying Sonnen the opportunity to prove he’s not all talk.

Either way Dana White is pissed, as usual. The fans hate Jones, as usual. We’re not getting the card we were planning on, as usual. And everyone including White thinks Greg Jackson makes fighters play it too safe, as usual.

So why is their so much drama around this event? One name comes to mind: Jon Jones.

People love to hate him. I’m not exactly sure why. Is it his “fake personality”? Is it his quick rising success and huge sponsorship deals? Or is he simply a champion that people want to see dethroned?

UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva was in a somewhat similar position a few years back. After Silva vs Maia happened at UFC 112, there was a backlash from fans against Silva’s unsportsman like conduct inside the cage. Mostly I think because Silva bullied rather than butchered Maia in a fight that he clearly had the upper hand in.

When Chael Sonnen appeared to be the number one contender for the 185-pound title, he started his trash talking and fans rallied behind him instead of “The Spider”.

Silva was no longer the clear fan favorite, simply because of one incident. He didn’t seem to be Dana White’s favorite either, as the witty English speaking marketing machine of Chael Sonnen drowned out Silva’s rebuttals. Nor was he a favorite of a good chunk of the fans that wanted to see someone who they saw as a bully in Silva, get taught a lesson by someone who could talk the talk.

We all know how that first fight ended.

Fast forward two years and Chael Sonnen has another shot at the now deemed “legend” in Silva. People still want Chael Sonnen to win.

The forums are crowded with “gangster” quotes, sarcastic jokes, and wrestling fanatics that want to see the champ beaten up for five rounds, again.

Well that didn’t really work out. Anderson Silva shuts up the trash talking gangster, beats his face decisively, and yet critics still question if the knee was illegal or if the short grabbing was the reason for his victory.

Silva has moved on. You might want to too. He is now pitted against GSP in what fans hope to be a super fight for the record books. Two long time champions vs each other. Canada vs Brazil. Wrestling vs Striking. Sounds pretty epic. Only one more person to fight in the world for Silva, the world of MMA at least. Now what happened to Sonnen? He needs a new target. Bring on Jon Jones.

Poor Jones doesn’t have the trash talking ability to match his octagon talent and Sonnen knows it. Let the field day begin.

After a long list of personal attacks via Twitter, Chael Sonnen says he hasn’t been training at all, but will fight Jones regardless for the title. So even if Jones does win, he beat an “out of shape” Chael Sonnen, but has the opportunity to shut up one of the biggest MMA icons and probably retire Sonnen for good.

However, if Jones loses, he loses to an “out of shape” Chael Sonnen, and every single person on this planet that wanted to see him fail will say something along the lines of “told you so”. Even if the fight is close and Jones loses via split decision, anti-fans will probably not believe he could beat Sonnen ever again.

Sounds like a sticky situation for the champ. Sonnen, Machida, Belfort? Sounds like a lot of big names. Jones is still fighting the world. Just like Anderson Silva has already done, besides GSP. Silva had to battle all his opponents, the critics, the anti-fans, the media, and his biggest rival in Sonnen.

It appears Jones will have to do much of the same, with the added cloud of his legal troubles in his past and the scrutinizing eye of the ever growing MMA media.

I have a feeling Jones, much like Silva, will have to battle Sonnen in order to defeat the world. But first, he has to get through a very dangerous Vitor Belfort. A fighter, I find to be a little more of a wild card than Sonnen.

The question is, will Jones be able to fight the world, remain victorious, be declared a legend that has overcome adversity, and be considered for a super fight to end all fights, much like Silva? Or will he just be another name in the book of champions?

Time will tell. As a fan of the sport, I can’t wait to see the rise or fall of a champion. Can you?


34 Responses to “Jon Jones, Anderson Silva vs The World | Editorial”

  1. KILL GREG JACKSON!!! says:

    I’d say let them fight each other and get it over with so we could all move on..

  2. The Silva Backlash says:

    began with the Thales Leites fight, where Silva came out so lackluster, that he was booed throughout the fight. The comical Forrest fight followed AND then the Maia ridiculousness in Abu Dhabi.

    I’ve been a good judge of character in my life and I don’t see Jones being fake. If you want a good example of “what the f*** happened,” Tiger Woods is a prime example. Tiger was on top of the world in every aspect of his life and when the women began coming out of the woodwork, no one who only know Tiger from a distance knew that was coming.

    But Jones is no where near to Tiger’s level, and the DUI wasn’t all that surprising. If anyone knows any Christians in their lives, they will see that Christians are just people. They are not walking examples of Jesus himself. So to expect Christians not to make mistakes in life would be unfair. Yes, practice what you preach, blah blah blah. In a perfect world, yes. But the world is nowhere near perfect. So to understand that but still bombard Jones with hate is just immature.

    Jones just gotta endure the time it takes this to blow over and life will be back just the normal level of hate (lol). Tiger did it and it took him three years. It won’t take as long for Jones

    BTW, what’s up with the author’s statement of “decent grammar?” How ’bout spelling “losing” correctly? There are grammar errors, but who cares!

    • Noway says:

      I completely disagree with your statement. The disslike or hate for Jones isnt based on his religion thats not even relevent – which i must point out is the reason I first became a Jones fan- its his lack of respect and humbleness that he had prior to winning the belt, I dont know what occured in his life during all the success unless it was just that (SUCCESS) and it just went straight to his head. For example when he was interviewed about fight Evans he also brought up that he was looking forward to fighting Hendo next as if Evans had no chance- which im sure everyone can agree we all figured that Jones was gonna beat Evans but thats besides the point- you see as a champ comes the responsibility of being a or the face of the organization which in this case is the biggest mma organization the UFC, but the truth is he just might have been to young for this type of publicity and the best thing for him to have done is either have written answers for questions that he knew were gonna be asked or plead the 5th and keep his mouth shut, I was one of his biggest fans untill I started listening to the cockyness in his words when he was interviewed. You should always be confident but you have to know the line between cockyness and confidence and hes hopscotching the shit out of it. :)

  3. Chaelisdead says:

    Best article I’ve seen so far on this website

  4. ravi says:

    you forgot the part about jones crashing his bentley and being a car with 2 other drunk women, neither of whom were his baby mama. that sounds a big suspicious.

    secondly he preaches and advertises his christianity – don’t know what’s christian about drinking and driving?

    no one doubts his fighting skills. he’s a great fighter. but it’s hard to be a fan of his personality.

    • Just a fan says:

      Yes he had a DUI, does this negate his talent in the ring? No many of our presidents, cheated, many of our favorite athletes gamble, they all have their own personal demons…the difference is when you or I make a mistake there is a photographer in the bushes that jumps out as the car’s airbag deflates yellin’ “Gotcha!” smiles and scampers off. He is still 25. He is still human, and every choice he makes is on a conveyor belt for you, your mother, my best friends and espn to weigh in on. What matters to me is can this guy put the ball in the hole? Yes…Kobe can. Can this guy lower our unemployment, yes Bill did. Can Jon insert his foot in yet another A lister….well if the answer is yes then respect his abilities and teach your children to avoid the mistakes in character. I don’t buy PPV events to judge who is the most stand up guy…in fact one of my favorite fighters is a complete f’up in life. But tell me Nick Diaz doesn’t help the UFC sell tickets.

    • randy couture would drive drunk with 3 women in his lap & still make it home w/out crashing a 10 wheeler truck.

  5. 123 says:

    jon jones, anderson silva vs chael sonnen more like

  6. ravi gloom who? says:


    Chael will take Bones down and commence to beating his face up for 30 seconds and somehow get koed.

  7. lol says:

    this is stupid. anderson NEVER got the level of consistent hate that Jon Jones has gotten

  8. Yeahrightman says:

    Worst pile of tripe I have ever seen presented in article form. Silva and Jones are totally separate, do not draw any links between them. Sonnen’s interactions with them have been totally different, as have their careers. Like him, or dislike, people respect Anderson. He is not against the world as Jones is, he has huge support and fanfare. Jones shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence as Silva, let alone portrayed as his “soul buddy” on a battle against the world. Worst article ever.

  9. Jsilva says:

    He’s comparing them as champions not soul buddies fighting together. How r sonnen interactions different? He talks the same shit. Same amount of media coverage. Author asking whether jones can get through this tough time like silva got through his little tough time it says nothing about their tough times being on the same level. Can he make it theough his tarnished image and the shit talker in sonnen like silva did. Will jones make it through like silva does he have the heart of a undefeated champion like silva? Or is he gonna crash n burn no pun intended Bentley.

  10. Aj says:

    Loses…Not looses.

  11. jamez kelske says:

    Wow this is crazy biased. I hope no one got paid for this.

  12. Josh says:

    Looses? Really? Does hire morons to type these articles up or what? Because this isn’t the first editor to miss glaring, horrid mistakes.

    • Bob'O says:

      It was probably a typo. Article is biased without a doubt though.

      It’s clearly an anti-Sonnen, pro Silva / Jones bouncing on their sacks fest.

      Also, Silva has never faced the heat from the MMA world that Bones is dealing with right now. ~Bob’O

  13. Keyboard Warrior says:


  14. hahaha says:

    usually the grammar is way fukin worse. this one does one word and u guys freak. decent is a good descriptive word. at least he is honest about it.

    its mma news not the wall street journal. you guys act like everything u type sounds like beethoven to someones ears

    good article, bad trolls in the comments.

  15. allowjonesvssillva says:

    jones vs silva would be the fight to end all fights. too bad jones is too big, silva is too old. and they dont want to fight eachother.

    i dnt blame him for not wanting to fight sonnen.

    he hasn’t done shit besides talk trash.

    idk if he beat bisping. and brian stann’s grappling is his Achilles heel.

    they put that fight together SO CHAEL COULD WIN.

  16. Logan says:

    Fact is Jones said in a, radio, interview that he would fight Sonnen. Yet he does not seem to have the confidence in his own abilities to follow through. He and others say sonnen do not believe chael deserves the title shot. Most likely because they are all bitter and do not have the skill needed for the owner to call on them for an event of that proportion.

    Bottom line is Jones was a respectable and humble fighter at one point and he has turned into a jackass with a big ego. Respect for the sport that has not only made him a star but given him the ability to support his family is gone. Upon getting all his fame he clearly forgot that there are other fighters at the bottom who are in the cage not only for themselves. People can blame owners for setting up a card that they say was to weak to carry itself but they need to be pulling their heads out their asses. If your gonna think your the best and say you are don’t be a bitch the only thing diferent about the replacement fight was a southpaw with less power. All in all it comes down to Jones bitching out, if I had the mans talent and current situation I would have taken the fight in respect of the UFC organization and the other fighters.

    • Spoken lik a true says:

      dumbass. Jones “does not seem to have the confidence?” Dude, STFU! You’re a retard. Jones has been kicking everybody’s ass in the Octagon. Fighting Sonnen would’ve been a couple of steps DOWN from the competition he has face in the past 2 years. Go punch yourself in the face for being so retarded.

      • kicking everybodys ass in the lhw. he belongs 2 hw. anderson silva belongs to lhw not in the mw. their afraid to fight fighters as big as them. & that is so lame! their chickens. jds would own jones. lhw’s will beat the crap out of silva. silva vs gsp. wow? thats a good example for you boy. do the math on the vital stats of gsp & silva. if you cold do the math. hahaha!

  17. Blake1865 says:

    Can someone explain to me why Chael is revered as this great talent that can’t be stopped? I am highly confused. He lost both title shots, barely got past and IMO outclassed by Bisping, and just flaps his gums. He is a sellout looking for attention and not I get paid. Yes it is admirable that he would step in and take an ass beating so the show can go on, but he knows, Dana knows, and all of the UFC knows he has no chance. It’s all money making propaganda to “entertain” and sell tickets. Can we please wake up an realize he is not as worthy opponent with his fists as he is with his mouth.

    • pthance says:

      Except Jones was scared to fight him…says something about how dangerous Chael is.

    • challenging some1 & having the challenge unaccepted will show that your opponent is afraid of you. if you take away all the excuses that had been written/said then it will just come to that jones is afraid of sonnen & that makes sonnen great 2 other people. youre overexerting your brain, imagining things. your just looking for an answer that doesnt really exist.

  18. anon1337 says:

    Why not move Silva up to fight Jon Jones? 😀


    why not move Jones up to fight Dos Santos?jones being a HEAVYWEIGHT and all.Oh thats right jones is scared to death of HEAVYWEIGHT!

    • Please Obama... says:

      improve public schools NOW!!!!! Too many mindless idiots making it out of school and using up the air that intelligent people need! If not you, Obama, then Romney!!!

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