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Friday, 02/08/2013, 09:17 am

Johny Hendricks Reacts To GSP’s Choice Of Diaz: Really? You’re an idiot!” | UFC NEWS

“My reaction was like, ‘Really?! You’re an idiot.’ He said that Condit really did beat Nick Diaz, know what I’m saying? He said, ‘I’m fighting the true number one contender Carlos Condit,’ and now, he’s going backtracking and saying, ‘Well, I think [Hendricks] lost.’ Who cares? You don’t get to decide. He’s not a judge. He’s not a judge. He’s a fighter. He’s paid to fight and he’s paid to fight me. The fact that he was able to ask and get this request [to fight Diaz], the only thing this is, is it gives me more drive. It’s not like I didn’t have enough but what’s gonna happen is, whenever I look across the cage, he’s not going to see fear. He’s not gonna see anything. All I want to do is I want to fight him. I want to look across and see GSP and that might be something he’s not used to. I don’t know. I don’t know why he didn’t take the fight but I guess I wouldn’t want to fight me as well.”

– UFC welterweight contender, Johny Hendricks via MMA Mania.


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  1. 123 says:

    johny hendricks is the man to beat GSP.. nick diaz will lose every round.

    • Jaedr says:

      Please GSP has proven time and again he can beat power strikers.And just in case you forgot GSP’s striking is top notch and much better than hendersons. When I think of them fighting all I can see is henderson eating a GSP headkick.

      • pugg says:

        ^ your point was invalid the second you got the name wrong. Hendricks has legitimate 1 punch ko power. now GSP may have a good chin but that sort of power can take anyone by suprrise.

      • Ainokea says:

        Jaedr, and this is for the most part towards everybody, Hendricks has just as good wrestling as GSP (if not better). He is becoming a welterweight Jon Jones in the way that his wrestling is that top notch, that he works so much on his hands. Also, GSP’s chin is starting to wear down. My opinion is that GSP is finally fighting a guy who is bigger and stronger than him. If Hendricks can KO Fitch (something GSP couldn’t do) and be beast on the ground, he’s a bad match for GSP, and I think he knows it cause I can’t remember the last time GSP fought someone who was as thick as Hendricks and wasn’t all lanky and somewhat scrawny.

      • gooksftw says:

        problem with hendricks is that he wont be able to lay n pray gnp him like every other opponent, he can with Diaz, and thats why he picked that fight, not the Hendricks one.. I will never know why the fuck this guy is so popular.. He will loose the hendricks fight.. by ko.. and i for one is looking forward to seeing that lay n pray reign he has going come to an end!! And yea.. nice with Henderson.. sigh GSP fans,.. damn casuals..

    • WikeE says:

      They’re giving this Hendricks too much hype, and he believes his own hype as well. He has one punch knock out, who cares? That power did not show on the Koscheck fight. Again and again, set of skills is much better that a power punch ko alone! Look what happened to dos Santos. Ellenberger will kick his ass! and so will Rory!

      • Mike says:

        Yeah look what happened to dos Santos…he beat all the top guys and won the heavyweight title. And if you’re suggesting that dos Santos only has one punch knockout power, you don’t know shit about MMA. Plus Hendricks was battling “bronchitis and then mono” 3 weeks before the Kos fight; you could tell he wasn’t himself. He has beat everyone (except Story) that the UFC has put in front of him and he deserves the fight with GSP. He has one punch knockout power, he was a 2-time NCAA national champion (I feel like I should bold that because you seemed to have left that part out) and his boxing is heavily improved. Seriously dude, do you know anything about MMA? And don’t give me some “yeah I fight myself” bullshit.

        • WikeE says:

          I didn’t say anything about I know everything dude. Just my observation, and if you think you know it all, good for you. Yes he’s a terrific wrestler but that wrestling didn’t showed up against kos,I still believe that gsp will dominate him standing up and fairly compete with him on the ground. Can you honestly say that you saw a lot of skill set from dos santos in all his fights? What happened when cain pressured him and put him in the ground? Again just my two cents and I’m no fighter just a fan. Good luck to you.

      • Ricky Fu says:

        LOL. You shut that idiot Mike guy up real good.

    • magoo says:

      Johny will not be the guy that beats GSP….”know what I mean”.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      GSP is second most boring fighter of all time hands down to Jon Fitch. GSP was afraid to fight hendricks and then took an easier fight with Diaz. GSP told the UFC to make Hendricks fight Ellenberger. BULLSH’T move considering Ellenberger was just KO’d by Kampamnn and Hendricks just KO’d kampmann. NOONE has done more to deserve a title shot than Johny Hendricks

      Dana doesn’t want GSP to lose

  2. John G says:

    Not sure about you other guys but I’m getting sick of the whining… Yeah you got screwed over for a shot but its been months now it’s time to accept that fact and move on. I’m sure you’re time will come to get laid on by GSP.

  3. some guy says:

    The only way Hendricks is gonna beat GSP is if he lands one of his power punches, and his chances could be good i guess? idk but to be honest i dont think he will land it, i dont think he will beat GSP but you never know? either way its getting old hearing Hendricks cry around about how he got robbed of his title shot, he needs to STFU and accept the fact he didn’t get it and focus on the fight with jake!

    • David says:

      Yup because there is a very good chance Jake takes it. People underestimate him since his Kampmann loss but I don’t put too much stock into it. Hes still one of the toughest matches at WW.

  4. A Random Fan says:

    Hendricks who?? GSP all day!

    • Ainokea says:

      A Random Fan, Please go to back what I said about Hendricks and also, I don’t see a way that gsp can win. Weak chin(the only reason he was still standing w/ Condit was cuz CONDIT couldn’t finish him) going against a person stronger than you, and w/ the same wretling ability as you; Firas Zahabi, time to bust out the Vaseline.

  5. Nando says:

    As good of a wrestler as Hendricks is, his tdd isn’t superb. GSP will treat him like Serra. He’s no fool

    • Mike says:

      His takedown defense is amazing. Being a 2-time National Champion out of OSU will do that. And if you are seriously comparing his wrestling to Serra’s…I don’t even know what to say. GSP won’t “treat him like Serra”. Maybe you should’ve followed his wrestling career.

      • blue says:

        GSP has been called the most effective wrestler in MMA by olympic wrestlers for years now. He was invited to train full time with the Canadian olympic team after 4 months of training, and he never wrestled in school. Sorry but 2 time national champ doesn’t mean shit to GSP. Ask hughes, Trigg, and Sherk about their national championships. Did you just start watching or something?

  6. Joser says:

    You guys are idiots.. Johnny is a division 1 wrestler out of OSU and was a 4 time all american.. We have yet to see him use his wrestling in the UFC because he Knocks everyone out.. GSP knows.. He knows…

  7. 123 says:

    johny hendricks, jake ellenburger, rory mcdonald & maybe demian maia.. are all tough fights for GSP

  8. Sasquatch says:

    Johnny better start focusing on Ellenberger or he’ll wined up getting knocked out of contention. Jake’s no joke.

  9. mean170 says:

    Not a GSP fan. But GSP has proven time and again he can take down and control wrestlers far more decorated than him. I think Hendricks is a tougher fight than Diaz, but I’d still say GSP is a heavy favorite.

    • Not You says:

      Tell me again how much ground control GSP showed during his second fight with KOS? There is a reason he had to jab him for 25 minutes. People are onto GSP, and it’s going to really start showing.

      • hunt969 says:

        Now he didn’t really need to take him down did he? He beat him with a jab and broke his orbital bone with a jab. Now why would he waste energy trying to take him down all night when he was able to beat the hell out of him with one hand. GSP may not get the take down on Hendricks but the oposite won’t happen either. GSP’s sprawl is quite a bit faster than Hendricks’ shoot. Unless he can connect with his power punch, I don’t think he has much of a chance. GSP will take the center of the octogon on the feet and will not give him to many oportunities to sit down on his punches which will take a lot of his power away as he is not too good when fighting backwards. As far as exposing GSP’s weaknesses, I’m not so sure that’s happened yet. A great finisher like Condit was not able to do so even after clipping him with a big kick to the head which generates more power than any punch. That is the only time GSP was in trouble since he got knock out by a lucky punch. Just my opinion.

  10. Rob says:

    Here’s the deal. Hendricks has KO power and GSP’s chin isn’t that great. GSP is a more technical striker. Speed wise they’re pretty even. Cardio? I’m guessing GSP as he is the champ and almost all his fights go the full 5 rounds to decision. Wrestling? I haven’t seen Hendricks wrestle but he’s apparently really good at it. But GSP is a maniac with wrestling. BJJ? GSP. GSP is much more well rounded and would have an overall advantage and most likely win another boring decision. But if the fight was on the feet for a good amount of time GSP would get knocked out. And all you people saying that GSP will be able to “lay n pray” against Diaz but not against Hendricks are wrong. Diaz has one of the best BJJ games in the whole UFC. BJJ is great for fighting off the back. Wrestling is not. Wrestling is more of a top position thing.

    Top 5 in the division: 1. GSP 2. Rory MacDonald 3. Johny Hendricks 4. Nick Diaz 5. Carlos Condit.

    This is coming from a guy who doesn’t like GSP and finds him boring as fuck. I hope Nick gets a submission or lucky KO. Most likely GSP will beat Nick though and Nick will be pissed off and complain about having a guy lay on him the whole fight which is actually a legit excuse when GSP rarely does significant damage from the top (nowadays). I know what i’m talking about trust me.

    • sheds88 says:

      anyone who says “trust me” at the end of his statement i don’t trust.

    • allmightysandman says:

      When I see dudes write about GSP’s “weak chin” or “questionable chin” I usually stop reading because they’re just puking shit they’ve read somewhere else.

      GSP has been put down by a grand total of ONE FCUKING guy! where’s the weak chin?

      oh, head kicks from Condit, right hands from kos, BJ’s shots…none of those took him out so enough of the “weak chin” bullshit.

      just sayin…

      Hendricks is gonna get schooled IMHO and Diaz IS the fight most fans want to see, so STFU and think about the juggernaut johnny.

      • some guy says:

        ^AMEN!!! hendricks is over rated! everyone thinks he is unstoppable because he has been knocking people out with a wild ass haymaker and all of the sudden he is the worlds best P4P welterweight! do they honestly think GSP is gonna stand in front of him with his chin sticking out? Hendricks will lose via decision! i wouldn’t be surprised if he lost by getting jabbed to death like Koscheck did.

  11. freak.a.zoid says:

    the fighter that has the better game plan will win! I think GSP has the edge on that part

  12. MJKIVP says:

    No one knows what tha fuck is going to happen okay… Both GSP and Hendricks fans argue like you’re a fucking oracle or something. Koscheck, Condit, Serra, Alvez, Penn they all have knockout power and only one of them was able to capitalize of this power like 6 years ago. Hendricks has looked great but he hasn’t fought GSP so you can’t be 100% sure that Hendricks or GSP will win… You don’t fucking know, no one does, that’s the beauty of the sport… Stop acting like you know shit…

  13. Hahaha says:

    I see the same nuthuggers as I saw pre-hw champion fight as everyone was on JDS’ dick so hard. I guarantee GSP will stomp Hendricks, these boxing fans watching MMA need to shut the fuck up. Stop crying about GSP wrestling his opponents, if he’s so shit than his opponents should see this outcome every time. It’s a shame that no one can stop him, especially not that crying bitch Hendricks. Go buy a pacifier and shut the fuck up already, same goes to you Hendricks nut huggers

  14. Gorgeous George says:

    Hendricks should be complaining, it seems to be the way to get big fights. Complaining and talking trash has helped a ton of guy’s careers, including Nick Diaz. Diaz definitely has the skills, but you have to admit him calling out GSP a ton gave him more attention from casual fans, and it hyped the fight.
    Hendricks has the skills to seriously threaten GSP, and he’s won enough fights that he earned his title shot. Now he just has to talk his way into the UFC recognizing what he earned.

    • Dan says:

      I agree with you on the hype game and that being the reason he is not getting the GSP shot right now. If he wins big against Ellenburger and that may be a tall order cause I think Ellenburger has the skills too make him look bad even with a win. Like I said, if he wins big and on the same card the fight will be a much bigger sell than if it would happen next. That being said, I still think he only has a puncher’s chance against GSP. I believe the wrestling will be even such as in the Kos fight. GSP is a beast on his feet. He dictates the pace and where the fight goes which usually means the oponent is moving backwards. Hendricks will not be able to generate the same power and may eat a head kick or two after his wild left swing.

  15. Rick says:

    Hendricks is a fucking cry baby and a fool if he thinks he will beat gsp. No way would gsp be stupid enough to get caught. Gsp takes all five rounds if they ever fight

  16. E317104 says:

    Everybody knows that after GSP beat the hell out of Nick Diaz, Hendrix will be next in line for the title. GSP is just trying to close an unfinished business. I admire both GSP and Hendrix but I think Hendrix just got to be patient for one match then get his chance for the belt.

  17. blue says:

    Anyone who think a national championship is enough to compete with GSP’s wrestling is delusional. GSP has out right grapple fucked 5 national champions and made them look like children! After 4 months of wrestling the Canadian olympic team invited him to train full time. Awhile back they were trying HARD to get Dana to let GSP compete in the olympics, even political figures were trying ot make it happen. Multiple olympic wrestlers have said that GSP is by far the most effective wrestler in MMA and it’s pretty well common knowledge that he’s the best wrestler for MMA.

  18. one eyed Willie says:

    Collegiate wrestling and mma wrestling are very different. Rick story made the UFC highlight reel with hendrix. He beat up hendrix in every facet of mma. GSPs wrestling is at another level. If hendrix can’t land his mini hbomb he can’t win. And kos got jipped plain and simple. GSP runs through hendrix like the drive through at mickey D’s

  19. aries says:

    Won’t believe hendricks is as or if not better then gsp when I see him do things gsp does to top notch wrestlers , one fight can change perspectives

  20. pijan your an idot says:

    I love how this guy talks about OSU being credible. I guess 34 National championships, more than any other D1 college in the nation isn’t credible.

  21. Jpaul says:

    GSP took the Diaz fight so he can beat him before Rory, cuz Rory wanted to fight Diaz after BJ the beat down Rory will put on Condit will make GSP’s win over Condit look like shit.!!!

  22. Radge says:

    Hendricks is Koscheck 2 great wrestler with one punch knockout power.GSP has shown he has no problem taking this style of fighter apart twice before and I am pretty sure he will do it again. Hendricks needs to stop crying on and on about how he should have got the fight and concentrate on Jake Ellenburger as he is no joke.

  23. DECLAN WALSH says:

    Hendricks has 1 punch power,so have I but i’m not fucking stupid,one needs more than a lucky punch and collage wrestling to beat GSP. Diaz has the better resume. Hendricks you will get your turn,but be careful what you wish for it might be career ending!

  24. wantsum says:

    From a marketing stand point I believe the UFC is putting the proper fight forward. George gets the opportunity to put down both guys made eligible for the interum belt. That says the title is always was and should have stayed his. Diaz is a warrior and will require a very well organized camp for tri star. hendricks is the 1 contender but all doubt needs to be put to bed with regards to Diaz and Condit before that fight can happen. Hendricks like KOS and diaz and all others that have used goating and words to call out the champ risks a post fight interview like the rest…” he’s a true champion, I have nothing against GSP this is a business and someone got to play the bad guy, and that’s how I could get this opportunity. Thank you george for the fight, and to all my fans I’ll be back!” This is how I see it going but both men are at the top of the toughest division in the UFC right now. With regards to the fight that all fans want to see, I think if it is put to a vote again I think you would see GSP vs Silva middle of the road weight class fight. Much respect to all the fighters, we sit here and write and comment but these guys put their lives on the line to prove only to themselves that they could stand in front of the best and toughest and walk out the victor.

  25. itsme says:

    Why gsp calls diaz 1 contender
    Okay, there are some subtle but significant differences that qualify Diaz over Hendricks. First if you believe that Condit really beat Diaz, which by the way I don’t; your belief probably doesn’t conflict with your recognition that, even though ultimately he lost to GSP, Condit still came much closer to beating him then Koscheck ever did. GSP clearly recognizes that fact. He even said that Condit was the best fighter he ever faced. So the situation is this: Diaz lost a very close decision to Condit. And Hendricks, at best, won a very, very close victory over Koscheck, Thus from GSP’s perspective the difference between Diaz and Hendricks comes down to what the margin of difference was between his own fights with Condit and Koscheck. For instance if GSP feels on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most difficult to beat; that Condit was a 10 and Koscheck was a 7, then Diaz barely losing to Condit, might still make Diaz a stronger contender then Hendricks, who barely defeated Koscheck. Thus in GSP’s mind, DIaz is the number 1 contender.

    Also, GSP prides himself on his honesty. My observation of GSP over the years is that he puts a high value on his honor and part and parcel of honor is honesty. I don’t think he would intentionally mislead us. GSP’s assessment of who is better qualified to be the number 1 contender is further supported by the fact that GSP has himself been in the ring with both of DIaz and Hendricks opponents. GSP knows the difference in the fighting ability of Condit and Koscheck through hard won personal experience. If he tells me a close loss to Condit is worth more then a close win over Koscheck, then I tend to take him at his word. Nick Diaz is the #1 contender.

  26. itsme says:

    As for how I think Nick will do against GSP? Nick has the same problem BJ Penn has. And that is inconsistent coaching during the fight. Nick needs a fighting coach who can make adjustments to what he is doing between rounds. He should have taken Condit pretty easily if only a coach would have seen the beat his ass against the cage thing isn’t working that well. He should have been told to take Condit to the ground for a submission. Not sure why the refs gave the win to COndit unless they felt he was more effective in controlling the flow and tempo of the fight. I just think Nick needs to say to Nate, I love you bro but I need someone else in the corner during the fight to call my moves. All the best fighters have great cornermen adjusting their attack between rounds. Nate just isn’t sharp enough to ddo the job and Nicks boxing coach won’t step up and assert himself. That in a nutshell is my big worry about Nick versus GSP.

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