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Monday, 04/29/2013, 11:05 am

Jon Jones: “Anderson Silva is #1 P4P”

MMA fans love to argue about who they think is the best pound for pound fighter in the sport. José Aldo, Georges St. Pierre, Anderson Silva and Jon Jones are names usually at the top of that debate.

When asked whom he thought was the best fighter in the world at the UFC 159 post fight press conference, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones stated that Anderson Silva was the best fighter in MMA.

Jones was asked directly if he was the best pound-for-pound fighter in MMA. He responded with the following:

“No, That would be extremely disrespectful of me to try to disregard what Anderson has done outside of the Octagon and inside of the Octagon.”

“I celebrated my two-year anniversary of being champion this year, and Anderson has been doing it for about six. That’s phenomenal. That’s phenomenal pressure that he’s been able to uphold and continue moving forward with it, so I admire him so much.”

“Yes, I’ve had some great fights, and I’ve had a great career, but Anderson is still an amazing guy. He’s still my idol and I’m not going to disregard what he’s done.”

Does “Bones” know? Or is he really the best P4P fighter in the sport, and just being modest. Or is there a third fighter you think is the best P4P in MMA?

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48 Responses to “Jon Jones: “Anderson Silva is #1 P4P””

  1. Yo mama needs new diapers. says:

    It’s not what we think. It’s what we know. Silva is and will be the best fighter in the world until someone can beat his record. If at any point silva fights gsp or jones and loses it would not take his p4p best fighter in the world title. Silva started in the ufc before jones and became champ before gsp. So that’s an advantage in time. But he will leave the ufc at some point and if gsp or jones or anyone else can beat his score after with such dominance that he’s had in the ufc then by all means that someone would be the best pound for pound. For anyone that disagrees with silva being the best pound for pound. They’re just hating. Light heavyweight division has always been the most popular and known that’s why there’s that argument that silva hasn’t beaten anyone good because he’s in middleweight. Well if people notice that before jones, the light heavyweight belt kept jumping from fighter to fighter that’s why there’s all these former champions. But silva hasn’t given the opportunity to other guys to have in their record. People forget that he beat hendo, who is a top 5 contender at light heavyweight nowadays, by choke in the second round. And that’s when hendo was a champ at pride and was way more on his prime that he is now. Yeah. That’s just an example. Cuz also when he took the belt from Franklin when Franklin was one of the best at that time. He did it with such ease and he has been very dominant ever since. It’s not just that he beats his opponents and he has been undefeated in the ufc but the way that he’s done. Everyone knows that whether they like to argue it or not.

  2. yeah but says:

    Yeah but jake sheilds beat hendo at middleweight.hendo just isn’t a middleweight and thats that jones is just trying to give him some credit which he deserves but we all know who is p4p and that torch belongs to jones.

  3. Ddddddd says:

    This is such a cheesie debate. If you think you know who the best is,your stupid.

  4. ^^^this kid says:

    Ddddddumb. Your comment don’t make no godamn sense son

  5. magoo says:

    That’s very gracious of JBJ, but fact of the matter is we all know Jon would rag doll Silva! And after that happens there will be no disputing who the P4P boss is, Jones will wreck Silva and even a Silva fan knows this!

    • Sasquatch says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more!

    • duh says:

      Well, you may have a point in Jones beating Silva today. But you also have to look at where they are in their careers, Jones has nearly 20 fights and what, maybe a decade less off his life? Jones is clearly in his prime, and Silva, although still fighting at an elite level, isn’t the same guy he was 5 or 6 years ago. That’d be like asking Lebron to go 1 on 1 with Kobe, or Kobe with Jordan (a decade earlier). Point is, they’re different generations, We’ll never see either at their best in a fight, and I think that fight, would be the proving grounds.

    • Hendoo says:

      After watching Jones destroy Sonnen last weekend I have no doubts that Jones wins the fight if he chooses the right game plan (which he always does). He is just too big and too strong for Silva, if he is mentally prepared I just don’t see Silva doing anything to Jones, who will destroy him in the clinch and on the ground. Silva will want to hope that Jones hesitates and gives him room to suss out Jones, but JBJ will be too smart and pressure him with takedowns and javelin like kicks. If Sonnen could knock down Silva and wrestle him to the ground, Jones does it in 1 round and could probably finish him. This is from a long time Silva fan.

    • TheTude says:

      you’re wrong to dismiss silva like that. JBJ alsomost got his arm snapped off by belfort and look what silva did to him. Lyoto Machida almost Knocked out JBJ and Silva would make quick work of Lyoto if they wernt training partners.

      • hendoo says:

        How did machida almost ko jbj? I wanted him to but all he did was make jones slip. machida was lucky jbj didnt finish him with strikes when he landed that clean left. Jones learns from his mistakes he will come into the next fight knowing that he couls get caught through bjj and over exerting his elbows in the full guard. Im not totally disregarding silvas talents as I think he is the best striker ever in ufc but imho Jones just possesses too many problems for silva. We will see if silva disposes of weidman first. I think jbj might get cocky and try to stand with silva for too long. Really depends how jones feels

  6. 123 says:

    Got a feeling Chris Weidman is going to spoil the Jon Jones vs Anderson Silva & Anderson Silva vs George St Pierre superfights

  7. Joker have jokes says:

    @magoo. You seem to have a point. Ok well based on your point of view. If jones beats silva. That would make him the p4p best. Regardless of the fact that silva has a way better record in the ufc than jones. So if Cain beats jones, which we all know he would, and it’s a better match for jones in size and age. That would make Cain the best p4p? Yea didnt think so. Just takes a little common sense. Okthankyoubye.

    • magoo says:

      Really! I believe bones will rule the HW div just as he did LHW. So yea I guess if Cain beat Jones he def steals his P4P status…. But honestly I’m a huge Cain fan and don’t believe Bones would lose should the 2 fight….imho

  8. MMA916 says:

    The problem with P4P rankings in MMA is that it is very rare for a fighter to constantly move up and down in weight.

    In boxing, it is pretty common that a fighter starts at one weight, and progressively moves up in weight as he gets older.

    Right now, Anderson Silva is the one fighter who moved up to the next weight division and clowned a couple fighters there before moving back down to keep defending his title. So if you ask methat is what makes him the P4P king.

    Bones is well on his way to taking that ranking eventually because Silva will retire when Jones is likely still in his prime however a “P4P” ranking in MMA is sort of a hollow idea in the first place.

    If you ask me, Bones belongs at HW, probably should have been there already. When you look at him in the octagon against other 205lb fighters he dwarfs them in size and strength. It is like watching BJ Penn fight at 170 where suddenly he can’t defend himself against wrestlers because the strength difference is so big from his natural weight class of 155.

    • gvd says:

      …”When the lanky-but-lethal light heavyweight first joined the world’s largest fight promotion, he walked around at 210 pounds.”…

      He started out already as a natural LHW. He’s actually put on a lot of weight since then.

  9. Tony says:

    Sounds like the jones pre-154. Before he acted like an egomaniac runnin off at the mouth if he keeps this up he may get back some of lost fans from that debacle. That being said I’d love to see either man lose just so there is no “superman” love to watch them fight and they are dominate fighters I’d have to give the edge to Anderson just for experience

  10. TheTude says:

    I think the top P4P fighters in the world are all holding UFC gold, except Dominiique Cruz, they need to strip that title. its been too long. top 10 IMO
    2)St. Pierre
    4) Velasquez

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