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Friday, 11/02/2012, 06:34 am

Jon Jones Admits Cormier May Have The Better Wrestling, But Stops Short Of Calling Him A Better Fighter | UFC NEWS

“Cormier’s probably a little bit better than me (at wrestling), but it’s not a wrestling match at all. When you talk about knees and submissions and punching and kicking him in the face, and upkicks, it’s just not a wrestling match. When it comes to credentials he definitely had a better wrestling career than me, but half the guys I fought have had better wrestling careers.”

(Via Tuesday’s fan chat)


13 Responses to “Jon Jones Admits Cormier May Have The Better Wrestling, But Stops Short Of Calling Him A Better Fighter | UFC NEWS”

  1. Dan D says:

    Sorry Jones, but Cormier has you – you are stylistically the kind of guy that a wrestler with a striking pedigree like DC would dominate – relying on your long arms and legs to leverage guys who aren’t as big won’t fly with a guy like him, and his striking is too slick for you to catch him.

    • Ninja87 says:

      Who knows cause i too believe DC has the better wrestling but i think Jones has a better overall striking pedigree and cardio. One thing’s forsure though. We’re going to see this fight happen way before we see Jones vs Silva.

      • Seriously? says:

        Dude, this isn’t a matter of opinion. DC has better striking hands down. Take a moment and actually go watch their fights. DC has much more knockout power (and speed) and there is proof of this. Jones does NOT have better striking than Cormier.

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  3. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    I agree Cormier is the worst matchup for Jones whether the fight happens at LHW or HW. Cormier will beat Jones whereever the fight goes. Jones is already making excuses and i’m sure Greg “NO ACTION” jackson will make sure that fight never happens anyway

  4. James says:

    Lol “striking pedigree” lol what pedigree? is he the k1 champ or something? had a pro boxing career. jones’ flashy kicks may fool the naive but anyone who watches other combat sports like boxing or muay thai can tell you cormier has better footwork better boxing and bricks in his hands. he’s going to rock jones jaw. bet on it. try watchign something other than the OO Eff see

  5. jonesy_m3 says:

    All these average fighters think they can beat ‘bones’ but he has dispatched far better champions in the past 18 months. The guy is a savage, I cannot see anyone having a chance against him at 205. I did consider Hendo but that fight is 12 months off and Hendo will be nearly 45 and ‘bones’ just 26!

  6. Derek Kreutner says:

    DC is no average fighter. I’ve never seen anyone throw Josh Barnett around like he did.

  7. Herc says:

    EVERYONE has Jon’s number… But not ONE single opponent was even so much as able to take him down. He has NEVER been taken down his entire UFC career… Has fought EVERYONE he was asked to fight (except Sonnen who REALLY doesn’t deserve a fight with him, but got one because he runs his mouth), and each fight the same things are said “He has Jon’s number”….

  8. ^ says:

    Who cares Chaels gunna beat jones any way, WAR SONNEN.

    let the hate begin.

  9. jbeamazing says:

    Sonnen got the fight haters because your other mma haters were not man enough

  10. Jujitsu Player says:

    I think is one of the few guys around who has potential to drop to LHW and take the title. I’d love to see this fight. DC clearly has the advantage in wrestling. In terms of striking I’ve seen a lot of guys saying DC has this also, but you’re wrong! Jones has a much broader arsenal, kicks, crazy elbows, shin kicks and is far more dynamic in this area. DC has KO Power sure but he has to get inside Jones reach.

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