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Friday, 04/27/2012, 09:32 am

Jon "Bones" Jones Younger Brother Drafted 1st Rd in the NFL! | UFC NEWS

By Chase Raymond:

Jon Jones is holding a bit of a victory party tonight in his semi-finished “Bones” cave. It has just been days since his big victory against rival Rashad Evans, but Jon Jones has another reason to celebrate. The New England Patriots drafted his little brother Chandler Jones in the first round 21st Overall.

Dana White posted on twitter “Chandler Jones, Jon Jones brother, went 1st round to the @Patriots. I’m so pumped!! Congrats Jones family!!!”

It was the first player from Syracuse to be drafted in the first round in over a decade. With this being the second brother of Jon Jones to go into the NFL, and with Jon Jones being the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, is there any better family of professional athletes?

Chandler Jones is 6’5 265lb Defensive End, and was a 2011 All-Big East First-Team selection. He bypassed his final season of eligibility to enter this years NFL draft. He finishes his college career with 147 tackles, 7th among Orange down linemen.

Jon “Bones” Jones held a draft party at his house and it was filled with family and news reporters. If you watched the Draft on ESPN then you would’ve seen Jon and his brother numerous times. Jon Jones also posted a personal video on twitter when the party started.


32 Responses to “Jon "Bones" Jones Younger Brother Drafted 1st Rd in the NFL! | UFC NEWS”

  1. Kayce says:

    This has nothing to do with the UFC or MMA……

  2. Popp24 says:

    Well Jones is a UFC fighter so yes it does. Stop Hating on Jones.

  3. Scott says:

    Just some interesting news guys. Why so hostile?

  4. Phil says:

    any better family of professional athletes? how about the mannings?

      • Dan says:

        That’s a good one too. Also the Molina brothers in baseball: Bengie and Yadier. And the Snows. Jack Snow was a good NFL player, his son J.T. Snow was probably the best first basemen in MLB history

        • Nilton Ray says:

          I would have to say the Molina’s or Staal’s The Molina’s are 3 brothers with 5 World Series Titles between them, and The Staal’s are 3 brothers in the NHL 1 in the AHL on his way up to the NHL but they only have 2 Stanley cups between them.

      • SIKWITIT says:

        How bout the mathews!! Clay III in green bay,cousins casey in philly,kevin in tenn and jake at tex a&m.Kevins father is bruce,a 19 year vet,as was clay II. Even his grandfather played in the NFL.

    • Wes says:

      Mannings …,that’s a joke all they can do is throw a ball. Do u know how many ppl out there that could pass a ball as good if not better! But don’t get a shot. Bc if u know anything, its who u know not what u know! A real athlete can play all sports & r good at all of them!

  5. Xaninho says:

    So this is a NFL community now?

  6. m says:

    I’ve definitely grown to be less and less of a fan of jon jones, but you can’t deny that his family breeds winners. there’s nobody more proud right now than mom + pop jones.

  7. Dave Swaney says:

    The 3 Molina brothers all won the World Series, Jadier twice. That’s not just playing, but really succeeding.

  8. Chris says:

    Atleast this article isn’t opinion like half of the news posted on this website

  9. Train the trainer says:

    So when this website posts pictures of BJ Penn painting pictures and attending non related MMA or UFC events why are we so interested in things that have nothing to do with the sport? BECAUSE we enjoy the successes of these great athletes in and out of the business. EXAMPLE: Vote Lytle

    • Xaninho says:

      No because this is, we come here because we actually like BJ PENN.

      I don’t give a shit about the NFL and even less about Jones’ brother.

      • dsame says:

        and who care what you like … if you dont like the story dont read it easy like that

      • jbeamazing says:

        even tho its nfl talk it’s mma related if bj pens brother was in the nhl it would be all over too it’s not like the nfl player they are talking about doesn’t have fam in mma you dumb turd
        just playing your not a turd

  10. Brian says:

    “Is there any better family of professional athletes?”

    It’s great the Jones boys are all reaching success, but there’s a lot of families who have long roots in professional sports.

    One current family which demonstrate this are the Staals… 3 of the brothers play in the NHL, the 4th brother plays in the AHL, and is expected to make the move to the NHL soon. That would make 4 brothers all playing on the professional level! They’re all good players too.

    It’s great when you hear stories like this. Brothers grow up playing sports together.. it must be great to achieve the same level as your brothers as a professional athlete.

    … wish I had a brother =(

    Congrats to Chandler. Pats are a great organization, and he won’t have to move far away from his family, either.

  11. Sebas says:

    I would love to meet up with Kayce to beat the s#€t out of him. If your a girl my girlfriend would take care of you for me.

  12. lolziez says:

    why do people bug out when theres articles un-related to the website? if you are sitting there surfing some website bout mma and see this post bout the NFL and u decide to click the link, go to that page, read the article and then think to yourself “well this was a pointless post, its not even related to mma” well first off the writer of that post succeeded in doing his job and basically you, the person that decided to see the headline of the post knowing full well its not MMA related and yet u decide to read it anyway then try to comment about its irrelevance on that site makes you the biggest fuckin idiot the website ever attracted…

  13. jbeamazing says:

    good stuff

  14. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    Congrads to the Jones’…it’s in the genes! You have to be blessed with a family of elite athletes. Anywho…now GO LIONS GO!!!

  15. Unbelieveable tekkers says:

    There’s a family in England called the nevilles and there two sons (phil and gary) play pro football (soccer) and there sister (tracy) is the England netball coach. That’s a pretty sporty family if you ask me. There’s hundreds of family’s who have brothers who play professional sports all that proves is that good and firm parenting is the key to success.

  16. Hectorpromma says:

    To all the jon jones haters,he’s doing something right now that none of you will ever do,ever.and the same for his brothers

    • Pijan says:

      That’s a pretty big accusation there, do you know every Jon Jones hater? Where you ever a career councilor? Were you ever trained what to look at when judging whether or not someone will make it far in life? Are you psychic, can you read every single persons future on this website? Of course the answer to all these questions, would be NO. Your comment is stupid, your logic behind it is stupid aswell. I get the jist you like Jon Jones, which is fine with me, just don’t be so damn stupid while you’re doing it. It’s fans like you that come up with stupid shit while defending their lord and savoir; I mean Jon Jones, that annoy me.

  17. Pijan says:

    Nice, he couldn’t of went to a better team. Wasn’t sure we needed a Defensive end with all the defensive holes we have in the back field but we’ll see. And only one WR picked up in the later rounds, from Northwestern at that. I criticized Bill for the draft choices last year though and we made it to the Bowl…but half the players picked play the same damn position. Another agonizing draft, specially seeing as most Texas players went undrafted…good for the Jones family I guess though.

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