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Wednesday, 07/17/2013, 02:46 pm

Jon Fitch: “I Think I Have 15 Fights Left in Me”


| Jon Fitch has been in the sport of MMA for a long, long time. Just about 12 years to be more exact. And he’s been fighting at the top level of competition for the majority of that time. He recently ventured away from his longtime home of the UFC and looked to start a title run in the newly and rising WSOF promotion.

Fitch made his debut for the company in June as he faced Josh Burkman in a rematch from their UFC days. Fitch won the first fight and was looking to make quick work of Burkman and start making a climb toward the WSOF title. That story was cut short as Burkman put Fitch to sleep with a remarkable guillotine choke in the first round. 

Fitch, now 24-6 in his MMA career, is 35 years old and is seemingly nearing the end of his storied career. But, according to him, he still has plenty left in the tank to rise up from his current two fight losing skid and reach for gold again. He recently talked on The MMA Hour and discussed how he’s handling the loss to Burkman last month, what he wants next in his career, and how much longer he’d like to keep fighting. Here are some of the key quotes from Fitch during that interview:

On the loss to Josh Burkman:

“I mean, fighters, I don’t think we ever really get over losses. It’s kind of what drives us to keep working and keeps us moving to get better and try to get better. So, I’ve dealt with it, but I’ll never be over the loss. It’s just a matter of me putting together a win or two and getting a rematch.”

On the pressure behind making his WSOF debut:

“I think I put a lot of pressure on myself to make this debut the biggest debut I could. I was looking for something bigger. I think this company put a lot of effort into promoting me and getting me out there and I wanted to step up and represent and help take World Series to that next level, because I knew a lot of people would be watching after everything that’s transpired over the last several months.”

On how often he’d like to fight and his future in the sport:

“I figure three times a year, that’s at least 15 fights in five years, if you’re healthy. I think I have 15 fights left in me.”

What do you think, Penn Nation? Following Fitch’s loss to Burkman last month do you think that he has enough left in him to make another title run in WSOF or fight 15 more times? Lets hear what everyone here at thinks about Fitch’s comments. Sound off, fight fans.

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5 Responses to “Jon Fitch: “I Think I Have 15 Fights Left in Me””

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    HELL YAH!!!!! He was bullying Burkmann around and pretty much schooling him until he got stupid and let that dude choke him. Let’s make sure he has at least 15 more fights in UFC WHOOOP UFC was stoooopid for letting him go. Biggest mistake of their business decisions/ Would have been better cutting all those dinosaurs from fake fighting Pride.(Japanese!? those freaks lick each others eyeballs, nuff said) Now that would’ve been smart.

    • Thom1 says:

      what the fuck are you even talking about? you literally sound retarded. Cutting Jon Fitch was a bad business decision? How? How much money do you think Fitch made for the UFC. lol..

    • GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Fitch is the most boring excuse for a fighter that ever set foot in a cage. Fitch’s entire career revolves around a guy who started his career at LHW and got his ass KO’d and then starved himself down to MW and got his ass beat again then starved himself down to looking like a holocaust victim and used his freakish weight cutting abilities to walk into cage at fight time at 204 lbs. His own coach stated Fitch was best weight cutter he had ever seen. So Fitch’s entire career revolves around a suck as collge wrestler who had a 30-64 record and set the all time college record for being penalized for stalling which he has done his entire MMA career also because MMA doesn’t have an anti-stalling rule or at least one that is enforced. All Fitch has done his entire career is grab onto a leg and hold on for dear life using his 25-30 lb weight advantage to lay n pray and stall out wins against non-wrestlers. UFC was never meant to be the ULTIMATE LAY N PRAY CHAMPIONSHIPS and Fitch has run more fans away from the sport of MMA than anyone in the history of the sport. Fitch’s entire OVERHYPE and bullshit ranking was based off of his ability to lay on top the worst weight cutter in all mma Thiago Alves. From time Fitch got in the UFC somehow he avoided all the worst matchups for him and i’m not talking about Koscheck even though Koscheck would have KNOCKED his lay npray ass out. from 2010 to 2013 somehow Fitch avoided Condit, Ellenberger, ROIDY Mac, yet he still preached how he was best WW ever not named GSP until he FINALLY had no choice but fight a BAD MATCHUP and Johny Hendricks KO’d his BORING ass in 12 seconds, something GSP couldn’t do in 25 minutes. Also Bj penn won the first 2 rounds against Fitch who had over 30 lbs on him at fight time. Mike Pierce wasn’t even ranked in top 10 and he was 5 seconds from knocking Fitch out when time ran out. Pierce begged for a rematch for 3 years and Fitch wouldn’t accept the fight. All Fitch is a natural LHW who can’t beat anyone his own size and can’t beat middleweights either so he uses his size to lay n pray his way to boring ass decisions but now everyone else has evolved and Fitch no longer has the chin to wade into those firestorms anymore to hold guys down and stall his way to usual bullshit layn pray wins. Dana White has wanted to get rid of fitch for years now and it was pure charity kept him around as long as he did because the UFC lost bigtime money having Fitch on the roster. Fitch has virtually NO FANBASE and he cost the UFC over 200k with his shoulder surgery and rehab. I predicted last year well before Fitch backed out of the Aaron Simpson fight that Fitch would be RELEASED by end of 2012 and half you IDIOTS including that LOSER BLAh blah BLA AND IE: GARGOLYE BUTTFUCKING SAID Fitch would never get released he was the best. Only reason Fitch lasted a few months into 2013 is because he backed out of Simpson fight by FAKING an injury because his coached felt Simpson who has better wrestling than Fitch and isn’t an undersized WW like Fitch usually picks as his opponents and Simpson has a big right hand that staggered many of HUGE middleweights. Fitch’s coaches knew Simpson was a bad idea so they tried to find a better matchup which they did Fitrch’s entire career. Fitch is a disgrace to all the REAL fighters in MMA. Fitch will never fight in the UFC ever again and if it wasn’t for WSOF coming on the scene eh would have been fighting back on the reservations because Bellator didn’t want anything to do with Fitch boring ass layn pray. Fitch may have 15 fights left on the reservations laying on small lightweights which he has doen his entire career but he would be lucky to survive one more Hendricks fight. so 15 more lay n r pray bullshit borefests or one maybe one more Hendricks KO. Hendricks should have been given a one million bonus by UFC for ruining what was left of Fitch’s chin.
      Burkmann deserves a medal for choking out Fitch and showing the world how overrated Fitch really is and proving Dana right that Fitch is finished. Fitch has the biggest mouth ever and I’m glad Hendricks and Burkmann embarressed his overrated ass.
      Fitch better keep his day job as the bouncer at chucky cheeses because his MMA career is over

      Every fan poll ever done shows Fitch as the MOST BORING fighter ever. That’s about as much to be proud of as Fitch’s college wrestling record or his record for being called more for STALLING than any other wrestler EVER.

      I say screw all 5 of you Fitch fans in this world because everyone else thinks Fitch is a disgrace

    • GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) thank god says:

      NOONE is more DESPARATE to try and be relevant than Jon LAY N PRAY Fitch.

      Face it Fitch your miserable boring career of lay n pray in the big leagues is over. Bellator didn’t want your boring ass. I mean why would any up and coming MMA organization possibly want someone like Fitch who has no fan base to speak of. I see one moron on here that obviously likes to watch grown men hump other grown men. Fitch is nothing a but an oversized WW who uses his 30 lb weight advantage to hump his opponents legs. When was the last time you ever saw Fitch attempt a submission or try to improve his position? NEVER. Fitch is a pillow fisted LHW who cuts massive weight and is afraid to fight anyone his own size. GO AWAY Fitch not only did your sucks ass boring fights get you fired but your big fucking mouth made it even easier for them to NEVER in amillion years bring your sorry ass back to the big leagues. Fitch you could go out and lay n pray a 20 fight win streak and the UFC wouldn’t touch your boring ass with a 10 foot pole.

      In fact Fitch couldn’t pay the UFC to let him ruin another one of their fight cards

      You had over 6 years to learn something other than LAY NPRAY yet you threw it in Dana’s face everytime Dana mentioned something like Fitch needs to be honest with himself, you know about being boring and not having any fan base. instead Fitch told Dana he was dummying up the sport b y wanting exciting fights for the fans. look in the mirrow Fitch your big fuckin g mouth and suck ass lay n pray and you failure to ever learn submissions and or striking ruined your career. Look at Burkmann he evolved and turned himself into a baddass top10 fighter at 30+years old exact OPPOSITE o what Fitch did.

      bye bye Fitch you suck

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        Hey Old Man, diarrhea of the mouth and ranting is not a discussion. How about using some intelligence in your arguments. Your ramblings don’t get read. Now do you need more schooling grandpa? I’m about to go nuclear on you.

        • GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Gargoyle ie bla bla bla everyone on here knows you are a fricken moron piece of shit. anytime anywhere punk. bitch slap you ass and send you home crying to your momma. Now crawl back in your momma’s basement where you belong

          I think its funny you are still crying about your boy lay npray Fitch being fired from the UFC forever. ha ha ha. Yeah is still remember you saying he would never get released from the UFC. Shows how much I know and how little you know. Fitch’s days were numbered for years. Al he did was drop out of fights and sit out for years at a time praying to get another turtle like Alves to lay on. Go away Fitch lover your IDLE is finished in the big leagues

  2. KIDD433 says:

    Fitch must mean 15 sessions of either getting put to sleep, or dry humping. As for Gaygoyle, It’s clear you hate on Pride because of their Yellow card rule.Which prevented fighters from dry humping and stalling, After all that’s the whole reason you watch MMA.You probably want Fitch back in the UFC,so you can beat off to watching Fitch dry hump someone.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      You are gross dude!! Are you Gay?? You sound gay, its cool if you are, was just wondering if you are a homo? You seem to have homoerotic fantasies and if you don’t mind please keep them to yourself..Yuck. Fitch is the Best!!

  3. Big Daddy says:

    @ gargoyle wrestling. You sound like a little kid with yours lips wrapped around fitch’s nuts. Fitch sucks! You don’t know shit!

  4. KIDD433 says:

    Gaygoyle enjoys watching only the fighters that dry hump,and he asked me if I’m gay?irony…
    Fitch is a can, always has been. Horrible wrestling record, and he holds the all time record for stalling, same shit he does in fights.

  5. GRT 3000 says:

    where’s the Fitch psycho? I thought he’d being going postal in here. lol give it time, give it time…

  6. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Wrestlers love to buttdrag eachother.

  7. car dee oh says:

    I want to see Get rid of Fitch (forever) school Gargoyle Wrestling, that guy was hilarious. Good for Fitch if he thinks he can do 15 more, but he is totally irrelevant now.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      It’s hard to get schooled by somebody who is completely do know he is in a mental institute right?

      • GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        Gargoyle lay n pray butt’fck boy I don’t know what Fight you were watching but Burkmann beat the hell out of ficth then choked his overrated layn pray ass out cold and then dropped him on his head like a sack of potatoes. hy do you think your boy Fitch cried after the fight and refused to shake hands like the poor sport bas’tard he is. Fitch probably lost 4 of his 5 fans he has in the entire world after that disgraceful showing of poor sportsmanship. I think its funny as hell that Fitch proved Dana right that Fitch is WASHED UP. Hendricks RUINED what was left of Fitch’s jaw.

        pretty bad GARGOYLE ie BLAH BLAH BLAH you are so desparate to try and make Fitch look good you dream up that Fitch was dominating Burkmann. Only thing Fitch did was bum rush him to try and lay on him and Burkmann kne he was going to do this and just let Fitch walk right into a big punch and knocked him senseless and then choked his as’s out. That’s what happen DIPSH’T

        sorry guys took me so long to respond to lay n pray Fitch’s desperate attempt to be in the MMA news but I was on vacation

        • KIDD433 says:

          @RID OF FITCH…There u are, a debate ain’t a debate with you here bro. Welcome back.
          @KIDD433 on Twitter

  8. Ddddddd says:

    I’m not a Fitch fan, but its hard to not feel a little bad for him after his recent fights. WSOF are gonna have to work around him at this point to allow future stars to shine without being smothered by Fitch. He’s just good enough to be dangerous to a new promotion that wants to be an exciting draw.

  9. doc says:

    He has to do 15 more fights. He only gets paid $15000 a fight. He has his two mortgages he has to pay off. He would make more money working in a factory somewhere.

    • GET RID OF Nate "THE CHEAT" marq says:

      Fitch will be ok he still has his part time job being the bouncer from 5-8 pm at the local chuck cheese’s. I mean 8.50 hr you could retire like never.

      Tired of hearing Fitch cry all the time how he deserved more money. HELLO fitch all the guys who make a lot of money in MMA are fun to watch and exciting (EXCEPT GSP) but Canucks are all so hard up for a super hero that they consist of 99.9% of the PPV buys when GSP fights. GSP is quicky catching up with Fitch as the most boring fighter ever but Sheilds may keep GSP from the #2 spot since we all know GSP will be retiring real soon. I’m still not holding my breath that GSP will actually show up to the Hendricks fight. I thnk Tristar is waiting to see if ROIDY beat Ellenberger and if he does they will have ROIDY training for Hendricks and about a week or days out GSP will bow out with a stubbed toe or pulled abductor(most common injury with steroid users) GSP ahs backed out before when he wasn’t injured and no one seem to think its a big deal s i’m sure he will try and pull that sh’t again. Look at ROIDY he is 23 and has pulled out of 3 fightsin last 2 years. Other WW have to step inon short notice and do all the fighting.

      Can anyone please tell me which current top 10 fighter ROIDY Mac has beaten to earn the 4 ranking. I mean Roidy moved up the rankings in last 2 years after backing out of 3 fights. ALL the other top WW have earned their rankigs in the cage except ROIDY

  10. SilverSurfer says:

    At that rate he fight 5 times a year for the next 3 years for $75k/year, just enough left over for the hair weave, ear operation, and electric shaver. His woulds were taken out of context again, he meant nuggets not fights.

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