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Friday, 03/16/2012, 09:45 am

Jon Jones And Rashad Evans Debate Their Chances Of Victory

In five weeks, the most bitter and long-running UFC feud since perhaps Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz II in 2006 will come to a dramatic conclusion. In the main event of UFC 145, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones collides with former friend turned bitter rival ‘Suga’ Rashad Evans.

Jones has never been taken down in his entire UFC career, while Evans has never failed to take an opponent to the canvas. It is one of the most anticipated fights in years; UFC 145 goes down on April 21, live on Pay-Per-View from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jon ‘Bones’ Jones, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, said: “My title defense at UFC 145 will be the biggest fight the UFC has seen in years. Sports fans from around the world will want to tune in for this Pay-Per-View, as they know it will be an all-out war.

“My opponent and I have a storied history that has been well-documented. He thinks he knows everything I bring to the table, but a lot has changed since he left the gym a year ago. I’m a much different fighter than the one he trained with. I hope he is ready to see and feel that difference.

“It is one of my goals to be considered among the greats in UFC history. I feel it is my time and my destiny to be the light heavyweight champion in the UFC. Winning this fight, and defeating a fourth former champion in a row would keep me on pace to achieving that goal.

“I have been able to prove many of my doubters wrong over the course of the last 12 months. Some said I couldn’t submit a legend, and I did that. Some said I couldn’t take a punch, and I did that. Now some are saying that I will have trouble against someone who knows me so well.

“They are wrong. Wait until they see what I do on April 21.”

‘Suga’ Rashad Evans, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and current No.1 contender, said: “I know I will beat Jon Jones. He can talk about improvements he’s made, but there are still some things in his game he can never change. He’s a long, rangy fighter and I’m going to get inside, unleash my stuff, take him down and ground and pound him. I’m at a level in my career where I can take down and ground and pound anyone.

“I know all about him, all about his coaches and all about his camp. I could probably tell you what he’s doing in the gym right now. He’s in the exact same environment doing the exact same things with the exact same people. But I’m in a different environment, I knew I had to learn, had to mix things up and I had to change. Jon has no idea what I will do on the night.

“I’ve got the advantage mentally, too. He’s not ‘Jon Jones unbeatable champion’ to me. I know the real Jon, the nervous kid who would ask me to tell him how to dress, how to talk and how to fight. I know how he reacts when things don’t go his way, how he can’t handle it mentally.

“And I’ve been through these types of pressure fights. I’ve been in these situations where emotions are involved with my fights with guys like (Michael) Bisping and Rampage (Jackson). Jon has never been in this type of situation and he’s never faced a fighter like me. I know I will get my title back at UFC 145.”

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59 Responses to “Jon Jones And Rashad Evans Debate Their Chances Of Victory”

  1. 'Ekahi says:

    Please, Rashad, tell everyone you’ll quit MMA after this fight with Jones! You’re talking out of your @$$.

  2. SmoothAssNigga says:

    I just wana see Jons get clipped once, Evans can lose but I’ll be happy.

  3. UFC VIDEOS says:

    so stoked for this fight!

  4. A.James says:

    Will Evans drop to 185 or go back to heavy weight when he loses?

  5. Pat Burns says:

    All publicity, everyone knows Rashad doesn’t stand a chance. If you cant beat Machida, what makes you think you’ll beat Jon Jones? I don’t see the fight going to the ground. JOnes 1st round ko

    • andrew says:

      where u even watching evans machida, evans was winning that fight he got cought its mma things happen even to the best im not sure who will win but i do know this it wont be easy for ether one

    • Christian says:

      You’re forgetting that he has only lost one fight in his entire UFC career. And he fights in the most competitive and stacked weight class.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Shogun beat Machida and he got his ass (a rusty ass) whupped too. John hasn’t changed since his fight with Machida but Rashad has. If you watch his fight with Machida and then his fight with Phil Davis you will see that he threw some bad habits out the window. One of them being that bouncy crap he was doing with Machida that caught him off guard.

      I guarantee that Rashad will be the first person to take Jones down.

      • closer58 says:

        Phil Davis is a westler primarily and when he fought evans, he was afraid to throw punches. Evans still could not take him out. In fact, evans looked terrible because he was trying to keep from getting knocked out so not to blow the jones chance. Jones can win the fight just as GSP beat Koscheck. Left jab all night and make evans look a little boy and stuff his take downs all night. Evans is trying to get in his head and make him bull rush into a big mistake. Evans thinks since he handled Phil Davis, he be able to handle Jones. Well, Jones will not be afraid to throw punches and kicks and evans will resort to gambling or evan have a chance and thats when jones will knock him out with a knee. Evans’ moved up the ladder fighting bums and big names that were at the end of their career.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          You’re selling Phil short here. The most competitive round was in the first when Phil’s stand up was really good and then he went back to his old habits. If you think Evan’s was really trying in that match then you have another thing coming April 21st. I’d say Rashad was maybe 70% in that fight. He wasn’t trying to avoid getting KO’ed but avoid injuring himself (re-injuring his thumb) and losing another title shot opportunity. Why would he be afraid to get KO’ed from Phil? That’s laughable.

        • Jacob says:

          Nice insight man. @closer 58, you must be joking! Evans has defeated some of the best lightweights in the world, if you’d like to talk about beating bums to get a title shot then maybe consider that Jones got his after beating a hugely overrated ryan bader. Rashad was not trying to avoid being knocked out at all, if you knew you would get a title shot after one more fight would you really push it or try to relax and squeeze out a win? If anyone can take Jon down it’s Rashad, and I think it will be very even on the feet.

    • NotEvenClose says:

      Dude, everyone knows this MMA math you are presenting does not work. Pettis beat Henderson, who lost to Guida, Henderson beat Guida. Rashad beat Rampage, who lost to Machida, Rampage beat Machida. Sonnen lost to Maia, Maia got owned by Silva, Sonnen almost beat Silva, Diego Sanchez beat Nick Diaz, who lost to BJ Penn, Nick Diaz beat BJ Penn….there are more examples out there, ALOT more. Styles make fights. That being said I still think Jones will win lol. But, Rashad is 22 and 1? He got caught it happens.

  6. EP says:

    i have faith in Rashad … i hopes he beats his fuckin ass.

  7. the original steve says:


  8. Bennyboy says:

    Rashad has changed alot since the machida fight i believe. Honestly i see Rashad winning the fight by UD

  9. AK says:

    i think it will be a lot closer than people think..I don’t think Jones will finish Rashad though

  10. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    “I know how he reacts when things don’t go his way, how he can’t handle it mentally.”

    This is the truth. Jone’s was shitting his pants after his first round with Machida. He nearly lost it and his corner had to build him back up. If you don’t believe me watch the fight and listen to the corner’s audio.

  11. UKRyan says:

    What is this with Jon Jones not staring people down? Get over trying to look all nicey nicey you douche and stare at Rashad like you’re actually going to fuck him up.

  12. Beaner says:

    Yeah Jones you said it yourself how you’ve defeated former champs. There’s a reason they were former champs and you destroyed them so easily. They obviously were not that good. To bad Rashad is gonna beat your ass and will see what you think about your destiny after that.

  13. James Troy says:

    jon has alot of haters. i dont know why. he is a stand up guy. he is very humble, but also confident which you have to be in this game. and his confidence is expressed in a good way. he doesnt talk shit and disrespect people. stop hatin’ and being jelly. appreciate.

    with that said, i do love trash talking. it adds that tension lol. rashad does talk alot. but he also admitted he does it to hype himself. like nick diaz does. all people are different. they have different ways of expressing themselves and preparing for things. in this case, fighting.

    this is going to be a good fight like they said u have to tune in for this. whatever happens both guys are going to put on a show. gona be great.

  14. lex walker says:

    cant wait for this fight war rashad

  15. Bornkiller87 says:

    Rashad wasnt beating machida and jones wasnt either, machida got cought and actually made jones look pretty bad in that first round. Rashad wins this one by decision. Jones never got taken down so we will see how he reacts when someone with a good ground game and great base is on top of him.

  16. I wouldn’t put it past Evans to say he’ll ground & pound Jones and then go in with the old ‘stick and dodge’ approach. That will work. Get inside his reach, crack him on his jaw and get out… Repeat process. He’s too big a LHW to take down and manhandle on the canvas, that’s just suicide

  17. Nick says:

    Anyone else think they’re kind of dissing Rashad. I mean I don’t like the man, but like the ads and stuff are like “Jon Jones comes to Atlanta” like it’s a bit disrespectful.

    • David says:

      That was printed up before Jones knew who his opponent was. He simply called Dana and told him to set him up with a fight. The posters were in ATL before the Evans/Phil Davis fight on Fox even took place. So I don’t think that’s disrespectful at all. That’s not the official UFC event poster. That’s just to let people know that a UFC show is coming soon. They do those for every city.

  18. Matt says:

    I remember a rashad Evans a year or two into his UFC career as well. He approached a few friends and I at a bar in el paso tx and asked us if we knew who he was and if he could hang out with us because he was alone. I doubt you would ever see john jones wondering around bars by himself and asking people if they knew who he was. But rashad talks crap about jones and says he had to tell him how to dress and act when he was young. It appears somebody had to teach rashad how to act as well. Jones is going to kill him.

    • closer58 says:

      You want to see the real Rashad. Watch the ultimate fighter when He and Rampage were coaches. Evans acted like he was the house nigga and Rampage was the barn Nigga. So to remind you all, evans is the fighter with too much mirror time. Do you remember who he took the title from, Mr Glass Jaw himself, Forrest Griffin. Jones is going to punish him terribly.

  19. Spades says:

    Evans had better work on his cardio because in his last several fights he looked like a gassed bag of crap come the 3rd round and this is 5 if it makes it.

    I am not a Jones fan however of he pushes the pace he can gas Evans and finish him.

  20. watchafightbeforecommenting says:

    @Beaner – you say they’re former champs for a reason? Rashad is also a former champ and that’s why Jones said he has beaten former champs before… think before you type… Jones beat both guys Rashad couldn’t beat and also beat guys rashad barely made it past with ease! Jones should win and should be the favorite, but anything can happen in MMA!

  21. Wes says:

    Honestly this is gonna be a good one to watch. I just dont think Rashad is gonna come out on top! Jones for the win by decision.

  22. tony rogers says:

    i think jon jones is a good fighter but way too much hype around him he hasnt won me over yet,, and rashad can bang too but to be honest i think this fight is going to be boring as shit.. hope rashad wins only for the fact the world will stop comparing jon jones to anderson silva , jon might even beat andy in a fight cause of how massive he is but still he is not even close to him pound for pound

  23. Karey Morgan says:

    Rashad never even defended the title once so you he was not really a champion. This dude is going to get destroyed plain and simple. He is trying to talk himself up. Jones destroyed Machida and Machida kicked Rashad’s ass if we go back that premise alone Jones has the advantage. Rashad is a punk. That shit he pulled against Griffin by grabbing his nuts when they were fighting was disrespectful as hell. I’m sure Bones will kick his ass and then he can shut his loud fucking mouth.

  24. closer58 says:

    Suga your Herman Cain in disguise. He say a whole lot of nothing. So you knocked out
    Chuck, DA GLASS JAW MAN, who was 40 goinng on 80. You beat Rampage who had not fought in more than a year. The only well rounded guy you fought that was not your grandfather was Layota Machida and he put you on the best knockout poster for all time. Your desire level when you fought Phil Davis was at an all time low. You could not make it as a heavyweight and are an average lightweight whose made a living on hand picked fighters. Well junebug, you cannot hide anymore. Your weak game will be exposed by a superior fighter and man. I hope he punishes you like Ali punished Patterson, five rounds of nothing but jabs to the face. By the way, your game plan of fighting inside is going to be met by a nice knee to the jaw. Suga, this is your last big fight/payday. On the way down, your going to get knocked out by Dan Henderson, Layota Machida (agian) and then Bisbain will avenge his loss to you by knocking you out of the UFC. I’ll see you at the county fair or Indian Gaming Casino parking lot fighting Fedor.

  25. David says:

    Rashad is talking out of his ass as usual. He’s saying he can take anyone down and ground and pound them? When has that happened outside of his fight with Forrest Griffin? Rashad is a wrestler who will look to control on the ground because he knows he tires out too quickly to do any real damage to anyone by the time he does end up taking them down. Every facet of fighting, Jon Jones is better. Jon Jones is a better striker, he’s a better wrestler, he has better offensive juijitsu, he has better cardio, he has better footwork. Everything about Jones is just better than Evans. His reach just allows him to do ridiculous things, like a standing gable grip choke on Lyoto Machida. There is nowhere in the octagon where Evans is remotely better than Jones. I think Jones wins by TKO in the 3rd when Rashad gasses in the 2nd as usual, and he will be taken down with ease in the 3rd, and hellbowed out by Jones.

  26. TheRealAmericanKneegro says:

    Rashads only chance is one of those haymakers that have managed to only land against an old Liddell….This will be no fight. If,and when Suga decides to come forward he will realize he is in the wrong match,with the wrong person.Go to Bellator,you suck

  27. Pijan says:

    Evans will win.

  28. Armando Alvarez says:

    Funny that Jones has been crying and stomping his feet that he wants a heavyweight fight…its his way of trying to dodge Rashad. No doubt if he loses to Rashad he will push to move up to heavyweight. If not that he will just go on a full blown coke benge. John Belushi style 2 speelball heroin shots for Jones!

  29. Archaic Enigma says:

    @ notevenclose- I agree with your statement. The style of the fighter regardless of the base can out work another if utilized correctly. In my opinion rashad can win this because of cardio and strength. I know a lot you trolls will try to repudiate that claim but it’s true. I don’t know how many of you have seen rashad work on his cardio but his routine is ridiculous in the sense that none of you spectators will understand how it works. Another plus towards rashad would be his outrageous record which clearly provides enough evidence to say he has experience on his side. However I am not a fan boy of any fighter because I like to support different fighters during different bouts. I do prefer rashad over jones because I’ve watched him before jones began his career. With that being said I only favor rashad in this match up because I think he could win, I still like jones but not this time. One last thing to everyone hating on rashad and those hating on jones, they are both great fighters of a very high caliber so the bout shall be very interesting and like may already said- its MMA so anything can happen at any moment.

    132% E=MC^2

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