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Monday, 06/18/2012, 03:44 pm

Jon Fitch Still Wants BJ Penn Rematch, Thinks Penn Is Ducking Him | UFC NEWS

“… I don’t think [BJ Penn] wants a piece of me, so he’s going after young guys… Yeah, I do [think he is ducking me].”

Short and sweet.

UFC welterweight Jon Fitch told “The MMA Hour” that he believes BJ Penn is ducking him and would like to have a rematch with “The Prodigy upon his return from injury.

Check out the full interview here!

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74 Responses to “Jon Fitch Still Wants BJ Penn Rematch, Thinks Penn Is Ducking Him | UFC NEWS”

  1. jim says:

    Wow…I can’t believe that this guys thinks that! Oh well…On the flip side BJ should feel great, everybody wants to fight him…

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  2. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Lol bj is ducking fitch. Bj knows fitch will take him down hump him for 3 rounds and grind out a decision. Bj is gonna gas out and loose. Thats why bj will never take the rematch.

  3. Ly-er says:

    Ducking the ‘Big Bad Blanket’?!!! Yeah sure, dream on Fitch! LOL

  4. e says:

    this guy is asking to get knocked the fuck out again…

    • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

      Yeh considering he beat BJ the first time Fitch so won the second round and the last round was a 10-8. Fitch layed on BJ and shoved his dick into BJ’s pussy.

      • e says:

        keep suckin fitch dick blanket hero

        • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

          U keep sucking on bj’s mangina u cock sucking homo.

        • MMdiAz says:

          I dont see how you could be entertained by fitch unless he gets ko’d

        • Mike b says:

          Dude shut the fuck up.why u keep insulting people,makes u feel like a tough guy don’t it.sounds like u don’t have a life either.and fitch is crazy for thinking that bj,s ducking him.the shit people say is just fucking stupid bunch of fucking losers making really don’t know how stupid u sound.

        • Mike b says:

          U keep talkin about cock sucking and guys with u like to suck cock and slurp on guy pussy.u sound like tough faggot.

        • Rodriguez says:

          @Keep Fitch (Forever) It was a draw bitch! And only because Fitch was afraid to stand with Bj cause he didn’t wanna get knocked the fuck out again! Face it man Fitch is overrated and isn’t moving up the ranks!

      • Gracie JDS says:

        Big Balls for someone whose that obsessed with a man. Go get laid and let Ftch get his ass knocked out again and then maybe he will have a chance at redemption.

        Yeah Right

  5. Clay says:

    What the fuck? The guy with the “injury” is saying bj is ducking him?? Riight. Bj should fight him this week. Duck that bitch

  6. maurice says:

    i luv how everytime fitch is injured he tries to call out bj in some way. damn fitch is really falling the fuck off.

  7. Mc says:

    Nobody wants to fight Fitch cuz he puts on the most boring shows both fighter come out w/ less fans.

  8. stephen riddle says:

    Bj penn ducks no being the end!

  9. Truth says:

    Penn vs Lesnar in an arm wresting match would be more exciting

  10. LOL WUT says:

    What the hell is this even……why would Penn duck Fitch by fighting a much more dangerous fight, both stylistically and in terms of skill. Rory would probably school Fitch in a fight

    • Jaedr says:

      already penn fought diaz a guy ranked much higher then fitch anyways..why would he duck fitch and fight a more dangerous guy…no one ducks fitch cuz even if they lose hey dot get hurt…fitch is not a dangerous fight ther is 0 chance of getting finished..its just u need worry about you ass cherry

  11. B-rad says:

    fitch is lucky penn didnt put him to sleep the same way hendricks did, penn knows now that his boxing is pretty weak so he will look for the ko instead of tryin to suprise him by trying to wrestle with fitch

  12. Michael hamlin says:

    Fitch is so fucking boring and Bj likes to fight not get held down for 15 min

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  13. Ct says:

    Since their first fight Penn has fought a way more dangerous opponent in Diaz and agreed to fight Rory, also most dangerous.

  14. chan says:

    Man Fitch just wants to get laid out on his ass again.

  15. Bd says:

    Fitch knows he’s going down the ladder fast … The last Ko Left its mark

  16. CanILive says:

    Wowwww nobody wants to see that fight. Poor Fitch

  17. stroke fitch (forever) says:

    fitch should fight ben askren and they should play 90s saxaphone music in the backround.

  18. Nojoja71 says:

    Bj ain’t dumb. There’s no money in rematch. The UFC not not dumb either . There’s more money in it for Bj and UFC to fight McDonld. Fitch had his chance to try to beat Bj but could not do it. There’s no sense in that fight. It’s all about the Benjermins. Besides Bj has fought Machida, all the Gracie’s ,
    Carl Uno, Gsp and other top fighters before Fitch was ever heard of, so it’s not a fear factor. So get over it. Fitch should just concentrait on getting healed up so he can prove he can get in there with a top fighter that draws a crowd like Bj. His health would be a ?.
    Can he fight like how he was before his surgery? He’s got to take warm up fights to see. Is he at 100% or what?

    • nono speaka english says:

      Who the fuck is Carl Uno? I mean, Carl?? LOL Really. You just lost all credibility by speaking that dumb shit. Relax everybody, Fitch is a smart guy; he’s using BJ’s recent return to the spotlight to try and bring himself back into relevance. I’m sure if BJ stays in the sport following Rory and Fitch can remain relatively near the upper-tier in WW, a rematch may be possible to end the debate on the draw.

      Benjermins, concentrait… omg I don’t usually clown on fools for bad grammar, but WOW. LOL CARL…still laughing about that one.

      P.S. It’s Caol Uno. You dumb sack of shit.

      • Mike b says:

        Ur a fucking bitch for trying to make people look stupid for bad grammar.who give’s a fuck.i mean who looks for shit like that.trying to make ur comment look all professional and ur a journalist or something.
        P.S. YOUR GAY

      • Nojoja71 says:

        You ARE A FU%#EN clown. You must be some white faggit ass puzzy who thinks Fitch is an upper-tier fighter. Fitch is a fighter that can’t finish fights. He got owned by Bj and now trying to use Bj to get back in the picture, but he’s finished and I bet your the only one who thinks so. Fitch is Finished. So take his dick out of your ass and stick it in your mouth you whitey ass puzzy. I bet you don’t even fight or EVEN TRAIN. You must be gay .

  19. Quack Quack says:

    To the Duck, Fitch!

  20. Lino says:


  21. Jaedr says:

    hmmmmmmmm yeah that must be why the rematch did not happen…stupid bj is chicken,,,they would have foight an rematch right after but bj wants to duck him and fight diaz a much better nmore dangerous oponnent….hmmm why did the rematch not happen??? did bj get injured to duck fitch???????// not fuking fitch got injured…fitch could fight with no hands cuz all he does is lie on you…this is the most shit i ever heard

  22. Bjj BB says:

    @ keep fitch (forever) your a fucking idiot!! Bj signed for a rematch b4 fitch got hurt. I cant even believe your a fan of preety much the most boring fighter in the 170 class, lay and pray aint fighting!! Fitch should gain some pounds and go fight at the wwe!! And ever since he got hurt then knocked the fuck out, fitch is only calling out bj to get his name back. But it aint gonna work you fucking pussy!!

  23. WrestlingRules says:

    Settle down girls….you’re getting your panties all up in a wad….Man has ANYBODY on here fought or played high school or college sports or professional sports???? Fitch is just picking a fight, that’s all. What a bunch of pansies on here. Penn is a great fight for him. They both would make a lot of money and get to settle a score. I’ll bet Penn takes this fight after he dispatches Rory. Shit it was booked once already…Man sounds like alot of the girls on here are cycling….

    • nono speaka english says:

      You just reworded what I said earlier. Good job. Let’s clap it up for this unoriginal asshole.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        Well now, you don’t need to get all rude and such and start calling me names… might hurt my feelings……And, I don’t mean this badly, but I didn’t even read your shit, Sorry bro. So perhaps just great minds think alike, but if you continue to be rude to me then I may need to distance myself from you as your character would come into question. Also, your arrogance is a bit over the top. But hey, I can live with you being an asshole….

      • Mike b says:

        Dude u are so fucking gay I swear.i’m going to go on bleacher report so I don’t have to read ur stupid fucking comments.

  24. fitch to bitch says:

    Fitch…you got to be kidding. You are no longer in the top five mix after getting knocked the fuck out by hendricks in the first round! Penn won the first fight the third round was not a 10-8 round. Round one and two were all Penn. This lay and pray crap that Fitch does in everyone of his fights is pathetic. Just give up on trying to fight legends like Penn&GSP cause they are in a whole different league then you will ever be in…

  25. Bjj BB says:

    @ wrestlingdrules! Your fucking stupid!! Crying about a guy on here cause he put you in your place!! Lmmfao!! 1st off every1 on here is talking about fitch and penn, if you could read you’d know that, but yet you come on here talking shit about all the ppl on here saying what they feel about fitch and penn, then sum1 says something to you and you say his being rude? Asshole? Hurting your feelings? You fucking cry baby pussy!!

  26. Xaninho says:

    Fitch is irrelevant, hardly anyone wants to see him or hear him, so he mentions BJ’s name so people will maybe listen to him.

  27. mz3 says:

    Damn will somebody use some damn troll spray on that fitch faget guy. I mean how gay do u have to be to use some other guys name as ur own tag. Lame!

  28. mz3 says:

    Oh yea I almost forgot fitch sux. He’s a boring fighter. One more loss and he will get the slip.

  29. chris says:

    Jon fitch is clearly a BJ nuthugger, he loves to talk about him and he really wants to hold him and snuggle.

  30. CombatRusse says:

    That mother fucker Fitch knows that fans (hardcore, casual, technical experts, poeple who love brawls, etc…), Media, UFC staff, … EVERYBODY wanna get rid of him!!!
    For BJ, it’s the exact opposite, every body likes to see him fighting including haters

  31. Nick says:

    Fitch is coming off of a destructive loss and no one likes his fights anyway. He has a fight. Worry about that. If BJ beats Rory and Fitch beats whoever, then go ahead and make the fight.

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