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Sunday, 06/03/2012, 02:00 am

Jon Fitch Latest Fighter Out Due To Injury | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Jon Fitch is the latest fighter forced out of a bout due to injury.

Fitch has suffered a knee injury in training which takes him out of the July 11th UFC On Fuel TV 4 card where he was set to face Aaron Simpson.

Sources close to the match-up confirmed the news to MMAWeekly.

Fitch for the first time would have been returning to the octagon following his knockout loss to Johny Hendricks at UFC 140 last December.

The loss snapped Fitch’s six fight unbeaten streak and was only his second loss since joining the UFC in 2005.

The severity of his injury is still unknown but it appears bad enough for Fitch to pull out of the bout with Simpson which was rumoured to be taking place in San Jose.

The UFC will yet again have to search for a replacement after all the recent withdrawals due to injury over the past week.


97 Responses to “Jon Fitch Latest Fighter Out Due To Injury | UFC News”

  1. Nick says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this is good news?

  2. GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

    SMART MOVE by Fitch. Simpson was a horrible matchup as he is a much much better wrestler and has a big right hand where as Fitch has less than no power and unless he is able to “Fitch” you ie: LAY N PRAY” He has no other way to win. No doubt Fitch would have not gotten a win in his 3rd fight in row but he will still be hitting his twitter to Dana saying he deserves a title shot and only will fight GSP. Who has Fitch beaten in top 10 in last 3 years? look at REAL top 10 fighters and who all they have fought and beat. How can Fitch even begin to cry how he is #2? So many people are living in past like before 4 years ago when Fitch’s entire resume in UFC was based on beating Thiago Alves (who had NO GROUND game) and beating the Ben saunders, Gono, Chris wilson, Luigi Fioravanti. I mean where is it Fitch has fought The Condits, Kampmanns, Koscheck, rory Mcdonald, . First top 10 fighter Fitch has fought in years he gets KO’d. You guys can have the most boring fighter to EVER set foot in cage

    • keep fitch (forever) says:

      Fitch fought whoever the ufc gave him. What ur saying makes no sense. Its like saying who has nick diaz beat that was top 10 before he entered the ufc? Dont start bashing fighters cuz they smart fight. A round is only 5mins and fighters should do whatever it takes to win. Go watch K1 or boxing if all u wanna see is stand up. Lay and pray is the best way to win if u dont wanna watch that then go fuck urself because wrestling is a pretty big part of MMA.

      • Jay says:

        I agree GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) fav fighter is prob Kimbo Slice or Rampage haha

        If you can not wrestle you deserve to be on your back for three/five rounds

        • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

          Most of my favorite fightrs are wrestlers who use their wrestling to set up submissions and actually are well rounded and don’t just lay n pray for 15 minutes every fight. Fitch has no submissions no stand up and is most boring fighter in UFC history. i have seen MMA polls on websites before thata sked who is most boring fighter in MMA and EVERYONE knows Fitch is hands down the most boring fighter ever to set foot in the cage. Most wrestlers are baddass and aren’t just leghumpers like Fitch. He uses the lousy rules that were written by a wrestler (Jeff Blatnick) for MMA that allows stalling. Fitch would have lsot every fight if he ever would have had balls to fight in Pride. Fitch would have been yellow carded so often he would have owed them money by time fight was over. Pride rules and Fitch would have a 2-22 record

        • jones says:

          get rid of fitch is actually well educated on mma…i thoought he was a moron befor but the more of his posts i read the more an more i agre with him and see he knows his shit…the most boring fight you could ever set up in mma would be tyrone woodley (the sf version of fitch) vs jon fitch…

        • jbeamazing says:

          @get rid of fitch
          I don’t really like fitch but you are obsessed I think you just want to fuck him in the end

      • Xaninho says:

        Lay and Pray is not smart fighting. It isn’t fighting at all, it’s a way to stall and prevent the fight from actually happening. Referees should stand Lay and Pray up sooner. 30 seconds inactivity? Stand them the fuck up!

        I have absolutely no problem with a good groundgame, submission attempts, Ground n Pound it’s all fighting. Simply lay on the opponent and keeping him down to prevent him from beating your sorry ass up is not.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          What makes you think Fitch has done that his whole career? You are an arrogant little shit.

        • WrestlingIsGayEntertainment says:

          How many guys have you fought lately?

        • Cel415 says:

          becuz he as 15 UD’s in 28 fights in his career and 9 of them have come in his last 10 fights. he was cuttin dudes up in the beginning of his career but now he is just to cautious a fighter. i mean it’s 1 thing to game plan and another to fight not to lose. if Fitch fought with the enthusiasm he had in the beginning of his career i would root for him until then, can’t do it.

        • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

          maybe its Fitches chimp ears i’m obsessed with. I don’t hate Jon Fitch i just think he is overrated and exploits a major flaw/glitch in rules. If they are going to allow “fitching” stalling then they need to also allow soccer kicks. There is a very good reason stalling is illegal in college wrestling. Also Fitch would prob have less than 4 or 5 wins if MMA had same day weigh ins. Most of Fitch’s career he walked into cage at fight time over 200lbs. Even his coach told Joe Rogan Fitch usually weighs 202 at fight time. If Fitch ever had to fight guys closer to his natural weight he would get beat and that was already proven when he started MMA at LHW and got KO’d and then again at MW. It just amazes me that anyone could could even respect him for the BJ penn fight where he had 30lbs on BJ at fight time. That would be like Fitch fighting Rashad, Jon Jones. BJ more than held his and the UFC brass thought he won 2 rounds. Actually thats all that matters. UFC had made it known if Fitch lost the BJ fight they were going to release him. I think he has one more fight on his contract and no way he was going to take risk of fighting a much better wrestler in Aaron Simpson. Ask any of Arizona state alumni wrestlers who were coach by Simpson what they think of him, Bader, Cain, have said in past Simpson is best athlete they have ever known. No way in hell Fitch was going to be able to lay n pray simpson and thats why they opted out of this fight and no doubt Simpson would have landed his big right hand. Noone ever accused coaches at AKA of being stupid because this isn’t first time thery have gotten a fighter of theirs out of a horrible matchup. Fitch even had size advantage as he actually walked into cage 10 lbs heavier than Simspon even though Simpson fought has MW. I think UFC should make Fitch fight Simpson anyway down road. UFC has finally had enough with Fitch getting good matchups and putting him against superior wrestlers like Hendricks shows the gig is up for Fitch and its only matter time they get rid of his boring ass once and for all. We all celebrated too soon when Dana fired his ass in 2007 and then hired him back after he cried to Lorenzo and agreed to sign over any and all future rights

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Dude, nice rant. so you love his monkey ears you ought to see his mustache now. I think a new obsession is in order for you.

          Now for your rant, Hendricks showed him what a superior wrestler will do to him (paraphrased) WHAT?? he knocked his ass out in the first few seconds….WTF Dude.

          Now Simpson, so you think Simpson would beat BJ? get real Simpson is over the hill and would lose to Fitch. Fitch is the absolute second best wrestler at welterweight second only to GSP…I am still laughing about that Florian melon head wobbling on the floor.

        • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

          Just shows how little you know about Hendricks and Simpsons wrestling. Both are far superior wrestlers who Fitch would have to fight which he would lose. Bj out wrestled Fitch for 2 rounds so you think 2 VERY HIGH LEVEL D-1 champ and all americans wouldn’t out wrestle Fitch. Just becasue Fitch is able to “LAY N PRAY” no-wrestlers does not mean is HIGH LEVEL wrestler. what Fitch does os not “REAL wrestling” its stalling ie: lay n pray. anyone who knows MMA and or Hendricks and Simspon know Fitch would have been screwed when he couldn’t get either of them to ground. All Fitch’s hype is based on “fitching” Alves who has been smoked by everyone with any kind of ground game. Fitch is not a MMA fighter he is subpar below 500 college wrestler who uses his size and weight to lay and pray fighters with weak wrestling. Fitch will be out of UFC within a year and if he last longer it will only be because he is injured and not fighting just like last few years. Fitch prolonged his UFC career by backing out of the Simpson fight which i give him and his coaches credit for getting out of a horrible matchup

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Well I can sure give it to you, you can definitely talk about your opinion and write about it. But you are taking way too much liberty with your analysis. What the hell, did you see what Fitch did to BJ in that 3rd round? Dude BJ is a great wrestler but he just doesn’t do it enough. He unfortunately trained way to much bjj and should have trained alot more wrestling. He would not have lost half of the fights he did. Now maybe Hendricks would have out wrestled him and beat him easily, but you don’t know that from that fight. Simpson, shit that guy can;t beat anybody in the top 10. You take way too much liberty in your analysis because of your bias. Fitch has beat up everybody expect GSP.

        • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

          I like Kenny but he has a friggen HUGE melon. In fact when he stands next to Jon Anic Kennys head is at least twice size of Aniks. I always wondered why fans consider it a great accomplishment for a fighter like Kenny to drop 4 weight classes. I mean he didn’t have an ounce of fat on him when he was 185 on TUF. Too me i consider it a great accomplishment when a fighter Like Hendo who is a natural 185 fighter steps up and fights Big Nog, Fedor, Shogun. 2 or 3 weight classes above, same with BJ, fights Fitch who had 30 lbs on him, GSP 25lbs, Machida 40lbs. to me that takes balls of steel where as making yourself into a walking talking skeletol which didn’t help make Kennys head look any smaller is more of a copout than and accomplishment IMO anyway. Just liek Fitch he will never AGAIN step up and fight anyone his own natural weight or god forgive a LHW like rashad who may have 5-10lbs on him at fight time.

      • jones says:

        keep fitch forevr u need gt a life bro…u copy buddys name only changing keep ..ORIGINAL your a fukin idiot if u really like watching fitch fight..even dana white the owner of the ufc says fitch is a boringg fighter to watch…..u must also think fedor is top 10 for the shit he did in pride…(in priide he only beat 3 semi good names ) your so stupid u cant even think of your own name,,,

      • Cel415 says:

        the main problem people have with Fitch (yes i am one of them.) is his lack of finishes it is one thing to get an opponent down and go for finishes and it is completely different to lay and pray. Jon does not go for finishes. he is completely content to lay on top of sum1 and control them. Now, you can’t deny that he has talent, but the assertion that lay & pray is the best way to win? No, it is a safe way to win. see the deal is this is MMA where it is best to be well rounded that is why it was not that shocking (to me anyway.) that Hendricks KO’d him. his lack of high profile competition IS kinda on the UFC, but remember also, that fighters WILL and have rejected fights. this might be one of those instances where it takes 2.

    • Alex Brooks says:

      lol so amusing when you are reading something someone wrote up and they clearly have no idea what they are talking about. Especially when you can tell in their text that you know they feel “smart” and “right.” Almost embarrassed for them haha

      “. Simpson was a horrible matchup as he is a much much better wrestler…”

      haha unreal, i supposed next you will say obama is a much much better economist than mitt romney. .

    • Clay says:

      We discussed this in a different forum. But fighters need to constantly advance their position. Whether its on the ground, stand up, or clinch. Even in guard you can try to submit and throw strikes. I agree with respecting fighters and not going for kill shots everytime. But they need to be working.

      • Cel415 says:

        exactly, could not agree more. this is exactly why many fans (and trolls alike!) do not like Fitch.

        • Clay says:

          Yeah exactly. I don’t hate Fitch and I dot hate wrestling, it’s all part of the sport. But truly great fighters finish fights. And great fighters should be able to beat Fitch if their ‘that’ good ya know

        • Cel415 says:

          true dat.

  3. Joe Mac says:

    fitch is getting old. he’s going to battle injuries from here on out until he fades away into oblivion, never becoming a champion.

    • jones says:

      joe mac fitch has already been fighting injurys for so long..look how little he fights now he is always injured…i dont even know how he makes money…he must have a good workin wife

  4. Jukka says:

    First of all there is a real ignorance when talking about Fitch he is an elite WW and until the Hendricks loss was a P4P fighter like it or not.

    The guys who say he never faced Top 10 are stupid and have no education of the sport and prob just started watching recently.

    When Fitch dominated Paulo Thiago ( Thiago was coming off knocking out Koscheck and was 11-0)

    When Fitch beat Alves the second time ( He was just out of title bout with GSP not top 10 ?)

    When Fitch beat Sanchez ( Sanchez was 17-1 coming off wins over guys like Nick Diaz Kenny Florian)

    The rest of his opponents after he lost to GSP were only given to him by the UFC so he did not de-rail the likes of Dan Hardy Jake Shields Carlos Condit title runs.

    He blew his chance vs Penn & Hendricks but Fitch will be back !!!!!!!!!!

    • Jay says:


      I agree with your points guys need to educate themselves in the history of the sport and learn the current top 10 has not always been the same top 10.

    • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

      Why should all the other top WW have to fight Koscheck but not Fitch? is that fair to all other when one group of coaches ahs advantage when they have 2 top 10 fighter that they can prepare them for fighters they have already fought? Fitch out weighed BJ by 30 pounds and only reason he was able to lay n pray him 3rd round. Ask Daan white who he thinks won that fight? BJ took 2 rounds from Fitch and now ay in hell pitter patter and lay n pray is 2 point round. If Fitch/Bj 3rd round was 10-8 then Maynard/Edgar 1st round second fight was 10-4 round where maynard knocked edgar flat 5-6 times. Now way in hell Fitch deserved a 10-8 round. your boy Fitch will never compete for any title ever again or be relevant PERIOD. Simpson would have caught him with a right hand and Fitch would have been screwed when he was unable to LAY N PRAY Simpson. Blessing for Fitch to get out of this fight

      • Jay says:

        Dude this may be but Fitch beat BJ in rounds 2-3 like it or not it was a majority draw but one judge got it right scoring it 29-28 Fitch

        • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

          I was at a sports bar where the entire crowd almost started to riot because they all hated Jon Fitch. They were throwing bottles at big screen and everyone was screaming how they hate Jon Fitch so you can act like I’m only one that thinsk he is the most boring miserable excuse for a fighter that ever set foot in cage but you are wrong. Last time Fitch fought i have never seen a crowd jump up and down and celebrate as long as they did. everyone was buying people they don’t even know drinks. 200 strangers celebrated for what seemed like an eternity. Fitch will be an undercard fighter before too long and probably cut after his next loss. Problem Fitch has is Dana white can’t stand him or his boring ass lay n pray. Fitch is a promotors worst nightmare cause 98% fans would rather he never fought again. you sir are in 2% of fans that actually roots for a guy who uses ahorrible loophole in rules where they allow stalling. Why do you think Fitch sucked at wrestling in college? hellllo Stalling is illegal in college wrestling and that is all Fitch is good at

        • Jay says:

          you know there is an epidemic problem with MMA fans Jon Jones gets hate from a lot of guys because he has a reach, Fitch gets hate for dominating guys with top control in the laws of the sport.

          ‘oh he only wins because he is so long’

          ‘you are too tall for light-heavyweight’

          Same thing with Fitch

          ‘All he does is lay on opponent’

          Well the problem is the rules and he is a smart guy with incredible top control


          a sports bar where the entire crowd almost started to riot because they all hated Jon Fitch. They were throwing bottles at big screen and everyone was screaming how they hate Jon Fitch.


        • Shane Demolitor says:

          Your obsession with hating on Jon Fitch is a little out of control. I don’t really like his fighting style much either but c’mon dude.

        • jones says:

          jay is such an idiot,,,there is now an epidemic ahhhh hey stupid people have always aways always hated fitch…and the oride thing is true..if ufc used pride rules right now nick diaz would be the ww champ cduz he is actually the onlny skilled martial artist…jay is always talking about overnight fansz when he is just a rookie ass bitch

        • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

          Okay dude lets not exaggerate and get carried away lol. you may think lay and pray is ot fightig but its actually fighting if a person cannot get off his back then its too bad. Its their own fault. A person is gonna use another persons weakness to win the fight. Pay check is own the line lol. Dumbass

        • Chris says:

          No, he did not.

      • Jukka says:

        Are you dumb now you complain that top fighters share camps this is the nature of the sport …. You are saying that you should not be able to helP your team to prepare for a guy they have fought it happens in all teams ….Iron sharpens Iron

        Also did you see Bj face after fight …… Hardly pitter patter shots

      • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

        This is the most dumbest thing I read. Are u a retard your arguing for 10-4. GO watch that fight Fitch took 2 rounds. Reality is the last roud for sure it was a 10-8 round. BJ did Zero in the last fucking round!! It was all Fitch, Fitch took him down and started smashing him. Look at BJ’s face in the last round.

        • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

          My point was Fitch and Kos go abck and forth fighting each otehrs opponents but they don’t have to fight each other which to me gives them an advantage over other fighters in same divsion. much easier to prepare for same opponents all the time. EVERYONE thinks Fitch and Koscheck should have had to fight each other before ever getting a title shot

    • Nick says:

      We hate him because he doesn’t use his (according to his fans) “incredible wrestling” to get better positions and attempt to finish fights but is content on just staying at the guard and throwing baby punches every 10 seconds. If he were to even ATTEMPT to finish fights more, he’d have less haters.

      • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

        Fitch needs to put that jits balck belt back in ceral box it came out of because he hasn’t the confidence to even try a submison. he too worried he would get reversed and not be able to lay on top for 15 minutes as USUAL. EVERYONE KNOWS Fitch mean BORING or Fitching” means lay n pray. you could have become an MMA fan yesterdaya nd first thing you learned is what “FITCHING” means scurve of MMA and at on epoint it was ruining MMA until Dana white made ity clear fighters wouldn’t be around very long in UFC if they are boring. Fitch is one loss from being released

    • jones says:

      jukkka your a ukin idiot…u just named al thesame people that fitch hater did as the only to 10 guys he fought….and u moron do u know how many years ago sanchez beat diaz>??? that was before nate was even on tuf,,,that was over 5 years ago moron…..fitch will not be back ..tthe sport is changing there are to many intertaining fighters that people wanna seee fight an also it about ratings now,,,and fitch is a ratings killer..fritch has 2 more fights max ,..he fights less then 1 time a year,,,he has been getting injured alot the last 2 years….how the fuk doess he want a title shot.even if he won he would be terrible chhamp with all his injurys coould only dfend less then 1 ytime a year….i think u just started watching ufc and just googled fitch and his fights cuz u talkin bout diaz from years ago and u just repea the same names as fich hater

    • Cel415 says:

      Paulo Thiago is 4-4 in the UFC and that fight with Kos was his first 4 the promotion (although one could make the argument that becuz he beat a top ten guy that he automatically became a top ten guy, especially considering all the guys we have seen come into the org and get fast tracked to title shots or top contender status.). so, bad example there bruh. other than that your argument is on-point. i agree he is an elite WW, cant agree on the P4P status. like i and alot of other fans have said on this thread the only problem most folks have with Fitch is his lack of killer instinct, if he can control dudes so easily from top control why does he not try to finish? that is my only problem with him.

  5. keep fitch (forever) says:

    Oh im bummed fitch is an exciting fighter especially when he lays there for 5 mins and humps his opponents.

  6. Kingron84 says:

    I hate Fitch’s style but I wish he would fight more like his 3rd round against BJ than all the other times he takes some one down. He fought like hell in that round because he thought he was down 2-0 and needed something big. That was excellent ground and pound. IF he did that in more of his fights when he took people down less people would be complaining.

    Just look at that round compared to the Alves fight where he has Alves back and does absolutely nothing with it while Thiago pulls out cell phone and calls his wife .

  7. Xaninho says:

    I think that fight maybe the last one he has on his contract, he’s even stalling the end of his boring UFC career.

  8. Hunter says:

    Who cares about this fight anyways? The only reason I’d care is to see Fitch lose

  9. jay says:

    i dont care what anyways says,i have to like fitch cuz all i can thik about when he fights is him lying on me for 15 min, i wish i could get fitch in bed

  10. Steve says:

    Fitch is a china doll. He keeps getting injured and I’m not sure we’ll see him fight again at this rate.

  11. Truth says:

    If some1 takes you down and you can’t get back up then your a bitch. End of story gtfo qqrs

  12. Truth says:

    If you get taken down and you can’t get back up your a bitch. End of story gtfo QQrs.

  13. Xaninho says:

    If you’re in MMA and all you can do is dryhump your opponent, abuse the faulty rules by avoiding actually fighting you’re a bitch end of story.

  14. Brend0magic says:

    Thankfully he’s out, no one likes watching Fitch. Truly the most boring fighter to ever step into the cage.

  15. WrestlingRules says:

    I like Fitch. He is a ground control expert and not much else, but most don’t understand the power and control of wrestling in mma. Only way to know is to have done it. It is definitely the base and everything else is built off of it. I believe mma should have a guy like Fitch who so dominant on the ground. The others could learn from him. Other than perhaps GSP, there is nobody in welterweight who can compete with him on the ground. He deserves to be in the UFC and not many people can beat him. And Hendricks got a lucky shot…it happens. But I do wish he would have developed his boxing. He would have been a champ. But now I think he is perfect in being a top 5 gatekeeper and to just pound on people on the ground and send them back to the bottom of the barrel. Unless you can beat Fitch, you don’t belong in the top 5 and maybe top 10.

    • WrestlingIsGayEntertainment says:

      Every fight starts standing up…striking is the base of every fight.

    • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

      No way in ,million years Fitch would havebeen able to lay n pray Hendricks. hendricks is an elite grappler and Fitch was doomed from time bell rang and thats why he PUSSYED out against Simpson. Simspon is at entirely differnt level than Fitch at not only wrestling but grappling in general and Fitch would have eaten a big right hand from Simpson with same outcome as his last fight. AKA realized this and did what they had to to get Fitch out of this horrible matchup. Fitch will be released after his next loss

      • WrestlingRules says:

        Unfortunately, Hendricks got lucky and knocked him senseless so we were not able to see if your analysis would have played out. But, I do think Fitch would have bullied him and taken him down and pounded on him. You are right though that Hendricks is no slouch on the ground, but please, this guy is gonna get beat up by the top 5ers. Fitch would not have backed down from Simpson if he wasn’t hurt. He has only lost to GSP and a lucky shot form Hendricks. What makes you think Simpson could handle him? Hell if he was going to back down form anybody, it would have been BJ. Simpson? LMAO

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Youn don’t have a clue how good simpson is at wrestling and grappling. Simspon is an elite grappler where Fitch is avergae at best. Simpson has been figting at MW against guys who had 25-30lbs on him. He would have ragdolled Fitch, and KO’d him

  16. Cjjkkyfsscbh says:

    How’d he get hurt laying on a grappling dummy in training? Wasn’t like he was doing stuff in training

  17. Shewontdoanal says:

    I don’t care about fitch. He bores me.

  18. Ryan says:

    The amount of trolling in this topic is hillarious… I find Fitch to be boring. He does just enough to win (usually) but he is not a great or “elite” fighter in my eyes. Simply because i doesn’t finish. 13 wins by judges decision. That’s not a great fighter in my opinion. If he’s such an “elite” wrestler and his BJJ is soooo far above everyone else, he should be able to finish a fight. Period.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      You have a right to your opinion and its obvious you like the beat’em up fights. But if you were ever a wrestler, you would understand what it takes to hold someone down and dominate him from able to get up. I do agree he should have learned more boxing but he has dominated EVERYBODY on the ground but GSP.

      • Kingron says:

        Hughes was an elite wrestler, whats his finishing percentage in the UFC?

        • WrestlingRules says:

          What’s your point?

        • Cel415 says:

          that just becuz hughes is a wrestler does not mean he will just, lay and pray. he actually goes for finishes. wrestling IS hard but the second you establish leverage, wieght and body control in top position you can and should go for finishes as they are all fighting for money and we all know that when they win they do get bonuses. I do appreciate the skill in which it takes to keep a physically fit world class fighter totally dominated and on his back with no options. and yes only GSP out wrestled him but putting GSP in your argument is counter to what you are saying, in that even tho GSP also will lay & pray he will actually try to advance his position and finish. if Fitch fought like he did in the beginning of his career im sure more people would like him.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          You have articulated your opinion well. But it is bullshit IMO. As good as Hughes was, he would not have lost as many fights as he did if he would have dominated the fighters on the ground and just gnp them. He was a great wrestler but tried to do more than he trained because White told him to. He lost fights he shouldn’t have if he would of dominated them on the ground. Until you have wrestled, you don;t know what it takes to win in that ground battle. Fitch has dominated EVERYBODY but GSP. I do agree he should have worked on boxing and then would been a champ. All you need to is a wrestling base and a great boxing to be champ. All this other bullshit muay thai. bjj, anthony pettis side show crap is for the mob and the uninformed crowds.

        • WrestlingIsGayEntertainment says:

          Hahaha get off your high wrestling horse dude! You don’t know anything about real fighting! wrestling is not fighting. In ancient Greece it was custom to have a couple of naked wrestlers as entertainment on orgies.

          Bullshit Muay Thai and BJJ? Bwahahaha!

          I bet you think you need to drown your fish before you eat it…

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Dude I am beginning to think you are following me…do i need a restraining order??? Naw I’ll just rip you apart in this forum. Why are most of the champs boxers and wrestlers dumbass….You are an idiot. Even BJ at his best counter-punched his opponent until he wore them out and then he choked then silly. So STFU.

        • Cel415 says:

          if wasn’t for my girls shitty ass dsl connection i would have immediately replied yesterday. it is obvious that u have a biased ass opinion on any discipline that is not wrestling. tell me have you ever tried a Gi/No-Gi bjj class? of course not, that is for the mobs, have you ever tried out Muay Thai? of course not that is for the uninformed. have i ever wrestled? yes i have. i train out of Fight & Fitness in San Francisco (owned by UFC Flywieght Chris Cariaso.) i have trained with various juco, div 1 and Olympic level wrestling prospects in all categories of wre Collegiate, freestyle and Greco-Roman, for the past 3 years. that is why i can comment how hard wrestling is and on the fact that Fitch CAN finish fights he just does not want to go for the finish bcuz there is a chance that he in turn can be reversed. as far as Hughes goes out of his 9 losses 6 of them came from BJ, Dennis Hallman, and GSP. and the reason he lost those fights was becuz he looked past them ALL the first time they met and he did not evolve much in their second fights. not becuz he tried sumthin new and even that makes no sense it would apply if he lost to other wrestlers while he was trying sumthin new but he lost to: A BJJ guy, a Boxer/BJJ guy, and a Karate Practitioner trying to outwrestle them. how do i kno? hallman tapped him twice (yes a guy that uses as you put it useless BJJ.) BJ kayed him in 21 seconds so i don’t think you can say that he tried to sumthing new. and BJ knocked him down AND subbed him with (once again useless BJJ.) a rear naked choke in their first meeting. and finally GSP knocked him out and subbed him while outwrestling him. look bruh if you are gonna debate don’t look to your past JV wrestling experiences when you were actually somebody on the high school campus to validate your argument as to how the fight game is by far crappy what with all this joint lock, limb manipulations, and high flying kicks. hell if it was up to u we’d call it the Ultimate wrestling and boxing championships. do yourself a favor and stick to critiquing on the raw is war website. fuck outta here lil’ nigga.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Now why did you have to go all racist on me. Just because I am black?? You have showed your character and bruh, it needs work.
          I see I touched a nerve with you. BJ himself said that bjj is for defensive reasons only and NOT offensive and aggressive control. In the early UFC and mma scene the Gracies and others were able to exploit the unfamiliarity and lack of knowledge on the defenses of bjj and people lost. That is what happened to Hughes by Hallman. Now time warp your little ass to today. Who uses bjj offensively that is any good? That’s right NOBODY. Now I may have been a bit disrespectful to muay thai and it has its value but a great boxer and wrestler will beat a muay thai expert 99 out of 100 times.
          Listen, bjj muay thai and pettis sideshow have their value BUT if you watch any fight, boxing and wrestling is done by all fighters that are any good for 90% of the fight. You know I am right.

          Now if you would get your head out of your ass and quit with the fantasy world you would agree with me.

          Hey no hard feelings on the racist thing, I know you were just mad. Invite me to your gym and we’ll hug it out after I school you in wrestling and boxing. Peace!!

        • WrestlingIsGayEntertainment says:

          @ WrestlingRules,

          The P4P champ Anderson Silva is Muay Thai/BJJ for example, Jose Aldo is Muay Thai/BJJ, Benson Henderson is Tae Kwon Do black belt/wrestler, GSP is a Karate/BJJ black belt, JDS is Boxing/BJJ.

          GTFO with your most of the champs is a boxer wrestler!


        • WrestlingRules says:

          Hey bitch, Silva counter-punches = boxing. Aldo boxes mostly and does do some muay thai, Bendo fucking boxes and wrestles dumbass. These guys will usually throw in some bjj at the right time. BUT MOST of the time they are boxing and wrestling!!! Please GSP, that guy does wrestling and n ow trying to box some. Open your eyes dipshit….

        • WrestlingIsGayEntertainment says:

          Hahahaha! OK good stuff!

          Now you’ve reached the point where you’re making a fool out of yourself.

          Silva counter punching boxer? Tell that to Vitor Belfort! He might disagree with you on that!

          Also does some muay thai? You’re talking about the man with the most feared muay thai legkicks in MMA!

          Anyone who knows a bit of MMA and the UFC champions sees what a biased clueless dumbass you really are now.

          Thank you and good night!

        • WrestlingIsGayEntertainment says:

          Also = Aldo*

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Dumbass…do you actually know how much wrestling Aldo does…shit he brought in Maynard to train for Mendes. That guy trains wrestling ALL the fing time. What a dipshit you are. Aldo has never fought a top wrestler who has great boxing, when he does he will lose and lose big. I know I know he fought Mendes, crap Mendes is so raw and has no boxing so don;t go there bitch. STFU until you know what they hell is going on in a fight.

        • WrestlingIsGayEntertainment says:

          keep going dummy! Hahaha more dumbass comments to make fun of!

          Aldo focused on his takedown defense for the Mendes fight, because he knew Mendes only humps and has no stand-up skills, that’s why he trained with Maynard just for that fight.

          And he fought college wrestler Urijah Faber as well, guess you didn’t watch that fight? He used just a little bit of Muay Thai on Fabers legs…Mike Brown is another defeated wrestler with good boxing on Aldo’s slate.

          But you can keep on going making an absolute ass out of yourself….

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Aldo has stomped everyone and he will contnue to stomp all lay n pray wrestlers

        • WrestlingRules says:

          You MORON….what do you think takedown defense IS??? …..That’s right kid WRESTLING!!!! Please top wrestlers in Faber and Brown…these guys aren’t top wrestler’s. They are ok boxers. so STFU until you get a brain dimwit.

          If Hominick would have been a good wrestler he would have beat Aldo. Now that’s a boxer.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Thats funny how you say Mendes isn’t a good wrestler because Faber said Mendes is the best wrestler he has ever seen or trained with. Aldo will stomp out any wrestler out there. Most wrestlers I ahve seen are well rounded and fun to watch not LAY N PRAY artists like your boy Jon LAY N PRAY Fitch who is regarded as the most boring fighter ever hands down.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Aldo is going to get his ass smashed by a good boxer and a good wrestler named…….Frankie!!! Edgar isn’t even great at either but he will stomp Aldo..

        • Cel415 says:

          Wow, you made me wonder if you were debating with me or yourself by bashing styles and then qouting the legends that brought them fame. so the argument was “idk how hard it is to wrestle”, wrong. i do train in wrestling with people way above my level so i DO know how it feels to be controlled and (sumtimes.) have control. “Fitch is better than hughes cuz he has a better record and he is a better wrestler and he is working to hard to finish becuz wrestling is so hard”, wrong. i’ll admit it is difficult not immposible, look to Cain Velazquez or EVEN the most hated or celebrated man alive (Depending on where one stands.) Chael Sonnen. once an opponent reaches the ground. these 2 try to FINISH. “every 1 was still new to BJJ in the early day of the sport thats why they lost cuzz they had never seen it, right… sort of. hallman handed hughes his first loss. but they fought again 2 years later and he got tapped again trying to rely on wrestling as he did in his sub losses to GSP and BJ. all in all i say huges reached in 2 of his losses trying to swing with Kos, Thiago. even when he lost to Pele` it did not come until the closing moments of the round on a Debateable stoppage by McCarthy. So when you think Fitch is better you are that few that do, Fitch needs to take more chances, if he had finished a few of those fights he might have secured a title shot and then, who Knows? but the facts speak for themselves Fitch 23-4-1-1 and no titles. Hughes 45-9 the hall of famer held the strap twice bcuzz he took chances. so even tho your original observation was correct your reasoning is not. so wrong. boxing & wrestling IS being used by all fighters, right. but what you are saying suggests that is all anyone is really succesful with. if thats the case then think that it’s you who has created a fantasy world where black is white and nothing is they way it seems!!!. of the seven champions on the roster right now 4 and arguably 5 have some form of striking as a base as opposed to only 2 for pure wrestlers. a cheap stat i kno but bcuzz most of them do train hard to either wrestle or have great takedown defense but this still refutes your claim that all u need is boxing and wrestling becuase all the champs have KO’s in different forms not just lay & pray UD’s. in your theory that a pro boxer, or a pro wrestler can beat a pro thai boxer 99 times outta 100 is just that. a theory. and a faulty 1 at that. not even gonna dignify that with a in closing im gonna have to say agree to disagree i guess cuz it is obvious u will not change my pov no more than i will change yours. and, hey, yu dont need an invite dude. that’s why i let it be known where i train! free enterprise bitches!!. But if your’e Black race did not have anything to do with that statement. i do sumtimes forget that i do not everyone bcuzz that is how most of us that grew up in the Nieghborhood speak to each other, i am Puerto Rican and i grew up in the PJ’s (that’s Projects if you don’t know.) where nigga is just another word that’s used like The Mafia uses the phrase “Fugetaboutit” now if i had said nigg** i mos def would have been outta pocket. but if you are offended, fine i’ll just say “Fuck outta here lil guy.” my bad went on a rant there. excuse the lateness of my reply

        • WrestlingIsGayEntertainment says:


          You are a few clowns short of a circus.

          You’ve finally made it to the top of the moronlist on I’m suspecting you are mentally challenged so I will take it easy on you from now on.

          Naaaah I’m kidding! I’ll bash you with some more facts.

          Where are these great boxers/wrestlers that do good 90% of fights you keep talking about? I mentioned you the list of the champs and their fighting styles. No ‘great boxers/wrestlers’ on there.

          Name a few of these ‘great boxers/wrestlers’ you’re talking about. I’m sure they are kicking all muay thai/BJJ guys asses?

  19. Jason says:

    Fitches knee injury was all a front.what really happened is he was overcome by very painfull bedsores from laying on his training partner

  20. safs says:

    yeah well if your a good enough wrestler you should be finishing the fight not laying on top of your opponent the whole match, cain is the perfect example of that he’s constantly going for the finish when he get’s the fight to the ground. They need to bring back the yellow card it’s as simple as that no more of that stalling shit from any fighter.

    • Cel415 says:

      my thoughts exactly! with the prospect of loosing some of the money in your fight purse in the back of your mind it would mos def motivate you to finish or pick up the pace in a fight. if you have not seen it go back and watch Rampage vs Kev Randlemann. it was a snoozefest till they both were given yellow cards. about 2 minutes after that Randlemann was KO’d. i would love to see pride rules reinstated but that will NEVER happen :( but putting in the yellow & red card system would be beneficial in keeping fights full of action.

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