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Thursday, 03/28/2013, 10:08 am

Jon Fitch vs. Josh Burkman to Headline World Series of Fighting 3 | MMA NEWS

Jon Fitch will be making his entrance into the World Series of Fighting in a few months.

Fitch (24-5-1) will meet Josh Burkman (25-9) on June 14 to headline WSOF 3 in Las Vegas, Nev. for the second time. The event will be televised live on NBC Sports Network, but no venue has been announced yet. WSOF President Ray Sefo revealed the non-title welterweight fight on on Wednesday.

Fitch beat Burkman in their first brawl at UFC – Fight Night 4 in 2006 via rear-naked choke at 4 minutes, 52 seconds in the second round.

Fitch was released by the UFC last month following his unanimous decision loss to Demian Maia. He signed with WSOF this month.

Burkman, who is on a 4-fight-win streak, was released by the UFC in 2008. He last defeated Aaron Simpson at WSOF 2 – Arlovski vs. Johnson via technical knockout at 3:04 in the first round this past Saturday.


5 Responses to “Jon Fitch vs. Josh Burkman to Headline World Series of Fighting 3 | MMA NEWS”

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Oh Yah!! FUKC the UFC. Fitch is in the house and is going to send Burkman to the regionals. Fitch will be champion and we will have a WSOF vs UFC ww championship. Time to open up this bitch to promotion vs promotion fights. It’s the only thing that will save mma.

  2. Dddddd says:

    It’s pretty crazy all the big promotions are gonna have hardcore wrestlers as 70 pound champs. I think Fitch and Askren are gonna be lookin too pound on people and excite as much as possible.


      Fitch isn’t in the same league as Askren. Fitch’s lay n pray and boring ass weak wrestling is pee wee level compared to Askren. Askren would mop teh floor with Fitch so easy Fitch would crawl in hole and never come out. Why do you think GSP was afraid to meet Askren on the mat in an exibition match? Fitch was a disgrace at Purdue with a horrible losing record where as Askren was one of the best ever.


    Fitch isn’t even top 10 anymore and UFC is so much better without him. So many fans will be tuning back in to watch the UFC that Fitch ran off from the sport with his boring layn pray. Fitch is a disgrace to all the ( R E A L ) MMA fighters in the world. Fitch’s career is all but over and he will NEVER be welcomed back to UFC.

    • B.O.M.N.M.T.U says:

      Lol you must be the happiest dude ever ! Ive seen your name since the beginning of when i first visited BJPENN.COM and when he got cut i actually thought about your name and how you finally succeeded.
      Awesome lol. But still, i think fitch will be back, UFC probably only cut him to be able to renegotiate his contract(due to him being expensive after all these years of employment), and Fitch being in other organisations ables him to negotiate better. Because re-applying right after being cut would give him poor grounds on why he should have anything to say in the new contract. Thats why most fighters wait until they climbed the latter a bit in other orgs. and come back with a solid base for creating a profitable contract, better than if he would have re-applyed straight away.

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