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Monday, 10/29/2012, 10:06 am

Jon Fitch Claims Cain Fought JDS Severely Injured | UFC NEWS

“I think that in the first fight, he did’t show everything he could do. He had a severe knee injury, and was limited by what he could do, but it was such an important fight so he couldn’t miss it. It was important for the company, for the fans and for the world. He continued, even knowing that he should not. He went against the advice of everyone on the team, and doctors, but pulling from the card was not an option at the time. It will be very different with him being able to show all his tools. He was hurt and thinking about his knee. He wanted to kick the legs of Junior, but he was thinking, ‘I can’t kick.’ When your head is not in the fight, you get hurt.”

In an interview with, UFC welterweight fighter, Jon Fitch discusses his teammate Cain Velasquez and his first fight with Junior dos Sanos at UFC on FOX 1.


42 Responses to “Jon Fitch Claims Cain Fought JDS Severely Injured | UFC NEWS”

  1. Toolman says:

    No excuses, a fights a fight.

    • reality says:

      I COMPLETELY agree with you…………..and when Cain wins, then i hope you dont change your mind about a fight being a fight

    • >> says:

      Says the guy whos never fought a match in his life.IM coming to break your god damned leg and then we’ll fight after I do this.Hy a fights a fight right I dotn want to hear you bitching about how your knee hurts.Fuckin fairweather fans ai hate everyone of you bitches that dont know what its like.Why do ou thin no one respects mma online fans because of people like you.

      • Dan says:

        Exactly. I’m tired of all these fake punks.

      • Sugar Ponybear says:

        Hey, when I’m injured I train injured and fight injured, who cares. Pain is only a second, glory is forever. If you need to throw a leg kick, you throw a leg kick. You grit your teeth and keep going. I’ve never been in a fight of that caliber (obviously), but if I was, I wouldn’t let anything stop me, even if it were an injury. If you really are injured, people are going to be able to tell, specially if it’s one that severe. There should be no reason to talk about it. Jon Fitch should of kept his mouth shut, it’s not even his place to talk about someone else’s ‘alleged’ injury.

    • RandysWife says:

      I agree. But I don’t like Cain whining after the fact

  2. Xaninho says:

    Fook that. JDS was the one with a knee injury. Cain was kicking just fine.

    So where all the rednecks claiming brazilians always have excuses at?

  3. TheTude says:

    I dont know about a knee injury, i remember cain was sidelined for a long time before the fight because of a rotator cup injury and surgury. It is very hard to train when recovering form that kind of injury, it effects the entire upper body, not just one side. I could see Cain wasnt in the best shape last time. This time will be different. WAR Cain!!

  4. RhendO says:

    Cain was hurt Joe Rogan said that fallowing the fight on his podcast. He was being treated before the fight

  5. Jake says:

    This is his training partner making am excuse not Cain! At the end of the fight Cain said he won fair and square. The better man won tonight! But ill be back

  6. J Diddy says:

    Of course he didn’t show Dos Santos everything he’s got, he was asleep at 64 seconds of a 1500 second fight…

  7. Husky says:

    If you guys seen the interview with Ariel Helwani and Joe Rogan, Joe himself states that cain’s knee was shot with quarterzone right before the fight. He even said Cain’s camp will deny it but it is very true.

  8. domp says:

    I love Cain, but come on JDS won. You weren’t injured. He caught you. If JDS wins again you will look like an utter fool using the hurt knee excuse. Keep your mouth shut and use the excuse if you beat him. He’s tough hes got a hell of a chin he took hits from carwin and nelson…Understand who JDS is because when they fight again you will see the champ defend his belt. Im sorry cain JDS fears nothing.

  9. yourallsoblind says:


  10. Dee says:

    I don’t understand what Fitch is talking about. Cain didn’t show anything. JDS didn’t even give him a chance to do anything. What was you suffering from narcolepsy?

  11. Dana is Greedy says:

    I like Cain and his fighting style relentless to say the least he tries to finish his fights..Other AKA fighters lay n pray Im glad he doesn’t..Even if he was injured thats how things go and you step in to fight its your fault if you get knocked out or reinjured..You still get paid for showing up I hope he has a better showing this time out and we all get the fight we first expected…Then bring on Overoid for whoever wins!!

  12. Yuri says:

    Funny thing is that nobody fights without injuries these days.

  13. justafan says:

    JDS fought cain with a torn meniscus, sooo.

  14. Jimbo says:

    Some people don’t know sh** about the fight game. I may not be at the level of Cain or JDS, but I’ve trained martial arts for many years and I know injuries(esp knee and back ) can hinder ones performance. Why are people writing that Cain should shut up , the man never complained, it was his teammate who thought that he could of done better without the injury , not Cain. Both fighters are studs, but I think this time JDS must use more than his one trick boxing skill. I expect a much better fight …

  15. Leon MMA says:

    Cain was injured severely… understood.. Why did he fight then? Oh because it was too late for him to back out of the card. I see.. That is his fault.

  16. hammerfist831 says:

    the fight was too important and too
    much riding on the line for him to pull out of the fight! it was the first ufc on fox show and everybody was pumped for that fight! cain himself hasnt made excuses for his injurys but his teamates backing him up cause alot of u so called mma fans/bandwaggon jumpers hating on of the best fighters cuase of that one loss.

  17. mmahawk says:

    Man some serious hate going on here.

    1. Fitch shouls keep outta Cain’s Biz. Cain’s not talking about his injury, so why does Fitch need to. Last time I looked, Cain is a man, and can speak for himself.

    2. Cortizone….I was trying to figure out what the hell quarterzone was. No hate there, you just confused the hell out of me.

    3. I think JDS is going to finish Cain again. Hard to say what either guy had in that first fight when JDS sends Cain to Sleepy-time in 64 seconds. Both guys are well rounded, but I think that JDS, if he gets rolling early is going to make it a tough night for Cain. Not sleeping on Cain’s wrestling, but who has been able to take JDS down and keep hiom there ofr any length of time? So far, no one.

    4. If Cain was hurt, and I am not saying he was or wasn’t, then good on him for taking the fight and not whining about it. Says alot about the toughness of the guy and his character that he did use that as an excuse of getting KO’ed. I dunno, if I had that kind of ability (and I don’t) if I would have fought, but hey, props for his toughness.

  18. Chris says:

    JDS was also injury so no excuse

  19. Josiah says:

    if cain wasn’t injured? well, it would probably make the fight longer for a couple of minutes but the result would be the same.
    -though an uppercut while cain is going for a double leg would have probably finished it…

  20. Datbmayguy says:

    I think half of you posting are at the very least half retarded. Do any of you even have the slightest idea of what a torn(partial or not) mcl means? I’m not saying that it wouldve changed the outcome of the fight, but cain was lucky to be moving at all in the octogon. If he did have it, no wonder he got ktfo, cuz you have no mobility i.e. being able to move out of the f*cking way of a punch. On top of tht youre acting like fitch went running to a reporter to blab his mouth about this. There was prolly one at the gym to do some presser shit for the fight and they picked jon to interview.

  21. OakcliffTopdog says:

    This will be a totally different fight. Injuries regardless will decrease your performance or in this case your mobility. At the end of the day Cain got caught which can happen to anyone in a fight. I see Cain avoiding the JDS bomb and grinding him out to a 4th rd. TKO via GNP. War Cain!!!

  22. Mike b says:

    Give it up already,fu*k.cain just got caught,plain and if JDS beat down Cain for 5 rounds I can understand.cain got caught in the first minute of the fight.look I like Cain and he’s a he’ll of a fighter but that fight happened a year ago,move on.the best of the best have been ko’d before chuck,randy,Hughes,gsp,it happens to the best of them.its a part of the sport.geezuz!!!!!!!!!!!actually JDS was injured also so just stop making excuses cause u guys are going to fight again in December.we will see who comes out on top.

  23. maurice says:

    i get wat fitch is saying about if ur heads not in it then its easier to get hurt. but for the most part 62 seconds isnt enough time to show much. if anything cain did a lot in that 62 seconds. lots of kicks, a few punches and failed takedown attempt. it was obvious from the get go cain wanted to pressure jds with his kickboxing, and whenever the slightest oppurtunity for a takedown showed itself then cain has to take it. problem is, when ur standing toe to toe with jds in the cage, its jds who’s in full control. at that time ur in jds world. cain imo believes too much in his striking and paid the ultimate price.

    can cain take jds down? probably, but the odds of him even setting up a strong single leg to threaten jds will be extremely hard. cain doesnt have the size to lean jds against the cage to work for takedowns. he doesnt have the speed in his shot to grab jds legs in the open, without being shrugged off or lit up with punches.

    jds literally has all the physical and mental advantages in this fight. ur going to get hit when u fight jds. ur going to get hit extremely hard and you wont see it coming. so far the best strikers cain has fought were kongo and jds. kongo nearly knocked cain out 3 times in that fight, and we all know the striking gap between jds and kongo.

    i dont know if the fight will last longer or end faster this time, but i see cain getting finished just as brutal as the first time. call me crazy, but i wouldnt be the least bit suprised if jds stuffed all cains takedowns, and decides to take cain down, just to prove a point.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      For someone who supposely trains there a’ss off every day Cain sure looks soft to me. I think he needs to spend more time addressing his diet and fitness aspect of his training regimin. Yes i know he has unreal cardio but he must have 40 inch waist. I do believe Cain is one of the (FEW) CLEAN fighters in MMA as well as one of the very few CLEAN fighters at AKA. Kingsbury has given AKA a very bad name with his extreme JUICING and by being associated with Victor Conte

  24. Brett says:

    Anytime anybody starts to make sense on here, they blow it up in their own face by spewing something ridiculous right after!! This site cracks me up man! HAHAHA! Nothing but a bunch of dinks!! Thanks for the comedy relief! Idiots!!

  25. Scivor says:

    Can’t wait2 find out!

  26. Jujitsu Player says:

    SO what, fighters fight injured all the time. Cain got ktfo, deal with it. Hopefully he puts on a better fight this time around. I think he will, he was devastating v’s bigfoot. I still go for JDS.

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